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EMSB OPPOSES  PROPOSED RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS BILL: The English Montreal School Board Council of Commissioners has adopted a resolution  stating its strong opposition to any legislation that prohibits or restricts its employees from wearing religious symbols in the exercise of their functions and duties in our schools and classrooms. EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini stated that like 2014 when the EMSB declared that it would not implement the measures in the former PQ government’s Charter of Values,   the Council of Commissioners have taken the same stance. “The Quebec government has stated its intent to propose legislation to prohibit the
wearing of religious symbols for all persons in a position of authority, including teachers,” said Ms. Mancini. “We believe in the secularity of the state while still supporting an individual’s right to freedom of religion.”
Westmount High teacher Furheen Ahmad.

The Human Resources Committee of the EMSB, chaired by Commissioner Julien Feldman, studied this issue in recent months. The resolution states that the EMSB believes a religious symbol worn by a teacher in no way impacts their ability to teach and provide quality education in a secular state and that the EMSB values inclusiveness and the diversity of its students and staff and respects their personal and religious rights. EMSB Vice-Chair Joe Ortona drafted the resolution. He said the proposed legislation is contrary to sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On April 3 (8 am), staff at Westmount High School have organized a Human Chain Against this proposed law. Here is our full press release.

Here is a video clip of the reading of the resolution.

HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE: At  91 percent, the English Montreal School Board has achieved the highest Success Rate among public school boards in the entire province of Quebec based on a seven year cohort - figures just released by the Ministère de l’Education et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) show.  “This is all the more impressive given the fact the province-wide Success Rate, which includes both public and private school results, is 80.9 percent,” stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “This achievement was made possible thanks to all those who contribute to the excellent education provided by the EMSB, from our teachers, to staff, parents, and volunteers and of course our students.”

Ms. Mancini added that the EMSB improved its Success Rate by a significant 2.4 percent over last year, to achieve a record high of 91 percent. In addition she noted that Quebec private schools hold a mere 1.5 percent lead.  “The public school system is taking a leadership role in Quebec education,” ‘Ms. Mancini said, “and as the largest English public school board, we couldn’t be more proud.” 

EMSB Director General Ann Marie Matheson, who worked in schools for almost 25 years, stated that at the EMSB “our goal is to ensure that all students achieve their full potential.  Our diverse programs ensure enrichment for those who need it and remediation for others.  And a 91 percent Success Rate is a testimony to how our board, through a variety of initiatives and support strategies outlined in our Commitment to Success Plan, is achieving this goal.  No matter what, we never lose sight of our primary purpose: student success!  And the proof is in our results.”

These results are based on a Grade 7 cohort that entered the EMSB in 2010 and was followed for seven years. The numbers were compiled based on how many of these students obtained their final school leaving certification.   See our detailed analysis.

Sofia McVetty and Adelka Fecarek-Hope won top honours.

 The EMSB can boast of big wins at this year’s annual Hydro-Québec Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair, which took place March 24 to 26 at Concordia University’s E.V. Building. The fair’s top prize went to Royal West Grade 10 students Adelka Felcarek-Hope and Sofia McVetty for their project “The Poly-Phaeophyceae Method,” which won the $750-per-student Hydro Québec First Prize. Three of 15 projects moving on the provincial science fair are from EMSB. They are, from Royal West: Felcarek-Hope and McVetty’s The Poly-Phaeophyceae Method, and “Fog On, Fog Off” by Hajeong Seo; and from LaurenHill “High Rise Stability” by Alexandra Alfieri. Besides two projects winning “Highest Distinction,” the EMSB also rang in six “Great Distinction” awards and two “Distinction” awards.

Alexandra Alfieri got some nice support from her teachers and classmates.

This activity was provided by the Educational Alliance for Science & Technology (EAST). 

Here are the first place winners on Breakfast TV:

Rosemount High School students.

Here is Kristin McNeill's extensive report on the EMSB presence at the Fair.

JUNIOR ROBOTICS: Rosemount High School (3737 Beaubien Street East) will host the 17th annual Junior Robotics competition March 29 and 30. Organized by EAST (Educational Alliance for Science and Technology), the event will attract close to 200 elementary and high school students from 11 schools. “This is the 17th year we have tasked students with designing, building and programming a robot to compete in one of four events,” said coordinator and Rosemount High School teacher Akim Munro. “There is Football, Creative Performance, Save Metropolis and a Triathlon. The events are designed to push boundaries of design and programming, as well as adapting to unforeseen issues that go hand in hand with the design process.  Everyone leaves having gained something, whether it be a new perspective on teamwork, a better understanding of technical issues such as friction and weight distribution, a first introduction to the STEAM fields or simply just being in a competitive environment for the first time.”

The winning team at Battle of the Books.
ROYAL WEST CAPTURES BATTLE OF THE BOOKS: For the past four years, student teams from EMSB high schools have faced off at the “Battle of the Books” competition. Organized by the librarians of the EMSB’s Educational and Technology Services (ETS), Battle of the Books tests the teams’ detailed literary knowledge of 12 pre-selected young adult books that the students have read prior to the competition. Teams are quizzed under the pressure of time constraints during either single question rounds or a two-minute lightning round. On the evening of March 26, six EMSB teams from the following schools faced off in a head-to-head test of their knowledge: LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent, Laurier Macdonald High School in Saint-Léonard, Rosemount High School and Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount, Westmount High School and Royal West Academy in Montreal West. Competitors and spectators alike, including Chairman of the EMSB Angela Mancini, Vice-Chairman Joe Ortona, Deputy Director General, Education Evelyne Alfonsi, Regional Director West Sector Pela Nickoletopoulos, Director of ETS Alessandra Furfaro and Assistant Director of ETS Athina Galanogeorgos, spent two hours on the edge of their seats as the teams battled it out.While all teams did an outstanding job, congratulations go to Royal West Academy for winning this year’s Battle of the Books, edging out the competition with a whopping 101 points. The team, which includes Anurag Bhowmick, Clara Chemtov, Reilly Miners-Yamamoto, Alessio Piscitelli and Amy Steiner, and is coached by Anna Supino, will move on to represent the EMSB at the “Ultimate Battle” on Tuesday, April 16, where they will compete against finalists from the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) and the Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS). See our full press release.

