Wednesday, September 25, 2019


HIGH SUCCESS RATE: At  92.4 percent, the English Montreal School Board has achieved the highest Success Rate among public school boards in the entire province of Quebec based on a seven year cohort - figures just published by the Ministère de l’Education et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES)show (download abridged version here). In the company of members of senior Management and Executive committee members from the Association of Montreal School Administrators (AMSA), EMSB Director General Ann Marie Matheson delivered a video memo to employees to announce the good news.  You can view video here.

“This success rate figure is all the more impressive given the fact the province-wide success rate, which includes both public and private school results, is 81.8 percent,” remarked EMSB Chair Angela Mancini.   “This achievement was made possible thanks to all of our employees who contribute to the excellent education provided by the EMSB.   From management to teachers, to support and professional staff, to the students themselves - all should be congratulated for their hard work.”

The EMSB has surpassed its target goal in achieving this 92.4 percent - which is an increase by 1.4 percent over last year.  “Our goal is to ensure that all students achieve their full potential,” said Director General Matheson. “And I our diverse educational programs and support services ensure that our goal is accomplished.  From enrichment programs to remediation services, the EMSB has what the students need to achieve their full potential. A 92.4 percent Success Rate is a testimony to how the EMSB, through a variety of pedagogical initiatives and student support strategies (outlined in our Commitment to Success Plan), is fulfilling its mission.No matter what else is going on, we never lose sight of our primary mission: student success!  And the proof is in the pudding” she remarked with pride.

These results are based on a Grade 7 cohort that entered high school in 2011 and were followed for seven years. The numbers were compiled based on how many of these students achieved their final end of high school certification according to MEES criteria. Chairman Mancini extended her congratulations to the EMSB administrators and pedagogues for their commitment to student success.

CHALLENGING BILL 21: The EMSB Council of Commissioners has voted in favor of mandating the external legal firm of Power Law to institute, on its behalf, the appropriate legal recourse to contest the validity of Bill 21. This is based primarily on Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees minority language educational rights to English-speaking minorities in Quebec. Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms has evolved through the years and successive decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada to include an exclusive right of management and control, as accorded to linguistic minority communities across Canada and operations of their public school systems. 
EMSB teacher Furheen Ahmad.

“Seeking an exemption through the courts concerning Bill 21 is particularly relevant to the EMSB and all  of Quebec’s English school board’s,  which  are grappling with surging parent demand for  access to schools offering high-level second-language French programs, delivered through bilingual and French immersion schools,” said EMSB Commissioner Julien Feldman, who chairs the Human Resources Committee.  

Last March 27 the Council of Commissioners of the EMSB pronounced itself against the proposed Bill 21 - An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State, which came into force  on July 16 and will bar public-school teachers, government lawyers, judges and police officers from wearing religious symbols while at work.  As such individual citizens and public institutions like the EMSB are subject to all laws and regulations that have been adopted by the Parliaments of Quebec and Canada. EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini  points out that the validity of Bill 21 is presently being contested in front of the Court of Appeal of Quebec. The EMSB Human Resources Committee met on September 23 to review all possible legal recourses with regards to Bill 21 that are available to the Council.    Furthermore the EMSB will encourage other English school boards, the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA), and other representative

CAREER FAIR:  More than 2,000  Secondary V students will attend the 19th annual EMSB Career Fair on Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday,  October 17 at St. Pius X Career Centre in Ahuntsic (9955 Papineau).  Jack Dym of Pipe and Piling Supplies Ltd. and RBC Royal Bank are the event’s title sponsors. Several on air personalities from the media will be on hand to talk to students about careers in this field and serve as guest emcees. They include: Sabrina Marandola of CBC Radio One, Meghan Kelly from The Beat 92.5 FM, Tim Sargeant from Global TV, Christine Long from CTV and Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed from CityNews.
The Global News team will be back.

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on October 16, the Career Fair will be open to the community-at-large. Organizers note that this is a good opportunity for parents to attend with their children (Grades 10 and 11)  as they look towards post-secondary education options in a one-stop shopping experience. There is no charge and free parking.     Mario Argiropoulos and Harriet Cohen from EMSB Adult Education and Vocational Services are the Career Fair co-chairs. The Student Services and AEVS Departments of the EMSB coordinate this program.   The main objective of the Career Fair is to provide students with an in-depth exposure to the various educational opportunities available to them.  All students will take part in a brief general information session in the St. Pius X auditorium. Students will then have the chance to visit the various exhibition/information booths staffed by representatives from English vocational centres, CEGEPS, universities and some private business colleges.

Students, staff and EMSB officials kick off the academic year in Ville Émard.

RETURN TO VILLE ÉMARD: Seven years after St. John Bosco Elementary School closed, students from Westmount Park Elementary School have returned to that building at 6255 Hamilton Street in Ville Émard.  The 105-year-old Westmount Park facility at 15 Park Place will be closed for at least the next two upcoming academic years (2019-20 and 2020-21) to complete a $12-million project of renovations and repairs. In the interim, the 700 students have been directed to the former St. John Bosco (Westmount Park South Campus) and Marymount Academy International in NDG (Westmount Park North Campus). Andrew Carter broadcast his CJAD morning show live from Ville Émard on the first day of school and we have the clips for you to listen to.

