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EMSB NIGHT WITH FC MONTREAL: After a two-year hiatus, EMSB Night with CF Montreal is back. Join the EMSB family on Saturday,  June 25 as CF Montreal squares off against Charlotte FC. Tickets are priced at $20.70 and $2 from each ticket sold will be donated to Inspirations Newspaper. To buy your tickets, click here

Sienna Therrien Sternfeld performs at Carnegie Hall.

STUDENT  PERFORMS AT CARNEGIE HALL: They say “good things come to those who wait.”  For 13-year-old Sienna Therrien Sternfeld, that wait amounted to about two and a half years, from the time she first learned she was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City from the moment she finally took the stage this past May.  Sienna sang Etta James’ “At Last” as part of American Protégé’s “We Sing Pop!” international pop music song contest. The competition brought together artists from across the globe, as they performed in front of a gala audience and a panel of judges.  Sienna says music has been part of her life from a young age. At the age of six, her mother enrolled her at the Broadway Academy, a musical theatre and music school in Montreal, where Sienna worked under the tutelage of academy founder and director Martina Oslejskova.  It was Ms. Oslejskova who encouraged Sienna to send in her video performance to the competition organizers.  Sienna’s performance at Carnegie Hall marked her first time back on stage in front of a live audience since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a far cry from the monthly concerts she used to take part in either at the Broadway Academy or FACE.  Please go here for a complete story.

PEARSON SPORTS-ÉTUDES:   Host Mark Bergman joins Sport-Etudes program coordinator Casey Gagne, coaches Nick Romano and Gianni Cantini, as well as Midget AAA player Cristiano Spadafora to chat about the amazing   program at Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North. You can listen to it here.

Teachers Sonja Lue, Marja Coady, Commissioner Ellie Israel, Chair Joe Ortona, Interim Principal Maya Doughan and DeAndree. His teacher Brigitte Boulos is shown on the phone.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH: DeAndre Cineus, a Grade 5 student at Coronation Elementary School in Côte des Neiges, has been chosen as the EMSB Student of the Month for June. DeAndre is a larger-than-life presence at Coronation. All who know him agree that he is a good class citizen who is continuously dedicated to helping his peers academically. His help plays a key role in ensuring their success. On a personal level, despite many hardships, he continues to work hard, with his efforts reflected in his good grades. Amongst both teachers and students, he is respectful, polite and always has a great sense of humour.  “No matter the challenge at home or at school, DeAndre is always pushing himself to his fullest potential,”  said Pam Koumoutsakis, while interim Principal Maya Doughan added that “DeAndre is a real ray of sunshine.”

TEACHER RECOGNIZED: Coronation teacher Amanda Dandy was recognized by CJAD Radio last week. You can listen here.

A student hangs out with service dog Journey at St. Raphael School.

MENTAL HEALTH: The EMSB continues to work on special projects related to mental health and wellness.  Please see our  Mental Health Resource Centre website for information and news articles. 

One such story is on service dogs at three schools: Dalkeith, St. Raphael and Rosemount Technology Centre. You can read it here.

We also have podcasts focusing on different themes with Mark Bergman. Here is the latest dealing with the stress of exam preparation with some students and staff from Rosemount and John F. Kennedy High Schools.

Rob Lutes talks to students.

SONG WRITING WORKSHOPS:  This May during Youth Mental Health Awareness Week, students at Elizabeth Ballantyne, Westmount Park, Roslyn Elementary schools participated in songwriting workshops led by award-winning songwriter Rob Lutes.  This offering was made available and supported by the SSD Mental Health Resource Centre. The workshops were coordinated by Spiritual and Community Animator, Jessica Wilson, and invited students to look at music and mental health and write a song that someone going through some kind of mental health struggle would benefit from hearing. The original songs that students wrote were moving and diverse. Titles included “Pain Blues,” “High School Blues,” “Broken Blues,” and “Depression Blues.” Feedback from teachers was really positive. Wei Jia Zhang, French teacher at Roslyn said, “the workshop was amazing! [Rob] was excellent with the students, and we had so much fun writing our song!” Alison Lydnia, Grade 5 teacher at EBS wrote that, “it was phenomenal, and all the students were very engaged! 

Simon Chang strikes a pose with student/fashion models.

FUN FASHION: It all began with a great idea that Mackay Centre School reverse integration student Bella Flanz had. She wanted to show her classmates in Cycle 3 that fun fashion can be accessible to all. Her teacher Christina Sollazzo ran with the idea. All 27 students joined in on the fun, creating their own fashion on various themes, from nature and the environment to Elvis and superheroes. 

Simon Chang with Bella Flanza and her family.

The students modeled their new styles on the Mackay gym runway on June 9, to the resounding applause and cheers of students, staff and parents.  his student-driven initiative was a magical success, thanks to teachers Ms. Sollazzo, Bronwyn McMorran, Paula Cook, Mikaela Sandler, Debby Colton and their resource staff. Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli choreographed the show, integrating the models’ dance moves into his vision. 

Students from Laurier Macdonald Career Centre were there to assist.

Fashion designer Simon Chang inspired the students to create their own unique designs with texture, paint and colour, and accessorized their outfits with everything from cool fabrics and jackets to bling, LED lights and sunglasses. Before the show, the students were treated to new hairdos and makeup by the Laurier Macdonald Career Centre hairdressing and aesthetics students, making this a real collaborative inter-school initiative. See this story on the CTV National News:

Shawny entertains.

SHAWNY VISITS: It was a fun end of the year for students at Philip E. Layton School as local children's musician Shawny recently visited and had students dancing and singing along to his catchy original tunes, as well as some well-known classics. The show was a hit and students and teachers alike are hoping he'll come back next year for more! 

HOLOCAUST EDUCATION:  The EMSB has received a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal to carry out a program focusing on Holocaust Education and Sensitization for the 2022-23 academic year. A committee has been established and held their first meeting on June 21.

ADG Pela Nickoletopoulos, DG Nick Katalifos, Principal Christina Chilleli, Commissioner Joseph Lalla and Sector Director Jimmy Giannacopoulos help seal the new time capsule.

EBS CENTENNIAL: Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School in Montreal West marked its centennial  by celebrating the past, all the while looking ahead to the future. Students (all decked out in purple t-shirts), staff, dignitaries and other invited guests gathered outside the front entrance of the school to help uncover a time capsule buried in front of the building in May of 1997. It was initially buried in celebration of Elizabeth Ballantyne’s then-75th anniversary, in conjunction with the Town of Montreal West’s centennial. 

Students celebrate with their Principal.

The contents of the time capsule included a newspaper, daily attendance register, pictures, student letters, an Elizabeth Ballantyne t-shirt and a book.  Peggy Wadsworth and Carol Morrison, both former students and teachers at Elizabeth Ballantyne, were some of the special guests in attendance. After attending the school herself in the 1940s, Ms. Wadsworth returned to teach at Elizabeth Ballantyne for 19 years.  Please see the full press release.  

