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Students like these  contributed greatly to the success rate.

UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS RATE: The English Montreal School Board is pleased to announce its continued achievement of the highest graduation success rate in the province. According to the latest statistics from the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec, from the 2022-2023 academic year, the board's graduation rate stands at an impressive 95.9 percent, marking a significant increase from 92.7 percent in 2021-2022. While the majority of students graduated within five years, it's noteworthy that the Ministry allows for a two-year extension to ensure students have ample opportunities to earn their diplomas or obtain their initial qualifications The province-wide success rate, which includes both public and private school results, stands at 84.2 percent. Broken down further, the public system’s average is 81.7 percent, while for the private sector, the number is 93.5 percent. “These results are particularly favorable considering that this cohort was affected by the pandemic,” said Chair Joe Ortona. “The province reinstated uniform exams in June 2022. It is reassuring to note that student achievement has remained stable in the courses required for graduation, and academically, COVID does not appear to have had a marked effect on these students. The board continues to prioritize meeting the needs of all students and closing gaps in learning where they exist. As for our schools, the exams are in full swing, and we are looking forward to seeing how our students fare.”   Please see our complete press release

Soon enough it will be Back to School time.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Students  of the EMSB's primary and secondary institutions will return to class on  Thursday, August 29, 2024. Kindergarten children must be five years of age on or before September 30, 2024 while  Grade 1 (Cycle 1) students must be six years old on or before the same date. Registration for those not previously enrolled will begin on Monday,  August 12  for elementary and secondary schools. Parents are asked to call the school in their neighbourhood to make an appointment. Parents are urged to consult the Board’s  website at www.emsb.qc.ca, which also contains information about the successful adult education and vocational training programs. E-mail inquiries can be sent to informationdesk@emsb.qc.ca  or you can call 514- 483-7200.     All pupils registering for the first time are required to provide a birth certificate and  vaccination records to the school the child will be attending. Parents will be asked to fill out forms which will allow the school to apply for the  certificate of eligibility for English schooling. Under the Charter of the French Language, a certificate of eligibility is generally granted to children who did the majority of their elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada; whose mother or father did the majority of his/her  elementary studies in English in  Canada or whose brother or sister did  the majority of his/her elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada. Please note that as a result of Quebec law, this criteria excludes studies completed in the Quebec Private School system.

BUDGET MEETING: The EMSB Council of Commissioners will adopt the 2024-25 budget at a special meeting on Monday, July 8 (7 pm).

VIRTUAL TEACHER CAREER FAIR: There will be a virtual teacher Career Fair on Wed. June 19 presents by the network of Quebec English school boards from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.  Here is the registration link https://app.brazenconnect.com/events/lxpEou1?utm_medium=qesb&utm_source=email

BILL 96:  The EMSB is pleased with two Court of Appeal rulings issued late Friday afternoon pertaining to Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of QuébecCourt of Appeal Justice Geneviève  Marcotte has rejected a challenge by the  CAQ government to a Quebec Superior Court decision rendered in April that provided the EMSB with a partial stay of provisions of Bill 96 and the Charter of the French language. That ruling also benefited other English language boards and the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA). In addition, the EMSB’s request to appeal the same Superior Court decision that declared English language school boards to be “school service centres” was granted, and will be heard by the Court of Appeal once the Superior Court has ruled on the rest of EMSB’s Bill 96 challenge. Seven of the eight other English boards, as well as the QESBA, joined the EMSB challenge. “The fact that the Charter of the French Language requires English school boards to communicate exclusively in French when interacting with other English-speaking community organizations, including the QESBA and the English Parents’ Committee Association of Quebec, never made any sense,” stated EMSB Chair Mr. Ortona. “I am pleased to see this injunction remain in place while we await a trial on the merits of the case.”  

Please see our full press release 

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Rosemarie Federico, Maria Corsi, Anthony Housefather, Ellie Israel, Joe Ortona, Nick Katalifos and Russell Copeman.

SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS:   Pundits may be focused on what is happening south of the 49th parallel, here at home English-speaking Quebecers will be heading to the polls on Sunday, November 3 to elect chairpersons and commissioners in each of the  nine school boards. The school system faces significant challenges inside and outside the classroom, and this represents the community’s chance to be heard and to help set the priorities for our school system. We also need a high voter turn out to send a message to Quebec City that we value our school boards. And we need talented candidates to spark a lively and necessary debate. That is why the Quebec English School Boards Association  hosted an election readiness conference on June 4 at the offices of EMSB. The program  addressed the following topics: the role and  responsibilities of school boards and commissioners; getting on the voters list; how to become a candidate; and the ABCs of running an election campaign School Boards are the last instance of government that belong to our community. Together we must ensure they remain vibrant and representative to the benefit of the next generation of English-speaking Quebecers.  EMSB and QESBA Chair Joe Ortona, EMSB Parents Committee Chair Katherine Korakakis and Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather were among the speakers.

You can watch the entire program here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOGjbEG3XfM

Here is a CBC report: https://vimeo.com/953968655

See Joe Ortona’s blog 

Here are details about school board elections: https://qesba.qc.ca/en/school-board-elections/

CFQR COMMERCIAL:  Here is a commercial that will air on CFQR AM 600 Radio this summer, featuring  Eva and Carl, students at Willingdon Elementary School in NDG. 

JUNIOR PUBLIC SPEAKING: Some 65 elementary students took part in a challenging debate program at the English Montreal School Board during the 2023-2024 academic year. From Gardenview, Willingdon, Roslyn, Pierre de Coubertin and Dunrae Gardens, a select number of Grade 4 to 6 students were chosen by their teachers to leave regular class in order to participate in the EMSB Junior Public Speaking and Debating program.  Aishwarya Honnavalli, Sarah Lubbe and Maia Mintzberg, facilitators from the Gifted & Exceptional Learners team of the Student Services department, divided among the schools to implement once-a-week hourly sessions on public speaking and debating. Participants delved into the topic of tourism and sustainability. Dr. Camelia Birlean, who heads the board-wide enrichment program, designed the debating course in collaboration with Kiana Saint Macary, a PhD student in law from McGill University, who coaches in debate summer camps at McGill and was once president of the McGill Debating Union. It was brought into the board’s enrichment programming in 2021.

Battle of the Books winners.

BATTLE OF BOOKS: On May 17, teams from four participating elementary schools competed in the Battle of the Books Junior finals at Roslyn in Westmount. Coming in with the highest score was Dunrae Gardens (Town of Mount Royal), followed by Willingdon (NDG), Roslyn and Pierre de Coubertin (St. Leonard). During the year, students read and discussed 11 books from a mixed literary genre selected by the enrichment team and practiced the question-and-answer format used in the contest.

ENRICHMENT:  During the 2023/2024 academic year, various schools across the EMSB took part in programming offered by the Gifted and Exceptional Learners team of five facilitators headed by consultant Dr.  Birlean.   Programs included : Caribou international online math contest, aimed mostly at Grades 3 to 6; Battle of the Books reading competition (Grades 4 to 6); Global Issues Problem Solving (Grades 5 and 6); and Public speaking and debating (Grades 5 and 6). New this year were: “SkillFire” creative thinking program from Destination Imagination (Kindergarten to Grade 3) and Let’s Talk Science Competition, a national STEM-based curriculum (Grades 6 to 8).

Read the full story here: http://www.emsbpressreleases.com/2024/05/two-new-challenges-added-to-emsb.html

Pietro Lopez with certificate, Alessandro Colaciello (dark shirt) with their parents, Principal Joseph Vitantonio and EMSB officials.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH: The EMSB Student of the Month for June is Pietro Lopez from Lester B. Pearson High  School in Montreal North.  Pietro is being recognized for his heroism this past February when a fellow student (Alessandro Colaciello) had a seizure in the staircase and was badly injured. After hearing the fall, Pietro jumped into action, screaming for help and ran to the student’s rescue. His quick thinking allowed the school to call the paramedics immediately and give the student the medical attention he needed. Thanks to Pietro, the student who suffered the seizure has since recovered and is back at school. Following LBPHS, he will be attending Dawson College to pursue a Social Sciences degree. 