SEXUALITY EDUCATION WORKSHOPS: Since the provincial government has mandated Sexuality Education content into all Quebec schools for this academic year, there have been some great things happening. Two secondary schools; Lester B Pearson and LaurenHill Academy, had full day workshops for students regarding sexuality education.   At Lester B. Pearson, Clorinda Antonnaci and her team put on another successful Sexuality Education day for the Secondary V students on March 12.   The presenters were very well received by the students and their comments on the whole day was very positive.  At LaurenHill Academy Senior, Spiritual and Community Animator, Elizabeth Pellicone and her team put on, for the second year a Sexuality Education day for the Secondary V students, March 19.  The students gave great feedback for the presenters as well as expressed the great opportunity they had to be open and ask questions that were concerning.   Also, at LaurenHill Academy Junior Campus, Ms. Pellicone put together an amazing day for the Secondary II students. This was also well received. Both schools put together a full day for students. They have the chance to sign up for workshops that were of interest to them through topics of sexuality; demystifying sexuality, sex trafficking prevention, healthy relationships, abstinence, safe sex, etc.     Students could ask anonymous questions using QR codes and encouraged to participate in each session.  These days designed to help implement Sexuality Education is a great way for schools to put in the recommended hours for mandatory implementation and also gives the students a great opportunity to be in groups that are of concern.
Suzanne Desautels
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EMSB EXPRESS NEWSPAPER: Copies of  the  Spring 2019 edition of the EMSB Express Newspaper are being delivered to schools. It also contains a special expanded section on the new EMSB Physical Literacy campaign. The newspaper has a brand new design.  You can also read it online right here.
Wendy Singer and Mona Kamel with EMSB/Inspirations mascot Bumble.

The special Arts & Leisure edition of Inspirations Newspaper has also been distributed. You can also read online right here.

Natalie and Adrian Bercovici.
VOLUNTEER NIGHT: The annual EMSB Parent Volunteer Appreciation Evening will take place on Tuesday, April 9 (6:30 pm) at the Plaza Volare of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Cote de Liesse in St. Laurent. Adrian and Natalie Bercovici are this year’s Volunteer Ambassadors of the Year. Adrian and Natalie founded the Generations Foundation in 1999. They provide breakfasts, hot lunches and snacks daily to over 8,500 children annually. It all began at the EMSB’s St. Gabriel Elementary School in Pointe St. Charles. The organization now serves 118 schools and centres in the Greater Montreal area. The Volunteer of Distinction this year is Carol Clifton. She began volunteering at St. Gabriel School in1982 when she enrolled her first child in kindergarten. She began as a member of the Parents Committee, was a member of Governing Board and also started a Home and School Association volunteer program. She is now president of the Home and School, where she continues to devote a considerable amount of time. This year’s event is being held to commemorate National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 7 to 13, under the theme of “Cheers to 20 years of Volunteers.” 

A student checks the heartbeat of Bob the mannequin.
STEAM PROJECT WITH RI-MUHC: The EMSB and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) are proud to have launched a new initiative in which high-school students will collaborate with researchers on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics projects – also known as STEAM projects. This unique partnership between a public educational institution and a large biomedical research center is based on the STEAM framework, an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering,  Arts and Mathematics to guide student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. Over 40 students from seven high schools of the EMSB (Marymount in NDG, John Grant on Côte Saint-Luc, LaurenHill in St. Laurent, Lester B. Pearson in Montreal North, Laurier Macdonald and John Paul I in St. Leonard and Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount), along with their teachers from various disciplines, will partner with laboratories at the RI-MUHC to produce STEAM-related projects. During a six-week period,
The John Grant team.
graduate research trainees will dedicate their time, to mentoring students and guiding them throughout their projects.  The launch took place on March 12 at the MUHC in the presence of RI-MUHC Interim Executive DirectorDr. Bruce Mazer, Federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau, MUHC President and Executive Director Dr. Pierre Gfeller, McGill University Vice-Principal of Health Affairs and Dean of Medicine  Dr. David Eidelman, EMSB Chair Angela Mancini,  EMSB Director General Ann Marie Matheson and Jenny Koulis, who manages the Office of Research Administration, Academic Affairs and Community Outreach Programs for the RI-MUHC and coordinated this project.  For the full story click here.  See this report from CTV News. 

INTERACTIVE RUG: Since January, Grades 5 and 6 students at Bancroft Elementary School have created a giant interactive rug (right) in order to raise awareness on 24 endangered species in Quebec in the context of science class.  Every step on one tile (every tile representing one animal) triggers the sound of the corresponding animal, along with a musical theme that was entirely developed by the students using a music software. The teachers have used MakeyMakey (an interactive USB keyboard) and some basic supplies to create an electrical circuit connected to our laptop and a loudspeaker.

Bancroft students love to read.
I LOVE TO READ: For I Love to Read Week at Bancroft, students dressed up as their favourite literary characters and parents read to students throughout the week.

IB-PYP EXHIBITION: Carlyle Elementary School in TMR hosted their IB-PYP Exhibition on March 21. With guidance from their teachers, Ms. Sia and Ms. Ray, the Grade 6 students worked diligently in preparation for this special evening. Exhibition is a significant event in the life of a PYP student. It is a student-centered project and a culmination of all the essential elements of the IB-PYP program. This year’s central idea was developed under the Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Organize Ourselves. Students began by creating their own central Idea: “Humans
Caryle students in the groove.
are a part of societal organizations which affect the way they function and change.” In groups, the students chose the following eight subtopics to research: Democracy, Communism, Dictatorship, Monarchy, Leaders of Government, Transitional Government, Canadian Government and Republic. Students collectively created posters, artwork, PowerPoint presentations, Stop-Motion videos and pamphlets to showcase their knowledge. They used the 3-D printer to program and print a symbol they designed to represent their form of government as a STEAM project. The Carlyle family congratulates all the students for their dedication and all their hard work.  

Sidney Zoltak is thanked for his attendance.

Sidney Zoltak was born in 1931 in Siemiatycze, Poland. From 1939 to June 1941, the Soviets were in charge of the town. When the Germans took over, they introduced harsh anti-Jewish legislation. In August 1942, the Jews were forced into the ghetto. When the ghetto was liquidated in for months later, Sidney and his family escaped and went into hiding. They stayed with different villagers, changing locations every few months, ultimately hiding in an open barn. Following liberation in July 1944, Sidney returned to his hometown where he resumed his education. In 1945, the family left Poland ended up in Italy. Sidney’s father died in 1945 and Sidney and his mother lived in DP camps until their immigration to Canada in 1948. They settled in Montreal, where Sidney married a fellow survivor in 1954, and had two sons. Sidney kept in touch with one of the Polish families that hid him and has visited them in Poland. He told this story to students at the LaurenHill Academy Junior Campus in St. Laurent. Teacher Tara Fogel has been making a strong effort to enlighten students about the dangers of intolerance. Having a Holocaust survivor as eloquent as Sidney Zoltak speak was a special experience for all.    Students  Diego Chiappone and Sofia  Raggi formally thanked him for visiting.