Here is some media coverage:



Students, staff and guests at the event.

INDIGENOUS CELEBRATION: On Friday, June 10 EBS hosted an Indigenous Cultural Celebration for Cycle 2 students in honor of National Indigenous History Month. This event was organized by Spiritual and Community Animation Service Consultant Danika Swanson and Spiritual and Community Animator Jessica Wilson, in partnership with Louellyn White, Associate Professor, First Peoples Studies (FPST) and Larissa States, MA student, FPST at Concordia University. It was supported by grant funding from both partners and conceived as a pilot project to express a hope and commitment to bringing more Indigenous programing to EMSB schools. The celebration included an opening and closing with Elder Amelia McGregor from Kahnawake, pow wow dancers (Jingle Dance, Fancy Shawl Dance, and a Round Dance), a corn husk doll workshop, and musical, drumming and storytelling performances led by Indigenous artists and facilitators. National Indigenous History Month is a time to celebrate the rich history, heritage, resilience and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. The celebration at EBS honored that and aimed to introduce students to a more complete picture of Indigenous peoples’ culture and traditions in the present. Organizers hope that this kind of programming helps Indigenous students feel a sense of pride in addition to feeling seen and heard and encourages non-Indigenous students to take greater interest in learning more about and engaging with Indigenous communities. The cultural celebration on June 10th was preceded by classroom visits from the Spiritual and Community Animator to prepare students for the day and review respectful etiquette and protocol. 

CBC TV  Coverage  

PROM SEASON RESUMES:  In-person elementary and high school graduation ceremonies and proms are resuming this month. You can read all about them here

FRENCH IMMERSION:   The EMSB is very proud of how well our students speak French via our Immersion, Bilingual and Core programs. EMSB Director General Nick Katalifos was recently on the Elias Makos Show on CJAD to discuss this. You can listen to it here.

Please listen to our latest French podcast here, recorded in studio a James Lyng High School. Hosts Nicolas Doyon and Marlene Boudreault talk about robotics.

INSPIRATIONS: Have you read the latest edition of Inspirations Newspaper, celebrating inclusive communities? At 48 pages it is the largest edition in the publication’s 13 year history. Simon Chang has been a most active edition sponsor, implicating himself in the activities at different schools and centres, visiting multiple venues and enthusiastically interacting with students and staff. Read about Catherine Boivin who helped launch a  campaign  for a new accessible playground at the Mackay Centre-Philip E. Layton School in NDG. last fall. She  co-chaired the fundraising program with her father Pierre, the former president of the Montreal Canadiens. Catherine, who is wheelchair bound, attended the Mackay Centre School as a child. You will get to know her in our feature story.  There is also a piece on  Mario Cecchini, the president of the Montreal Alouettes football team. Prior to assuming this post, he worked in the broadcasting business. Cecchini is a terrific communicator, which makes it hard to believe that as a child he had a serious stuttering problem. You can read it all here.

Jessika Neri (with the belt over her shoulder), Jacques Rougeau and students.

A TEACHER AND A WRESTLER: World famous wrestler Jacques Rougeau brought his anti-bullying campaign to Rosemount High School on   May 27   with an interesting twist. Popular teacher Jessika Neri went  public with her alter-ego, female professional wrestler Jessika Black.Ms. Neri has always kept her wrestling career completely separate from her job as a teacher. However, taking a page from Rougeau she wishes to use her past time as a vehicle to address bullying. “I do have students who have undergone trauma, loss and bullying,” she said. “I think words of inspiration from an international star like Jacques will go a long way for them. “ Ms. Neri teaches English and History to Secondary III, IV and V students. She has been an EMSB high school teacher for 14 years, the last nine at Rosemount.. 

Jacques Rougeau and EMSB Chair Joe Ortona.

As for professional wrestling, she  has been in the ring for eight years. Bullying is a problem in schools, workplaces, homes, and online  Rougeau is now promoting part two of  his Wrestling Academy competition, which will take place at Club  Soda on June 26. Ms. Neri will be among the competitors.

See this CTV report

Atlas and Guidance Counsellor Britt Dash.

YOUNG HERO: Congratulations to Rosemount High School’s Atlas Logie for being recognized as one of Sun Youth's young heroes! In addition to being a great student, Atlas also plays flute in the  Grade 8 music ensemble. Annually, Sun Youth gives out nearly 100 new bicycles, helmets and locks to these extraordinary young people, in recognition for being a positive influence in their community or having demonstrated exceptional courage in difficult situations.

JAMES LYNG MIX TAPE:  Students at James Lyng High School have produced their own mixtape called Rolls Royce choices,  featuring 20 original songs that were written, performed and recorded in their music classes. Music teacher, Nathan Gage  and a Secondary III student, Shyne Erwin-Giulioni were interviewed on June 20 on CBC Radio One. You can listen to it here.

BILL 96 CHALLENGE: The EMSB Council of Commissioners has mandated a legal firm to institute on its behalf the appropriate legal proceeding to contest the validity of Bill 96. EMSB Chair Joe Ortona said that the contestation is based notably on s. 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, s. 133 of the Constitution Act, 1867 and Part V of the Constitution Act, 1982.  The Quebec National Assembly enacted Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec, on May 24, 2022. While the EMSB actively supports the protection of the French language in Quebec, including by providing strong French immersion programs that support its students in graduating as fully bilingual Quebecers, measures to protect the French language in Quebec cannot violate the constitutional rights of Quebecers.  The EMSB believes that Bill 96 violates the English-speaking community’s right to management and control of its educational institutions under s. 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Furthermore, the resolution calling for legal action states that Bill 96 violates the rights of Quebecers to legislation of equal authority in English and French and to use either English or French in the courts under s. 133 of the Constitution Act, 1867. It is the EMSB’s belief that s. 133 of the Constitution Act, 1867 cannot be unilaterally modified or restricted by the National Assembly, including by way of unilateral amendment to the Constitution Act, 1867.

You can read the full press release here

Here is  Chair Joe Ortona’s speech 

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board has adopted a resolution, backing the EMSB’s position. You can see it here.

 A scene from the video shoot of the film.

JFK FILM AWARD: John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel has much to be proud of, as this academic year closes out. On May 25, it was awarded Best Screenplay from the Youth Fusion Cinema Competition for its film Reflection, along with nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Film. It finished in the top five among 19 high schools mainly across Quebec but also Ontario and New Brunswick.  The film portrays Patricia, a star student praised by her teachers but also bullied by her peers. Suffering from depression and questioning the use of therapy, we watch as she struggles with self-doubt and negative self-talk emanating from her “reflection.” She makes the rash decision to quit therapy. As the plot unfolds, the viewer wonders whether she will succumb to the negative voice or keep the voice at bay and get the help she needs. Eight students from grades 8, 10 and 11 and one teacher star in the almost four-minute-long film. They come from the film class led by, multimedia and drama teacher, Steve Muoio, who also runs the weekly after-school Film Club. Students also filled the roles of assistant director, script writers, camera operators, sound and lighting technicians, and editors. A Youth Fusions coordinator also worked with the production team. Stay tuned for a detailed story on our website.

