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KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION WEEK:  English Montreal School Board Kindergarten Registration Week for the 2015-2016 academic year will take place from Monday, February 2 to Friday, February 6. If one child from a family is already enrolled in a particular school, sibling registration took place this week.   Parents are asked to register at the EMSB elementary school nearest their residence offering the French program of their choice. For more information please call (514) 483-7200 or log on to the Board’s website at All pupils registering for the first time are required to provide a birth certificate and vaccination records to the school the child will be attending. Parents will be asked to fill out forms which will allow the school to apply for the certificate of eligibility for English schooling. Under the Charter of the French Language, a certificate of eligibility is generally granted to children who did the majority of their elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada; whose mother or father did the majority of his/her elementary studies in English in  Canada or whose brother or sister did  the majority of his/her elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada. As a  result of language legislation, this criteria excludes studies completed in the Quebec Private School system.

KINDERgarten INITIATIVE: On the eve of the annual Kindergarten Registration Week, the EMSB launched its new KINDERgarten  campaign during a press conference at Parkdale Elementary School in St. Laurent. KINDERgarten will promote the work done by Kindergarten teachers in developing social- emotional learning in the classroom in providing tools for the children to reduce bullying and acts of aggression and to foster compassion and acts of kindness.

Commissioner James Kromida, Chairman Angela Mancini, Vice-Chair Sylvia Lo Bianco, Principal Marylene Perron and Jackie Dare.
Leading up to the first day of class for the next academic year on Monday, August 31, 2015, staff from the EMSB’s Student Services and Pedagogical Services Departments will provide Kindergarten teachers with a menu of activities they can undertake. In order to make the various players more accountable with respect to bullying and violence in schools, on June 12, 2012, the National Assembly passed Bill 56, An Act to prevent and stop bullying and violence in schools. It also stipulates that school boards must see to it that each of their schools provides a healthy and secure learning environment that allows every student to develop his or her full potential, free from any form of bullying or violence.

“I believe that we have responded very effectively to Bill 56,” said EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “The introduction of this new campaign makes it clear that we must start sensitizing our students to this very important issue at a very young age. While we certainly address the topics of kindness and bullying in class at all levels, the implementation of a formula which will have Kindergarten students exposed to it from their very first moments we hope will set the tone for how they treat their classmates for the rest of their school days.” Please see our video of the press conference.   Here is footage of the entire press conference.

REPERTOIRE OF ACTIVITIES: EMSB Violence Prevention Consultant Daphna Leibovici and Pedagogical Consultant Anne Marie de Silva have developed a repertoire of activities in keeping with the KINDERgarten initiative. “These activities can be used the first week of school and reinforced throughout the year to teach positive social skills, develop empathy and foster kindness,” says Ms. Leibovici. Added Ms. De Silva: “Research shows that students who learn in a positive environment enjoy higher test scores, learn new skills at a faster rate and are generally happier at school. Practicing kindness in the classroom may benefit students, teachers and the entire school community.”   Please see this press release for more.  

B.A.S.E.  IMPLEMENTS PROGRAM: The EMSB Before and After School Enriched (B.A.S.E) Daycare Program has implemented Play it Fair! in its daycares in order to educate children about their human rights and values.  Play it Fair! is a human rights educational toolkit designed by the organization Equitas—the International Centre for Human Rights Education.
The program, which was designed for six to 12 year-old children, promotes human rights, non-discrimination and peaceful conflict resolution throughout non-formal educational instruction for children. Play it Fair! is an excellent resource pairing more than 60 games with discussion questions that promote positive values among children, such as respect, fairness, co-operation, inclusion, responsibility, acceptance and respect for diversity.  Please see this press release for more.

Angela Mancini, Andria Tomao, Zoe Heffring and Rocco Speranza.
PINK SHIRT DAY: Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount will once again take the lead locally on Pink Shirt Day ( on Wednesday,  February 13, 2015 – two weeks in advance of the national day. In 2007, two Nova Scotia students decided to take action after witnessing a younger student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. The students bought 50 pink t-shirts and encouraged classmates to wear them and send a powerful message of solidarity to the bully.

The next day at school, over 500 youth showed up wearing pink and the bully was not heard from again. Rocco Speranza, Zoe Heffring and Andria Tomao represented the school at the press conference. See the full press release. Please see this press release for more.

AUTISTIC STUDENT SHARES HIS EXPERIENCE: Steve Atme wishes there was an initiative like KINDERgarten when he was younger. At the KINDERgarten launch, Steve shared the experience of what it was like as someone with Autism being bullied and how he persevered. Now a member of the I Can Dream Theatre Group, he performed the song The Prayer, which addresses finding a safe place for every child and received an emotional standing ovation. Steven attended Parkdale Elementary School from 1998 to 2001. He says he was bullied due to his lack of social skills and behavioural issues.
Steve Atme answers questions at Edward Murphy.
“Students threw rocks at me, scratched me, made fun of me and called me names,” he shared. “I felt like I didn’t fit in because of my autism diagnosis and because of my behavioural issues.”  Now in his fourth year of studies at the McGill Conservatory of Music, Steven is a pianist, composer, piano teacher, and public speaker. His speech titled Special People Have Dreams recounts his life with Autism, the challenges he faced as a non-verbal child, and how he has succeeded in embracing his talents and passions. He teaches private piano lessons at Summit School to people with and without special needs, including the music teacher. He also helps people with behavioural issues.  This week he was invited to speak at Edward Murphy Elementary School in Hochelaga-Maisoneuve andwas warmly received. See the full press release. Also,  please see this video of his amazing presentation at Parkdale.

CLAUDIA MARQUES FROM THE BEAT: Claudia  Marques is a very popular radio personality from The Beat 92.5 FM,   someone known to be down to earth who loves to be around people.
Claudia Marques

From a multicultural background, this beautiful  girl next door doesn’t take herself very seriously because life is way too short to sweat the small stuff! "LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, LEARN" is the motto she tries to live by every day. Prior to joining The Beat, she worked actively in Montreal's French TV market.  Growing up, though, she was the victim of constant bullying. She shared with those at the press conference how she overcame this and turned her life around.  Here is the video of what she had to say.  

ST. DOROTHY PRE-K: With their open house set to take place on Friday, January 30, St. Dorothy Elementary School’s (8961 6th Avenue in St. Michel) free full-day Pre-Kindergarten program is taking center stage for the opportunities it provides for its children.St. Dorothy’s Pre-Kindergarten is home to a variety of programs that have garnered the interest of local parents.  Led by the early literacy and numeracy program as well as a unique socialization skill program, children spend their days maturing and preparing themselves for elementary school.

In addition to the activities meant to enhance the emotional development of the children, St. Dorothy teams with the Before and After School Enriched (BASE) Daycare program in the afternoons to provide an opportunity for students to learn via free cultural outings, a science program as well as international dance lessons.  During the warmer months, children also are able to play with their friends on the brand-new playground and renovated schoolyard that was recently donated by KaBOOM! and Foresters Insurance.  For more information on St. Dorothy Elementary School and it’s free pre-kindergarten program, please call 514-381-0355. Bus service is included if parents live in the territory. 

SELF/PEER EXPLOITATION: The Student Services Department  of  the EMSB will be hosting a presentation on the issue of self/peer exploitation on Friday January 30 (8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and Noon to 2:30 p.m.) at 6000 Fielding Avenue in NDG. Noni Classen, Director of Education at the Canadian Center for Child Protection (CCCP), will be making a special trip from Winnipeg, Manitoba to present exclusively to EMSB administrators, professionals and invited guests.  The latter will include representatives from other school boards and the Montreal Police Department. ( Ms.  Classen will focus her talk on the scope of the problems related to self/peer exploitation, how to address incidents of this nature and the reviewing of new modules on sexual exploitation/violence, technology and bullying among youth. EMSB participants will receive copies of the Self/Peer Exploitation Resource Guide:  School and Family Approaches to Intervention and Prevention (SPEX guide). “This initiative is part of a larger strategy to build capacity in our schools with respect to the prevention and management of bullying and violence,” says EMSB Violence Prevention Consultant, Daphna Leibovici.  Please see the full press release.