Kindness was the word at this event.
KINDNESS CHANGES EVERYTHING: On February 22, the “Kindness Changes Everything” tour presented by The Live Different group, visited students from Mountainview and Focus Alternative High Schools in Côte Saint-Luc and NDG respectively. The presentation included three motivational speakers and artist Nathan Dufresne. Presented through a concert-style motivational assembly, the interactive presentations inspired our students to adapt a lifestyle of empathy and compassion for others. The presentation also provided students with empathetic skills that they can continue to be practiced and developed on a daily basis. Live Different challenges students to live a life focused on compassion rather than on material goods. Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator Rocco Speranza noted, “Cultivating kindness and empathy is a significant way to create a compassionate and resilient student body and community.” Following the presentations, many of our students were inspired to take immediate action to make a positive difference in their school and communities. Students, Mr. Speranza, and Mountainview school staff will continue working towards building bonds, tearing down negative labels and replacing the notion of me to a notion of a kinder us and a stronger school community. 

Divya Aery addresses students.
JACK.ORG: Laurier Macdonald High School graduate Divya Aery spoke to the English Montreal Student Advisory Council (EMSAC), encouraging school reps to embrace the program Through Jack Talks, Jack Chapters, and Jack Summits, young leaders identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in their communities. is working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other. A Canada without shame, where all those who need support get the help they deserve.  Divya has become a member of at Concordia University. A number of students told that they indeed want to bring the program to their schools. Email

Lee Haberkorn got a warm welcome.

As part of the recent Bell initiative, Let’s Talk Day 2019,  Lee Haberkorn  of Virgin Radio came to share his experiences with Perspectives I and II Alternative High School staff and students, thanks to the organizational skills of Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce. Haberkorn shared that he once experienced such bad depression that he contemplated throwing himself from the Decarie service road down onto the Decarie Expressway, a move that very likely would have killed Haberkorn, and possibly taken some other lives with him.  The Bell initiative encourages all of us to be more open to thinking  and talking about mental illness, and to be more accepting of those dealing with mental health challenges.  The students listened carefully to Lee as he told his story.  Because he looks somewhat “tough,” it was good for the students to see a macho-looking guy talking about his mental health issues, said Interim Head Teacher Ruth Rosenfield. “There should be no shame or stigma attached to needing help in developing better mental health.  Lee was generous with his time, doing a presentation first for Perspectives II students and staff, followed by a second one for Perspectives 1.  The students were very attentive, and because of his warm ways, also felt comfortable to ask their own questions.

Celebrity chef Sergio Mattoscio was a big hit at his appearance.
COOKING WITH YOUR HEART: On Wednesday March 15, students from Perspectives   had an opportunity to cook alongside former Food Network participant of Top Chef Canada and current Corporate Chef of Industria Pizzeria and Bar, Sergio Mattoscio, and Executive Chef of Industria Pizzeria and Bar (Laval), Marco Bertoldini. The Cooking with your Heart workshop was initiated by Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce. “This cooking workshop was inspired by Canada’s national theme of “Unlocking the Potential of Food”. We hope to inspire our students by providing them with the tools to cook healthy meals.” says Lacroce.  “Not only did the students create a vegetarian lasagna for 75 people, they were able to learn basic cooking and cutting techniques as well as encouraging the importance of working together as a team. This gathering was also meant to ensure that students understand that a meal is more than nourishment, but vital for the spirit as well.”

Nancy Laroche (second from the top left) with staff and students at Elizabeth High.
AN INSPIRING VISIT: Nancy Laroche was 16 years old when she gave birth to her son. She raised him herself and has since gone on to enjoy a very successful career in the media. Today she is the promotions and marketing director for The Beat 92.5 FM. Prior to that she worked for Bell and Astral Media, Musique Plus, Burger King and even ran her own company. Now, at the age of 45, the grandmother of two little ones shared her life story at Elizabeth High School in Ville Émard. Elizabeth High caters to pregnant and teen moms. On this day she sat down with students Aadiya and Aurore, whose kids are 18 and 15 months respectively. There are no dads in the picture.  Head teacher Louise Chalouh  and teachers Lise Kuhn and Elsie Brassard were on hand as was Westmount High School grad Megan Miranda, Nancy’s promotions coordinatoré The students were very inspired by Nancy’s career path, especially when she told them that she will go back to school to get her university degree in business administration.

Students, staff and special guests at My Montreal.
MY MONTREAL: On March 20, Rosemount High School   hosted a particularly special event, the “My Montreal” conference. The theme   was “Make a Difference.” It unfolded via two sessions,  whereby students had an opportunity to participate in four simultaneous conferences and conversations around the school. Spiritual and Community Animator and conference organizer Vince Lacroce noted: “Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone can learn from the stories we are told. We invited several members of the Montreal community from different walks of life to share their personal story with the students of Rosemount High School. Our guests shared their experiences growing up, how and what motivated them, some of the challenges and successes they had along the way, and how they persevered through those difficult challenges. They wanted to share the lessons they have learned to make a difference.” The students had an opportunity to dialogue in interactive sessions with guests on a variety of issues including stereotyping, racism, substance abuse, mental illness, loss of loved ones, and general challenges. The personal stories and the lessons learned will allow students for some self-reflection time on dealing with their particular challenges and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

The lineup looked as follows: Session 1 (Spiritual Community Centre:   Lee Haberkorn (Producer and Morning Host on Virgin Radio 96), Antonio Lacroce (Former EMSB Director General)   and Vanessa Gianfrancesco (Community Representative on life as a Celebrity Chef).  Session 2 (Library):  Nikki Balch (Morning Host from The Beat 92.5), Angela Mancini (Chair of the EMSB), and Fortunato Coppola (founder of “A Mother’s Love” Foundation).    Session 3 (Gymnasium): Sabrina Marandola (CBC TV), Ruth Rosenfield (Educational Representative on Teaching and  former Union President), Carlo Monaco (EMSB alumni and cancer survivor),  Julian McKenzie (CTV News),  Kimberly Wong (Director of Silk) and Brigitte O'Driscoll (Community Representative on Military, Firefighter and Humanitarian work).

General Vanier curlers.
CURLING EXPERIENCE: Students at General Vanier learned the ins and outs of curling recently, thanks to a program called Rocks and Rings. 

Members of the Clef Notes get ready for their big moment.

Members of the Vincent Massey Collegiate Clef Notes Glee Club got the thrill of a lifetime when they performed at Place des Arts with the legendary rock group Foreigner. They won a contest on CHOM FM, organized by Rubin Fogel Productions.  They were required to send a clip of them singing  “I want to know what love is.” A panel of judges selected the Clef Notes and the rest is musical history. In addition to singing on stage, Foreigner donated $500 to the choir as part of their longstanding commitment to students in music programs.  This win is fresh off the heels of The Clef Notes’ second place finish at the Just for Kids Foundation’s Glee High School Showdown last November.   

TEACHER APPRECIATION:  On the occasion of EMSB Teacher Appreciation Day, which falls on May 8, the EMSB will recognize three teachers with special awards from P.F. Chang’s and La Cage Brasserie Sportive. The ceremony will take place at a school to be announced and is co-sponsored by City’s Breakfast Television. The EMSB is welcoming nominations for the awards, which fall into three categories: youth sector, adult sector and physical education and health.  The youth and adult sector teachers will win $100 gift cards to PF Chang’s and the physical education and health teacher a $100 card from La Cage.  Breakfast TV will do a special report on the ceremony  Here is a link to last year's event. Submissions can be sent to by April 15.