Marc Miller engages with staff and students.

RECONCILIATION TALKS: On May 20, students from Konstantinos Kokkonis’ Secondary  III and V classes participated in an online presentation and question and answer period with the Right Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations for Canada. The Minister took time from his very busy day to meet with the dedicated groups of students. The encounter was a way to conclude and acknowledge the hard work on the subject of the JFK students throughout the 2021-2022 school year, which included cross-curricular projects and presentations that were integrated into Art, POP, Contemporary World, and History classes and complemented with visits from Spiritual and Community Animator, Rocco Speranza. The aim of the work throughout the year and the meeting was to spread awareness, reflect on reconciliation, encourage a love of art, learn about Indigenous culture and various issues relating to Indigenous communities such as access to clean water and food sustainability, and how to support Indigenous communities in Canada. The Minister generously answered questions that the students had prepared, including some tough questions, shedding light and bringing clarity to several current issues, while also providing an excellent review of history and facts.  Rocco Speranza noted that this encounter with Minister Miller permitted students (our future leaders) and their voices to be heard and have their efforts acknowledged. It was a unique and rewarding opportunity and experience for the students. 

ART-ERY TO THE HEART: During the last school term, the Allongé class at Lester B. Person High School took part in a special social program called “Art-ery to the Heart.”   Through “Art-ery to the Heart,” the students were given the opportunity to express, reflect and respond to both individual and group needs on a personal, social, and emotional level.  The objective of the program was to use the arts and reflective activities as tools in promoting social skills, coping skills, teamwork, and strategies for engaging with others in meaningful and productive ways.  Over the 15-week program, workshops included such things as the power of words and bullying, self-discipline through magic, the ABC’s of Friendship through building a friendship robot with a “computer chip” designed with successful and desired character traits, guided colouring mindfulness with positive coping techniques, an All About Me talk-show style activity geared at inner understanding and connection, a “Letting Go” workshop using Buddha Boards, and Strumming to Success where guitars were used to build connection and team work.  The program culminated with a nature/fishing retreat where students were provided with an opportunity to connect with nature and solidify connections with others.  The program, workshops, and activities were developed and implemented by SCA, Joseph Monachino. 

Simran Jeet Singh makes his presentation.

ASIAN HERITAGE MONTH: The week of May 23, two virtual story times were organized the Spiritual and Community Animation service in honor of Asian Heritage Month, and in celebration of Intergenerational Week in Quebec. On Tuesday, May 24 , Grades 3 to 6 students were invited to a reading of Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The true story of the oldest person to ever run a marathon with author Simran Jeet Singh. 40 classes from 10 schools across the board joined for this special opportunity. In addition to reading his book, the first from a major publisher featuring a Sikh story, Simran talked with students about being inspired to write this story as a young boy their  age when he couldn’t find books or tv shows that had characters that looked like him or the people that he loved, shared a bit about Sikh heritage and culture, and engaged with questions from students.

On Wednesday, May 25 over 30 grade K-2 classes from across the board joined for a reading of My Day with Gong Gong, which was written and illustrated by Asian Canadians Sennah Yee and Elaine Chen respectively. My Day with Gong Gong was read and animated by Rana Liu. This story about a child and grandparent also addressed both cultural and intergenerational themes. After the reading, Rana invited students to share their names for grandparents and favorite foods, which they did with enthusiasm.   

Frances Blanchard

INTERGENERATIONAL STORYTIME:  On June 1,  Isabelle Henault's  Grade 1 and 2  split at Roslyn Elementary School were in for a treat with an Intergenerational Storytime.  Hosted by Spiritual Animator Jessica Wilson, in partnership with the West End Intergenerational Network and Mini Biblio Plus, the students were read “Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge!” by Frances Blanchard, who was once herself a teacher.  It was a wonderful way to make a beautiful community connection and to shed light on Intergenerational Week Quebec.

PARENT CONFERENCE: Mental health amongst our youth was the topic of conversation on Sunday, May 29 during the keynote address of the EMSB’s (EMSB) Virtual Parent Conference. The conference, in its fifth edition, was organized by the EMSB Parents Committee.  The program, entitled Youth Mental Health: Ongoing Pandemic Considerations, brought together Dr. Karl Looper, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at the Jewish General Hospital; Dr. Rachel Kronick, child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Jewish General Hospital; Dr. Despina Vassiliou, EMSB psychologist and coordinator of the Mental Health Resource Centre;  as well as Lester B. Pearson High School student Bryana Catedral-Sansalone. The forum was moderated by Virgin Radio afternoon show host and mental health advocate Lee Haberkorn. Here is our press release recap

Nicolas Doyon works with students.

SHADOW THEATRE: Following their discovering legends from Quebec like la chasse-galerie, Royal Vale Grade 4 students have been exploring shadow theatre and creating silhouettes that go with the storylines under the guidance of our drama and arts consultant Nicolas Doyon. The students will also be inventing and writing their own legends following the feedback of French consultant, Marie-Claude Bergeron.

Nick Suzuki with student Max Bergman.

HOCKEY FUN: The Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA and the Montreal Canadiens  Foundation  collaborated once again on  the Hockey de Rue fundraiser. Royal Vale Elementary School students took part  and got to meet the likes of  Nick  Suzuki and Jonathon Drouin  from the Habs.


St. Gabriel students meet the captain.

MHS PROTECTOR: Students from St. Gabriel, Elizabeth Ballantyne and St. Monica Elementary Schools had the rare opportunity to visit the HMS Protector recently – a British Navy Ice Patrol Ship which was docked at the Old Port of Montreal. Once on board, the captivated students received a guided tour, complete with a visit to the flight deck and the chance to see first-hand all the gadgets the crew uses on a daily basis.

At the end of their tour, the students also had the opportunity to meet Captain Milly Ingham, the first female captain to command one of the Royal Navy's ships. Thank you to the United Kingdom High Commission and the British Royal Navy for welcoming our students!

Westmount High robotic students busy at work.

ROBOTICS UPDATE: For  a nice update on how some of the EMSB schools engaged in robotics this year please read this report prepared by Sara Iatauro.

Fun with the Colour Run.

COLOUR RUN: Families and staff at Leonardo Da Vinci Academy came together recently to raise over $17,000 for The Neuro through their #ColourRun! The Neuro holds a special place in the hearts of families at #LDVA as their very own Daniel Gaudette received life-saving treatment from their incredible team. 

Scenes from the virtuak museum.