Teachers Lisa Leoni and Sorina Chis

BILL 21 CONTESTATION: The EMSB Council of Commissioners has voted in favor of mandating the external legal firm of Power Law to institute, on its behalf, the appropriate legal recourse to contest the validity of Bill 21. This is based namely on Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees minority language educational rights to English-speaking minorities in Quebec. Last March 27 the Council of Commissioners of the EMSB pronounced itself against the proposed Bill 21 - An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State, which came into force  on July 16 and will bar public-school teachers, government lawyers, judges and police officers from wearing religious symbols while at work.  As such individual citizens and public institutions like the EMSB are subject to all laws and regulations that have been adopted by the Parliaments of Quebec and Canada. EMSB officials point out that the validity of Bill 21 is presently being contested in front of the Court of Appeal of Quebec. The EMSB Human Resources Committee of the EMSB met on September 23 to review all possible legal recourses with regards to Bill 21 that are available to the Council.  Based on the legal opinion received, the EMSB will now formally mandate Power Law to institute proceedings. Furthermore the EMSB will encourage other English school boards, the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA), and other representatives of the English-speaking community to participate in this legal action and its fund-raising.

CLIMATE CHANGE RALLY: The EMSB will hold classes as usual on Friday, September 27, but parents may choose to allow their children to attend the major climate change rally that day. EMSB Director General Ann Marie Matheson has advised parents that should they wish to authorize their child to attend the rally they must notify the school in writing. “The English Montreal School Board   is concerned about climate change, and as an organization, we continuously strive to be environmentally conscious,” said Ms. Matheson. “This rally will take place during our regular school hours and this event is not an activity supervised by the school, thus we cannot release our students.”
Ms. Matheson said that EMSB schools are encouraged to hold activities on September 27 to promote the importance of climate change issues. “Our leadership students will certainly have ideas and suggestions to highlight this important topic,” she said.

A number of schools have special environmentally-themed programs planned for Friday. Stay tuned to our website for more.

MAJOR SCHOOL CHANGE:  A Major School Change process has been launched by the EMSB to evaluate how best to organize and consolidate the school populations in the north east end territory. The following schools have been identified in the scenarios: Dante, General Vanier, Honoré Mercier, Pierre de Coubertin, John Paul I and Laurier Macdonald in St. Léonard; Gerald McShane and Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North; and Our Lady of Pompei and St. Dorothy in Ahuntsic and  St. Michel. Hearings will be held January 8 and 9. A decision will be made at a meeting by January 30. The documentation is available here.

MEDIA LITERACY WEEK:  Media Literacy Week 2019 will take place October 7 to 9 and coordinated nationally by Media Smarts. This fall they will be encouraging Canadians to “Break the Fake” – to double-check news and information before sharing it online.   A new suite of resources for teachers to accompany the theme is available for free  here on their website. This includes a lesson plan for Grades 6 to 9; an Extended “Break the Fake”  workshop that can be used in classrooms along with the lesson plan (this workshop is also suitable for adults and can be run in a community setting, or even for teachers themselves); Tip sheets; Video; Interactive quiz and posters.

PODCASTS: This month’s EMSB podcasts with Suzanne Desautels include editions focusing on: Transition to Kindergarten with Candace Madden; a look at the new Westmount Park South Campus and another on open houses, recorded at John F. Kennedy High School.  You can check them out here at:

CITIZENSHIP CEREMONY: Congratulations to Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Lucille Ducol (above)  who recently became a Canadian citizen at a special citizenship ceremony  held in conjunction with the Girl Guides of Canada at her school. Along with nearly two dozen other individuals, Lucille took her oath in front of her friends and husband, but also in attendance were Grade 5 and 6 students as well as her two Grade 4 classes.  Born and raised in France, Lucille arrived in Canada in August 2011 to pursue her degree in Education at the Université de Montreal. This school year marks her fifth at the EMSB, all at Pierre Elliott Trudeau School.  “Having my students and colleagues watching the ceremony was already a huge celebration for me,” said Lucille. “I will also celebrate with my friends this weekend and my family is coming to visit from France next week; they’ll be bringing some champagne!”

Joanna Wrench
ARCHIVES TURNS 30: In 1989, an Archives / Records Centre was opened in the Administration Building.  This was a result of the 1986 Archives Act from the provincial government making it obligatory for public sector institutions to centralize their historical and vital records. Up to that time, these records were maintained by individual departments.  Some departments are still maintaining their own records.   The aim of the law is to locate legal, and historical records in a centralized location.  This measure assures the confidentiality of nominative records and prevents loss of important documentation.  Thirty years is not a long time in terms of Archives.  The Archives collection dates back to 1867!  "We are fortunate that the employees of the various local board’s decades ago, archived these documents as they constitute a rich history of English language education in this province," says Archivist Joanna Wrench. "The current focus is to archive electronic information.  Let’s hope that this format will last as long as the historical paper collection!"

SENIOR CAMPUS INAUGURATION: Willingdon Elementary School in NDG will formally inaugurate its new senior campus (Grades 5 and 6) with a ceremony on Wed. Oct. 2 at 4850 Coronation Avenue.

Commemorating the 9/11 tragedy.
EDUCATING STUDENTS ABOUT 9/11: Students at Honoré Mercier Elementary School   in St. Leonard   marked the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks with a special ceremony on  September 11, which   included a digital visit from Bill Spade, a retired New York City firefighter who was the only survivor from his station (Rescue 5).Mr. Spade and his 11 colleagues responded to the North Tower following the attacks. While Spade managed to escape, his fellow firefighters died when the towers collapsed.   In addition to Mr. Spade, students also had the opportunity to hear from local firefighters Peter Mignacca (Firefighter at Bombardier Aerospace) and Frank Desbiens (Fire Station 41, Ville de Longueuil), as well as from Frank Caracciolo (Witness to 9/11 attacks). The program was organized by Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce.