DANSEREAU AN OUTSTANDING PRINCIPAL: Claude Dansereau, the principal of the EMSB’s LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent, was the only Quebecer to have been selected as one of The Learning Partnership’s Canada’s Outstanding Principals this year. The program recognizes the unique and vital contributions of principals in publicly funded schools. This year, 40 principals representing every province and territory were chosen by a national selection committee on the basis of their exceptional contributions to their respective schools and communities.  Mr. Dansereau is the dynamic leader of 1,300 students and close to 130 staff members at the EMSB’s largest high school, spread over two campuses.

Claude Dansereau is congratulated at the Council of Commissioners meeting.
Under his leadership, LaurenHill has consistently been one of the top schools and graduates over 90 percent of its students each year.  Mr.  Dansereau worked to establish professional learning communities within each of the subject domains to analyze the students’ data in order to determine teaching strategies that were effective.  LaurenHill offers enriched courses for the students who are outstanding scholars.  He believes it is important to challenge students who are gifted.  The Advanced Placement Program has been offered for more than 10 years now thanks to Mr. Dansereau. Mr. Dansereau and his team believe in preparing students for 21st century learning and that is why the staff and students are preparing for the new era of Bringing Your Own Device  (BYOD) to School. In fact, his school is the first BYOD school in the EMSB. Students and staff have devised their own Acceptable Use Policy for the school.    Please see the complete and detailed press release.  Also, please see this photo album,

SPOKEN WORD AT LHA: Looking to ignite the artistic fire in their students, teachers Naomi Large and Sharon Erskine at LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent (2505 Cote Vertu) have invited award winning spoken word artist Patrick de Belen to be their spark.Set to work with the students throughout the morning of Monday, February 9, as they begin their unit on social justice, de Belen bridges the gap between auditory and visual art through his award winning spoken word poetry. Students will experience first-hand his artistic prowess as he will start the day with a performance, before splitting the students into two groups for in-class workshops. To learn more about Patrick, please visit:, Please see the full press release.

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: The EMSB is concerned by the repeated demands by parents of St. Catherine de Sienne Elementary School in NDG, which must close for a few years due to repairs. For months representatives from the CSDM have been asking the EMSB to empty the building next door, which houses two Alternative Outreach high schools. The EMSB has tried to explain the value of the Alternative Outreach network. See this Global News report. Chairman Angela Mancini was also asked about this during a radio interview with Benoit Dutrisac on 98.5 FM. Fast forward to the 6:25 mark.

ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS BASKETBALL GOES VIRAL: When a few teachers formed a basketball team composed of students from different  EMSB Alternative Outreach High Schools three years ago, they didn¹t know what to expect. After beginning their season with loss after loss, no one would have blamed the team if they gave up. Instead, they gave more, determined to defy the odds stacked against them and change the lives of the players. 

This team was started   by teachers John Devlin, Colin Throness and John Commins. Initially it was just Perspectives II Alternative High School in St. Michel,  then two years ago the others were  integrated bringing forth the name  the Alternative United  Pit Bulls. Throness is a substitute teacher at the EMSB and a very talented writer. They have now been featured in the Gatorade Win FromWithin video series, which features inspiring stories about athletes who overcome great adversity. It hit more than one million views in a week.

 “We're very happy with the result and excited to see those views growing by the minute,” says Throness. “If it's at all like the others in the series, it should soar to well over a million. Gatorade contacted us in September after reading the article I wrote in The Gazette last year. They shot the video in early October. As a thank you for doing it, they're also going to send the whole team to Toronto to see and possibly meet the Raptors on February 8. I also got in touch with a friend at CBC who tells me they'd like to do a story on the trip to Toronto. Exciting times!”  See the video embedded below or via this link.

MORE OPTIONS: The EMSB Council of Commissioners voted in favor of the closure and relocation of programs for Options I Alternative High School in Ville Émard, effective July 1, 2015. There are presently nine EMSB alternative outreach high schools, designed to provide an opportunity for students who have left school before graduation to return to a different educational setting. The schools are set up in such a way that students can continue their studies in a less formal atmosphere. Some programs lead to sufficient credits for a high school leaving certificate, while others will permit the student to return to a regular high school setting. 

Options I presently caters to students in Grades 9 and 10, with an emphasis on attendance, punctuality, homework completion, remediation and study skills. Plans now call for the former grade level students to be directed to Venture while the latter will go to Options II – to be called simply “Options” next year. All three schools already share the same building on Avenue de Biencourt with Elizabeth High, which enables pregnant and teen moms to complete their secondary studies with pre-natal support and parenting skills. This program is administered in partnership with Elizabeth House, a private rehabilitation centre in NDG  that offers a continuum of intensive intervention and specialized support services to parents, particularly young mothers and mothers-to-be, experiencing serious difficulties adjusting to pregnancy or in their parenting role. Venture (Grades 7 to 9) strives to increase self-confidence, self esteem, independence and self-reliance; Options II (Grades 10 and 11) students abide by a contract system, focusing on homework, behaviour and attendance. Please see the press release.  

PERSPECTIVES ON BAGELS: The students at Perspectives I Alternative High School in St. Michel recently received an inspiring lesson on entrepreneurship from special guest Vince Morena. He co-owns St-Viateur Bagel and was invited to share his experience on running a business and gave advice on what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive market.  Mr. Morena, his brothers, and their father have been in the bagel making business since 1962. They happily serve Montreal through their seven retail outlets and food truck, while also shipping their bagels across Canada and the United States via their online website. Mr. Morena spoke candidly to the Perspectives I students about being a business owner and the effort it took to go from a single bakery to providing bagels internationally. “Life is about progression,” he explained. “Success does not happen overnight. My business is 50 years in the making.  If you ask me what entrepreneurship means, it means hard work.”
Vince Morena brought some bagels along.

This was well received by the students who are part of a Secondary III derogation at Perspectives I called the 15+ Project. It is designed to introduce youth to the vocational trades through a focus on career exploration and work practicums. The curriculum also includes a course dedicated to entrepreneurship in which students must actively participate in a project that develops a product or establishes a service that meets a need in their community. For more information on the 15+ project and the EMSB schools that offer it, please contact Travis Hall, Career Development Consultant, at or 514.483.7200 x. 7318.  Please see this press release.

PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT: Article 220 of the Education Act requires each school board to report on its partnership agreement in the school board’s Annual Report. The 2013-2014, MELS-EMSB Partnership Agreement Annual Report informs all of its stakeholders in its territory of the implementation of its strategic plan and the results obtained with regard to the goals and measurable objectives set out in the partnership agreement that was entered into with the Minister of Education on July 1, 2010. The annual report informs the reader of the board’s objectives and targets set, the context as to why they were set, the results obtained, the board’s interpretation of the results, and the adjustments or corrective strategies to be implemented as a consequence of the results. The report also analyzes the degree of success of the strategies employed and their contribution to the attainment of the objectives. This allows the Board to identify strategies that are less effective and need to be modified or discontinued. Where there is insufficient progress, the board re-examines once again its educational and organizational practices and determines what new strategies should be developed to increase student success.  