VIRTUAL MUSEUM: Beaming with pride, students at Honoré Mercier Elementary School in St. Leonard have created a virtual museum to honour the lives and legacies of their nonnas and nonnos. Friends, family and of course, grandparents were on hand  June 16 at the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre in St. Leonard to help launch the virtual museum. Guided by their teacher,   Isabelle Hert, the inter-generational project was intended to help students understand both their family history and cultural background. As the majority of the students’ grandparents immigrated to Canada from Italy, the tri-lingual (English, French and Italian) exhibit focuses on their grandparents’ journey, hardships, joys and later successes they experienced in a new country.  Enhancing the project is a unique soundtrack produced by award-winning composer Dimitri Ilias and his Athens-based orchestra. 

An aerial view from the EMSB drone of the Willingdon students.

RESPECT: Willingdon Elementary School in NDG held a celebratory closing event June 20  for its  RESPECT campaign.   The event was  held in the senior campus yard and adjacent park.  All Willingdon students (junior and senior) participated, wearing their RESPECT t-shirts.   

Collections for the Legacy Gifts.

LEGACY GIFT: It is a tradition at Willingdon that the graduation class leaves a legacy gift for the school.  This year, Willingdon’s Parent Graduation Committee and the  graduation class worked  with Le Grand Pas organization for the Grade 6 students’ Legacy Service Project as a way of giving back to the community. “We felt it was an excellent way for the students to learn at a young age how important it is to help others in need by participating in this unique project,  said Carolyn Bouchard -MacNeil, our liaison parent with the organization. You can read the complete story here

Planting a tree at Merton.

MERTON AND THE CLIMATE: The Grade 5 classes at Merton Elementary School in Côte Saint-Luc, joined Dr. E from Mad Science, learned about the atmosphere, climate change, and positive actions for the planet. They successfully completed a 28-day challenge, picking up energy-saving habits and earning an environmental experience. With the help of Dr. E and the environmental organization GRAME, the winning class picked a tree, named it, and planted it in their school yard. Fernando the Tulip Tree will be a legacy for the school to enjoy, all while reminding the students that Earth Day is every day!

ADMINISTRATIVE APPOINTMENTS: Here is a list of in-school administrator appointments   for the 2022-23 academic year. Principals Carmen Nicolas (Willingdon),   Luigi Santamaria (Rosemount High) and Angela Vaudry (Royal West Academy) will be taking sabbatical leaves. Filling their spots will be Silvana Crigna  (presently at St. Monica),  Lino Buttino (presently at James Lyng High) and Tony Pita (presently at Lester B. Pearson High School) respectively.

Other new Principal appointments are: Peter McKelvie, St. Monica  (presently a vice-principal at LaurenHill Academy); Giovanni Iammarrone, James Lyng (presently interim principal at Westmount Park);  Gaetano Sifoni, Edinburgh (presently  a vice-principal at Westmount High School); Christina Chilelli,  Edward Murphy (presently Principal at Elizabeth Ballantyne); Sam Servello, Elizabeth Ballantyne (presently a vice-principal at Royal Vale): Joseph Vitantonio (right), Lester B. Pearson High School (presently Principal of FACE School); Jennifer Harriet, FACE (presently vice-principal at that school); Joe Anne Désir, St. Raphael (presently interim principal at that school); Rania Delis, Coronation (presently Principal at Edward Murphy); Alex Kulczyk, Gerald McShane (currently vp at LaurenHill).

New Vice-Principal appointments are: Jennifer Furtado, FACE (presently interim vp at Gardenview);

Laura Fundaro (left), Gardenview (currently interim vp at Virtual School);  Lucia De Petrillo, LaurenHill (currently interim vp at Willingdon); Laura Fiumidinisi, Westmount High (currently vp of Marymount); Amanda Foster, Marymount (currently in the private school system);  Chris Lagakos, Royal Vale (currently a teacher at that school); Peter Byron,  Laurier Macdonald Career Centre ( currently vp of St. Laurent Adult Centre);  Danica Lewington, Wagar (currently interim principal at Shadd); James Lyng Adult Centre: Veronique Carrié (presently vp at St. Laurent Adult Centre); Isabele Gagnier, Rosemount Technology Centre (presently interim there); and Eugenia Carystios, St. Laurent Adult Centre (currently on sabbatical).

The three retirees.

SALUTING THREE LDVA RETIREES: Congratulations to Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in RDP secretaries Judy Ciciola, Marie Savoie and teacher Carmela Colannino who retire this year! The three retire after a combined 78 years of service to the EMSB.

BLOOMING AT LHA: The LaurenHill Academy Senior Campus Library is proud to host Blooming, a collaborative exhibition featuring the artworks of 53 Grade 9 students enrolled in the STEAM program -an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. LHA STEAM is proud to collaborate with YouthFusion (YF), a local organization whose mission is to spark the passions of youth through experiential learning. This year, the Secondary III STEAM students worked with YF on Exhibition Design, a creative project that combines art-making with interdisciplinary classroom themes, practices and methods that promote the full potential of the creative individual. The students conceptualized works of art, art spaces, and explored self-expression through mixed media and digital art approaches. Guided by YF Coordinator and LHA graduate, Ms. Zoe, the students examined a variety of inspirations and art techniques in order to stretch the boundaries of how art is created and appreciated. Blooming is comprised of physical and virtual artworks created throughout the academic year. The exhibit showcases student approaches, interpretations and techniques of: acrylic painting; sculpture and installation; threadwork and woodworking; digital design and 3D art. Themes are social justice, the environment, inclusivity and accessibility. Directed by Youth Fusion coordinator and LHA graduate Zoe Dedes, the students created works of art in various media. They showcased their works in virtual museum tours of their own design.  

Students enjoy the newly renovated pool.  

RENOVATED POOL: Students from both LaurenHill Junior and Senior campus are diving head-first into their schools newly renovated pool.  Located at the school’s Junior campus, the EMSB allocated $1,914,007 to renovate the internal and external structure of the pool.  In addition, the pool has all new accessories, such as pool flags, ropes and various swimming aides. A formal launch is planned for the fall.

East Hill students enjoy their STEAM experience.

FAIRY TALES AND STEAM: Grade 6 students at East Hill Elementary School in RDP spent part of June taking fairy tales and STEAM to the next level by creating modern day adaptations of Little Red Riding Hood’s house. With each group given the same materials, students had to envision a way to build and protect Little Red’s house from the Big Bad Wolf. From barbed wire to complex cameras and security systems – students designed, built and presented their creations.

Principal Otis Delaney, the comedians and committee.