SNAP BAR MTL: From East Hill Elementary and Leonard Da Vinci Academy in RDP to   to Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North, siblings Daina (Class of '16) and Nicolas (Class of '19) Fonicolo have taken quite the journey through EMSB. While Nicolas became a barber, Daina pursued communications and marketing at Concordia University and later founded 'Daina's Studio'. Now, they've teamed up to run 'SnapBar MTL,'  a photobooth company making waves in the EMSB community. They have worked with many EMSB schools, from Pearson events, LMAC Career Center events, Michelangelo events, Hampstead and East Hill graduations, they've been there, capturing moments and adding a touch of fun. Returning to their roots feels comforting, reconnecting with old faces and meeting new faces while creating new memories. It's a full circle moment, blending nostalgia with excitement as they continue to be a part of the EMSB family. Looking ahead, Daina and Nicolas are excited to continue their journey with EMSB, cherishing each opportunity to make lasting memories.

A beautiful tribute to Jannai.

REMEMBERING JANNAI: Staff and students at Programme Mile End  in Côte des Neiges worked together  to build a memorial garden for the late Jannai Dopwell-Bailey adjacent to the school entrance. The garden will serve as a beautiful physical reminder of Jannai’s caring and playfulness, and of the importance of honouring the well-being of every member of our community moving forward. Anybody is welcome to come by, settle in and spend a peaceful moment remembering Jannai in his garden.

The Shark Tank group at East Hill.

ENTREPRENURIAL SHARK TANKIn teacher Nadia Barrafato's media class at East Hill Elementary School in RDP, Grade 6 students learned all about the world of advertising!   For their final media project, students were encouraged to create a class company and use innovative marketing strategies to create and design. They came up with a class company name and logo using the Canva progra and a product that is lightweight and easy to wear that allows a runner to carry items while running. Students were involved every step of the way by brainstorming ideas , product design, prototype creation as well as a sales pitch, slogan.  A special shout out goes to Miss Connie, Miss Lucy and Miss Elisa for giving us a helping hand !  Watch out world, our business men and women are headed your way.

STEAM SUCCESS:  Big things are happening within STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education at East Hill Elementary School in RDP.  Having nearly completed the first of a three-year plan, on a pedagogical front, East Hill has engaged in a collective effort to elicit deep, systemic change, favoring a more hands-on, problem solving, and therefore, multidisciplinary, approach.  This new method is intended to ensure that overall student engagement and satisfaction is enhanced, as well as twenty-first century skills development. Thus far teachers have been busy creating a bank of these multidisciplinary, problem-based, process-driven Learning and Evaluation Situations (LESs).  The idea is that these LESs can be “embedded” into East Hill’s culture, with continuous opportunities for development and enhancement over time.   Some examples  for Term 2 include  K4’s “Saving Rapunzel.” How will Rapunzel get down from her tower to go to the party in the enchanted village? This exercise incorporated math, French and the Arts.  Jason Bixby and  Valerie Honig from the Educational Services Department are behind this initiative.

The JFK Film Club.

JFK AWARDS:  The John F. Kennedy High School Film Club  (JFKFC) in St. Michel received another amazing achievement at the 2024 Youth Fusion film festival. For the second year in a row, JFK won for Best Overall Performance award for their short film Season Finale with the help of   Jennifer Giannini (Behaviour Tech) and teacher  Steve Muoio, organizers of the JFKFC.  By demonstrating their creativity and storytelling skills through the season finale, the Film Club impressed the festival judges. In a written evaluation of the film the judges stated that they loved how "the theme of the year was integrated" and that the editing and performance of the actors was very good. The music increased the suspense. Kudos to your compelling short film! Your creative brilliance on screen is truly inspiring!"  The John F. Kennedy Film Club has been in the Youth Fusion film competition for 11 years and has brought home 11 awards. Congratulations to this year's participants!

The Royal Vale Raptors.

ROBOTICS: Congratulations to the Royal Vale Raptors made of Elin Wallin, Sara Wallin, Ezri Cote Keays and Lara Ok-Ha Park for finishing first amongst 30 teams at the Zone 01 Robotics National Finals in the Jurassic Instinct Challenge which took place recently at the Montreal Science Centre.  After three rounds, Royal Vale was tied with two other  elementary school teams, but took home first-place and the gold medal with the fastest completion time.    Avelino Morais, the esteemed science teacher  prepared the students and accompanied them to their qualifying event and the national finals.

Amelio Santini

MAJOR JUNIOR DRAFT PICK: Royal Vale High School student Amelio Santini was  selected in the third round of the Quebec Maritimes Major Junior Hockey League draft by the Halifax Mooseheads. The Côte Saint-Luc native starred for the Lac St. Louis Lions. Last winter he  was named EMSB Student of The Month for combining his pedagogy with excellence in the ice as a forward.

Educational Services Assistant Director Anna Villalta and Marie Claude Bergeron.

BERGERON RECOGNIZED:  EMSB Pedagogical Consultant  Marie Claude Bergeron was recently awarded the prestigious "Constellation" Étincelle Award by the Ministry of Education. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in Marie Claude's career, and it fills me with immense pride to be part of a team that includes such exceptional individuals. The "Constellation" Étincelle award is the most prestigious Étincelle award granted by the Ministry of Education, and Marie Claude's recognition as the recipient is a testament to her unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to the field of education. It was truly an honor to stand alongside Marie Claude as she received this well-deserved accolade. During her career as both a teacher and French educational consultant, Marie Claude has shown a strong dedication to enhancing reading instruction and cultivating a passion for French literature among her students. Over the past decade, she has extended this passion to the teachers she supports, inspiring them to embrace and share her enthusiasm for French language and literature.  Her passion for education and her tireless efforts to make a positive impact on those around her exemplify the values that the Prix Étincelle seeks to celebrate. I've attached some photos from yesterday's award ceremony for you to enjoy, as well as a link to the video presentation that was shown in Marie Claude's honor.

Please watch this special video: https://www.canva.com/design/DAGELdjxnZs/ZEfclcflO3Hn7vEj2V5aeg/watch?utm_content=DAGELdjxnZs&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=editor

Julien Bérube, Jason Gannon and some students.

OPTIONS FOR FLIPPING VIOLENCE:  On Friday, May 31, students at Options Alternative High School  in Ville Émard concluded the academic year by metaphorically flipping violence out of Montreal by completing their challenge of flipping two tractor tires the distance between their school and the mid-way point of the Champlain Bridge.  Social worker Julien Bérube and Options' Jason Gannon  worked with  the students. Annually, Mr. Gannon looks for unique ways to inspire his students. This year, he acquired two huge tractor tires weighing 550 lbs each and from May 1  to 31,  nearly 40 students, each in pairs, committed to flip the tires a total of 5,000 times. Students trained for a month to complete this assignment. To complete this challenge, over the course of 90 minutes, pairs of students  rotated to flip the tires on the school’s basketball court until the final 1,500 meters are covered.  Male and female students participated

 See the full story:   

Ms. Zorbas and two students.

MS.  ZORBAS: In the heart of our community lies a beacon of dedication and passion, Alexandra Zorbas, a beloved kindergarten teacher at Westmount Park Elementary School. Her journey with the school is a testament to her unwavering commitment to education and her deep-rooted connection to this school, spanning over 50 years. Ms. Zorbas's relationship with Westmount Park Elementary began in kindergarten, with her siblings also attending the school. After graduating from here and Westmount High School, she pursued a Bachelor of Education at Concordia University. Returning to Westmount Park Elementary as a student teacher for two stages during her program solidified her bond with the school. In late August 1990, just after graduating, Ms.  Zorbas received a call from the principal, Paul Saunders, offering her a   position to replace a teacher on maternity leave. This marked the beginning of her over 30-year uninterrupted career at Westmount Park.