ANNUAL REPORT: The  Partnership Agreement is included in the EMSB 2013-2014 annual report.  The 2013-2014 EMSB Annual Report contains messages from the Chairman and the Director General,  the names  of the previous Council of Commissioners, a listing of the senior management table, a comprehensive summary of how the EMSB met the goals and objectives of its strategic plan, statistical data on our schools and centres, the financial statements, the Partnership Agreement with the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports and Bill 56 (a comprehensive approach to bullying and violence prevention).  Here is the link to the complete annual report.

BILL 56: A section in the annual report summarizes how the EMSB responded to Bill 56.  During the 2013-2014 academic year, the EMSB Violence Prevention Committee continued to support schools in their adoption of a comprehensive approach to bullying and violence prevention as mandated by Bill 56. These supports included guidelines for the review and updating of safe school action plans, procedure forms and a safe school action plan template designed to be posted on individual school web sites.  EMSB schools mobilized their Safe School Action Teams consisting of stakeholders from their respective school community (e.g. teachers, administrators, students, professional staff, families and community-based service providers). Teams worked to assess their school climate using the Tell Them From Me survey in order to update and adjust school-based prevention and intervention strategies.  The Department of Student Services provided professional development workshops on a variety of topics related to the implementation of Bill 56 and school safety.

BALANCED LITERACY:  Here is some great news! Literacy rates continue to climb at the EMSB, five years after a considerable investment was made in an effort to ensure that 90 percent of students would be reading at level by the time they graduate from elementary school. Results from standardized testing done last spring of the original cohort of students—those who were in Grade 1 when the balanced literacy plan was launched in 2009-2010, and who are now in Grade 6—showed more than a 20 percent  increase in the number of students reading at level. By the end of Grade 5, fully 90 percent of the cohort of over 1,500 Grade 5 students were reading at or above grade level. To get an idea of how strong these results are, the average percentage of students at level across the country is approximately 78 percent. 

In September 2009, the EMSB introduced a comprehensive plan to improve students’ literacy levels at the elementary level. This significant special budget allocation was used to support a three-pronged strategy, which included fostering a balanced approach to literacy instruction, providing improved material resources to schools, and ensuring ongoing, sustainable professional development for teachers. Stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini:  “Put simply, the intention of the plan was to create environments in which students received the explicit instruction they needed, but were also provided with increased opportunities to practice their learning by reading, writing and conversing more—as well as ensuring they received regular one-on-one instructional time and developed a greater level of independence.” Please see this detailed press release.

SPRING CONFERENCE: The EMSB will host the 2015 Spring Conference of the Association of Administrators  of English Schools of Quebec and the Quebec English School Boards Association May 21 to 23 at the Hilton Hotel in Quebec City. Educational Leadership – A Balancing Act is the theme. EMSB Director of Human Resources, Christine Denommée, is the conference chair. Please see the new conference website here.

PECK AWARD: Alexandra Belley-Gélinas, who graduated last June from  MIND Alternative High School in the Plateau,  was recently presented with the 2014 Robert Alfred Peck Prize for Excellence in French. Alexandra, who attained the mark of 100 percent, received a medal and a cheque in the amount of $150.  MIND stands for Moving In New Different Directions. Founded in
Alexandra Belley-Gélinas receives her prize.
1975, MIND  is a co-managed, democratic school for independent and motivated students whose needs are not being met within the traditional high school setting.  The late Mr. Peck began teaching in the 1930s and served as the superintendent of French for the Ministry of Education and held similar posts with the former Westmount School Board and the former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal.

APPOINTMENTS: Craig Olenik, presently on a leave of absence, has been appointed interim principal of the EMSB Alternative Outreach High School network.

DIALOGUE ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH: The EMSB and its Mental Health Resource Centre participated in this year’s Bell Let’s Talk Day on Wednesday, January 28 to create a dialogue about mental health. Laurier Macdonald High School in St.  Léonard played a leading role when one of  its students, Eleni Giannakas (a.k.a. on Facebook, Leni-Anne Blacker),  spoke for the first time publicly about her battle with depression. In 2010, Bell Let’s Talk started a conversation about mental health, and since then momentum has been building toward the ultimate objective of creating a stigma-free Canada.
Eleni Giannakas  (center) shared her story with the LMAC family.
With support from Bell and Cisco, Olympic athlete Clara Hughes  and her special guests, TSN’s Michael Landsberg and comedian Kevin Breel, were scheduled to deliver a special online webcast aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders, but a technical glitch on Bell Media's part prevented the transmission. . Eleni Giannakas is a 16 year old Secondary V student who has been living with depression for a few years now.  It finally became too much and she asked her mom for help. She had cut herself, was suffering with an eating disorder, anxiety and panic attacks and knew how she was going to end her life. Even with medication and therapy, she ended up being hospitalized.    Please see this detailed press release.  You can also watch this YouTube video Eleni made last fall. Here is the report from CTV.   Eleni gave this extended interview.  Gail, Eleni's mom, gave this extended interview.  Eleni was also interviewed on CJAD's Barry Morgan Show. Listen here.

ADOPT A VILLAGE:   Laurier Macdonald High School  recently organized its first ever “Adopt a Village” Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, the brainchild of  Secondary IV student  Kayla Panacui, with help from Alessia Collacci and Francesca Varrone (Secondary V). The Laurier Macdonald community came together with staff, students, alumni and their families to enjoy a wonderful dinner filled with entertainment and dancing and raised over $5,588. The activity was coordinated by CLC Coordinator Gina Bergantino, teacher Sophie Desjardians, Linda De Younge of Cafeteria Services, Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce and Vice-Principals Nick Romano and Miranda Serrecchia. The Adopt a Village program from the Free the Children organization supports community development in areas where there exists a high incidence of child labour, exploitation of children and minimal opportunities for the young females.
Kayla Panacui, the student behind the project, with Vice-Principal Nicholas Romano, Spiritual Animator.Vince Lacroce   and members of Free the Children
Through the Adopt a Village program, children and their families are provided with access to five pillars necessary in lifting communities and their residents from poverty: Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Health, Alternative Income and Livelihood, Agriculture and Food Security.  The school wishes to thank you  all of its sponsors who made this event possible EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini, Vice-Chairman Sylvia Lo Bianco, Commissioner   Patricia Lattanzio, former Director General Antonio Lacroce and former Deputy Director Donald A. Reid who came out to support the cause. 

CANADIAN FORCES LUNCHEON: A 30 member school choir consisting of students from Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount and Edward Murphy Elementary School in Hochelaga/Maisonneuve gave back to members of their community by performing at the annual Canadian Forces Holiday Luncheon in December. Students performed holiday classics in front of more than 400 Canadian Forces personnel, including veterans from World War II and Afghanistan. VMC students Emily Estrela and Gianna Scarapicchia performed two solo acts (“All I Want  For Christmas is You” and “Last Christmas”) that left the audience cheering. This year, students also handed out holiday ornaments to the Canadian Forces members as a way to give back and spread kindness. The ornaments given to Canadian Forces members  were some of 2,000 created by students from Edward Murphy School. With the help of parent volunteers and teachers Sandra Tartamella, Renee Deschampes, Anabela Valente, Nay Ir, Samanta Dudok, Fidele Tremblay, Lisa Archambault, Lucia Reali and Andy Pham, these ornaments and holiday cards were given to seniors, students in other EMSB schools as well as the Canadian Forces. Please see this press release.