CEDARCREST COMEDY: On May 27, in the Agora of LaurenHill Junior Academy,  the Cedarcrest community enjoyed a great night of food, fun, and lots of laughter during their first annual Comedy Gala. Emcee Franco Taddeo and headliner Derek Seguin had the crowd “in stitches” and comedians Viveth K and Carly Baker warmed up the crowd with their “over the top “humor! On top of a great comedy show, the  Home and School Association auctioned two signed hockey sticks by Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield and four Habs tickets for next season directly behind the Canadians bench Section 101 row DD (Valued of $1,300) . Child Care Worker Ryan Kennedy blasted music for the night as the guest DJ for the evening, and had everyone dancing in their seats! Home and School also gave away many raffle prizes including gift certificates to Casa Grecque, Allo Mon Coco, Scores, Au Vieux Duluth, Kickfit lab, and items from Canadian Tire, Globex 2000, Rubino, DiBella Kickboxing and a lot more!!! The event was a huge success and Principal Otis Delaney wishes to thank  the LaurenHill administration  team of Donna Manos and Peter McKelvie, who were in attendance at the gala. More than $10,000 was raised by the Cedarcrest Home and School, and this will be used to fund activities and programs. A similar event is planned for next year,

PUBLIC SPEAKING: The annual EMSB Public Speaking competition was held in late April for high school students.  . Students were invited  to prepare and deliver a speech that just might change a little part of their world. This year, they had a quotation to inspire and guide them in selecting their topics. Cycle I students delivered narrative speeches and Cycle II students presented persuasive speeches. You can see the winners and runners up at each grade level here

The LINKS cheerleaders.

CHEERLEADERS:  Students at  LINKS High School in Ahuntsic have always participated actively in school sports teams including soccer, basketball and dodge ball. They’ve taken part in friendly competitions between schools and the highlight for them has been the semiannual rivalry against LINKS staff. Well, now thanks to teachers  Anna Condo and   Loredana Scotto, they’ve upped their game. LET’S GO LINKSTERS, LET’S GO. You heard that right! LINKS has created their first ever cheerleading team through a new addition to our already long list of innovative ECAs. Cheerleaders Eva, Jasmine, Ayesha, Trina, and Brianna have been enthusiastically cheering on and encouraging the athletes at all our school’s sporting events. This new element helps spread the message of good sportsmanship and fair play. Every week, the team practices and creates different cheer chants, dance moves as they wave their pom-poms with great spirit. In April, the squad demonstrated their skills and high energy at the DEFI Sportif basketball tournament at the Claude Robillard Sports Complex. To top off the whole experience of being an official cheerleading squad, the team dons brand new uniforms which they wear with such pride. To end off the year, they created an inspiring dance to the song “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. Ms. Loredana says, “We are so proud of the students’ creativity and dedication. Being part of this program has given them a chance to shine, perform in public, increase their self-esteem and really be a part of a recognized high school club.” Ms. Anna agrees, saying, “They have moved to the forefront of school life and have proven they are capable. They are also inspiring the younger students that they can do it, too. The cheerleading team is looking forward to spreading their school spirit in the years to come!” Principal Maria Caldarella  explains:  “Great ideas arise from meeting incoming students at case conferences. We always ask what they would like to see in their new high school. We listened and met the challenge.”

Principal Caldarella makes her run.

A RUN TO SCHOOL:  Principal  Caldarella loves her LINKSTERS. She supports, motivates,  inspires. collaborates and leads with her passion for pedagogy and creative projects. Last month everyone there realized just how much she is committed to the  school when she left her car at home and ran 20K to LINKS. Yes, that’s right! Ms. Maria ran all the way to work …but she did have a great cause to do so. It was National Denim Day when The CURE Foundation raises money for Breast Cancer. Because this principal never does things halfway, she challenged everyone to get into the spirit of giving and donating to this worthy charity. The LINKSTERS met the challenge and wore denim, made impressive posters, contributed a significant amount of money and gathered in the school yard as Ms. Maria came running in. They all cheered, and one student even interviewed her spontaneously.  

Mascot Bumble meets with participants and their family.

AUTISM SPEAKS: The EMSB and Inspirations Newspaper  attended the Autism Speaks Canada (ASC) - Montreal Walk on the grounds of Dawson College on Sunday, June 12. The sun was shining and the venue was perfect to bring members of our community together to celebrate autism and raise funds for ASC. Team EMSB-Inspirations, led by Edward Murphy teacher Alana Goodings, welcomed event attendees to their table. They handed out copies of the new edition of Inspirations and provided visitors with an opportunity to relax and colour drawings that Ms. Goodings provided. The event was MCd by Inspirations’ very own podcast host Mark Bergman, who was there representing The Beat 92.5 FM. And EMSB mascot Bumble was there having fun with the walkers.

Kim St. Pierre shows her medals at Edinburgh,

OLYMPIAN’S BOKS VISITS: Canadian three-time Olympic Gold medallist Kim St. Pierre  visited  Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in RDP, Edinburgh in Montreal West and Gerald McShane in Montreal North   B.A.S.E. Daycares. She  congratulated  the daycare students on their performance in the B.A.S.E. BOKS Contest and  participate with them in activities.  The EMSB’s B.A.S.E. Daycare Program kicked off its first-ever B.A.S.E. BOKS Contest in January  2022. The goal of the three-month competition was two-fold: To get children aged four to 12 years old physically active as often as possible and to encourage the daycare educators to animate different games that keep physical activity fun and engaging!  

St. Pierre at Leonardo Da Vinci.

BOKS is a not-for-profit initiative of the Reebok Canada Fitness Foundation in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada to expand and enhance physical activity in Canadian elementary and high schools. BOKS offers free resources and tools to get kids moving in fun ways throughout the day, whether they’re in the classroom, at home or outside. For each situation, BOKS offers a variety of resources that will appeal to all school-aged kids.

St. Pierre with a Gerald McShane student.

St. Pierre is the Manager of Business Development for BOKS Canada and oversees all BOKS schools in Quebec. She was a member of Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team as goaltender from 1998 until 2011. She is the first female goaltender—and eight woman—to earn induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame. St. Pierre has been supporting the B.A.S.E. Program in their BOKS initiative since 2016.

TSN 690  

CBC TV Coverage 

Journal de Metro  

The outdoor classroom.

DUNRAE'S OUTDOOR CLASSROOM: Dunrae Gardens students in Cycle 3 were engaged in a year-long long environmental design project. Thanks to the Youth Fusion organization, the coordinator, Myriam, was able to lead all four groups.  This initiative allowed students to explore the field of environmental design, by placing environmental and social concerns at the heart of its practice. Cooperatively, students designed and finally carried out the final stages to create a legacy for both their school and neighborhood communities. Throughout the process, students conducted an environmental analysis as well as a public consultation. They then designed their projects through 2D and 3D drawings, as well as models and photomontages, followed by a presentation to their peers until the final product was selected. Community members, as well as parents came together with our school population for this final phase of this projects. The entire community is looking forward to enjoying the outdoor classroom. 