Frank Desbiens and his son at HM.
Following the ceremony, students and staff were invited to write messages of peace or create an artistic representation of peace. Their messages and artistic creations will be mailed to the United Nations and fire departments in New York City as well as fire departments in Montreal. See this  CTV report and this one from Global TV.

MISSING CHILDREN: One of the greatest fears of parents is ensuring their child’s safety outside home or school. For that reason, the Missing Children’s Network will be collaborating with Honoré Mercier to empower youth to adopt safe behaviours. The two-month initiative is meant to provide students with both knowledge and in-depth training on how to deal with difficult personal or public situations. The pre-teen prevention program will focus on self-esteem, healthy relationships, empowerment, and independence through interactive role-playing and problem solving. Mr. Lacroce is coordinating this on behalf of the school.

NEW BOOK/CD LAUNCH: On Wednesday October 23 over 350 young singers will walk the red carpet launching their new book/CD in a unique Halloween celebration! Limos, fanfare, a symphonic chamber orchestra, gowns and tuxedos as well as animators and dignitaries will be some of the things these young performers from 25 schools will be looking forward to. This is their baby!

Dimitri Ilias and Maria Diamantis.
A book/CD that they worked hard for after having passed an audition and countless hours of memorizing, rehearsing and intense recording sessions. The EMSB will be represented by nine elementary schools: Gardenview and Cedarcrest in St. Laurent, Pierre de Coubertin and Honoré Mercier in St. Léonard, Edinburgh in Montreal West, Roslyn in Westmount and Royal Vale, Willingdon and St. Monica in NDG. The Carnival of Miracles and Monsters is a massive international co-production of Chroma Musika (Montreal) and the renowned Quebec Publisher Planète Rebelle, written by Mihalis Makropoulos and set to music by Giannis Georgantelis who also wrote the lyrics.

A large group photo of staff, students and guests.
MARYMOUNT COMMUNITY DAY: Marymount Academy International on Cote St-Luc Road, held their third annual Community Day on  September 23.  Their goals were to encourage Grade 6 students from surrounding elementary schools to get involved in their communities and to understand the importance community service. Twelve elementary schools from the west sector were invited to attend, with approximately 250 students participating in the event. These students were given the opportunity to hear from guest speakers Anna-Maria Maccone, director at the PAMA Foundation, and Chris Lockhart, executive director at Tyndale St-Georges Community Center.  They spoke about the rewards of volunteering.  Students then participated in team building activities, with the help of the Marymount Academy International Leadership students. They also took part in hands-on classroom activities which included partaking in science experiments, creating an art display, learning percussion instruments, trying archery, book hunting in the library, as well as learning about the democratic process and casting a vote.
A drumming activities.
Both guests and Marymount Academy International staff members left the event expressing how rewarding it felt to participate in Community Day.  Community service is an essential pillar of student life at Marymount.  As an IB school, all students are obligated to carry out 12 to 20 hours of service per year. Over the past few years, Marymount students have been reaching out to elementary schools within the sector to offer volunteer hours of peer tutoring to 13 different schools. It’s with great pride and commitment that Marymount students take on the role of ambassadors within their community.

Enthusiastic students at Sinclair Laird.
SINCLAIR LAIRD BBQ:  Sinclair Laird Elementary School in Park Extension  held their annual Welcome Back BBQ Party.   It was beautiful sunny day on Thursday, September 12  as students, parents and staff enjoyed a day filled with challenging activities, inflatables, friends and family. Corn, hot-dogs and ice cream for lunch were delicious!

Bumble at Carlyle.
BUMBLE A HIT: Staff and students at Carlyle Elementary School in TMR were once again joined by Bumble (The EMS Bee) for the official relaunch of their kindness campaign. This was launched to promote kindness not only in school, but throughout the community. Since the initial launch in May, students have displayed many acts of kindness towards their peers and staff members. There's even a kindness tree "growing" in the main entrance of the school. #beekindalways #kindnessmatters.

FEDERAL ELECTION: Candidates from different political parties will be visiting schools leading up to the October 21 federal election. In some schools, like Pierre Elliott Trudeau in Rosemount, mock elections will be held. In St. Lèonard, EMSB Commissioner Patricia Lattanzio is the Liberal candidate while Laurier Macdonald High School grad  Alessandra Szilagi is the Green Party candidate.  Domenic Fazioli did this recent profile on her.

The EMSB Triathlon team.
TRIATHLON: Each year the  EMSB is represented at the Annual Triathlon Esprit Montréal at Parc Jean Drapeau. On September 7, a record high 15 EMSB athletes participated in the sprint distance relay event – a total of five teams. The weather was beautiful and all participants returned to their weekend routines with a shared sense of accomplishment.