LIFEBOAT PROJECT: Over the next few weeks, Lester B Pearson High School  (LBPHS) students in Montreal North will be preparing for the worldwide launch of their album titled The Lifeboat Project Volume 1.  For the past two months, they have been writing, recording and rehearsing their songs with professional music producer and educator, David Hodges. He travels to schools across communities with his mobile music studio and creates environments where youth can feel safe when they express themselves. He is most recognized for his project “N'we Jinan Eeyou Istchee,” a music compilation showcasing over 75 Cree youth artists, which landed at the top of the Itunes charts  in May 2014.

With a goal to encourage discussions among Quebec’s youth around themes of identity, bullying, isolation and a sense of belonging, the Lifeboat Project is pleased to invite family, friends and the public to a special presentation event on Friday, February 13 (7 p.m.) at the school (11575 P.M. Favier). The night will be filled with songs and skits supported by a sound and lights show that will enchant the audience. The music program decided to donate half of the album's profits to Kids Help Phone. The students believe that this project serves to give youth a voice and they want to extend that sentiment with a charitable gesture. Kids Help Phone and 94.7 HITS FM will be on site to support the youth in their mission. For more information about the Lifeboat Project and event tickets Please see this press release.

ZUMBATHON:  LBPHS teacher Teresa Morabito is organizing a community charitable Zumbathon in the school gym on Friday, February 6 (7 p.m.) in support of the Terry Fox Charity Committee. The cost is $10 per person (aged 12 and over). Info. See flyer

CHESS UPDATE: On January 13, the Lester B. Pearson High School Chess Club launched an initiative "Are We Smarter than a 5th Grader?"  with the goal of heightening students' interest in the game of chess.  The LBPHS chess players and organizers worked with Michelangelo International Elementary School's Principal, Anna Della Rocca, and EMSB Spiritual Animator, Elizabeth Pellicone,  to make it a reality.  The activity involved a morning comprised of a brief introduction to the game of chess and a two hour tournament between eight  fifth graders and  eight LBPHS chess players.   The warm welcome from the Michelangelo community and an invitation to assist them in  developing a vibrant after-school chess club made the January 13 event an energizing experience for the LBPHS chess players!
Pearson and  Michelangelo students unite.

In keeping with the upbeat response from Michelangelo students and staff, the LBPHS chess club is gearing up to take the "Are We Smarter than a 5th Grader" initiative to Elizabeth Ballantyne School in Montreal West  in March.   They are open to further opportunities  to visiting other schools, sharing our love for the game of chess and  learning new strategies from advanced players.    The LBPHS chess club moderator, Liza Pe, may be reached at (514) 328-4442 or via email  for further information.

Sollie Gliksman
FORMER EMSB ADMINISTRATOR’S NEW PLAN: A new enterprise was created this past summer, with the retirement of Sollie Gliksman, an educator of 37 years of service, almost exclusively in the English public system.  Restricted to what he knew best, pedagogy was the obvious choice……..and what he enjoyed most during his years as a special ed. teacher and administrator was bringing  special events and extra-curricular activities to his students. You can read the complete story here. And so was born Vandalay Instructional Promotions (V.I.P.), now representing  over 30 experienced professionals, from motivational speakers to authors, from martial arts blackbelts to DJ’s, from professional development workshops for teachers to sex education to classes of  the arts. You are welcome to visit at, e-mail, and/or call Sollie Gliksman at 514-219-9712.  

ROYAL VALE AWARDED: With a sustainable and healthier Royal Vale School in NDG as their concept, Franzi Kaiser’s class took home third place in the Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) and RBC Foundation’s Our Canada Project.  The prize was in recognition of the garden, which was conceived and developed by Kaiser and her class.

The official presentation of the cheque and plaque.
Work on the garden began last spring and with the dedication of students and parent volunteers, it continued throughout the summer. At the beginning of the school year, all involved enjoyed a feast using only the fruits and vegetables that they grew.  “We envision a school that grows its own food, reduces waste through composting and recycling, promotes individual and collective environmental responsibility and combats nature deficit disorder,” said Kaiser.  You can read the complete press release here.

LEX ALBRECHT AT ROYAL VALE: A special morning activity was held at Royal Vale to commemorate Alex Porter-Rozmovitz, a young student who passed away five years ago.  Cyclist Lex Albrecht was the special guest to lead an energetic group of 400 plus elementary school kids in a fun, upbeat dance party to kick the day off!   “It was special to be able to share my own story of the challenges and amazing rewards of being a professional athlete, and the loss of my own little sister when I was young, with the students,” she shared.  “I really love ways to  be involved in the community outside of what I do as a professional athlete, especially with children.  The energy that the Royal Vale students filled the gymnasium with that morning was exceptional, which to me, spoke volumes on the parents and teachers who run the school.  It made me even more proud to live in Montreal.  The Dance for Alex truly felt like a special morning for everyone, and I am so glad to have been a part of.”
Lex Albrecht and Georges Laraque.

Former NHL tough guy Georges Laraque joined her as a special guest. The two led the students through an impressive array of dance steps. A professional Canadian road cyclist,  Lex is a member of the Canadian National Cycling team, and the Professional trade team, TWENTY16 Pro Cycling. She is the current Quebec champion, multi-time podium finisher at the Canadian National Championships, and has represented Canada on several occasions at the World Championships, and other prestigious international events. Born and raised in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, she moved here at the age of 18, and studied Medical Biology (Biologie médicale) at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and worked for several years as a research assistant at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientfique. Lex is now based in Montréal, Canada and trains at the PowerWatts Premier Studio in Montréal. If you'd like to  invite her to your school, log on to,

DRAGON BOAT FUNDRAISER: The Missing Children’s Network has begun to plan its annual Dragon Boat Challenge along the Lachine Canal on June 7. This event is the organization’s single most important fundraiser of the year and brings together teams from all walks of life that include families of missing children, child care centres, partners of   Our Missing  Children program, as well as corporations strongly committed to making a real difference in their community. The event illustrates camaraderie, teamwork and inspiration  and is a full day of friendly competition and festivities for the entire family. Organizers have thrown out a challenge to see if two teams from the EMSB would consider entering – specifically high school teams composed of students. Info: Here is a video of last year's event. 

LIBRARY CONTEST WINNERS: Last November, a Grade 5 French class of the Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School in St. Léonard won a contest organized by the librarians of  La Table de concertation régionale des bibliothécaires scolaires de Montréal.

The contest was offered to all elementary schools in Quebec!  We are very proud of this dynamic teacher,  Isabelle Hert and her students.

ST. GABE’S STUDENTS ENJOY HABS EXPERIENCE: Thanks to the generosity of the Montreal Canadiens  Children’s Foundation, Principal Jim Daskalakis and a number of students from inner-city St. Gabriel Elementary School in Pointe St. Charles were given an opportunity to experience a Habs game against the Nashville Predators from a private box on January 20.
Youppi! made  a visit to the private box hosting the St. Gabriel School delegation.
The students who attended were Claudia Wlasenko-Mayer, Keegan Adamczewski, Makaela Gervais, Brayden Roberts, Malachi Daniel Dow Malcolm Desrochers, Payton Baily, Kylie Nangreaves Brown and Rafsun Ahmed. They were accompanied by parent Sandra Gervais, Mr, Daskalakis and EMSB Communications and Marketing Specialist Michael Cohen. A big thanks to Sarah Sawyer, by day a digital marketing professional for the Metro grocery store head office. She volunteers for the Foundation and was there to ensure all of the kids had a good time. Habs mascot Youppi! made a surprise guest appearance, posed for photos and signed autographs. Everyone was treated to a delicious pre-game meal and given special souvenir packages.  The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation Suite program hosts children in need at each Canadiens’ home game at the Bell Centre. The Suite program makes it possible for up to 350 children from across the province to come and cheer on their favourite team each year.  The Foundation was created in August 2000. Since that time it   has donated close to $17 million with 560 charitable endeavors throughout the province of Quebec working for the well-being of underprivileged children.