BEREAVEMENT: Corrie Sirota is the clinical director of Camp Erin Montreal,  a free weekend long bereavement program for children ages six to 17. They are currently recruiting for their third season in Montreal. The first summer they accompanied 25 children and last summer 44. A goal of  between 50 and 60 children has been set for 2019. Recruitment and registration   is going on right now  and 22 kids have registered. Info: 

Sienna Marie, Arianna Rose and Avah with Claudia and Pearl.
DAUGHTERS OF THE MILE END: Three students from the EMSB will be performing in the Labyrinth Stage Productions presentation called  Daughters of Mile End (April 3 to 6 ) at the DB Clarke Theatre (1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West)   of Concordia University. Sisters Sienna Marie and Arianna Rose Falato from Dante Elementary School in St. Léonard and    Avah Pennefather from Edinburgh   School in Montreal West are members of the cast. Directors Claudia Litvak Polachek and Pearl Lottner Rothenberg are children of Jewish immigrants from two very different parts of the world, who came to Montreal under very different circumstances. Inspired by true stories, this is a Jewish Montreal-centric creation.   The play is about four Mile End girls and the diverse paths their lives take as they grow into adulthood and beyond. The all-female multi-generational cast of 13 is under the direction of Rachelle Glait, with set and costume designs by the multi-award winning John Dinning and Louise Bourret respectively. With humour, poignancy, and insight, Daughters of Mile End illustrates that despite traumatic family histories, the girls’ shared childhood memories and experiences that lead them to a better understanding of their mothers—and themselves—enabling them to live and love more fully. For more information call 1-800-838-3006 or purchase your  tickets at  

Roch Carrier holds up his book with Rocket players and students.
ROCKET LAUNCH AT EMSB: The future of the Montreal Canadiens met the future leaders of tomorrow as the Laval Rocket   visited Gardenview Elementary School in St. Laurent on March 11. Players Michael McCarron, Charlie Lindgren and Daniel Audette spoke to the students about the importance of reading. Lindgren read the famous book The Hockey Sweater, whose author Roch Carrier was in attendance. Liberal MNA for St. Laurent Marwah Rizqy and Liberal MNA for Marquette and former NHL player Enrico Ciccone were also on hand.  The first EMSB Night took place at Place Bell in Laval on Wednesday, March 20 when the Rocket hosted the Providence Bruins.

ALOUETTES PROMOTION: The annual EMSB Night for the Montreal Alouettes will take place on Thursday, June 6. This is  a pre-season game vs. the Ottawa Red Blacks and as a result tickets will cost only $10. Click on this link. The code will be  ‘EMSB19,’ It is hoped that Royal Vale graduate Christopher Valentine, a wide receiver, will be in the Als lineup:

IMPACT GAME: The traditional “EMSB Night” will take place on Wednesday, June 26 (7:30 p.m.) when the Impact host the Portland Timbers at Saputo Stadium. Tickets are priced for EMSB families at  $20 each. Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards Inspirations, a publication dedicated to the special needs community. Purchases are online only at Two students will be awarded the prestigious Tony Licursi Scholarship that comes with a $500 bursary.

CANADIENS PROMO: For the very first time, the EMSB will have a promotion with the Montreal  Canadiens. It will be for  the April 4 game  against Tampa Bay at a special reduced price. All of the available tickets have been sold.

ADHD INFO: Does your teen have or do you think your teen has Attention- Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Is your teen 13 to 17 years of age? If so, you and your teen may be interested in participating in this study being conducted at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The ADHD Research Program of the Montreal Children’s Hospital is conducting a research study on using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for adolescents with ADHD. Eligible participants can choose to be on medication or not. If they choose to be on medication, an optimal dose will be carefully determined and then participants will be assigned by chance to one of three groups: Cognitive Behaviour and Skills Training Therapy; Supportive Group Therapy; or Treatment as Usual in the Community. Therapy groups will have 12 weekly group meetings (4:30 pm to 6:00 pm). Parents will meet separately on alternate weeks during the adolescent group meetings.  Each meeting will last one and a half hours long. Adolescents in the therapy groups will be given a coach who will be in touch by phone twice a week to help them throughout their participation in the study.  There are no fees for participating in this research program. A medical referral from your family doctor is mandatory. Referrals for adolescents can be made directly to our team, with or without a previous ADHD evaluation. We will evaluate all potential participants. Interested participants can contact the team at the number below. Info:  514-412-4400 ext.23286  or

Children's first transition to school was on the agenda at the forum.
EARLY CHILDHOOD TRANSITION FORUM: A forum organized by Victoria Della Cioppa and Candice Madden from Student Services, in collaboration with the Table de Concertation 0-5 ans - Cavendish, brought together school and board staff, reps from the health and social services sector, and community partners to exchange ideas concerning children's first transition to school, with an emphasis on special needs. The morning kicked off with a keynote address from Dr. Joanne Lehrer followed by a panel discussion with individuals representing various sectors. Finally, guests problem-solved in multidisciplinary teams on common challenges that arise as families transition to school. The forum gave guests an opportunity to network in the hope of facilitating partnerships between school and community. The forum comes at a time when the EMSB is set to open 13 new pre-kindergarten classes. 

FREE THROW FOR FUN: Grade 6 students at East Hill School received their certificates of participation in the annual Knights of Columbus Friendly Free Throw Competition. The joint activity, headed by Physical Education teacher Melanie St. Pierre and Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator (SCA) Rocco Speranza, aimed to encourage students to be active, have fun, and develop a love of sports.  Students were all smiles as they took their shots. Whether their shots went in the basket or not,  they were all winners. Student’s names will be entered in a raffle to win their own basketballs.

HAIRDRESSING AND AESTHETICS FOR A CAUSE: On April 5, haircuts, blow-drys, and manicures will be available at the Laurier Macdonald Career Centre Hairdressing and Aesthetics Department, located at 5025 Jean-Talon E in Saint-Léonard. On April 5 only, manicures will be offered at Vincent Massey Collegiate. Laurier Macdonald Career Centre will continue to offer the above services after April 5  provided  participants have a Trims For a Cure Ticket. To obtain a ticket, a $10 donation is required . This ticket will allow the  holder to receive one haircut, or blow-dry, or manicure at the Laurier Macdonald Career Center Hairdressing  and Aesthetics Department from Monday to Friday. This is an ideal for someone celebrating a birthday, special occasion (great for secondary five students' going  to their Graduation Brunch in May or Prom in June). All services offered will be performed by the graduates, staff, and professionals at  Laurier Macdonald Career Center Hairdressing and Aesthetics Department, If you would like to make a donation, and reserve a ticket contact Mr Speranza at 514-483-7200 ext 6062 or You can also donate generously online here.