The event featured a 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run, with each leg completed by a different team member. The five EMSB teams were: LegIT HR!  with Magdalena Sokol, Coordinator, Legal Services (swim); Ann Watson, Director, Human Resources (bike); and Bob Thomas, Assistant Director,  Education and Technology Services (run). Team EBS: Jessica Doubt, Teacher, Elizabeth Ballantyne School (swim); Ryan Clarke, Teacher, Elizabeth Ballantyne School (bike); and Mike Brown, Principal, Elizabeth Ballantyne School (run). L’ETS GO! Your Pace or Mine: Sara Lynch, Special Education Consultant, Student Services (swim); Julie Tytler, Education Consultant  (bike); and  Anna Villalta, Assistant Director, Educational Services (run). Infini – Infinity: Anik Malenfant, Education Consultant (swim); Sara Iatauro, Education Consultant (bike); and Aliya Somani, Education Consultant (run). EMSB-1: Paul Kettner, Education Consultant (swim); Nicolas Doyon, Education Consultant (bike); and Katherine Baker, Education Consultant (run)

MUHC-R PARTNERSHIP: The partnership between the EMSB and the MUHC Research Institute, a large biomedical research centre, will continue for a second year. This unique partnership is based on the STEAM framework, an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. If you would like to read up on last year’s partnership, please click on the following link: Partnership.  The EMSB has been moving, for the past several years, in a STEAM / Makerspace direction. With the understanding that these spaces and their pedagogies help develop students’ global competencies whilst providing them with hands on experience in a multidisciplinary, cross curricular pedagogy, several EMSB schools have jumped into the STEAM movement. This partnership with the RI-MUHC is yet another step in this direction. The goal of this partnership is to have teams of students and teachers work alongside researchers at the Research Institute in a cross-disciplinary STEAM-like manner.

Impact President and CEO Kevin Gilmore and the LBPHS entourage.
IMPACT GAME:  Teacher Paul Karpontinis, joined by members of the Lester B. Pearson High School Student Council, attended the September 18 Monteal Impact-Toronto FC Canadian Championship soccer game at Stade Saputo. Prior to the match they got to meet team president and CEO Kevin Gilmore.  Secondary IV student Ariana Ianniciello, who performs under the professional name Ari Skye, sang the national anthem.  Ari has been busy this past year, releasing some studio-produced singles, acting as a youth ambassador for the Shriner’s Hospital and singing the anthem at Impact home games.  Follow her on Instagram @ariskyeofficial.

The Gerald McShane team.
SUBURBAN BALL HOCKEY: The Suburban Newspaper held a large ball hockey tournament at Centropolis in Laval last weekend, raising money for different charities. Teams from Royal Vale, coached by Norman Katz and Gerald McShane, coached by Tony Becchicchio, represented the EMSB.

Laval Rocket mascot Cosmo with the Royal Vale team.
MONTREAL FAMILIES FAIR: On Sunday September 15, 11 EMSB staff came out to the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire to speak with families about elementary and high schools, eligibility and registration, student services, and the various programs that the EMSB offers.

Some of the EMSB staff who volunteered.
The EMSB joined their counterparts from the Lester B. Pearson School Board, private schools, tutoring centres, and other educational services. The EMSB staff were exceptionally knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information to the public. Wendy Singer coordinated the EMSB presence.

Students learn about railway safety.
RAILWAY SAFETY: September 23 to Sept 29 2019 is Rail Safety Week under the theme Operation Life Saver: Change Your Train of Thought. Constables Andre and Trevor from CN Police teamed up with Spiritual Care & Guidance & Community Involvement Animator Rocco Speranza in order to launch Rail Safety Week.  Visiting  with Cycle 3  students from Edward Murphy, East Hill , Pierre Elliott Trudeau and General Vanier, their message was clear-See Tracks think Trains  The interactive Safety workshops aim to remind students and adults about the importance of  changing their train of thought and being more aware and alert around trains, train tracks, and platforms. One of the growing distractions around tracks is the increased of headphone use and peopled being on their mobile devices(some wanting to take that perfect selfie). In the coming years there will be an increase in the amount of passengers trains in service, the new pink line  and the REM line cleaner and more environmentally friendly means of transportation. Providing students with these workshops  is an excellent reminder about train and rail safety. For more information visit and 

Staff check out the new Snoezelen Room.
NEW SNOEZELEN ROOM: After three years of planning, Habilitas Foundation (formerly the MAB-Mackay, Constance-Lethbridge and Camp Massawippi Foundations), the Mackay Centre and Philip E. Layton (PEL) Schools, and the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre (previously MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre) unveiled a brand new Snoezelen® room at the Mackay Centre and PEL Schools in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Habilitas Foundation donors on hand to inaugurate the room were Merle Wertheimer, Christine Babkine (Montreal Real Estate Foundation for Kids), Katrin Nakashima, Doron Altman and Kristine and Richard Daigle. Together, they raised over $75,000 to fund the project. They were joined by the school and rehabilitation centre administrators and staff that were involved in the conception and piloting of the room. The Snoezelen room provides a multisensory environment that offers an array of interesting and controllable sensory experiences that can relax and calm, stimulate, empower, educate, bring joy, and encourage positive interactions and communication. The Mackay Centre and PEL School’s Snoezelen room was designed with the goal of supporting the child’s therapeutic and educational goals, and in turn, enhance their quality of life.  Please read our full story. 

BLIND HOCKEY: Keeping up the EMSB’s commitment to physical literacy, the Mackay Centre and Philip E. Layton School will host a day of activities with the Canadian Blind Hockey Association on Friday morning, September 27.  The day of activities will begin with an assembly at the Mackay Centre, where members of the Canadian Blind Hockey team will speak to students about overcoming adversity and their experiences playing blind sports.  Following the assembly, students will depart for the arena at Lower Canada College in NDG where they will have the opportunity to meet peers from around the city as well as other blind hockey players. Students will then participate in a morning of workshops,  which will include different blind sports and off-ice conditioning.  Following lunch, participants will take to the ice where they will learn the fundamentals of skating. Students who already know how to skate will participate in advanced drills and on-ice games.