“This was an amazing night watching the Canadiens and using a lodge with all the amenities,” said Mr.  Daskalakis. “The children were excited being at the Bell Centre and watching their favourite team play. They watched, danced and cheered all night long.” See the photo album.

INTERNATIONAL HERITAGE WEEK: St. Gabriel Elementary School celebrated International Heritage Week recently  with a series of  presentations.  On one day,  all classes prepared an international buffet in the morning, with a chance to  eat and enjoy some  entertainment. The menu featured Christmas marshmallows (Canada),  Indian meatballs (India),  roll ham and cheese (Holland and Spain),  Japanese Vermicelli (Japan), Hummus and  Christmas Tree veggies (Israel), creamy Argentinian salad (Argentina).“The students learned about different cultures and traditions,” said Mr.  Daskalakis. “They dwelled into the history and folklore of many countries. It is an opportunity for the students to embrace the world around them and know they are part of it. In addition to have fun and experience the preparation  and wonderful tastes of some ethnic foods.”

HOW TO BECOME A VICE PRINCIPAL:  Have you ever thought about becoming a vice-principal? That will be the question asked at a special meeting on Monday, February 2 (4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) at the EMSB Administration Building (6000 Fielding) for individuals interested in this position. Panel members will be principals Robert DiMarco (Westmount Park) and Sonia Marotta (Edinburgh) and vice-principals Marsha Excellent (LaurenHill), Nadine Pomilio (High School of Montreal), Nicholas Romano (Laurier Macdonald High School) and Maria Savignano (John F. Kennedy Adult Centre). Director  of Human Resources, Christine Denommée, will give opening remarks. The panel will focus on “The Journey and Everyday Life of Six Great Administrators while Ms. Denommée will cover the “Nuts and Bolts” of Administration

Shane Feldman got quite a welcome.
COUNT ME IN: Rosemount High School recently welcomed motivational speaker Shane Feldman. He is  the founder of Count Me In, North America’s largest youth-led movement that helps youngsters find their passions through local volunteerism.   He was accompanied by David Edward Garcia, voted North America’s number one Youth Motivational Comedian.  The two speakers inspired and motivated Rosemount students to get involved in their school and their community, to be passionately curious, to never stop learning, to respect everyone, and to never quit no matter the challenges they face.

BIODOME VISIT: The kindergarten students of Carlyle Elementary School in TMR visited the Biodôme during their unit of inquiry about endangered species, where they explored various animals in their habitats. The tour was divided into different ecosystems, beginning with a visit into the Tropical Rainforest and ending with the Sub-Polar Regions.

Fun a the Biodome.
The students had a wonderful time meeting new animal friends such as parrots, crocodiles, fish, bats, birds, seals and penguins. The day ended with an animal puppet production called “Coco Incognito.” Through this experience, the students were able to make meaningful connections to their unit of inquiry to further their knowledge about endangered animals. 

TOY TEA: Fifteen participating EMSB schools managed to collect over 2,500 new toys for the 23rd annual Christmas and Chanukah Toy Tea. In total, a record number of nearly 8,000 toys were collected this year. These non-violent toys benefitted more than 5,000 children who are being sheltered and protected from abuse, or violence, as well as other children’s charities. This is the twelfth year of the EMSB’s involvement in the Toy Tea Campaign, which is now being organized under the direction of EMSB Guidance and Spiritual Community Animation Education Consultant, Frank Lofeodo.  

GENERAL VANIER GIVING: The month of December was really busy at General Vanier Elementary School in St. Léonard. Apart from working hard on complementing the academic program with Chess, Robotics and starting research for the Annual K to 6 Science fair, students and staff embraced this month of giving by participating in the “ CTV – Spirit of Giving”  and for the second year   prepared a hot lunch to family members of sick children living at the Ronald McDonald house. Fourteen Grade 5 and 6 students, alongside parent-volunteers brought some holiday cheer with donations of gifts, money, and entertainment with crafts and balloons. The students learned about the true meaning of giving and felt blessed to be able to give back to this community.  And since the fun never ends at GV, the school held a “sock hop” event where kids came and danced all evening to great music.   Finally, just before saying goodbye for the holidays, all students enjoyed a nice, warm holiday breakfast served by parent volunteers. Anyone who missed the December Open house, don’t hesitate to call the school and get a private tour. Come see the gym, air-conditioned lunchroom, library, computer lab, and music room with band instruments and keyboards.

EMSB IN THE MEDIA: The EMSB would like to point readers to the media clippings section of our website where we provide links to newspaper articles about our  Board or relevant to the local education system. You can click here to access all of the links.   

EMSB TV: The EMSB  posts links to television and radio reports, as well as videos produced in-house on our website.  EMSB TV is hosted by Vimeo and we have sections for EMSB TV Coverage, EMSB Videos  and others.  

EMSB RADIO GUIDE: EMSB Radio can now be heard via SoundCloud, the world’s leading social sound platform. SoundCloud can be accessed anywhere using the official iPhone and Android apps, as well as hundreds of creation and sharing apps built on the SoundCloud platform. 

SCHOLARSHIPS TO STUDY THE HOLOCAUST IN ISRAEL: Teachers in the youth and adult sectors and spiritual guidance and community involvement animators can still apply for three week all expenses paid scholarships to take part in the 2015 Yad Vashem International Seminar for Educators in Jerusalem, Israel July 5 to 23. As part of the 10th anniversary of the Riva and Thomas O. Hecht Scholarship, Teaching of the Holocaust for Educators Program, participants will take part in a professional development program under the direction of the Faculty of the Yad Vashem Seminars for Educators from Abroad, International School for Holocaust Studies. The goal of the program is to provide professional development activities to teachers for teaching about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism to students in the youth Sector. Each recipient will be asked to create at least one teaching unit or module developed within the context learned.  Complete CVs and Yad Vashem's application form must be submitted by March 31, 2015.  All of the information teachers need to apply is here.

ÉCOLE POLYTECHNIQUE MASSACRE:  On the occasion  of the 25th anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre, Social Studies students at Royal West Academy in Montreal West  heard from the police photographer who was among the first on the scene.  Harold Rosenberg visited  the school  along with TV producer Frank Opolko who recently collaborated with him on a video about those events.

Angelos Diacoumacos and students chat with Rosenberg and Opolko.
For 45 minutes on Dec. 6, 1989, an enraged gunman roamed the corridors of Montreal's École Polytechnique and killed 14 women. Marc Lepine, 25, separated the men from the women and before opening fire on the classroom of female engineering students he screamed. “I hate feminists." Almost immediately, the Montreal Massacre became a galvanizing moment in which mourning turned into outrage about all violence against women. Social Studies teache Angelos Diacoumacos notes that none of his students were even alive when this occurred, but it is a sad part of Montreal history that they should know about.”

A GIANT AT JAMES LYNG: International basketball star Pascal Fleury (in partnership with the SPVM) visited James Lyng High School in St. Henri recently to spread some inspiration and motivation to the students.  Standing Seven Foot Three, Pascal “Frenchy” Fleury shared his story about being a young boy from St-Jean Sur Richelieu to an international basketball star. Fleury focused on the importance of certain life choices that led to his successful career in basketball, such as sacrificing good times with friends, late nights and parties to sleep well and wake up early for basketball practice. Harlem Globetrotters.  He is now an English teacher in a high school and founded the organization “Tout en Sport”  and  Pascal Fleury Basketball Camp.
Pascal Fleury got a warm welcome to James Lyng.
While some of his friends may have jeopardized their freedom by some of their choices, Fleury chose basketball time and time again. It kept him focused. Even after multiple injuries and thinking he may never play basketball again, he never gave up. With determination and vigorous training he continued to rise to the occasion. His motto is “where there is a will there is a way.” And that really was the message he drove home to the students of James Lyng High School. Anything is possible, if you really want it bad enough.   Fleury was also the only Quebecer to ever play with the

OPEN ACCESS FEATURES MACKAY: Focusing on the theme of art and social inclusion, the programs utilized at the Mackay Centre School in NDG will be featured in Open Access: The Art of Inclusion at Concordia University (1515 St. Catherine West - EV Building, 2nd floor) on February 6 (10 a.m.).  Mackay Centre School, which caters to the hearing impaired, physically disabled and for students with communication disorders, utilizes music and movement programs which allows students to be exposed to these art forms as well as encourages their social and emotional growth. 