SOUNDS OF KINDNESS: Steven Atme was back on tour with Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator Rocco Speranza. Together, they promoted kindness, acceptance, mindfulness, and encouraged youth to follow their dreams. They visited students from East Hill, Edward Murphy and Vincent Massey Collegiate schools. Through his amazing musical compositions, Steven helped students become grounded, and focused on what’s most important in their lives- all those around them. He encouraged students in their spirituality, and promoted positive self-esteem. His message boiled down to the importance of being truly grateful for who they are inside and out.  Students were encouraged to follow their dreams and be the best they can be. With hard work, practice, fun, and dedication we all can reach for the stars and achieve kindness for all.

Marisa Mineiro is rewarded with a cake for her honour.
OUTSTANDING PRINCIPAL: Michelangelo International Elementary School in RDP   Principal Marisa Mineiro  returned from Toronto recently where she was formally recognized as one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals. The announcement was made by the Learning Partnership. Overall, 30 educators across the country were chosen   This marked the sixth time that an EMSB educator was amongst those chosen.  Ms. Mineiro follows Lester B. Pearson High School’s Joseph Vitantonio (2018), Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School’s Anna Sanalitro (2017), Westmount Park Elementary School’s Marylene Perron (2016), retired principal Claude Dansereau (2015) and LaurenHill Academy’s Donna Manos (2011) as winners.  You can listen to Suzanne Desautels’ EMSB  podcast with Marisa  right here. 

The winning basketball team.
ROYAL VALE SHINES: Congratulations to the Royal Vale School Girls’ basketball team on a second consecutive perfect season and championship. The team has won 39 straight games over the past two seasons. "They are the most humble of girls, winning these games without much celebration at all," said Coach Norman Katz. "These girls are a true example of the way sports should be played."

FRENCH SPEAKING CONTEST:  Canadian Parents for French – Quebec and Nunavut is proud to be announcing the upcoming Concours d’art oratoire for High School students. The provincial contest will be taking place April 27, 2019 at Cegep Gerald Godin in Ste Genevieve and winners from this round will then be going to Ottawa to compete against young Canadians from across the country. Concours is a French public speaking contest that invites students from Secondary 1 through V to write a five minute speech in French, on a topic of their choice. They will then present this speech to a panel of judges, their parents and their peers in the hopes of winning prizes and of course, improving their French. What better way to celebrate 50 years of Official Languages? Druide will be awarding the AntiDote 10 software to provincial winners. National winners have the chance of obtaining a $20,000 scholarship from the University of Ottawa!If you would like to obtain more information about this contest or have questions about registration, please contact Chelsea Craig at

Teacher Ryan Ruddick , Chris Quon and Commissioner Patricia Lattanzio (in her role as city councillor) at City Hall.
TWELVE POEMS FOR MONTREAL: The "12 Poemes pour Montreal" initiative was launched recently. First place was awarded to Chris Quon, a Secondary V student at Westmount High School. A number of students from Westmount High are featured in the anthology.

This outreach project and the resulting poetry exhibition gave 12 Montreal youths the opportunity to depict their city in poetry, this year on the theme Rêver Montréal.   This is a contest aimed at students in secondary IV andV in Montreal’s anglophone and francophone public schools. In keeping with the Conseil’s strategic plan, this project seeks to forge ties between Montreal’s artistic and educational communities. For the second consecutive year, the Conseil has partnered with Poetry in Voice/Les voix de la poésie. This organization worked with the students, holding poetry workshops in the schools and at the Maison du Conseil des arts de Montréal.

James Lyng students got a lot out of this experience.
INTERACTIVE LEARING ON BLACK HISTORY: In honour of Black History Month and in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness, James Lyng High School’s Student Services Department partnered with the African Canadian Development and Prevention Network (ACPDN) to provide students with an interactive learning and participatory experience. ACPDN is a non-profit organization that curates programming for the Black Anglophone community in Montreal. The workshop was created to help break the cycle of stigmatization of mental health within the community by creating a dialogue. During the event, members from ACPDN showed a film called "The blind stigma," followed by a panel discussion on mental health, as well as a question and answer period. The students were highly engaged and learned a lot about mental health, including the manifestation of various mental health issues, its prevalence, and where to seek help and support. The event was a big success and we are looking forward to partnering with them for future events and activities!

Frenchie Fleury takes part in the tip off.
BASKETBALL WITH THE POLICE: Students and staff at Edward Murphy School (EMS) in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve put a little spring in their step as they squared off against SPVM Station 48 in its fourth annual friendly SCA EMS/SPVM community basketball game. The SPVM team was led by former Harlem Globetrotter Frenchie Fleury, the officers spent time with the students prior to the game conveying the message about the importance of following one’s dreams, goals and persevering through any and all difficulties.

Students enjoy a great camping experience.
OVERNIGHT CAMPING: A total of 35 students from Vincent Massey Collegiate’s The UNIRAMS, John F. Kennedy High School and James Lyng High School recently celebrated being in the great outdoors during their overnight camping experience in Mont Orford Quebec.   This camp experience is designed to get youth to enjoy the great outdoors. Students, who were joined by several EMSB staff including Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement animator Rocco Speranza and Teacher Christine Murray, spent the days in the shadow of Mont Orford, tubing, snowshoeing, hiking skating, and taking part in lumber jack Olympics. The youth learned about conservation, nature, and participating in team building activities. “Allowing youth from different and diverse backgrounds and cultures, to experience being in the great outdoors and to be part of nature is a wonderful, nurturing and unique experience that really allows them to be part of something spiritual and profound,” said Mr. Speranza.

Students listen to the lecture.
ENSEMBLE POUR LE RESPECT: On Monday, March 18, Rosemount High School welcomed ENSEMBLE pour le Respect de la Diversité (formally known as the Tolerance Foundation) for a workshop focused on racism, homophobia, sexism/sexual harassment, and discrimination. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the social and civic education of children and adolescents in Quebec. The visit was initiated by Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce.  “In light of the recent tragedy that left 50 dead across the New Zealand city of Christchurch earlier this week and the terrorist attacks in the southern Philippines that have killed 20 people and injured dozens at a Roman Catholic cathedral, more than ever do we need to preach the importance of education, love, and empathy” said Mr. Lacroce.  “Today’s presentation will focus on different forms of oppressions, the negative impacts of stereotypes, and the importance of respecting diversity” says Maureen Adegbidi, workshop facilitator.  The one hour sessions were also animated by Gabrielle Tanguay and Kasha Paprocki, workshop facilitators, who helped explain the importance of human rights and the inalienable values of freedom, equality and justice.