TRUDEAU SUPPORTS POLLINATORS: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School in Rosemount  takes pride in its support of pollinators! Parents and students came together to plant this garden (see photo) with the EMSB Green Initiatives team. There's a beehive on the roof and a pollinator-friendly garden along the parking lot fence.  They are welcoming all flower-loving insects, from bees and ants as well as our friends the birds and squirrels onto a small part of our school grounds. They in turn will teach our community how insects and small creatures are a positive presence for biodiversity. Come by this summer to see how our garden grows!

ONLINE SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR PARENTS: With the ever-changing landscape of social media, different events have come to light that have impacted our children and youth. To be preventative and proactive, the primary method to reach our children and youth is via modeling (i.e., behave the way we would like them to behave) and having open discussions. The following guides will help you to lead discussions with your child and will equip you with some good-to-know information that may be helpful for you as a parents/guardians.  You can see the guide here.

EMSB Vice Chair and Commissioner Agostino Cannavino (right) and Principal Tanya Alvares (left) celebrate the revitalized school yard with happy students.

TRUDEAU UPGRADE: To improve the overall student experience at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School in Rosemount, the English Montreal School Board allocated more than $2 million to complete multiple projects.Over the course of the past two years, several aspects and areas of the school were renovated and reconfigured, including: the schoolyard, bus drop-off area and staff parking lot. Inside the school, upgrades are being made to the electrical equipment, insulation, piping and ventilation. “Our school yard is beautiful! Students have different areas to play games such soccer, champ ball, basketball, and checkers,” said Principal Tanya Alvares. “There are different sections for kids to draw on black boards, to sit on the grass and hang out with friends, and benches to relax!  There are even two areas where staff can take their groups out and do an outdoor lesson! We are looking forward for the trees to grow to provide a nice, shaded region too!” Finally, the reconfigured bus-drop off area and parking lot has respectively increased student and staff safety as well as access to the school.  

RDP HONOURS: The Borough of Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles (RDP-PAT). Honoured three outstanding students on May 31: Mia Bédard, Leonardo Da Vinci Academy; Antoine Iacono, Antoine, East Hill; and Vanessa Radino, Michelangelo International School.  (Michelangelo). They each received $100 cheques.

A fun time was had all by all.

VMC BBQ: EMSB Commissioners Mario Pietrangelo and Tony Speranza, along with the Parent Participation Organization,  presided over a  barbeque at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount. They served over 1,000 hot dogs  to students and staff.   

John Caboto Academy and Our Lady of Pompei students unite.

JCA AND LHA COME TOGETHER: Graduating students from John Caboto Academy and Our Lady of Pompei Elementary School came together recently at John Caboto Academy for a day of sports and camaraderie. After a two-year break due to COVID-19, both schools reunited over a variety of games and competitions, followed by a pizza lunch and an afternoon of bonding activities. The goal of the day is to both celebrate the end of the year and plant the seeds for friendships as the majority of these students will come together again next year at LaurenHill Academy.  

CLC NEWSLETTER: Please see the newly designed newsletter for the EMSB Community Learning Centre named the  Circuit. You can see it here


There was a lot of activity at the Career Fair.

CAREER FAIR: The cafeteria at the St. Laurent Adult Education Centre (SLAEC) was abuzz the morning of May 25  for this year’s in-person Career Fair. Presenters from a variety of post-secondary institutions, Montreal employers, and local governments were stationed at their booths, ready to take questions from curious students. SLAEC’s goal with the event was to empower students by giving them the tools to make informed decisions about their future career paths. The Career Fair kicked-off shortly after 9 a.m. when dozens of students began filing into the room. A total of 18 institutions were represented, including the National Assembly, McDonalds, Canada Post, and the YMCA.   The booths were decorated with pamphlets, flyers, and trinkets.  You can read the full story here.   

You can listen to our EMSB Radio Report here

A student and his teacher work on an electric vehicle.

LMAC AND EV MECHANICS: The future is top of mind at St. Leonard’s Laurier Macdonald Career Centre. Not only are students prepped for a promising career in the various vocational programs offered, but the curriculum is also modernized to equip students with the professional skills they’ll need in their evolving fields.  Laurier Macdonald has developed a reputation as a vocational centre for welding and fitting, hairdressing, aesthetics and hair removal, and automobile mechanics. Electric Vehicle (EV) Mechanics has recently become the school’s latest offering, set to prepare the next generation of auto mechanics for a burgeoning industry. The Automobile Mechanics program is a prerequisite for EV Mechanics and is also offered at the Laurier Macdonald Career Centre. Students must first complete 1800 hours (120 credits) of course work, including a mandatory three-week internship. Students who successfully complete the program will earn their DVS and have all the relevant expertise one needs to work on gas-powered vehicles.  Please read the full story and listen to the audio report

Student Roxane Delisle.

WHERE CREATIVES GO TO LEARN: Rosemount Technology Centre (RTC) is a place where creatives go to learn all they need to know to bring their ideas, big or small, to life. Industrial Drafting [Computer Aided Design], Machining Techniques, and Digital Graphics Technology (Printing) are just three of the programs offered at the largest English technical career training centre in Quebec.  Each classroom is equipped with up-to-date technologies and software and resembles more a replica of a design shop or printing plant than the traditional lecture room. The programs are between 12 and 18 months long and include internships that almost always culminate in permanent positions. Many of the RTC programs are related in some way and the teachers, who are professionals in their respective fields, are always open to answering questions from students across the hall. Please read the detailed story here.

Sebastian Chiarenza is congratulated by AEVS Director Angela Spagnolo, DG Nick Katalifos, Chair Joe Ortona, Commissioner Agostino Cannavino,  RTC Principal John Pevec and Vice Principal Ruben Azevedo.

SKILLS COMPETITION: The 2022 Skills Canada National Competition is billed as the “Canadian Olympics” for trade jobs and technology. Over 300 competitors from across the country participated in more than 35 skilled trade and technology competitions that took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from May 25 to 28.  Sebastian Chiarenza  won the BRONZE medal for the Cabinetmaking team at Rosemount Technology Centre (RTC).    The AEVSDepartment would like to congratulate Sebastian for his participation and his remarkable achievement. As well, they  wish to thank the entire RTC team who assisted in training, coaching, and accompanying Sebastian to this great event. 

A TEACHER’S PLAY: Anna Panunto, a teacher at the High School of Montreal Adult Education Centre, recently presented a well-received play, Her colleague  Kathleen Victoria Lefevre,  wrote this nice review. Where the Heart is: 1979, was written and produced by  Ms. Panunto and directed by Joe Cacchione. Ms. Panunto has been teaching in the adult education sector since 1998 and has been publishing poetry and short stories internationally since 2003. Mr. Cacchione is on a one year sabbatical as Principal of the Shadd Health and Business Centre as well as a comedian, magician, actor, and director with over 30 years of experience in the performing arts.