Their unique program is operated in conjunction with Projet Rad, an organization which provides individuals with special needs the opportunity to take inclusive urban dance classes as well as AUMI: Adaptive Use Musical Instrument, which through a computer, allows individuals with limited motor control to make music, thereby opening up to them new opportunities for creativity and community. On hand for the presentation will be internationally renowned artist Luca “Lazylegs” Patuelli, Principal Patrizia Ciccarelli, representatives Projet Red and the developers of AUMI.

ADMINISTRATION BUILDING PUBLICATION CASE: At the EMSB Administration Building on Fielding Avenue, you can now find a selection of publications in a new display case right next to the  security desk and across from the elevator.  This includes brochures from our Adult Education and Vocational Services Department. Please take a moment to browse what is there and take some papers home with you.

JUMP ROPE:  Schools are being encouraged to participate in the annual Jump rope for heart program, offered to primary schools in Montreal.  Supporting kids' health for more than 30 years, Heart and Stroke Jump Rope for Heart™ encourages kids to get active by skipping rope while they collect pledges for heart disease and stroke research. The program gives children the chance to jump and play alongside 750,000 other kids in more than 4,000 schools across Canada. Over the years, Royal Vale School in NDG, with physical education teacher Norman Katz leading the charge, has run very successful events. Here is a poster which describes the program.  Here is the link to their new video as well. For more information, contact Jessica Liberatore at 514 871 8038 #240 or email and log on to  or

CENTAUR FOR SCHOOLS: Centaur Theatre Company is proud to present its Theatre of Tomorrow (TOT) Program  for the 2014-2015 season. The TOT program makes live English theatre accessible to high school students at a discounted price. Further program benefits include a teacher’s guide providing background information, discussion topics and improvisation activities; talkback sessions are provided following the performances where students meet the cast, voice their comments and ask questions. For more information or to book a group, please email or call 514-288-1229 ext 245. The TOT Program is supported by Great West Life, London Life, and Canada Life. For details, email Vanessa Rigaux at

SEGAL CENTRE OFFERS:  The Segal Centre for Performing Arts  in Snowdon is committed to giving its audience the most engaging theatre experience possible. For families and students of all ages, they offer a number of public programs for each season show free of charge, including their Sunday @ the Segal series, Monday night talkbacks, Study Guides, and behind-the scenes videos and insights on their blog.  Students can attend for up to 50 percent off the price of an adult ticket. Call 514-739-7944 for more information or to reserve, or buy your tickets online at In addition, school groups are welcomed for weekday afternoon performances, including reduced ticket prices, private tours, and talkbacks. Log on here or  contact Lucie Lederhendler( at 514-739-2301 ext. 8360 for more information

MONEY TALK: The EMSB has been contacted by Jacynthe Dallaire,  Quebec’s provincial coordinator for the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education  (CFEE). In 2013, CFEE launched a new program for   Secondary I (Grade 7)  students called "Talk With Our Kids About Money Day." This is designed to engage students, teachers and parents in talks about money and to kick start  conversations in order to better prepare them for the future. They are working towards encouraging the  participation of as many schools as possible in Quebec in 2015 for TWOKAM Day on Wednesday,  April 15. The program was piloted in Toronto and Montreal in 2013. They targeted 150 schools and had 460 register. That number rose to 1,135 last year. The program appears to address a need and interest of educators. It is easy and fun to prepare for and asks for but a day – although many teachers are choosing to extend learning beyond the day. Info:  514-278-8789 or

STUDY ON WEIGHT LOSS:  Farah Islam, a graduate of St. Dorothy Elementary School in St. Michel, wishes to reach out to the EMSB community to help find individuals to participate in a project of the McGill Health Psychology Lab. Farah is  currently a full-time student studying psychology at McGill. She works part-time in Dr. Barbel Knauper's  Health Psychology Lab as a research assistant. Her duties include: data entry, literature reviews, and assisting groups for the healthy weight program. One of her colleagues is Virginia Rogers, whose father teaches at Rosemount Technology Centre. The Lab is presently looking for individuals to participate in their weight loss clinical trial. The aim of the study is to improve eating and exercise habits by teaching people how to develop new and lasting eating and exercise habits. This  Healthy Weight Program will be delivered over one year and consists of 12 weekly core sessions, four  transitional sessions over three months and six monthly support sessions offered at different time slots on varying days each week for convenience.  The group size will be about 10 people and sessions will last approximately one hour. Trained lifestyle coaches will be leading the sessions, as well as providing guidance and support.

HUNTSMAN MARINE CENTRE: During the summer of 2015, from July 20 to 24, the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, will be offering All Things Marine, a hands-on marine experience for teachers, families and friends.  Join them as they explore the unique environment of the Bay of Fundy and diversity of life it supports. Details are here.

ADMINISTRATOR PHOTOS:  There is a new section on EDocs (the EMSB internal online document sharing program) with administrator photos. Those with access can go to this link and place their user name and password.


YOUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: The staff at Laurier Macdonald Career Centre (5025 Jean-Talon East) in St. Leonard knows that one’s physical appearance is critical to any successful job interview. Starting in February, the school is launching a collaborative project with the St. Pius X   and Shadd Business Centres whereby the school will provide a cost-effective way to ensure that students on the job hunt can look as confident as they feel.  For years, Laurier Macdonald Career Centre has provided both training and a practical setting for their students to graduate and secure full-time employment in the fields of asthetics, hairdressing and electrolysis; the centre will now open up its doors and offer their beauty services at a reduced rate to ensure that students from both Pius and Shadd leave looking prepared, without breaking the bank.  If your centre has any interested students, please call Laurier Macdonald Career Centre for more information at 514-374-4278.

Students enjoy the museum visit.
GALILEO TEACHERS AT THE MUSEUM: Level one and two teachers from the  Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal North recently went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the Van Gogh/Kandinski exhibition. This was highly interactive and the volunteer guides were engaging, dynamic, knowledgeable and professional. The field trip provided the students with real life applications; thus, enhancing their motivation. It was also meant to encourage them to draw on past experiences by mentioning what they learned about and how much fun they had. Many of the students had never been to an Art Museum; hence, the field trip helped them to settle in their new environment. Several students mentioned how they would like to experience the event with their families. The event also empowered the students by showing and teaching them the various paintings that were popular in different eras. The students enhanced their visual literacy skills and learned vocabulary pertaining to art. The following class, the students gave feedback about what they learned and how to improve their comprehensive output. The staff wish to thank the Museum of Fine Arts and Principal Martina Schiavone for encouraging learning outside the classroom. It builds student's confidence and transforms their relationships with teachers.