FREE TICKETS TO HAMLET FOR TEACHERS: Snowglobe Theatre, an up-and-coming English-language theatre company in Montreal, would like to offer a comp to elementary and high school teachers who wish to attend their upcoming production of Shakespeare's Hamlet. True to their mission, the production features many exciting young emerging artists alongside experienced veterans and outstanding community theatre actors. The tickets are available for the dates Friday, May 3, Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5, all at 7:30pm. Claim your comp by emailing and naming your school. Act fast! Availability is limited.

ANIMAL WELFARE CONFERENCE: The 2019 National Animal Welfare Conference is happening at the Hotel Bonaventure Montreal April 14-15, 2019.   All two-day conference registrations come with one ticket to the Opening Social on April 13 and one ticket to the Animal Welfare Leadership & Innovation Awards on April 14. All conference and training day registrations include breakfast, lunch and nutritional breaks for the day(s) you have registered. Info:

Students and staff at Headstrong.
HEADSTRONG: On March 2, students from five EMSB East-End High Schools were invited to participate in the Headstrong Summit. Students from Laurier Macdonald and John F. Kennedy joined students from Rosemount, Vincent Massey and Lester B. Pearson at the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre. They listened to stories of hope and recovery from three different speakers (Eva Kludzman, Charles Hanna and Adam Aktas), participated in anti-stigma activities and explored the benefits of living a healthy life and its positive effects on mental wel being with Jonathan Sbrollini of Lift.
Fact: Stigma is often the biggest obstacle to getting help.  Students had the opportunity to brainstorm unique initiatives to help them create mental health anti-stigma campaigns in their respective schools. At the end of the day, each school received a certificate acknowledging their participation in this great initiative as well as a budget for their mental health anti-stigma campaigns. Laurier Macdonald and John F. Kennedy high schools would like to thank the Spiritual Community Animators of all the schools involved for helping organize and facilitate during the Summit. A special thank you to our community partner REISA – The East Island Network for English Language Services and to the Mental Health Commission of Canada for hosting this event and for empowering our students.

A Marymount student who is part of Upstart.
UPSTARTED: Diana Baranga is the founder of UpStarted, an organization that empowers, teaches and mentors primary through secondary students. The organization hosts event such as The Innovative Educator Series, The upGen Bootcamp, which EMSB high schools have participated in, and a Summer Camp.  The Future Academy summer camp is a place for young visionaries to imagine what our planet will look like in 20 years. Over two weeks, participants will get a hands on experience with design, technology, art and fabrication. It teaches students design thinking, problem solving, product creation and entrepreneurship. Students aged 12 to 15 are welcome to register.   During the first week, participants will be learning about the tools and skills they need to turn their ideas into a reality such as coding, 3D printing, laser cutting and other fabrication tools. They will learn about the impact of emerging technology on society and be able to envision our world in 2040 using Speculative Design. uring the second week, with the knowledge they acquired and in teams, they will build prototypes of the products or services they came up with and learn how to pitch their vision of the future. The Academy concludes with a public showcase of their inventions and each participant will walk away with a digital portfolio of their work, an official certificate of completion as an Academy graduate and a network of top creators and entrepreneurs across Montreal.  In collaboration with Lower Canada College, the camp is a two-week long program that will take place from August 12 to August 23, 2019. It is based on a first come first serve basis and the maximum capacity is 40 participants.  The total amount with tax is $1,437.19 which includes all the equipment and supplies needed for student projects and daily snacks. Transportation is not provided and student must bring their own lunch as well as reusable water bottles. The Future Academy also offers financial aid. On a case-by-case basis, they cover anywhere between 20 and 80 percent of the program fees. You can contact them at  Log on to  for more information.


Students learned a great deal at the Dentistry lesson.

DENTISTRY STUDENTS VISIT: On March 13, third year McGill University Dentistry students came to speak with the SIS Galileo Adult Centre students about dental hygiene.  Integrating sensorial experiences with the presentation of oral hygiene, the dental students showed the SIS groups how to create moulds with alginate.  Touch, smell, and sight were integrated into this activity, as the students participated in creating their own moulds and casts of Easter themed characters.   With the dental students’ great animation, SIS students were engaged with their presentation and asked appropriate questions concerning their mouth and teeth.  Humor was integrated into the workshop, where dental songs were sung together as well as showing the students how to properly brush their teeth.  Cariogenic and non-cariogenic foods were presented to the students in order for them to be aware of what is and is not healthy for our teeth.  The SIS students showed great awareness about which foods are not beneficial for our health and teeth.  Galileo students were encouraged to keep up with their oral hygiene and this was promoted through the dentistry students’ kind gesture of offering everyone tooth brushes, tooth paste, and mouth wash.

DOCUMENTARY FILM SCREENING: The Wagar Adult Education Centre will be the site of a screening of INCLUDED, a short documentary film, followed by a panel discussion with the film’s participants and professionals in the field, moderated by Sterling Downey, Deputy Mayor of the City of Montreal, City Councillor for Verdun and a member of the Montreal Commission on Social Development and Diversity. Come hear first hand how to enhance your workforce by implementing inclusive hiring practices and witness the positive impact it has for both employee and employer. It takes place on Thursday, March 28 (7 pm) at  5785 Avenue Parkhaven. For further information contact Melanie Lallouz at 514-342-0000 ext. 3836


SOIRÉE DES BÉNÉVOLES: La Soirée annuelle de reconnaissance des parents bénévoles de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) se tiendra le mardi 9 avril à 18 h 30, à la Plaza Volare de l’Hôtel Crowne Plaza sur le chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse à Saint-Laurent. L’édition de cette année ayant pour thème « 20 ans de bénévolat, ça se fête » s’inscrit dans le cadre de la Semaine nationale de l’action bénévole qui se déroulera du 7 au 13 avril.

Adrian et Natalie Bercovici sont les récipiendaires du prix Ambassadeur bénévole de l’année. Fondateurs de la Fondation Générations en 1999, ils fournissent chaque jour des déjeuners, des dîners chauds et des collations à plus de 8 500 enfants annuellement. Tout a commencé à l’école primaire St. Gabriel de la CSEM à Pointe-Saint-Charles. Cet organisme dessert aujourd’hui 118 écoles et centres de la grande région de Montréal. Cette année, la distinction Bénévole émérite ira à Carol Clifton. Madame Clifton a commencé à faire du bénévolat à l’école St. Gabriel en 1982 lorsqu’elle y a inscrit son premier enfant à la maternelle. Elle a d’abord été membre du comité de parents et membre du conseil d’établissement. Elle a également mis sur pied l’association foyer-école qu’elle préside désormais et à laquelle elle continue à consacrer beaucoup de temps.