A NEW NAME: The High School of Montreal Adult Education Centre’s Governing Board has voted to shorten its name to HSM Adult Education Centre.  It was agreed that the name High School of Montreal Adult Education Centre causes some confusion when marketing the Centre and trying to attract adult students, given that the words "high school" are in the title.


UNE ÉLÈVE SE PRODUIT AU CARNEGIE HALL : Comme le dit si bien le vieil adage, « tout vient à point à qui sait attendre ». Pour Sienna Therrien Sternfeld âgée de 13 ans, il s’est écoulé environ deux ans et demi entre le moment où elle a appris qu'elle avait été sélectionnée pour se produire au Carnegie Hall de New York et celui où elle est finalement montée sur scène, en mai dernier. Sienna a interprété « At Last » d'Etta James dans le cadre du Concours international de chansons de musique pop « We Sing Pop! » d'American Protégé. Ce concours réunit des artistes des quatre coins du monde qui ont la chance de se produire devant un auditoire de gala et un panel de juges. Sienna raconte que la musique fait partie de sa vie depuis sa tendre enfance. À l'âge de six ans, sa mère l'a inscrite à la Broadway Academy, une école de théâtre musical et de musique à Montréal, où Sienna a travaillé sous la tutelle de la fondatrice et directrice de l'académie, Martina Oslejskova. C'est d’ailleurs Mme Oslejskova qui a encouragé Sienna à faire parvenir sa prestation vidéo aux organisateurs du concours. La performance de Sienna au Carnegie Hall a marqué son premier retour sur scène devant un public depuis le début de la pandémie de COVID-19, elle qui auparavant participait à des concerts mensuels à la Broadway Academy ou à l’école F.A.C.E. Nous vous invitons à lire l’intégral du communiqué :

ÉLÈVE DU MOIS : DeAndre Cineus, élève de 5e année de l'école primaire Coronation à Côte-des-Neiges, a été nommé l'élève du mois de juin à la CSEM. DeAndre est une présence plus grande que nature à Coronation. Tous ceux et celles qui le connaissent s'entendent pour dire qu'il est un bon citoyen de classe et qu’il s'efforce sans cesse d'aider ses camarades à l’école. Son aide joue un rôle clé dans leur réussite. Sur le plan personnel, malgré de nombreuses difficultés, il continue à travailler d’arrache-pied, et ses efforts se reflètent dans les bonnes notes qu’il obtient. Avec ses enseignants et les élèves, il est respectueux, poli et a toujours un grand sens de l'humour.  « Quel que soit le défi à relever à la maison ou à l'école, DeAndre se surpasse toujours pour atteindre son plein potentiel », de dire Pam Koumoutsakis. Quant à Maya Doughan, directrice par intérim, elle a ajouté que « DeAndre est un véritable rayon de soleil ». 

SANTÉ MENTALE : La CSEM continue à travailler sur des projets spéciaux en lien avec la santé mentale et le bien-être. Pour de l’information et des articles de presse, nous vous invitons à consulter le site Web du Centre de ressources en santé mentale : 

Nous vous proposons également des balados portant sur différents thèmes animés par Mark Bergman. Voici le dernier, réalisé avec des élèves et des membres du personnel des écoles secondaires John F. Kennedy et Rosemont, où il est question du stress lié à la préparation des examens. 

UN DÉFILÉ DE MODE AMUSANT : Une idée géniale de Bella Flanz, élève en intégration inversée au Centre Mackay, est à l’origine de ce défilé. Elle a voulu démontrer à ses camarades de classe du 3e cycle que la mode peut être accessible à tous. Son enseignante, Christina Sollazzo, a adoré l'idée. Les 27 élèves ont tous participé au projet en confectionnant leurs propres vêtements sur des thèmes variés, allant de la nature à l'environnement en passant par Elvis et les superhéros. Les élèves ont défilé dans le gymnase du Centre Mackay le 9 juin, sous les applaudissements et les acclamations des élèves, du personnel et des parents. Cette initiative menée par les élèves a connu un succès retentissant grâce aux enseignantes Christina Sollazzo, Bronwyn McMorran, Paula Cook, Mikaela Sandler, Debby Colton et le personnel-ressource. Luca « Lazylegz » Patuelli a réalisé la chorégraphie du défilé, intégrant les mouvements de danse des mannequins dans sa vision. Le créateur de mode Simon Chang a inspiré les élèves à créer leurs propres vêtements uniques en misant sur la texture, la peinture et la couleur, et a accessoirisé leurs tenues comme il se doit, avec des tissus et des vestes cool, des bijoux, des lumières DEL et des lunettes de soleil. Pour l’occasion, les mannequins ont été coiffés et maquillés par des élèves du Centre de formation professionnelle Laurier MacDonald, faisant ainsi de cet événement une véritable initiative en matière de collaboration inter-établissements.

ÉDUCATION SUR L'HOLOCAUSTE : La CSEM a reçu une subvention de la Fondation communautaire juive de Montréal pour mettre sur pied un programme axé sur l'éducation et la sensibilisation à l'Holocauste pour l'année scolaire 2022-2023. Un comité a été créé à cette fin et a tenu sa première réunion le 21 juin.

UN ENVIRONNEMENT STIMULANT: Un environnement stimulant L’école Dunrae Gardens disposant de largement d’espace dans la cour, nous avions mis à profit cet atout pour créer un environnement stimulant pour apprendre en plein air et être proche de la nature. Dans le cadre de ce projet, les jeunes ont également eu l’occasion de participer à des ateliers d’apprentissage en design environnemental, en les sensibilisant sur l’utilisation de matériaux durables, le recyclage, ou encore des pratiques innovantes en design. En termes de gestion de projet, les jeunes ont su apprendre et maitriser les différentes étapes d’un projet à micro-échelle : analyse de l’environnement, conception du design (modèles 3D et maquettes), implication de la communauté et réalisation du projet (travail sur le chantier, menuiserie, peinture, etc.).

L’ÉCOLE ELIZABETH BALLANTYNE A 100 ANS : L'école primaire Elizabeth Ballantyne de Montréal-Ouest a souligné son centenaire en célébrant le passé, tout en se tournant vers l'avenir. Des élèves (tous vêtus de t-shirts violets), des membres du personnel, des dignitaires et d'autres invités se sont rassemblés devant l'entrée principale de l’établissement afin de mettre au jour une capsule témoin qui avait été enfouie devant le bâtiment en mai 1997. Elle avait été enterrée à l'époque pour célébrer le 75e anniversaire de l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne et le centenaire de la ville de Montréal-Ouest. La capsule contenait un journal, un registre des présences quotidiennes, des photos, des lettres d'élèves, un t-shirt de l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne ainsi qu’un livre. 