COMEDY NIGHT FOR ARTS TRIP: Imagine being born with a label. When a person with special needs comes into the world, society stamps them with labels that focus on their disability. They spend a lifetime trying to prove they are not defined by their incapability. In the Social Integration Services Program (SIS) of Galileo Adult Centre, job one is to erase the label and empower the student. In an effort to fund a trip to New York City, where students will see first hand a lot of the visual arts subjects they have learned about,  a comedy night and dinner will take place on Saturday, February 21 (6:30 p.m.) at Il Colosseo (8658 Maurice Duplessis) in RDP. Comics Joe Cacchione, Guido Grasso,  singer Ana Graur will perform and music provided by Millennium. Tickets are $50. A goal of $16,500 has been established. Mr. Cacchione is a professional standup comedian who just happens to be the new vice-principal of Galileo. For more information call Galileo Adult Centre at 514-721-0120, or Please read the detailed press release.

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MA MATERNELLE : À la veille de la semaine annuelle des inscriptions à la maternelle, la Commission scolaire English-Montréal a lancé une nouvelle campagne MA Maternelle lors d’une conférence de presse tenue à l’école primaire Parkdale de Saint-Laurent. MA Maternelle fera la promotion du travail effectué par les enseignants de maternelle en développant l’apprentissage social-émotionnel en classe et en donnant aux enfants les outils nécessaires pour réduire l’intimidation et les actes d’agression et pour encourager la compassion et les actes de gentillesse.

Pour la première journée de classe de la prochaine année scolaire, le lundi 31 août 2015, le personnel des Services aux élèves et des Services pédagogiques de la CSEM offrira aux enseignants de la maternelle un répertoire d’activités à entreprendre. Afin que les divers intervenants soient plus responsables en matière d’intimidation et de violence dans les écoles, le 12 juin 2012, l’Assemblée Nationale a adopté la Loi 56, Une Loi visant à prévenir et à combattre l’intimidation et la violence dans les écoles. Elle stipule aussi que les commissions scolaires doivent s’assurer que chacune de leurs écoles offre un environnement d’apprentissage sécuritaire et sain qui permet à chaque élève de développer son plein potentiel, sans aucune forme d’intimidation ou de violence.

« Je crois que nous avons réagi très efficacement à la Loi 56 » déclare la présidente de la CSEM Angela Mancini. « L’introduction de cette nouvelle campagne précise que nous devons commencer à sensibiliser nos élèves à cette question très importante dès leur jeune âge. Bien que nous abordons les sujets de gentillesse et d’intimidation en classe à tous les niveaux, la mise en œuvre d’une formule qui exposera les élèves de la maternelle à ces sujets dès leurs premiers moments, donnera le ton, nous l’espérons, à la façon de traiter leurs camarades  pour le reste de leurs journées d’école. »

RÉPERTOIRE D’ACTIVITÉS : La conseillère de prévention à la violence de la CSEM, Daphna Leibovici et la conseillère pédagogique Anne Marie De Silva ont développé un répertoire d’activités dans le cadre de l’initiative MA Maternelle. « Ces activités peuvent être utilisées la première semaine d’école et renforcées tout au long de l’année scolaire pour enseigner des habiletés sociales positives, développer l’empathie et encourager la gentillesse » déclare Mme Leibovici. Mme De Silva ajoute : « La recherche démontre que les élèves qui font leur apprentissage dans un environnement positif obtiennent des notes plus élevées, apprennent de nouvelles habiletés plus rapidement et sont généralement plus heureux à l’école. Pratiquer la gentillesse en classe peut profiter aux élèves, aux enseignants et à toute la communauté de l’école. »  VOIR COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE

PLUS D’OPTIONS : Le conseil des commissaires de la CSEM a voté en faveur de la fermeture et du transfert des programmes de l’école secondaire innovatrice Options I de Ville Émard, à compter du 1er juillet 2015. Il existe actuellement neuf écoles secondaires innovatrices à la CSEM conçues pour offrir l’occasion aux élèves qui ont quitté l’école avant la fin de leurs études de retourner dans un environnement éducatif différent. Ces écoles permettent aux élèves de poursuivre leurs études dans une atmosphère moins formelle. Quelques programmes permettent d’obtenir des unités suffisantes pour l’obtention d’un diplôme de fin d’études secondaires, tandis que d’autres permettent à l’élève de retourner à l’école secondaire régulière.

Options I dessert actuellement des élèves de 9e et 10e année et met l’accent sur la présence, la ponctualité, les devoirs, le rattrapage et les habiletés d’étude. Les élèves du premier groupe seront dirigés vers Venture, tandis que ceux du deuxième groupe seront transférés à Options II qui sera simplement appelée « Options » l’an prochain. Toutes les trois écoles partagent déjà le même bâtiment sur l’avenue Biencourt avec Elizabeth House qui permet aux adolescentes enceintes et futures mères de compléter leurs études secondaires avec soutien prénatal et habiletés parentales. Ce programme est administré en partenariat avec Elizabeth House, un centre privé de réadaptation de NDG qui offre un continuum d’intervention intensive et de services spécialisés de soutien aux parents, particulièrement aux jeunes mères et futures mères qui éprouvent de sérieuses difficultés à s’adapter à la grossesse ou à leur rôle de parents. Venture (7e à 9e année) s’efforce d’augmenter la confiance en soi, l’estime de soi, l’indépendance et l’autonomie; Les élèves d’Options II (10e et 11e année) observent un système de contrat axé sur les devoirs, le comportement et la fréquentation.

CONVENTION DE PARTENARIAT : L’article 220 de la Loi sur l’instruction publique requiert que chaque commission scolaire présente un rapport sur sa convention de partenariat dans son rapport annuel. Le rapport annuel 2013-2014 sur la convention de partenariat MELS-CSEM informe tous les intervenants de son territoire de la mise en œuvre de son plan stratégique et des résultats obtenus en matière des objectifs mesurables définis à la convention de partenariat conclue avec le Ministre de l’Éducation le 1er juillet 2010. Le rapport annuel informe le lecteur des objectifs fixés, du contexte où ils ont été fixés, des résultats obtenus, de l’interprétation des résultats par la Commission et des ajustements ou des stratégies sélectives à mettre en œuvre en conséquence de ces résultats. Le rapport analyse aussi le degré de succès des stratégies utilisées et leur contribution à l’atteinte de ces objectifs. Ceci permet à la Commission d’identifier les stratégies qui sont moins efficaces et doivent être modifiées ou abandonnées. Lorsqu’il n’y a pas de progrès suffisant, la Commission examine à nouveau les pratiques éducatives et organisationnelles et détermine quelles sont les nouvelles stratégies qui devraient être élaborées pour augmenter le taux de réussite de l’élève.

RAPPORT ANNUEL : Le rapport annuel 2013-2014 de la CSEM contient les messages de la présidente et du directeur général, les noms des commissaires précédents, une liste des cadres supérieurs, un résumé général de la façon dont la CSEM a atteint les objectifs de son plan stratégique, des statistiques sur nos écoles et centres, les états financiers, la Convention de partenariat avec le ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport et la Loi 56 (une approche globale à la prévention de l’intimidation et de la violence.)

LOI 56 : Une section du rapport annuel résume la façon dont la CSEM a réagi à la loi 56. Durant l’année scolaire 2013-2014, le comité de prévention de la violence de la CSEM a continué à soutenir les écoles dans leur adoption d’une approche générale à la prévention de l’intimidation et de la violence. Ces soutiens incluent un guide de révision et de mise à jour des plans d’action pour une école sécuritaire, des formulaires de procédure et un gabarit de plan d’action pour une école sécuritaire, conçu pour être affiché aux sites Web individuels des écoles. Les écoles de la CSEM ont mobilisé leurs équipes d’école sécuritaire formées par les intervenants de leur communauté scolaire respective (ex : enseignant(e)s, directions d’école, élèves, personnel professionnel, familles). Les équipes ont évalué le climat de leur école à l’aide de Tell Them From Me afin d’ajuster /de mettre à jour leurs stratégies de prévention et d’intervention. Les Services aux élèves ont offert des ateliers de perfectionnement professionnel sur des variétés de sujets reliés à la mise en œuvre de la Loi 56 et de la sécurité de l’école.