 Please read Marketing Intern Rachel Campbell’sfull story 

 See the report on CTV  

BIODEGRADABLE BIRD FEEDERS: Westmount Park Elementary’s Kindergarten classes celebrated Earth Month by making biodegradable bird feeders!  Using raffia, pinecones, fat, and birdseed, the kids crafted feeders and hung them in honeysuckle bushes around the park. Steve the Birdman came to speak to the class about different species. Great job, little eco-warriors! 

Chantal Clabrough and Guy Rex Rodgers.

WHAT WE CHOOSE TO REMEMBER: The documentary film What We Choose To Remember  is a thought-provoking account of contemporary history. Two factors make the film unique. It interviews groups of eyewitnesses whose families arrived in Quebec in successive waves of immigration from 1760 to 2020. And the film examines Quebec’s contemporary history from the perspective of Anglophones, Allophones and immigrants. What We Choose To Remember provides complimentary content to text books which does not fully represent diverse perspectives.  In April, the film’s producers launched a Teacher’s Guide, created by Chantal Clabrough, a Social Sciences Teacher with the EMSB who was awarded the 2023 Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching History.  The Teacher’s Guides are designed to complement the Quebec Education Program secondary III & IV history and secondary V contemporary world courses. The learning activities can also be used as language tools for Français langue maternelle secondaire V, IV, III, English Language Arts and FSL or ESL Secondary V, IV and III. Teacher’s Guides allow the film to be screened in short sections devoted to specific periods and events. Two of the guides offer activities to interview family members or create a podcast. 

The film and Teacher’s Guides are freely available at the website  www.whatwechoosetoremember.ca.

A conversation about the Teacher’s Guides with their creator, Ms,  Clabrough, and the film’s director, Guy Rex Rodgers, can be viewed at Https://bit.ly/WWCTR-Teachers-Guide.

REQUEST FOR TRANSPORTATION: Elementary school parents have received emails regarding “Requests for Transportation for the  2024-2025 School Year”.  They are being asked to complete this request for each of their children no later than June 21, 2024 in order to ensure that their children will receive their bus passes for the first day of school. Failure to complete the request by the  deadline will result in no passes. 

OUR LADY OF POMPEI PODCAST:  Listen to the EMSB podcast where we explore the fond memories and bright futures of young students. Host Mark Bergman is joined by three remarkable sixth grade students from Our Lady of Pompei: Corentino Corse Masone, Rebecca Guerrera , and Charlie Yarmush. Join us as they reminisce about their favorite moments in elementary school and share their dreams for high school.  The lin is here: https://soundcloud.com/englishmtlpodcasts/ourladyofpompei

CARLYLE PODCAST: Broadcaster Dan Laxer has been working with students and staff at Carlyle Elementary School in TMR in recent weeks and produced their first podcast, a de facto news report.

You can listen to it here 

Some staff and students at the Olympiad.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS:  EMSB Special Education Consultant Sarah Lynch, Coordinator for the Centre of Excellence for the Physically, Intellectually and Multi-Challenged, reports that the Special Olympics’ Olympiad  held at the McGill Fieldhouse on May 31 was a big success. This collaboration between Educational Services and the Centre of Excellence for the Physically, Intellectually and Multi-Challenged grew from last year’s participation of 80 student athletes to 159 students this year from 12 different schools, under the supervision and support of more than 25 professionals and consultants and over 40 teachers and support staff.  The event was well attended by EMSB management, professionals and consultants from the Lester B, Pearson School Board and the EMSB, student coaches, principals and parents. The  Ministry representative for the anglophone community was in attendance as well as the Directors from Special Olympics Quebec.. In addition, the Lester B. Pearson School Board  joined in and brought  about 40 student athletes.

See the full story here 

See the video produced by Marketing Intern Rachel Campbell 

Enjoying the new garden.

GARDEN INAUGURATION AND VERNISSAGE: On June 4, Dunrae Gardens Elementary School in TMR  marked a significant moment in the community’s journey as they gathered to inaugurate a beautiful garden; Jardin Dunrae Gardens. Mayor Peter Malouf, some members of town council  staff and  Grade 5 students celebrated the culmination of hard work, dedication, and a shared vision for a greener, more vibrant future.  The school wishes to thank  Rosemount Technology Center, BMW Blainville, Grade 5 parents and the parental community for their generous donations and volunteer hours.    

A look at the vernissage.
Meanwhile, the school also  held a  vernissage to showcase its exceptional talent. With works from the graduating class and highlights from an impressive student body, the creative force of the young   artists is something not to be reckoned with. 

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FAMILIES: In celebration of International Day of Families, Coronation cycle 1 students had a two-part series of wonderful readings about going back in time with grandpa and grandma. A team of volunteers including two grandparents from minibiblioPLUS of Fraser Hickson library, read two stories followed by an activity. Spiritual and Community Animator Puynung Choy noted “the experience had the students tickled with curiosity and fruitful imaginings.” The success of the story times led to plans for a regular reading program with the volunteers in the coming year. In addition, Tracie Swim from WIN Intergenerational Network, which supports intergenerational projects between schools and senior centers, came to visit the school and hopes to support more intergenerational opportunities at Coronation in the near future. 

Jimena Marquez and Flavie Dupont with students.

INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE: On June 6, Dunrae Garden's Grade 5 classes were visited by McGill student Flavie Dupont, who is Atikamekw from Manawan. Flavie led a very engaging session on Indigenous knowledge of the environment, from an Atikamekw perspective. This session was supported by Spiritual and Community Animator Ms. Choy, and Jimena Marquez, a Project Development Officer who supports Indigenous students and Indigenous programming at the EMSB. Ms. Choy said "there were so many wonderful takeaways from the presentation; students learned about the different uses of nature, various types of trees, and how animals and nature are honored. They also learned the names of animals and trees in Atikamekw. Students were engaged and eager to learn!” Teachers were also given a copy of the book, Nutshimit in the Woods, which discusses Innu perspectives on the Boreal Forest, to add to their curriculum. 

WESTMOUNT HIGH REUNION:  Anne Wade and Anupa Khosla report that on May 18 Westmount High School graduates came together to celebrate and reflect on their years at the school some 45 years ago. Held at Mc Hall on Côte des Neiges, over 50 attendees, consisting of a blend of graduates from 1979 and 1980, engaged in lively banter with their classmates over cocktails and dinner. Many of the attendees traveled in from the United States or other parts of Canada, with one graduate even making the trek from Hungary!  Serving as Master of Ceremonies award-winning clarinetist and comedian, Chris Hall (class of 1979) had the group in stitches as he recounted his fond memories of selected teachers. Chris kept the reflections going throughout the dinner, as he called upon the guests to share their own amusing anecdotes. Groups at each of the tables also participated in two activities—the first requiring recall of photos of some popular Montreal landmarks from the 70s, and the second requiring the matching of excerpts from each of the guests’ Vox biographies—the latter being a more difficult task! Winning teams enjoyed their prizes that were generously donated by WHS.

Alumni reconnect.

Following dinner, attendees sang along to a fabulous performance by singer and voice artist/actor, Wendy Lands (class of 1979) of Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi. Wendy was accompanied by her husband, Jim Gillard on the ukulele. The Toronto husband-and-wife team made the most of their weekend in Montreal, celebrating their wedding anniversary as they explored the city. Wendy, along with a handful of classmates, also participated in a tour of the school held on the Friday. The three Prefects who served as informative tour guides were regaled with stories as the graduates trapsed down the school’s hallways. While social media has re-connected many WHS graduates over the years, nothing compares to the fun of coming together to rekindle old friendships and share memories. Following on the footsteps of the 25th and 35th reunions, this was the third reunion organized by 1979 graduates Anupa Khosla and Anne Wade, with Chris Hall serving as the comical MC. As with previous reunions, leftover proceeds were donated to the WHS Alumni Association.