PROJET STIAM AVEC L’IR-CUSM: La Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) et l’Institut de recherche du Centre universitaire de santé McGill (IR CUSM) sont fiers de lancer un nouveau programme, grâce auquel des élèves du secondaire vont collaborer avec des chercheurs sur des projets dans les domaines de la science, de la technologie, de l’ingénierie, des arts et des mathématiques, aussi connus sous le nom de projets STIAM. Ce partenariat unique entre un établissement d’enseignement public et un grand centre de recherche biomédicale repose sur le cadre de travail STIAM. Il s’agit d’une démarche pédagogique faisant appel aux sciences, à la technologie, à l’ingénierie, aux arts et aux mathématiques dans le but d’orienter les interrogations des élèves, de susciter le dialogue et de développer la pensée critique. Plus de 40 élèves provenant de sept écoles secondaires de la CSEM (Marymount à NDG, John Grant à Côte Saint-Luc, LaurenHill à Saint-Laurent, Lester B. Pearson à Montréal-Nord, Laurier Macdonald et John Paul I à Saint-Léonard et le Collège Vincent Massey à Rosemont) ainsi que leurs enseignants dans diverses disciplines feront équipe avec le personnel des laboratoires de l’IR CUSM afin de réaliser des projets STIAM. Au cours d’une période de six semaines, des stagiaires de recherche diplômés vont consacrer leur temps au mentorat des élèves, afin de les guider tout au long de la réalisation de leurs projets. Le lancement a eu lieu le 12 mars au CUSM en présence des personnalités suivantes : Dr Bruce Mazer, directeur général par intérim de l’IR-CUSM; Marc Garneau, ministre fédéral des Transports; Dr Pierre Gfeller, président-directeur général du CUSM; Dr David Eidelman, vice-principal, Santé et affaires médicales et doyen de la Faculté de médecine de l’Université McGill; Angela Mancini, présidente de la CSEM; Ann Marie Matheson, directrice générale de la CSEM et Jenny Koulis, responsable des affaires administratives et académiques, et des programmes de sensibilisation de la communauté à l’IR-CUSM, et coordonnatrice du projet.

STIAM À BANCROFT : Dans le cadre du cours de science, les élèves de 5e et 6e année de l’école primaire Bancroft se sont affairés depuis janvier dernier à créer un tapis interactif géant dans le but d’attirer l’attention sur 24 espèces animales en voie d’extinction au Québec. En mettant le pied sur une case (chaque case représentant un animal), on peut entendre le son que fait l'animal correspondant, ainsi qu'un thème musical entièrement développé par les élèves à l'aide d'un logiciel de musique. Les enseignants ont utilisé MakeyMakey (un clavier USB interactif) et des fournitures de base pour concevoir un circuit électrique connecté à un portable et à un haut-parleur.

LEE HABERKORN PARTAGE SON HISTOIRE: Dans le cadre de la récente initiative de Bell intitulée Bell cause pour la cause 2019, Lee Haberkorn de Virgin Radio est venu partager son expérience avec le personnel et les élèves de l’école secondaire innovatrice Perspectives I et II, grâce à l’animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire Vince Lacroce qui a organisé cet événement. M. Haberkorn a déclaré qu'il a déjà vécu une profonde dépression au cours de laquelle il avait envisagé de sauter de la voie de desserte de l’autoroute Décarie sur la voie rapide en dessous, un geste qui lui aurait vraisemblablement coûté la vie et fait probablement d'autres victimes. L'initiative de Bell nous encourage tous à être plus ouverts à la réflexion sur la maladie mentale et à en parler, et à mieux accepter les personnes aux prises avec des troubles de santé mentale. Les élèves ont écouté attentivement le récit de Lee. La directrice par intérim, Ruth Rosenfield, a déclaré qu’il était bon pour les élèves de voir qu’un gars qui donne l’impression d’être un peu « dur » puisse parler ouvertement de ses problèmes de santé mentale. Il ne devrait y avoir aucune honte ou stigmatisation rattachée au besoin d’aller chercher de l’aide pour développer une meilleure santé mentale. Lee s’est montré très généreux, faisant d'abord une présentation pour les élèves et le personnel de Perspectives II, puis une deuxième pour Perspectives I. Les élèves étaient très attentifs et, en raison de sa personnalité chaleureuse, se sentaient également à l'aise de poser leurs propres questions.

CUISINER AVEC SON CŒUR: Le mercredi 15 mars, les élèves des écoles secondaires Perspectives I et II ont eu l'occasion de cuisiner aux côtés de Sergio Mattoscio, ancien participant à l’émission Top Chef Canada diffusée sur les ondes de Food Network et actuel chef d'entreprise d'Industria Pizzeria and Bar, et de Marco Bertoldini, chef exécutif d'Industria Pizzeria and Bar à Laval. L'atelier Cuisiner avec son cœur est une initiative de Vince Lacroce, animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire. « Cet atelier de cuisine a été inspiré par le thème de la campagne annuelle canadienne « Découvrir le pouvoir des aliments ». Nous espérons inspirer nos élèves en leur fournissant les outils nécessaires pour cuisiner des repas sains », a déclaré M. Lacroce. « Les élèves ont non seulement préparé une lasagne végétarienne pour 75 personnes, mais ils ont également pu apprendre des techniques culinaires de base et des techniques de coupe d’aliments, tout en insistant sur l'importance de travailler en équipe. Cette activité visait également à faire en sorte que les élèves comprennent que manger est essentiel pour nourrir à la fois le corps et l’esprit. »

LA PHYSIQUE À L’HONNEUR : Patrick Mayard, enseignant à l’école secondaire Rosemont, a été mis en nomination pour un prix en physique qui vise à souligner l'excellence du travail d'un enseignant en physique, et ce, tant à l'intérieur qu’à l'extérieur de la classe. Voir cette vidéo : Afin de promouvoir la physique et l’ingénierie, M. Mayard a créé un partenariat avec la Faculté de génie de l'Université Concordia, ce qui lui a permis d'inviter différents conférenciers à l’école secondaire Rosemont et de présenter un prix en génie.

APPRENDRE À VIVRE UN DEUIL: Je m'appelle Corrie Sirota, je suis la directrice clinique du Camp Erin Montréal. Pour ceux d’entre vous qui ne connaissent pas encore le Camp Erin, il s’agit d’un programme de soutien GRATUIT échelonné sur un week-end et destiné aux enfants âgés de 6 à 17 ans qui vivent un deuil. Nous sommes présentement en période de recrutement en prévision de notre troisième saison à Montréal. Lors de notre premier été, nous avons accompagné 25 enfants, l'été dernier 44 et cet été, notre objectif est de recruter entre 50 et 60 enfants. Le recrutement et les inscriptions sont en cours. Il y a actuellement 22 enfants inscrits et il reste encore beaucoup de places! La meilleure façon de rejoindre ces familles c’est en passant directement par les enseignants et les conseillers pédagogiques. C’est là que vous entrez en scène. J’ai joint notre dépliant. Faites circuler le message! Votre soutien est grandement apprécié.