EDUCALOI: For 20 years, Éducaloi has been educating Quebecers about the law. From the get-go, they have worked with teachers so they can introduce legal topics into the classroom. Teachers don’t need to be experts in the law! Éducaloi’s materials provide everything they need. You can find the free teaching tools here.Write to or call at 514 954-3408, extension 3658.

MARKETING NEEDS: For all marketing & promotional guidance, Mediatomic Group has many years of experience in radio, TV, billboards and on-line options.  They do all the research and make sure to deliver the best media options available, based on the location and demographics of or call; 514-360-6954.

John Caboto staff show  their results.
DUNRAE AND CABOTO: During the opening Professional Days for teachers, two schools kicked off with a little competition.  John Caboto Academy in Ahuntsic and Dunrae Gardens Elementary in TMR challenged each other to a friendly game of Breakout EDU. Breakout is an escape room style of game where the object of the game is to work together as a team to find clues, solve problems and ultimately break into a box locked with a number of different types of locks.  The game is timed and the neighbouring schools were keeping score.  Although the results were extremely close, Dunrae Gardens edged John Caboto Academy having broken into the box about 30 seconds quicker.  The two teams had fun and established some great team dynamics helping to propel them into a new and exciting school year. Both Principals, David Servello and Despina Michakis, were previously vice-principals together at LaurenHill Academy.

Preparing the corn.
CABOTO CORN: On Friday September 13, John Caboto Academy held their annual corn roast. Parent volunteers spent the day helping students shuck corn and then prepared the corn for lunch. Students were also given a frozen treat before heading out to the park to cheer on their grade 6 class as they took on the teachers in a friendly game of soccer. The students gave a teachers a tough time but in the end the staff won 3-2. Everyone had a fun day being all together as a school on a beautiful sunny day.

Set for soccer.
SOCCER ACTION: John Caboto Academy proudly participated in the GMAA soccer play day at Rosemount High on September 24. The cycle 3 students were divided up into four teams each headed by one of their teachers as they played against other EMSB schools. Everyone had fun and the students enjoyed a competitive and fair play atmosphere with their peers. The importance of leading an active lifestyle and having fun was the emphasis of the day thanks to Joseph Romano, physical education teacher at John Caboto.


Vanessa Grimaldi (second from the left).
SLA GRADUATION:  The St. Laurent Adult Education Centre held its Honour Roll Assembly recently, a long-time tradition where they recognize students who obtain an average of 85 percent or higher in their course. Former EMSB teacher and reality TV star Vanessa Grimaldi made time in her busy schedule to address the students as the invited guest speaker.  She gave an inspiring and motivating message to our students who were very excited to meet her.

Ready to shoot some hoops.
BASKETBALL FUNDRAISER: On September 7, a Family Basketball Fundraising Event was hosted by SLAEC (St Laurent Adult Education Centre)  in partnership with TWMG Inc. (Total Wealth Management Group) and JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) to help raise funds for research. A day of great fun was had by all and for a good cause. St. Laurent Adult Education Center put together a team comprised of both teachers and students .  The event has raised $2,110.25, which will go towards breaking research for Type 1 diabetes.

The parade of flags.
PARADE OF FLAGS: John F. Kennedy Adult Education Centre kicked off the new school year with a parade of flags along St. Michel boulevard. The goal was to highlight the cultural and ethnic diversity of its student body and to celebrate inclusivity - the very quality that makes JFKAEC so great!

Kittens like this need a home.
CONCERT FOR THE CATS AT WAGAR: The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee (CSLCC) will hold its annual benefit concert on Thursday, October 24 (7:30 p.m.) at the Syd Wise Auditorium (5785 Parkhaven) of the Wagar Adult Education Centre.  Featured performers  for Broadway’s Greatest Hits will be the Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Joseph Milo. Some members of his orchestra  will  also present solo performances by soprano Olivia Charette-Hacinsky, baritone Burney Lieberman and saxophonist Gideon Vigderhaus. Funds raised will go towards the CSLCC’s Trap, Neuter, Release and Adopt Program.   Tickets are only $15 each (tax included).  For tickets email

A visit to the gardens.
LANGUAGES AND THEATRE AT GALILEO: On September 20 Michel Corbeil Garden welcomed Galileo languages students to their gardens. A wonderful place of relaxation colorful and filled with over 150  flower fragrances varying with the season.  Students and teachers observed, discussed, and learned  several thematic gardens, and interacted with monarch butterflies. Practicing their language skills in communicating their interests in flowers, plants, trees, and butterflies. At the end of the day each student and teacher cultivated their own plant to bring home and share with their family.

Reviewing the scripts.
On September 13, the Galileo students in Melissa Grimaldi's Secondary V English class participated in a theatre workshop given by Milva Franzini, from Yellowbug Theatre School. Students had the chance to  bring to life the theatre concepts they had been introduced to in class. The workshop not only enabled the students to practice monologues and scene re-enactments, but it gave them a newfound confidence and love for acting and the world of theatre. Milva found it important for the students to be able to identify with the characters they were representing. She provided a script for each student based on their age, gender and personality. It was a delight to see the students come out of their shells and be able to connect to the concepts discussed in class through this creative outlet. The workshop was a real success and the students look forward to integrating more workshops in their English course.