Katherine with Pierre Lenoir, an accomplished actor and musician and her partner.

STEERING ENTREPRENEURSHIP: This time of year, schools are recognized by the OSEntreprendre provincial student entrepreneurship contest for the projects they worked on during the academic year. St. Gabriel Elementary School in Pointe St. Charles has developed a proud reputation in the competition over the years and this is in a large part due to the hard work of Katharine Childs, the leader of the school’s Entrepreneurship program. Katharine’s story at St. Gabriel School begins in 2015 with a visit to the school to check on a friend who was newly assigned there. When the principal, Mr. Daskalakis, discovered her knowledge and experience teaching drama as well as her enthusiasm to work with kids on entrepreneurship projects he offered her a contract, and then another, and another after that. Speaking highly of Mr. Daskalakis, Katharine added appreciatively that he will be greatly missed now that he is retiring.  For as long as Katharine remembers, she has been guiding art projects and putting on plays with her students and could never imagine doing anything else. Her passion for what she does is reflected in the fact she is always busy working on a project- from daybreak her mind is always at work. Even recent health woes did not stop her. She remains resilient finding her energy in the fact he loves what she does and in being a happy person.    Please see Travis Hall's complete article on her here: http://www.emsbpressreleases.com/2024/06/katharine-childs-leads-successful.html.

ALOUETTES NIGHT: Celebrate the end of the school year with the EMSB family and your Grey Cup champs, the Montreal Alouettes! Join us on June 20 (7:30 PM) as the Alouettes begin their quest to repeat vs. the Ottawa Redblacks!  Tickets begin at $17 (before taxes and fees) and can be purchased by clicking here: https://billetterie.montrealalouettes.com/als/?locale=en-CA&skin=alouettes&fac=ALS#87a8da66-f9c2-44ad-9749-b8b72d2e3261). No promo code is required. If you have any questions or require accessible seating, please contact: Corey Ramirez at 514-787-2561  
The Dante retreat.

DANTE NATURE RETREAT: On June 3, Mary Poullas, Spiritual and Community Animator at Dante elementary, planned a special end-of-the-year half-day retreat for the grade 6 students. The theme of the day was Connections in Nature. Students enjoyed various interactive team building activities as well as an opportunity to explore and discover the natural beauty of Garibaldi Park in St. Leonard. 

The victorious Wolves House.

LMAC HOUSE COUNCIL: Since the last school year (2022-23), students at Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard have been actively participating in the school’s house system, a recent addition. All students are assigned to one of four houses for the duration of their time at the school, where throughout the year, they can gain points for their respective houses through games (during lunch on monthly house days), activitiy days (such as beginning of year, holidays, carnival week in February and end of year), as well as during class for participation and effort. The four houses are symbolic of our local community, with the Lions symbolic of St- Leonard (Lions soccer team), the Bears symbolic of Canadian wildlife, the wolves being an indigenous acknowledgement, and the Eagles serving as a tribute to Laurier Macdonald’s former junior high school (John Paul I). This year, while the Eagles and Wolves were both close to victory, the Wolves dominated our end of year points blitz, ensuring their triumphant victory. As the year winds to a close, our executives have officially signed off after a remarkable year, with the new executive team ready to start next fall.
(Submitted by Vincenzo Paolella, Secondary V Student, Laurier Macdonald High School)

LBPHS  NATURE/FISHING RETREAT:   Spiritual and Community Animator Joseph Monachino planned an end-of-the-year event for Lester B. Pearson’s Allongè class, as well as some specially selected Lester B. Pearson students.  The event was a culmination of his Artery to the Heart program and provided an opportunity for the students to further their connection with each other and nature while experiencing fishing at a stocked trout pond at Parc Bois de Belle Rivière.  Hannah Johnson, Guidance Counselor, and Charles Prefontaine, School Librarian, also accompanied the students on the special event that fostered wellness and mental health.  The students also engaged in a special fishing instruction session on types of reels, rods, and baits given by Mr. Monachino.  The students managed to catch 30 trout, enjoyed the lunch time BBQ, and began a lifelong love of the art of fishing. “The People We Love” Workshop Series Brings Heartfelt Lessons to Young Students.

Pierre de Coubertin students write to the people they love.

THE PEOPLE WE LOVE: Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce launched a series of heartwarming workshops designed for kindergarten to grade 2 students called “The People We Love”. These workshops will be presented at Nesbitt Elementary, Pierre de Coubertin Elementary, and Leonardo da Vinci Academy throughout the month of June. “The People We Love” workshop series aims to instill the importance of family and the significant roles family members play in guiding and nurturing young minds. Each session is crafted to engage young students through interactive storytelling, activities, and discussions, helping them to recognize and appreciate the love and support they receive from their families. “At this early age, it’s crucial for children to understand the value of their familial relationships. Through these workshops, we hope to create a foundation of gratitude and awareness that will benefit them throughout their lives,” says Lacroce. 
Crystal Bow with the kids.

BUILDING CONFIDENCE: Crystal Bow of Honeybooks.ca led “Building Confidence through Storytelling” workshops for the younger grades of Hampstead Elementary and St. Monica Elementary in early June.  Crystal Bow read The Good Hair Day by Christian Trimmer and My Fade is Fresh by Shauntay Grant. Both stories share the message of empowering students to be true to themselves and speaking up for what they want - even if it goes against the "norms".  After a short discussion on the stories, students were led through an affirmation activity in which they looked at themselves in mirrors and repeated various phrases: I can do it! Today will be a great day! I am gorgeous! And many others. 
Getting into character.

MUNSCH EXTRAVAGANZA: The grade 2E2 class at F.A.C.E. School presented Munsch Extravaganza.  Where they dressed up in their favourite Robert Munsch character, and presented their own stories inspired by Munsch.  It was a truly a Munschful Event!!
Principal George Koutsoulis, Keith Imhoff and Marie Vegiard (in yellow), Christopher Coombs and Child Care Workers Sherrie Fraser.

PARKDALE PEDALLING: On Wednesday, June 19, fourth-grade student Christopher Coombs of Parkdale Elementary School in St. Laurent was presented with a bicycle and helmet from the Cara Velo organization. The organization consists of about 20 retired educators and administrators. They have been giving away bicycles for the last 15 years to students, and this year, they chose to honour a student at Parkdale. Keith Imhoff and Marie Vegiard, former EMSB principals,  presented the  bike to Christopher.

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: A multi Oscar-winning creative studio is offering internships to  Sec IV and Sec V students from local high schools.    Framestore has worked on some of the coolest movies (Barbie, Wonka, Guardians of the Galaxy, Little Mermaid, Paddington, Harry Potter...) Collaborating with directors and producers across the complete filmmaking process to help design, plan and create beautiful images. They focus on finding innovative creative solutions to support their vision and set new standards for visual effects in cinema. The company is  looking for some budding creative students with a passion for the world of visual effects and film making to join them this summer for a five day unpaid internship at their studio in Montreal. The target is Grade 10 and 11 students who are nearing the end of High School and starting to think of career paths in the creative industry.  The program has been incredibly successful in our London Studio and it would be the first time launching in Montreal. Note, students do not have to have any experience in the industry.  Info: julia.marrone@framestore.com

TVOKIDS: Green Squad, broadcast on TVOkids, sees a group of passionate and environmentally savvy young hosts challenge other motivated kids and their families to make fun, eco-friendly lifestyle changes for a healthier planet. They are gearing up for a second season, shooting during the late-summer and fall  and looking to find passionate, outgoing kids who want to be part of it! If you know an eco-ambitious kid aged 8 to 14 in the Montreal area who would like to be on the show, check out  the casting call! If you have any questions, please reach out to greensquadtvokids@gmail.com. You can find a link to the application here:  https://forms.gle/4xqfbENudvTXRVLj8 


Carpentry students learn their new trade.