ALOUETTES: La Soirée annuelle CSEM et les Alouettes de Montréal aura lieu le jeudi 6 juin. Il s'agit d'un match présaison contre les Red Blacks d'Ottawa. Le coût des billets est fixé à seulement 10 $. Pour en faire l’achat, rendez-vous sur et introduisez le code promotionnel « EMSB19 ». Reportez-vous aux liens ci-dessous. Il est à souhaiter que Christopher Valentine, diplômé de Royal Vale et receveur éloigné, sera de l’alignement des Alouettes pour ce match. :


IMPACT: La traditionnelle Soirée de la CSEM aura lieu le mercredi 26 juin à 19 h 30 alors que l’Impact accueillera les Tumbers de Portland au Stade Saputo. Les familles de la CSEM peuvent se procurer des billets au coût de 20 $ chacun. Une part du produit de la vente des billets sera versée à Inspirations, une publication dédiée à la communauté ayant des besoins particuliers. Les billets sont en vente en ligne seulement, à Deux élèves recevront la prestigieuse bourse d'études Tony Licursi d’une valeur de 500 $.

TDAH: Votre adolescent souffre-t-il ou croyez-vous qu’il souffre d’un trouble déficitaire de l'attention avec hyperactivité (TDAH)? A-t-il entre 13 et 17 ans? Dans l’affirmative, votre adolescent et vous pourriez participer à une étude menée par l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants. Le programme de recherche sur le TDAH de l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants effectue présentement une étude sur l’utilisation de la thérapie cognitive du comportement chez les adolescents atteints de TDAH. Les participants admissibles peuvent choisir l’option avec ou sans médicaments. S'ils optent pour la prise de médicaments, une dose optimale sera soigneusement déterminée, puis ils seront assignés aléatoirement à l'un des trois groupes suivants : comportement cognitif et thérapie de formation des compétences, thérapie de groupe de soutien ou traitement traditionnel dans la communauté. Les groupes de thérapie tiendront 12 réunions hebdomadaires (de 16 h 30 à 18 h 00). Les parents se rencontreront séparément une semaine sur deux pendant les réunions des groupes d’adolescents. Chaque réunion durera une heure et demie. Les adolescents des groupes de thérapie se verront attitrer un coach qui les contactera par téléphone deux fois par semaine dans le but de les aider tout au long de leur participation à l'étude. La participation à ce programme de recherche est gratuite. Une référence médicale de votre médecin de famille est toutefois obligatoire. Les références peuvent être transmises directement à notre équipe, avec ou sans évaluation préalable du TDAH. Nous évaluerons tous les participants potentiels. Les participants intéressés peuvent contacter l'équipe au 514 412-4400, poste 23286 ou à

DIRECTRICE EXCEPTIONNELLE: Marisa Mineiro, directrice de l’école primaire internationale Michelangelo à RDP, est revenue de Toronto récemment où elle a été officiellement reconnue comme l’une des directrices et directeurs exceptionnels du Canada. L’annonce a été faite par Partenariat en Éducation. Au total, 30 éducateurs d’un bout à l’autre du pays ont été honorés. Il s’agit de la sixième fois qu’un éducateur de la CSEM figure parmi les lauréats. Ses prédécesseurs sont : Joseph Vitantonio (2018) de l’école secondaire Lester B. Pearson, Anna Sanalitro (2017) de l’école primaire Pierre Elliott Trudeau,  Marylene Perron (2016) de l’école primaire Westmount Park, le directeur retraité Claude Dansereau (2015) et Donna Manos (2011) de l’Académie LaurenHill. Vous pouvez écouter le balado de la CSEM où Suzanne Desautels s’entretient avec Marisa à :

CONCOURS D’ART ORATOIRE EN FRANÇAIS: Canadian Parents for French - Québec et Nunavut est fier d’annoncer la tenue du prochain Concours d’art oratoire à l’intention des élèves du secondaire. Le concours provincial aura lieu le 27 avril 2019 au Cégep Gérald Godin à Sainte-Geneviève. Les gagnants de cette ronde se rendront ensuite à Ottawa pour se mesurer à de jeunes Canadiens de partout au pays. Le Concours d’art oratoire est une compétition en français dans le cadre de laquelle les élèves de la 1re à la 5e secondaire sont invités à rédiger un discours de cinq minutes en français, sur un sujet de leur choix, qu’ils présentent ensuite devant un panel de juges, leurs parents et leurs pairs, dans l’espoir de gagner des prix et, bien sûr, d’améliorer leur français. Quelle meilleure façon de célébrer les 50 ans des langues officielles! Druide attribuera le logiciel AntiDote 10 aux gagnants provinciaux. Les gagnants nationaux courront la chance d’obtenir une bourse d’études de 20 000 $ de l’Université d’Ottawa! Pour en savoir davantage sur ce concours ou si vous avez des questions au sujet de l’inscription, veuillez communiquer avec Chelsea Craig à

APPRENTISSAGE INTERACTIF SUR L’HISTOIRE DES NOIRS: À l’occasion du Mois de l’histoire des Noirs et dans le cadre de la sensibilisation à la santé mentale, le département des Services aux élèves de l’école secondaire James Lyng s’est associé au Réseau de développement et de prévention afro-canadien (RDPAC) pour offrir aux élèves une expérience interactive et participative. Le RDPAC est un organisme à but non lucratif qui organise des programmes pour la communauté noire anglophone de Montréal. L'atelier a été créé pour aider à rompre le cycle de stigmatisation entourant la santé mentale au sein de la communauté en créant un dialogue. Au cours de l'événement, des membres du RDPAC ont projeté un film intitulé « The blind stigma », suivi d'une discussion de groupe sur la santé mentale et d'une période de questions. Les élèves se sont montrés très motivés et ont beaucoup appris sur la santé mentale, notamment la manifestation de divers troubles de santé mentale, sa prévalence et les ressources disponibles pour obtenir de l'aide et du soutien. Cet événement a remporté un franc succès et nous sommes impatients de collaborer avec eux lors d’événements et d’activités à venir!

BILLETS GRATUITS POUR LES ENSEIGNANTS: Snowglobe Theatre, une jeune compagnie de théâtre de langue anglaise à Montréal, désire offrir un billet à titre gracieux aux enseignants du primaire et du secondaire qui aimeraient assister à sa prochaine production, Hamlet de Shakespeare. Fidèle à sa mission, Snowglobe met en vedette de brillants talents émergents, aux côtés d'acteurs d'expérience et de comédiens exceptionnels issus du théâtre communautaire. Des billets sont disponibles pour les représentations du vendredi 3 mai, samedi 4 mai et dimanche 5 mai, toutes à 19 h 30. Pour obtenir votre billet gratuit, envoyez un courriel à et précisez le nom de votre école. Faites vite, car le nombre de billets est limité.

The next Focus is April 24. Submissions should be received at by April 19.