Cosmo Della Rocca and some of his staff.
DELLA ROCCA SALUTED: A party was held in honour of Cosmo Della Rocca last week, who retired  following a distinguished 44 year career in public education. He was most recently Director of Adult Education and Vocational Services. He began his career in education as a high school teacher at Monsignor Howard Doran in the English sector of la Commission des Écoles Catholiques de Montréal – also known as the Montreal Catholic School Commission or MCSC. He was  later promoted to the Human Resources Department,   where he worked until 1998  when the confessional school boards were abolished in favor of the current linguistic boards.  He joined the EMSB   as Coordinator in the Human Resources Department, responsible for the  teacher staffing in AEVS soon becoming Assistant Director and then director.   Mr. Della Rocca played an integral role in the growth of the EMSB’s AEVS Department and was a “trail blazer” in the creation and development of the International Student Recruitment and Training program.


TAUX DE RÉUSSITE: La Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) a enregistré le taux de réussite le plus élevé, soit 92,4 %, parmi toutes les commissions scolaires publiques de la province, basé sur une cohorte de sept ans, comme en témoignent les données que vient de publier le ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) (télécharger la version abrégée). Entourée de membres de l’équipe de la haute direction et de membres exécutifs de l’Association des cadres scolaires de Montréal (ACSM), la directrice générale de la CSEM Ann Marie Matheson a annoncé la bonne nouvelle aux employés par l’entremise d’une vidéo. Vous pouvez visionner la vidéo ci-dessous.

« Ce résultat est d’autant plus remarquable que le taux de réussite provincial, qui regroupe les écoles publiques et privées, s’établit à 81,8 % », a souligné la présidente de la CSEM Angela Mancini. « Cette réalisation est le fruit d’efforts collectifs de la part de tous ceux et celles qui contribuent à l’excellence de l’enseignement à la CSEM, qu’il s’agisse de la direction, des enseignants, des professionnels, du personnel de soutien, sans oublier les élèves. Tous méritent des félicitations pour leur travail acharné. »

La CSEM a surpassé son objectif en affichant un taux de réussite de 92,4 %, soit une hausse de 1,4 % par rapport à l’an dernier. « Notre objectif vise à faire en sorte que tous les élèves développent leur plein potentiel », a déclaré la directrice générale. « Et nous y parvenons grâce à notre offre diversifiée de programmes éducatifs et de services de soutien. Qu’il s’agisse d’enrichissement ou de rattrapage scolaire, la CSEM offre aux élèves tout ce dont ils ont besoin pour réaliser leur plein potentiel. »

« Le taux de réussite de 92,4 % témoigne de la façon dont la CSEM, par l’entremise d’une foule d’initiatives pédagogiques et de stratégies d’appui aux élèves (exposées dans notre Plan d’engagement vers la réussite), s’acquitte de sa mission », a renchéri Mme Matheson. Quoi qu'il arrive, nous ne perdons jamais de vue notre mission première : la réussite des élèves! Nos résultats en sont la preuve, » ajoute-t-elle fièrement.

Le taux de réussite de 92,4 % est basé sur une cohorte ayant fait son entrée en 1re secondaire en 2011 et suivie pendant sept ans. Les données ont été compilées en fonction du nombre d’élèves de cette cohorte qui ont obtenu un diplôme de fin d’études secondaires, selon les critères du MEES.
La présidente Mme Mancini a félicité les administrateurs et les pédagogues de la CSEM pour leur engagement envers la réussite des élèves.

RÉORGANISATION SCOLAIRE MAJEURE : La CSEM a lancé une vaste consultation sur la réorganisation scolaire afin d’évaluer la meilleure façon d’organiser et de consolider les effectifs scolaires dans la partie nord-est de son territoire. Les écoles suivantes font l’objet de cette consultation : Dante, Général Vanier, Honoré Mercier, Pierre de Coubertin, John Paul I et Laurier Macdonald à Saint-Léonard; Gerald McShane et l’école secondaire Lester B. Pearson à Montréal-Nord; de même que Our Lady of Pompei à Ahuntsic et St. Dorothy à Saint-Michel. Les audiences se tiendront les 8 et 9 janvier prochain. Une décision sera prise lors de la réunion qui se tiendra le 30 janvier. Nous vous invitons à consulter les documents pertinents à :

SEMAINE ÉDUCATION MÉDIAS : Campagne nationale annuelle organisée par HabiloMédias, la Semaine éducation médias 2019 aura lieu du 7 au 11 octobre. Cet automne, la campagne a pour thème « FAUX que ça cesse » et vise à inciter les Canadiens à vérifier les nouvelles et les informations avant de les partager en ligne. De toutes nouvelles ressources destinées aux enseignants pour appuyer cette thématique sont disponibles gratuitement sur le site Web d’HabiloMédias ( Il s’agit notamment d’un plan de leçon pour les élèves de la 6e à la 9e année, d’un atelier « FAUX que ça cesse » à utiliser en classe en guise de complément au plan de leçon (cet atelier convient également aux adultes et peut être présenté dans un cadre communautaire ou encore aux enseignants), de fiches-conseils, d’une vidéo, d’un questionnaire interactif et d’affiches.

RETOUR À VILLE-ÉMARD : Sept ans après la fermeture de l'école primaire St. John Bosco située au 6255, rue Hamilton à Ville-Émard, ce bâtiment revit avec l’arrivée des élèves de l'école primaire Westmount Park. Vieux de 105 ans, le bâtiment Westmount Park au 15, place Park sera fermé pendant au moins les deux prochaines années scolaires (2019-2020 et 2020-2021) afin de mener à bien un projet de rénovation et de réfection de 12 millions de dollars. Dans l'intervalle, les 700 élèves seront relocalisés dans l’ancienne école St. John Bosco (campus sud de Westmount Park) et à l’Académie internationale Marymount à NDG (campus nord de Westmount Park). Andrew Carter a diffusé son émission matinale sur les ondes de CJAD en direct de Ville-Émard.