NEW CARPENTRY PROGRAM: The Rosemount Technology Centre (RTC), renowned for its comprehensive vocational studies programs, is proud to announce an exciting new addition: an intensive 705-hour carpentry course. This program, conducted at Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North, culminates in a Skills Training Certificate (STC), equipping students with the expertise needed for a successful career in carpentry. With the demand for skilled carpenters in Quebec on the rise, this program is launched at an opportune moment. Currently, 44 students are enrolled in the course, which began in February and will continue until October, with a scheduled break in July. The program is led by seasoned instructors Martin Renshaw and Evan Giancaspro, whose extensive knowledge and hands-on experience ensure that students receive top-tier training. Their expertise is pivotal in providing students with practical skills that are highly sought after in Quebec's construction industry. Quebec’s carpentry sector is experiencing robust growth, with numerous opportunities for skilled professionals. The province is witnessing a surge in residential and commercial construction projects, creating a high demand for carpenters adept at working on various types of structures. The new RTC program is designed to meet this demand by producing well-trained graduates ready to enter the workforce. The carpentry program at RTC not only prepares students for immediate employment but also instills a sense of craftsmanship and pride in their work. With dedicated instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, graduates will be well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to Quebec’s dynamic construction industry.

For those aspiring to embark on a rewarding career in carpentry, there has never been a better time to enroll in Rosemount Technology Centre’s new program. Offering expert instruction, hands-on training, and a clear path to employment, this program is a valuable addition to Quebec’s vocational education landscape.

To find out more about the Rosemount Technology Centre and its four campuses, please go to https://www.rosemount-technology.qc.ca/

See the full press release here:

See the story on our AEVS blog   

 See more photos here  

Iris Bahr (third from the left) is thanked by students and staff.

ACTRESS, COMEDIAN VISITS:  HSM Adult Education Centre is in the heart of Plateau Montreal, where the St Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival took place. Last week one of the performers, noted actress, writer, producer and standup comic Iris Bahr, was a special guest. Teacher Ian McKinnel thanked her and presented a gift. The EMSB also provided 10 tickets which were raffled off in the classes. This was a true authentic learning experience and the students, many from different countries around the world, had very interesting questions. Among the shows she has starred in are Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hacks, The Conners and Friends. She also teaches public speaking, something which made for an interesting discussion.

 Watch Mike Cohen interview her: https://vimeo.com/957115678?share=copy

Enjoying the BBQ.

GALILEO BBQ: As the academic year draws to a close, students, teachers, and staff alike gathered for a memorable finale at Galileo Adult Education Centre’s  annual End-of-Year BBQ Party. The event, held on May 28, was a celebration of achievements, camaraderie, and the arrival of summer. The air was filled with the tantalizing aroma from Deli 440, signaling a day filled with fun, food and laughter.  The event resonated with excitement and good vibes, as students enjoyed summertime music and had an opportunity to connect with one another before the summer break. Beyond the fun and food, the BBQ served as a powerful reminder of the strong community bonds that defines Galileo Adult education Centre. Teachers, staff and students mingled freely, sharing stories and celebrating the achievements of the past year. It was a moment to acknowledge the hard work involved in making the school year a success.As Galileo bids farewell to another school year, the administration would like to wish all staff and students a wonderful summer filled with laughter, growth, and new adventures. May the learning acquired,  friendships built and memories created this school year last a lifetime.

The grand finale.

FINAL BELT CEREMONY:   Autisme Karate wrapped up training session at Galileo  with a grand finale featuring a belt ceremony, showcasing the skills and dedication of its students. Held at Galileo Adult Education Centre, the event saw an impressive turnout, including invited guests and generous donators who have supported Autisme Karaté throughout the years. The ceremony began with a demonstration of various karate techniques by students of all levels, highlighting the progress made over the past months. The highlight of the day was the belt ceremony, where students were awarded new belts to mark their advancement in rank. Genuine joy and pride was felt by all as students stepped forward to receive their new belt. Among the attendees were several esteemed guests who have made financial contributions allowing the program to be possible once again this year. Special thanks and acknowledgement to   Andre Langevin (Directeur de Autisme Karaté), Adriana Mondragon (Directrice du bureau de la députée de Vimont), Vera Madic (Directrice du bureau de la Députée de Sauvé-Bourassa) and Alice Abou Khalil (Députée de Fabre).   

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: Galileo recently held a ceremony to honor the academic achievements of its dedicated students. The event, filled with pride and celebration, recognized the hard work and perseverance of those who not only excelled but persevered in their studies. Students were awarded certificates for their outstanding academic performance, with each recipient's name met with applause and cheers from an audience of peers, educators, tutors, support staff and administration.  A special highlight of the event was the presentation of the prestigious PSBGM bursary. This award is given to students who exemplify exceptional school success and resilience in the face of challenges. This year, Diego Isaac Matir Lira received the PSBGM bursary, recognizing his academic journey and determination to persevere despite obstacles.The event also highlighted the supportive and motivating environment at Galileo Adult Centre, which fosters personal and academic growth.  It celebrated the academic achievements of students and the school’s collective effort to support adult education. The evening left attendees inspired and looking forward to future successes.


CAMP DE JOUR DE L’ÉCOLE DE THÉÂTRE GEORDIE THEATRE : Le camp de jour de l'école de théâtre Geordie Theatre propose à votre enfant créativité, connectivité et plaisir! Sous la direction de professionnels de théâtre locaux, les campeurs seront initiés à l'écriture dramatique, à la conception, à la construction ainsi qu'à l'interprétation d'une pièce de théâtre. Travaillant en équipe, les campeurs utiliseront leurs nouvelles compétences pour créer leur propre pièce, qui sera présentée à la fin de la semaine devant familles et amis. Pour plus d'informations et pour inscrire votre enfant : https://geordie.ca/camps 

La Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) est heureuse d'annoncer que son taux de diplomation demeure le plus élevé de la province. Selon les plus récentes statistiques du ministère de l'Éducation du Québec pour l'année scolaire 2022-2023, le taux de diplomation de la commission scolaire s'établit à un niveau remarquable de 95,9 %, ce qui représente une hausse considérable par rapport au taux de 92,7 % en 2021-2022. Bien que la majorité des élèves aient obtenu leur diplôme au bout de cinq ans, il convient de noter que le Ministère autorise le suivi de chaque cohorte pendant deux années supplémentaires afin de s'assurer que les élèves ont toutes les chances d'obtenir un diplôme ou une première qualification.