CONGRÈS DU PRINTEMPS : La CSEM sera l’hôtesse du congrès du printemps de l’Association des administrateurs des écoles anglaises du Québec et de l’Association des commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec, qui aura lieu du 21 au 23 mai à l’hôtel Hilton de Québec. La directrice du Service des ressources humaines de la CSEM, Christine Dénommée, est la présidente du Congrès.

SERVICES DE GARDE B.A.S.E. POUR LA RELÂCHE DU PRINTEMPS : Pour la relâche du printemps de mars 2015, les services de garde B.A.S.E. seront offerts dans un maximum de six points de service. Un minimum de 40 élèves inscrits par jour, pour un total de 200 élèves pour la semaine, sera requis pour offrir le service de garde B.A.S.E. dans un point de service .La cotisation journalière sera de 25 $ par enfant incluant la cotisation de base de 14,60 $ conforme aux paramètres du MELS et d’une cotisation d’activités de 10,40 $ par jour. En cas de besoin, la CSEM fournira des services éducatifs additionnels d’après l’évaluation individuelle des habiletés et des besoins de l’élève et basés sur les ressources financières et humaines disponibles. La CSEM absorbera le coût additionnel encouru pour les concierges. L’ouverture des points de service est sujette au nombre d’élèves inscrits et/ou du personnel disponible requis. Par conséquent, les parents seront avisés, pas plus tard que le 6 février, si les points de service seront opérationnels.

CHALLENGE DE BATEAU DRAGON : Le Réseau Enfant Retour a commencé à planifier son Challenge de Bateau Dragon, qui aura lieu le 7 juin sur le canal Lachine. Cet évènement est la plus importante levée de fonds de l’année de cet organisme et rassemble des équipes de tous les milieux qui incluent des familles d’enfants disparus, des centres de service à l’enfance, des partenaires du programme Enfant Retour, ainsi que des  entreprises fermement engagées à faire une vraie différence dans leur communauté. L’évènement illustre la camaraderie, le travail d’équipe et l’inspiration et c’est toute une journée de festivités et de compétitions amicales pour toute la famille. Les organisateurs ont lancé un défi, soit que deux équipes de la CSEM considèrent à participer- spécifiquement des équipes d’écoles secondaires composées d’élèves. Info

PERSPECTIVES JOE MORENA : Les élèves de l’école secondaire innovatrice Perspectives I de Saint-Michel ont récemment reçu une leçon inspirante sur l’entrepreneuriat de la part de Vince Morena. Il est copropriétaire de St-Viateur Bagel et il avait été invité à faire part de son expérience de gestion d’entreprise et a donné des conseils au sujet de ce qu’il faut faire pour réussir dans le marché compétitif d’aujourd’hui. M. Morena, ses frères et son père sont en affaires depuis 1962. Ils desservent Montréal par le biais de leurs sept magasins et camion, tout en expédiant aussi leurs bagels à travers le Canada et les États-Unis. M. Morena a parlé franchement aux élèves de Perspectives I de ce qu’il faut faire pour être propriétaire d’entreprise et de l’effort qui a dû être fourni pour passer de simple boulangerie à une entreprise qui fournit internationalement des bagels. «  La vie est une progression. Le succès ne se matérialise pas en un jour. Notre entreprise progresse depuis 50 ans. Si vous me demandez le sens d’entrepreneuriat, je vous dirais que c’est du travail assidu. »

Cette honnêteté a été bien reçue par les élèves qui font partie d’une dérogation de secondaire III à Perspectives I, intitulée Projet 15 +. Elle est conçue pour introduire les jeunes à des métiers professionnels par le biais d’un accent sur l’exploration de carrières et de stages de travail. Le programme inclut aussi un cours dédié à l’entrepreneuriat où les élèves doivent participer activement à un projet qui développe un produit ou établit un service qui comble un besoin dans leur communauté. Pour plus de renseignements sur Projet 15+ et les écoles de la CSEM qui l’offrent, communiquer avec Travis Hall, conseiller en développement de carrières à ou au 514-483-7200, poste 7318.

MASSACRE À L’ÉCOLE POLYTECHNIQUE : À l’occasion du 25e anniversaire du massacre à l’École Polytechnique, les élèves de sciences humaines de l’Académie Royal West ont reçu le photographe qui a été parmi les premiers à arriver sur les lieux. Harold Rosenberg a visité l’école en compagnie du producteur de TV, Frank Opolko, qui a récemment collaboré avec lui à la production d’une vidéo sur cet évènement de 45 minutes survenu le 6 décembre 1989. Un forcené armé a parcouru les corridors de l’École Polytechnique de Montréal et a tué 14 femmes. Marc Lepine, 25 ans, a séparé les hommes des femmes et avant d’ouvrir le feu sur la classe d’élèves féminines a crié « Je hais les féministes ». Presque immédiatement, le massacre de Montréal s’est transformé en un moment galvanisant où le deuil s’est transformé en outrage au sujet de la violence contre les femmes. L’enseignant de sciences humaines, Angelos Diacoumacos, souligne qu’aucun de ses élèves n’était vivant lors de cet évènement mais c’est un épisode triste de l’histoire de Montréal qu’ils devraient connaître.


VOTRE APPARENCE PHYSIQUE : Le personnel du Centre de carrières Laurier Macdonald (5025 Jean Talon est) sait que l’apparence physique d’une personne est critique pour la réussite d’une entrevue d’emploi. À compter de février, l’école lance un projet en collaboration avec les centres St. Pius X et Shadd où l’école offrira un moyen rentable d’assurer que les élèves à la recherche d’un emploi puissent paraître aussi confiants qu’ils se sentent. Pendant des années, le Centre de carrières Laurier Macdonald a offert la formation et l’environnement pratique à ses élèves afin qu’ils puissent obtenir des emplois à temps plein dans les domaines de l’esthétique, de la coiffure et de l’électrolyse. Le centre ouvrira ses portes et offrira ses services à un prix réduit pour assurer que les élèves de Pius et de Shadd aient l’air préparés sans se ruiner. Si votre centre a des élèves intéressés, veuillez appeler le Centre de carrières Laurier Macdonald pour plus de renseignements au 514-374-4278.

DES ENSEIGNANTS DE GALILEO AU MUSÉE : Des enseignants du niveau un et deux du Centre d’éducation des adultes Galileo de Montréal-Nord se sont récemment rendus au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal pour l’exposition Van Gogh/Kandinski. Cette visite a été très interactive et les guides bénévoles étaient engageants, dynamiques, connaisseurs et professionnels. L’excursion a permis aux élèves d’obtenir des applications réelles et à relever leur motivation. Elle les a aussi encouragé à mentionner ce qu’ils avaient appris et combien ils avaient apprécié cette expérience. Plusieurs élèves ont mentionné qu’ils aimeraient revivre cette expérience avec leurs familles. L’évènement a aussi permis aux élèves de voir et d’acquérir des connaissances sur des tableaux qui étaient très populaires à diverses époques. Les élèves ont rehaussé leurs habiletés visuelles et ont appris du vocabulaire relié à l’art. À la classe suivante, les élèves ont donné leurs réactions au sujet de ce qu’ils avaient appris. Le personnel désire remercier le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal et la directrice Martina Schiavone pour les avoir encouragés à s’instruire en dehors de la classe.

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