INAUGURATION DU CAMPUS SENIOR: L’école primaire Willingdon à NDG inaugurera officiellement son nouveau campus senior (pour les élèves de la 5e et 6e année) lors d’une cérémonie qui aura lieu le mercredi 2 octobre au 4850, avenue Coronation.

SENSIBILISER LES ÉLÈVES AUX ATTENTATS DU 11 SEPTEMBRE : Les élèves de l’école primaire Honoré Mercier à Saint-Léonard ont souligné le 18e anniversaire des attentats terroristes du 11 septembre lors d’une cérémonie spéciale le 11 septembre. Bill Spade, pompier retraité de New York et seul survivant de sa caserne (Rescue 5), a assisté virtuellement à cette cérémonie. Lors des attentats, M. Spade et ses 11 collègues avaient été dépêchés à la tour nord. Si M. Spade a réussi à s’en tirer, ses collègues ont quant à eux tous péri dans l’effondrement des tours. Outre M. Spade, les pompiers locaux Peter Mignacca (pompier chez Bombardier Aéronautique) et Frank Desbiens (pompier à la Caserne 41 de Longueuil) de même que Frank Caracciolo (témoin des attentats du 11 septembre) se sont adressés aux élèves. Après la cérémonie, les élèves et le personnel ont été invités à rédiger des messages ou à réaliser des créations artistiques sous le thème de la paix. Ces messages et créations seront envoyés aux Nations Unies et à des services d’incendie de la ville de New York et de Montréal. Voir le reportage de CTV.

LANCEMENT D’UN NOUVEAU LIVRE-CD: Le mercredi 23 octobre, plus de 350 jeunes chanteurs défileront sur le tapis rouge lors du lancement de leur nouveau livre-CD à l’occasion d'une célébration unique pour souligner l'Halloween! Limousines, fanfare, orchestre de chambre symphonique, robes de soirée et smoking, animateurs et dignitaires, autant de surprises que ces  jeunes artistes provenant de 25 écoles attendent avec impatience. C'est leur bébé! Un livre-CD pour lequel ils ont travaillé d’arrache-pied après avoir auditionné et passé d'innombrables heures à mémoriser, à répéter et à réaliser des sessions d'enregistrement intenses.

La CSEM sera représentée par neuf écoles primaires : Gardenview et Cedarcrest à Saint-Laurent, Pierre de Coubertin et Honoré Mercier à Saint-Léonard, Edinburgh à Montréal-Ouest, Roslyn à Westmount ainsi que Royal Vale, Willingdon et St. Monica à NDG.

Le carnaval des merveilles et des monstres est une coproduction internationale d’envergure réalisée par Chroma Musika (Montréal) et la célèbre maison d'édition québécoise Planète Rebelle, écrite par Mihalis Makropoulos sur une musique de Giannis Georgantelis qui a également écrit les paroles.

Des élèves des commissions scolaires English-Montréal et Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, et d’autres de l'école Socrates / Démosthène, chantent les chœurs. Sous la direction vocale des chanteurs d'opéra Maria Diamantis et Dimitris Ilias, ces jeunes oiseaux chanteurs auront non seulement l'occasion de découvrir la magie de l'orchestre symphonique du point de vue de l'interprète lors du lancement, mais ils ont également appris comment une telle superproduction est mise en scène, de l'enregistrement et du mixage aux illustrations et à l'impression. L'enregistrement a eu lieu dans la salle de concert Oscar Peterson. Dr Mark Corwin, professeur au département de musique de l'Université Concordia, a assuré l'enregistrement, le mixage et le montage. Katerina Veroutsos, diplômée des Beaux-Arts de Concordia et l’une des plus grandes illustratrices de livres pour enfants à Athènes, a donné vie au livre. Le 23 octobre, en reconnaissance de leur engagement dans ce projet, cette chorale grandiose aura droit à un traitement de star. En effet, ils seront transportés par limousines à la salle de réception Palace, déambuleront sur le tapis rouge, interpréteront des chansons tirées de leur CD et participeront à une séance de dédicaces de livres.

ENFANTS-RETOUR : L’une des plus grandes peurs des parents est d’assurer la sécurité de leur enfant en dehors de la maison ou de l’école. C’est pourquoi le Réseau Enfants-Retour fera équipe avec l’école primaire Honoré Mercier (8280, rue Nantes) de Saint-Léonard pour donner aux jeunes les moyens d’adopter des comportements sécuritaires. Cette initiative qui s’échelonnera sur deux mois vise à fournir aux élèves des connaissances et une formation approfondie sur la manière de gérer des situations personnelles ou publiques difficiles. Le programme de prévention destiné aux préadolescents mettra l'accent sur l'estime de soi, les relations saines, l'autonomisation et l'indépendance par l’entremise de jeux de rôle interactifs et de résolution de problèmes.