HAUSSE NOTABLE: Le taux de réussite à l'échelle de la province, qui tient compte à la fois des résultats des écoles publiques et privées, atteint 84,2 %, soit une moyenne de 81,7 % dans le réseau public et de 93,5 % au privé. « Ces résultats sont particulièrement encourageants si l'on considère que cette cohorte a été touchée par la pandémie », a déclaré le président Joe Ortona. « Le Ministère a réintroduit les épreuves uniques en juin 2022. Il est rassurant de constater que le rendement scolaire est resté stable dans les matières obligatoires pour l'obtention du diplôme et que, sur le plan scolaire, la COVID ne semble pas avoir eu un effet marqué sur ces élèves. La commission scolaire continue à prioriser la satisfaction des besoins de l'ensemble des élèves ainsi que l'atténuation des lacunes en matière d'apprentissage. La période des examens va bon train dans nos écoles, et nous sommes impatients de voir comment nos élèves performeront. »

RETOUR EN CLASSE: Les élèves des écoles primaires et secondaires de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) reprendront le chemin de l’école le jeudi 29 août 2024. Les enfants de la maternelle devront être âgés de 5 ans au plus tard le 30 septembre 2024, tandis que ceux de la 1re année (1er cycle) devront avoir 6 ans au plus tard à cette même date. La période d’inscription pour les nouveaux élèves du primaire et du secondaire débutera le 12 août 2023. Nous invitons les parents à communiquer avec leur école de quartier pour prendre rendez-vous. Veuillez consulter le site Web de la Commission au www.emsb.qc.ca où vous trouverez également de l’information utile sur nos excellents programmes d’éducation des adultes et de formation professionnelle. Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez composer le 514 483-7200 ou adresser un courriel à informationdesk@emsb.qc.ca

FOIRE VIRTUELLE DE L'EMPLOI POUR LES ENSEIGNANTS ET LES ENSEIGNANTES : Une foire virtuelle de l'emploi à l’intention des enseignants et des enseignantes aura lieu le mercredi 19 juin, de 12 h 30 à 15 h 30, présentée par le réseau des commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec. Pour s’inscrire : https://app.brazenconnect.com/events/lxpEou1?utm_medium=qesb&utm_source=email

LOI 96 : La Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) se réjouit des deux décisions de la Cour d'appel rendues vendredi en fin d'après-midi concernant la loi 96, Loi sur la langue officielle et commune du Québec, le français. La juge de la Cour d'appel Geneviève Marcotte a rejeté une contestation, par le gouvernement de la CAQ, d'un jugement de la Cour supérieure du Québec rendu en avril, lequel accordait à la CSEM un sursis partiel de l’application de certaines dispositions de la loi 96 et de la Charte de la langue française. Cette décision a également profité aux autres commissions scolaires anglophones ainsi qu'à l’Association des commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec (ACSAQ). Qui plus est, la demande de la CSEM d’en appeler de cette même décision de la Cour supérieure, dans laquelle il était déclaré que les commissions scolaires anglophones sont des « centres de services scolaires », a été accueillie et sera entendue par la Cour d'appel une fois que la Cour supérieure aura statué sur l’ensemble de la contestation de la loi 96 par la CSEM. Sept des huit autres commissions scolaires anglophones, ainsi que l'ACSAQ, ont emboîté le pas à la contestation de la CSEM. « Que la Charte de la langue française oblige les commissions scolaires anglophones à communiquer exclusivement en français lors de leurs interactions avec d'autres organismes communautaires anglophones, y compris l'ACSAQ et l'Association des comités de parents anglophones du Québec, n'a jamais fait de sens », s’est exclamé le président de la CSEM, M. Ortona. « Je me réjouis du maintien de cette injonction en attendant qu’un tribunal se penche sur le fond de l’affaire. » 

ÉLECTIONS : Alors que les experts se concentrent sur ce qui se passe au sud du 49e parallèle, les Québécois anglophones se rendront aux urnes le dimanche 3 novembre pour élire les présidents et les commissaires de chacune des neuf commissions scolaires. Le système scolaire fait face à des défis de taille tant à l'intérieur qu’à l'extérieur de la salle de classe, et c'est l'occasion pour la communauté de se faire entendre et de contribuer à en définir les priorités. Une forte participation électorale est également requise pour démontrer à Québec l’importance que nous accordons à nos commissions scolaires. Et nous avons besoin de candidates et candidats talentueux capables de susciter un débat animé et nécessaire.

Voilà pourquoi l'Association des commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec a organisé une conférence sur la préparation aux élections, le 4 juin, dans les bureaux de la CSEM, au cours de laquelle les thèmes suivants ont été abordés : le rôle et les responsabilités des commissions scolaires et des commissaires; s'inscrire sur la liste électorale; comment devenir candidat ou candidate et les bases d'une campagne électorale. Les commissions scolaires sont la dernière instance de gouvernance à appartenir à notre communauté. Tous ensemble, nous devons veiller à ce qu'elles restent dynamiques et représentatives au profit de la prochaine génération de Québécois et Québécoises d’expression anglaise. Joe Ortona, président de la CSEM et de l'ACSAQ, Katherine Korakakis, présidente du comité de parents de la CSEM, et Anthony Housefather, député libéral de Mont-Royal, ont pris la parole à cette occasion.

Pour tout savoir sur les élections scolaires

PUBLICITÉ SUR CFQR :  Voici une publicité qui sera diffusée cet été sur les ondes de CFQR AM 600 Radio, mettant en vedette Eva et Carl, deux élèves de l'école primaire Willingdon à NDG. 

ART ORATOIRE POUR LES JEUNES: Quelque 65 élèves du primaire ont pris part à un ambitieux programme d’art oratoire à la Commission scolaire English-Montréal au cours de l'année scolaire 2023 2024. De Gardenview, Willingdon, Roslyn, Pierre de Coubertin et Dunrae Gardens, un certain nombre d'élèves de la 4e à 6e année ont été choisis par leurs enseignants pour participer au programme d'art et de débats oratoires jeunesse de la CSEM durant le temps de classe régulier. Aishwarya Honnavalli, Sarah Lubbe et Maia Mintzberg, animatrices de l'équipe Élèves doués et exceptionnels au sein des Services aux élèves, ont mis en place des séances hebdomadaires d’une heure sur l'art oratoire et les débats. Les participants se sont penchés sur le thème du tourisme et de la durabilité. Camelia Birlean, qui dirige le programme d'enrichissement à l'échelle de la commission scolaire, a conçu le cours sur les débats oratoires en collaboration avec Kiana Saint Macary, doctorante en droit à l'Université McGill, qui encadre les camps d'été de débats oratoires à McGill et a été présidente de McGill Debating Union. Ce cours a été intégré au programme d'enrichissement de la commission scolaire en 2021.

ENRICHISSEMENT: Au cours de l'année scolaire 2023-2024, diverses écoles à la grandeur de la CSEM ont pris part à des programmes offerts par l'équipe Élèves doués et exceptionnels, composée de cinq intervenantes et dirigée par la consultante Dre Camelia Birlean. Au nombre des programmes, mentionnons : le concours international de mathématiques Caribou en ligne, destiné principalement aux élèves de la 3e à la 6e année; le concours de lecture Bataille des livres (4e à 6e année); la résolution de problèmes liés aux enjeux mondiaux (5e et 6e année); et l’art et les débats oratoires (5e et 6e année). Le programme axé sur le développement de l’esprit critique SkillFire de Destination Imagination (de la maternelle à la 3e année) et le Défi Parlons sciences, un programme national basé sur STIM (de la 6e année à la 2e secondaire), figurent parmi les nouveautés cette année.

PRIX JFK : Le club de cinéma de l'école secondaire John F. Kennedy (CCJFK) de Saint-Michel a reçu une autre distinction remarquable lors du Festival du film 2024 Fusion Jeunesse. Pour la deuxième année consécutive, l’école JFK a remporté le prix de la meilleure performance globale pour son court-métrage Season Finale réalisé avec l'aide de Jennifer Giannini (technicienne en comportement) et de l'enseignant Muoio, organisateurs du CCJFK. En faisant preuve de créativité et de talents de conteur à travers Season Finale, l’équipe du club de cinéma a impressionné les juges du festival. Dans une évaluation écrite du court-métrage, les juges ont déclaré qu'ils avaient aimé la façon dont « le thème de l'année avait été abordé » et que le montage et le jeu des acteurs étaient très bons. La musique a contribué à accroître le suspense. Bravo pour ce court-métrage captivant! Votre créativité à l'écran est une véritable source d'inspiration! » Le club de cinéma John F. Kennedy participe au Festival du film Fusion Jeunesse depuis maintenant 11 ans et a remporté 11 prix. Félicitations aux participantes et participants de cette année! 

ROBOTIQUE: Félicitations à l’équipe des Raptors de Royal Vale, composée d'Elin Wallin, Sara Wallin, Ezri Cote Keays et Lara Ok-Ha Park, qui a remporté les honneurs parmi 30 équipes lors de la finale nationale de robotique Zone 01, dans le cadre du défi éducatif Instinct jurassique, qui s'est déroulé récemment au Centre des sciences de Montréal. Au bout de trois tours, Royal Vale était à égalité avec deux autres équipes d'écoles primaires, mais elle est parvenue à remporter la première place et la médaille d'or en affichant le chrono le plus rapide. Avelino Morais, le très estimé enseignant de sciences, a su bien préparer les élèves et les a accompagnés à leur épreuve de qualification et à la finale nationale.

MARIE-CLAUDE BERGERON RÉCOMPENSÉE: Conseillère pédagogique à la CSEM, Marie-Claude Bergeron s’est récemment vu décerner le prestigieux prix Étincelle-Constellations par le ministère de l'Éducation. Cette remarquable réalisation marque une étape importante dans la carrière de Marie-Claude et me remplit d'une immense fierté de faire partie d'une équipe de gens aussi exceptionnels. Le prix Constellations constitue le prix Étincelle le plus prestigieux décerné par le ministère de l'Éducation, et la reconnaissance de Marie-Claude en tant que lauréate témoigne de son dévouement sans faille et de ses contributions exceptionnelles au réseau de l'éducation. Ce fut un véritable honneur d'être aux côtés de Marie-Claude lorsqu'elle a reçu cette distinction bien méritée. Tout au long de sa carrière d'enseignante et de conseillère pédagogique en français, Marie-Claude a fait preuve d'un grand dévouement afin d’améliorer l'enseignement de la lecture et d’alimenter la passion pour la littérature française chez ses élèves. Au cours de la dernière décennie, elle a transmis cette passion aux enseignants et enseignantes qu'elle soutient, les encourageant à adopter et à partager son enthousiasme pour la langue et la littérature françaises. Sa passion pour l'éducation et ses efforts inlassables en vue d’exercer une influence positive sur ceux qui l'entourent incarnent les valeurs que le prix Étincelle cherche à célébrer.

Visionner la vidéo en l’honneur de Marie-Claude 

WHAT WE CHOOSE TO REMEMBER : Le film documentaire What We Choose to Remember est un récit de l'histoire contemporaine qui incite à la réflexion. Deux éléments rendent ce film unique. Il met en scène des groupes de personnes dont les familles sont arrivées au Québec par vagues d'immigration successives, de 1760 à 2020. Par ailleurs, le film se penche sur l'histoire contemporaine du Québec du point de vue des anglophones, des allophones et des immigrants. What We Choose to Remember se veut un complément aux manuels scolaires, lesquels ne représentent pas entièrement les diverses perspectives. En avril, les producteurs du film ont lancé un guide de l'enseignant, créé par Chantal Clabrough, enseignante en univers social à la CSEM, qui a reçu le prix d'excellence en enseignement de l'histoire du Gouverneur général pour 2023.  Les guides de l'enseignant visent à compléter les cours d'histoire de 3e et 4e secondaire et ceux du monde contemporain de 5e secondaire du Programme de formation de l'école québécoise. Les activités d'apprentissage peuvent également servir d'outils linguistiques pour les cours de français langue maternelle (3e à 5e secondaire), d’English Language Arts et de français langue seconde ou d’anglais langue seconde (3e à 5e secondaire). Les guides de l'enseignant permettent de visionner le film en brefs segments pour cibler des périodes et des événements spécifiques. Deux de ces guides proposent des activités pour réaliser des entrevues avec des membres de la famille ou créer un balado.  Le film et les guides de l'enseignant sont disponibles gratuitement :  www.whatwechoosetoremember.caPour entendre Chantal Clabrough, auteure des guides de l'enseignant, et le réalisateur du film, Guy Rex Rodgers : Https://bit.ly/WWCTR-Teachers-Guide

BALADO DE L'ÉCOLE CARLYLE : L'animateur Dan Laxer a travaillé ces dernières semaines avec les élèves et le personnel de l'école primaire Carlyle de Ville de Mont-Royal et a produit leur premier balado, sous forme de reportage.

 Pour écouter le balado 

LA BATAILLE DES LIVRES : Le 17 mai, des équipes de quatre écoles primaires participantes se sont affrontées lors de la finale de la Bataille des livres – volet junior à l’école Roslyn, à Westmount. L'école Dunrae Gardens (Ville de Mont-Royal) a obtenu le meilleur pointage, suivie de Willingdon (NDG), Roslyn et Pierre de Coubertin (Saint-Léonard). Tout au long de l'année, les élèves ont lu 11 livres de genres littéraires variés, sélectionnés par l'équipe d'enrichissement, et en ont ensuite discuté. Ils se sont exercés à mettre en pratique le modèle questions-réponses utilisé pendant le concours.

OLYMPIADES SPÉCIALES: Sarah Lynch, conseillère en adaptation scolaire à la CSEM et coordonnatrice du Centre d'excellence pour les élèves souffrant de handicaps physiques, intellectuels ou multiples, souligne que les Olympiades spéciales au complexe sportif McGill le 31 mai dernier ont été couronnées de succès. Cette collaboration entre les Services éducatifs et le Centre d'excellence pour les élèves souffrant de handicaps physiques, intellectuels ou multiples est passée de 80 élèves-athlètes l'an dernier à 159 cette année, provenant de 12 écoles différentes, sous la supervision et avec le soutien de plus de 25 professionnels et conseillers ainsi que de plus de 40 enseignants et membres du personnel de soutien. La direction de la CSEM, ainsi que des professionnels et des consultants de la commission scolaire Lester B. Pearson et de la CSEM, des élèves accompagnateurs, des directions d'école et des parents ont assisté en grand nombre à l'événement. Le représentant du Ministère pour la communauté anglophone était présent, de même que les membres de la direction des Jeux olympiques spéciaux du Québec. De plus, la commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson a pris part à l'événement, représentée par une quarantaine d'élèves-athlètes.

Voir la vidéo réalisée par Rachel Campbell, stagiaire en marketing

SOIRÉE AVEC LES ALOUETTES : Venez célébrer la fin de l'année scolaire avec la grande famille de la CSEM et les champions de la Coupe Grey, les Alouettes de Montréal! Joignez-vous à nous le 20 juin, à 19 h 30, alors que les Alouettes tenteront de répéter l’exploit de l’an dernier et affronteront les Redblacks d'Ottawa!  Billets en vente à partir de 17 $ (taxes et frais en sus). 

Pour vous procurer des billets: https://billetterie.montrealalouettes.com/als/?locale=en-CA&skin=alouettes&fac=ALS#87a8da66-f9c2-44ad-9749-b8b72d2e3261

Aucun code promotionnel n'est requis. Pour toute question ou si vous avez besoin d'un siège accessible, veuillez contacter Corey Ramirez au 514 787 2561 ou par courriel.