FOIRE DES CARRIÈRES : Plus de 2 000 élèves de la 5e secondaire prendront part à la 19e édition annuelle de la Foire des carrières de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal le mercredi 16 octobre et le jeudi 17 octobre au Centre de carrières St. Pius X situé au 9955, avenue Papineau à Ahuntsic. Jack Dym de Pipe and Piling Supplies Ltd. et la Banque Royale RBC sont les commanditaires en titre de cet événement. Plusieurs personnalités des médias seront sur place pour renseigner les élèves sur les carrières dans ce domaine et agiront à titre de maîtres de cérémonie.

La Foire des carrières sera ouverte au grand public le 16 octobre, de 18 h à 20 h. Les organisateurs tiennent à souligner qu’il s’agit là d’une excellente occasion pour parents et élèves de se renseigner sur les options postsecondaires qui s’offrent à eux. L’admission et le stationnement sont gratuits. Mario Argiropoulos des Services de l’éducation des adultes et de la formation professionnelle (SEAFP) préside la Foire des carrières. Les Services aux élèves et les SEAFP de la CSEM coordonnent ce programme. M. Argiropoulos souligne que l’objectif principal de la Foire des carrières vise à sensibiliser les élèves aux divers programmes d’enseignement qui s’offrent à eux.

Tous les élèves assisteront à une brève séance d’information générale dans l’auditorium du Centre de carrières St. Pius X. Ils auront ensuite l’occasion de visiter les divers kiosques d’information/d’exposition et de s’entretenir avec des représentants d’établissements anglophones, à savoir des centres de formation professionnelle, des cégeps, universités et certains collèges privés.

PARTENARIAT AVEC L’IR-CUSM : Le partenariat entre la CSEM et l'Institut de recherche du CUSM, grand centre de recherche biomédicale, sera maintenu pour une deuxième année. Ce partenariat unique repose sur le cadre STIAM – une approche pédagogique en matière d’apprentissage qui fait appel aux sciences, à la technologie, à l’ingénierie, aux arts et aux mathématiques pour orienter les questionnements des élèves, susciter le dialogue et développer la pensée critique. Pour en savoir plus sur le partenariat de l’année dernière, nous vous invitons à cliquer sur le lien : Partenariat. Depuis quelques années, la CSEM tend vers l’approche STIAM / Makerspace (classe d’expérimentation). Sachant que ces espaces et leurs pédagogies contribuent au développement des compétences globales des élèves tout en leur permettant d’acquérir une expérience pratique par le biais d’une pédagogie multidisciplinaire et transversale, plusieurs écoles de la CSEM se sont jointes au mouvement STIAM. Ce partenariat avec l'IR-CUSM constitue un pas de plus dans cette direction, l’objectif étant que des équipes d’élèves et d’enseignants puissent collaborer avec des chercheurs de l’Institut de recherche, en adoptant une approche transdisciplinaire de type STIAM.

SALLE SNOEZELEN: Au terme de trois années de planification, la Fondation Habilitas (anciennement les Fondations MAB-Mackay, Constance-Lethbridge et Camp Massawippi), le Centre Mackay et l’école Philip E. Layton (PEL) ainsi que le Centre de réadaptation Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay (anciennement le Centre de réadaptation MAB-Mackay) ont dévoilé une toute nouvelle salle Snoezelen au Centre Mackay et à l’école PEL à Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Étaient présents à l’occasion de l’inauguration de cette salle les donateurs à la Fondation Habilitas Merle Wertheimer, Christine Babkine (Fondation immobilière de Montréal pour les jeunes), Katrin Nakashima, Doron Altman de même que Kristine et Richard Daigle. Ensemble, ils ont recueilli plus de 75 000 $ pour financer le projet. Se sont joints à eux les administrateurs et le personnel de l'école et du centre de réadaptation ayant pris part à la conception et la mise à l’essai de la salle.

La salle Snoezelen est un environnement multisensoriel offrant un éventail d’expériences sensorielles intéressantes et contrôlables propices à la détente et au calme, à la stimulation, à la responsabilisation, à l’éducation, aux interactions et à une communication positives. La salle Snoezelen du Centre Mackay et de l’École PEL a été conçue dans le but de soutenir les objectifs thérapeutiques et éducatifs de l’enfant pour ainsi améliorer sa qualité de vie. Nous vous invitons à lire l’intégral de l’article à :

ÉDUCALOI : Depuis 20 ans, Éducaloi renseigne les Québécois sur leurs droits et obligations. Depuis les tout débuts, cet organisme travaille de concert avec les enseignants pour aborder des thèmes juridiques en classe. Nul besoin pour les enseignants d’être experts en droit! Le matériel d’Éducaloi renferme tout ce dont ils ont besoin. Vous trouverez les outils pédagogiques gratuits au Pour tout renseignement, adressez un courriel à ou composez le 514 954-3408, poste 3658.


REMISE DES DIPLÔMES AU CENTRE D’ÉDUCATION DES ADULTES SAINT-LAURENT : Le Centre d’éducation des adultes Saint-Laurent a tenu récemment sa cérémonie du Tableau d’honneur, une tradition de longue date qui vise à souligner la performance des élèves affichant une moyenne de 85 % ou plus. Vanessa Grimaldi, ex-enseignante à la CSEM et vedette de télé-réalité, a su se libérer en dépit de son horaire chargé pour s’adresser aux élèves à titre d’invitée. Elle a livré un message inspirant et motivant devant des élèves tous très contents de faire sa connaissance.

Le prochain numéro de Fielding Focus sera publié le 30 octobre 2019. La date limite pour soumettre un article est fixée au vendredi 25 octobre.

 The next Focus will be on October 30, 2019.  Deadline for submissions is Friday, October 25.