PROGRAMME DE STAGES: Un studio de création ayant remporté plusieurs Oscars propose des stages aux élèves de 4e et 5e secondaire des écoles de la région. Framestore a collaboré à certains des films les plus populaires (Barbie, Wonka, Les Gardiens de la Galaxie, La Petite Sirène, Paddington, Harry Potter...). Ils travaillent de concert avec les réalisateurs et les producteurs tout au long du processus de réalisation du film pour concevoir, planifier et créer de magnifiques images. Ils se consacrent à la recherche de solutions créatives innovantes pour soutenir leur vision et établir de nouvelles normes en matière d'effets visuels cinématographiques. L'entreprise est à la recherche d'élèves en herbe créatifs et passionnés par le monde des effets visuels et de la réalisation de films pour se joindre à son équipe cet été dans le cadre d'un stage non rémunéré de cinq jours dans leur studio de Montréal. Elle cible plus particulièrement des élèves de 4e et 5e secondaire qui sont sur le point de terminer leurs études secondaires et qui envisagent une carrière dans l'industrie de la création. Le programme a connu un succès retentissant dans notre studio de Londres et c'est la première fois qu'il est offert à Montréal. À noter qu’il n’est pas nécessaire que les élèves aient de l'expérience dans l'industrie. Pour plus de renseignements : julia.marrone@framestore.com

TVOkids : Green Squad, diffusée sur TVOkids, présente un groupe de jeunes animateurs passionnés et écologiques qui mettent au défi d'autres enfants et leurs familles d’apporter des changements amusants et respectueux de l'environnement à leur mode de vie, pour la santé de notre planète. En prévision de la deuxième saison, qui sera tournée à la fin de l'été et à l'automne, l’équipe est à la recherche d'enfants passionnés et extravertis pour vivre cette aventure! Si vous connaissez un jeune éco-ambitieux de 8 à 14 ans dans la région de Montréal qui aimerait participer à l'émission, jetez un coup d'œil à l'appel de distribution! Pour toute question : greensquadtvokids@gmail.com. Remplir le formulaire : https://forms.gle/4xqfbENudvTXRVLj8


NOUVEAU PROGRAMME EN CHARPENTERIE-MENUISERIE: Réputé pour ses programmes exhaustifs en formation professionnelle, le Centre de technologie Rosemont (CTR) est fier d'annoncer un nouvel ajout fort intéressant : un cours intensif en charpenterie-menuiserie d’une durée de 705 heures. Ce programme, offert à l'école secondaire Lester B. Pearson de Montréal-Nord, mène à l'obtention d'une attestation d’études professionnelles (AEP) et permet aux élèves d'acquérir l'expertise nécessaire pour une carrière réussie dans le domaine de la charpenterie. Ce programme arrive à point, au moment où la demande de charpentiers-menuisiers qualifiés est en hausse au Québec. À l’heure actuelle, 44 élèves sont inscrits au cours, qui a débuté en février et se poursuivra jusqu'en octobre, avec une pause prévue en juillet. Le programme est dirigé par les instructeurs chevronnés Martin Renshaw et Evan Giancaspro, dont les connaissances approfondies et l'expérience assurent aux élèves une formation de haut niveau. Leur expertise est essentielle pour permettre aux élèves d'acquérir des compétences pratiques hautement recherchées dans l'industrie de la construction. Le secteur de la charpenterie au Québec connaît une forte croissance et regorge de possibilités pour les professionnels qualifiés. Les projets de construction résidentielle et commerciale se multiplient dans la province, créant du coup une forte demande pour des charpentiers qualifiés appelés à travailler sur divers types de chantiers. Le nouveau programme du CTR est conçu pour répondre à cette demande grâce à ses diplômés bien formés qui seront fin prêts à intégrer le marché du travail. Outre le fait de préparer les élèves en vue d’occuper un emploi immédiat, le programme de charpenterie du CTR leur inculque le sens du métier et la satisfaction du travail accompli. Grâce à des instructeurs dévoués et à un programme complet, les diplômés auront tout ce qu’il faut pour contribuer de manière significative à l'industrie dynamique de la construction au Québec. Pour ceux et celles qui aspirent à une carrière enrichissante en charpenterie-menuiserie, c’est le moment idéal de vous inscrire au nouveau programme du Centre de technologie Rosemont. De par son enseignement spécialisé, sa formation axée sur la pratique et la voie directe qu’il propose vers le marché du travail, ce programme constitue un ajout précieux à l’offre en enseignement professionnel au Québec.

En savoir plus sur le Centre de technologie Rosemont et ses quatre campus : https://www.rosemount-technology.qc.ca/

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BBQ À GALILEO : Avec la fin de l'année scolaire qui se profile à l'horizon, les élèves, les enseignants et le personnel se sont réunis pour un barbecue de fin d'année au Centre d'éducation des adultes Galileo. L'événement, qui s'est tenu le 28 mai, visait à souligner les réalisations, la camaraderie et l'arrivée de l'été. L’odeur alléchante de Deli 440 flottait dans l’air, annonçant une journée remplie de plaisir, de bonne bouffe et de rires. Dans une atmosphère enthousiaste et positive agrémentée de musique estivale, les élèves ont eu l'occasion de se retrouver avant les vacances d'été. Mais avant tout, cette activité a rappelé les liens communautaires serrés qui caractérisent le Centre d'éducation des adultes Galileo. Les enseignants, le personnel et les élèves se sont mêlés les uns aux autres, partageant des histoires et célébrant les réalisations de l'année qui s’achève. Ce fut l'occasion de saluer les efforts déployés tout au long de l'année scolaire pour en faire une réussite. Alors qu’une autre année scolaire se termine à Galileo, la direction en profite pour souhaiter à tout le personnel et aux élèves un merveilleux été sous le signe de la joie, de l’épanouissement et de l’aventure. Puissent les connaissances acquises, les amitiés nouées et les souvenirs créés au cours de cette année scolaire durer toute une vie.

CÉRÉMONIE DE REMISE DES CEINTURES : Autisme Karaté a terminé sa session d'entraînement à Galileo avec la tenue d’une cérémonie de remise des ceintures pour souligner les compétences et le dévouement de ses élèves. L'événement, qui s'est déroulé au Centre d'éducation des adultes Galileo, a attiré un nombre impressionnant de personnes, y compris des invités de marque et de généreux donateurs qui ont soutenu Autisme Karaté au fil des ans. La cérémonie a débuté par une démonstration de diverses techniques de karaté par des élèves de tous les niveaux, mettant en lumière les progrès réalisés au cours des derniers mois. Le point culminant de la journée fut sans contredit la cérémonie de remise des ceintures, au cours de laquelle les élèves ont reçu de nouvelles ceintures pour marquer leurs progrès. Tous ont ressenti un sentiment de joie et de grande fierté lorsque les élèves se sont avancés pour recevoir leur nouvelle ceinture. On comptait parmi les invités de précieux donateurs ayant financièrement contribué à la réalisation du programme encore une fois cette année. Nous remercions tout particulièrement André Langevin (directeur d’Autisme Karaté), Adriana Mondragon (directrice du bureau de la députée de Vimont), Vera Madic (directrice du bureau de la députée de Sauvé-Bourassa) et Alice Abou Khalil (députée de Fabre).   

RÉSULTATS SCOLAIRES : Galileo a récemment organisé une cérémonie en l'honneur des résultats scolaires de ses élèves dévoués. Empreint de fierté et de célébration, l’événement a permis de reconnaître le travail acharné et la persévérance de ceux qui ont non seulement excellé, mais aussi persévéré dans leurs études. Les élèves ont reçu des distinctions pour leur rendement scolaire exceptionnel, et chaque nom de lauréat et lauréate a été accueilli par des applaudissements et des acclamations de la part d'un public composé de pairs, d'éducateurs, de tuteurs, de membres du personnel de soutien et de la direction. Le point fort de l'événement a été la présentation de la prestigieuse bourse de la CEPGM. Ce prix est décerné aux élèves dont les résultats scolaires sont exceptionnels et qui font preuve de détermination face aux difficultés rencontrées. Cette année, Diego Isaac Matir Lira s’est vu remettre la bourse de la CEPGM, en reconnaissance de son parcours scolaire et de sa détermination à progresser malgré les difficultés.Cet événement a permis de mettre en lumière le milieu favorable et motivant qui règne au Centre d’éducation des adultes Galileo, propice à l'épanouissement personnel et au développement scolaire.  Cette soirée a célébré les résultats scolaires des élèves et l'effort collectif de l'école en soutien à l'éducation des adultes. Les participants ont été inspirés et se réjouissent des succès à venir.

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