Peggy Wadsworth et Carol Morrison, toutes deux anciennes élèves et enseignantes à l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne, étaient parmi les invités de marque présents pour l’occasion. Après avoir elle-même fréquenté l'école Elizabeth Ballantyne dans les années 1940, Mme Wadsworth y a fait un retour à titre d’enseignante pendant 19 ans. Nous vous invitons à lire l’intégral du communiqué.  

CÉLÉBRATION AUTOCHTONE : L’école primaire Elizabeth Ballantyne a organisé une célébration culturelle autochtone le 10 juin. Voici un reportage de CBC TV : 

RETOUR DES BALS DE FINISSANTS : Les cérémonies de remise des diplômes et les bals de finissants des écoles primaires et secondaires reprennent ce mois-ci en présentiel. Pour en savoir plus : 

MAGAZINE INSPIRATIONS : Avez-vous lu la dernière édition du magazine Inspirations qui célèbre les communautés inclusives? Avec ses 48 pages, il s'agit de l’édition la plus volumineuse du magazine depuis sa création il y a 13 ans. Simon Chang s’est avéré un parrain d'édition très actif, prenant part aux activités de différentes écoles et de différents centres, visitant de multiples lieux et interagissant avec enthousiasme avec les élèves et le personnel. Lisez l’article sur Catherine Boivin qui a contribué l’automne dernier au lancement de la campagne pour la construction d’une nouvelle aire de jeux accessible au Centre Mackay et à l’école Philip E. Layton à NDG. Elle a co-présidé le programme de collecte de fonds avec son père Pierre, ancien président des Canadiens de Montréal. Catherine, qui se déplace en fauteuil roulant, a fréquenté le Centre Mackay durant son enfance. Vous apprendrez à la connaître dans notre article de fond. Vous y trouverez également un article sur Mario Cecchini, le président de l'équipe de football les Alouettes de Montréal. Avant d'occuper ce poste, il a œuvré dans le domaine de la radiodiffusion. On a peine à croire que ce communicateur hors pair a été confronté à un sérieux problème de bégaiement au cours de son enfance.

ENSEIGNANTE ET LUTTEUSE : Jacques Rougeau, célèbre lutteur de renommée mondiale, a rendu visite à l’école secondaire Rosemont le 27 mai dernier afin d’y présenter sa campagne pour lutter contre l’intimidation en milieu scolaire. Une surprise attendait tout le monde cette journée-là. La populaire enseignante Jessika Neri a profité de l’occasion pour dévoiler son alter ego, la lutteuse professionnelle Jessika Black. Mme Neri a toujours tenu sa carrière de lutteuse à l’écart de sa profession d'enseignante. Or, inspirée par M. Rougeau, elle souhaite utiliser son passe-temps comme moyen pour lutter contre l’intimidation. « Certains de mes élèves ont vécu des traumatismes, perdu des êtres chers et été victimes d’intimidation », a-t-elle raconté. « Je crois que les mots d'inspiration d'une vedette internationale comme Jacques les aideront beaucoup. » Mme Neri enseigne l'anglais et l'histoire aux élèves de 3e, 4e et 5e secondaire. Elle enseigne à la CSEM depuis 14 ans, dont les 9 dernières années à Rosemont. Quant à la lutte professionnelle, elle est dans le ring depuis 8 ans. L'intimidation constitue un enjeu dans les écoles, sur les lieux de travail, à la maison et en ligne. Jacques Rougeau fait actuellement la promotion du deuxième volet de sa compétition Wrestling Academy, qui aura lieu au Club Soda le 26 juin. Mme Neri sera parmi les participants.

CONTESTATION DE LA LOI 96 : Le conseil des commissaires de la CSEM a mandaté un cabinet d’avocats pour engager en son nom les procédures judiciaires appropriées afin de contester la validité de la loi 96. Le président de la CSEM, Joe Ortona, a affirmé que la contestation invoquera principalement l’article 23 de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés, l’article 133 de la Loi constitutionnelle de 1867, et la partie V de la Loi constitutionnelle de 1982. Le 24 mai 2022, l’Assemblée nationale du Québec a adopté le projet de loi 96, Loi sur la langue officielle et commune du Québec, le français. Malgré le fait que la CSEM appuie activement la protection de la langue française au Québec, notamment en offrant de solides programmes d’immersion française visant à aider ses élèves à obtenir leur diplôme en devenant des Québécois parfaitement bilingues, il reste que les mesures de protection de la langue française au Québec ne peuvent pas violer les droits constitutionnels des Québécois. La CSEM estime que la loi 96 viole le droit de la communauté de langue anglaise à gérer et contrôler ses établissements d’enseignement en vertu de l’article 23 de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés. En outre, la résolution demandant une action en justice précise que la loi 96 viole le droit des Québécois à une législation d'égale autorité en anglais et en français et à l'utilisation de l'anglais ou du français devant les tribunaux, en vertu de l'article 133 de la Loi constitutionnelle de 1867. La CSEM estime que l'article 133 de la Loi constitutionnelle de 1867 ne peut être modifié ou restreint unilatéralement par l'Assemblée nationale, notamment par le biais d'une modification unilatérale à la Loi constitutionnelle de 1867.

Nous vous invitons à lire l’intégral du communiqué.

Voici l’allocution du président Joe Ortona :

La Commission scolaire Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier a adopté une résolution dans laquelle elle appuie la position de la CSEM. Vous pouvez la consulter ici :

CONFÉRENCE DES PARENTS : La santé mentale de nos jeunes a été au cœur du discours d’ouverture lors de la conférence virtuelle des parents de la CSEM le dimanche 29 mai. La conférence, qui en est à sa cinquième édition, a été organisée par le comité de parents de la CSEM.  Elle avait pour thème la santé mentale chez les jeunes et les considérations sur la pandémie actuelle, et a réuni Dr Karl Looper, psychiatre en chef à l'Hôpital général juif; Dre Rachel Kronick, psychiatre pour enfants et adolescents à l'Hôpital général juif; Dre Despina Vassiliou, psychologue à la CSEM et coordonnatrice du Centre de ressources en santé mentale ainsi que Bryana Catedral-Sansalone, élève du secondaire à la Commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson. Ce forum a été animé par Lee Haberkorn, animateur de l'émission d'après-midi sur les ondes de Virgin Radio et défenseur de la santé mentale.

COLOR RUN : Les familles et le personnel de l'Académie Leonardo da Vinci ont récemment uni leurs efforts et amassé plus de 17 000 $ au profit du Neuro grâce à leur activité #ColourRun! Le Neuro occupe une place bien spéciale dans le cœur des familles de la #LDVA, car Daniel Gaudette y a reçu, de la part de l’équipe médicale incroyable, un traitement qui lui a sauvé la vie.

MUSÉE VIRTUEL : Rayonnants de fierté, les élèves de l'école primaire Honoré Mercier de Saint-Léonard ont créé un musée virtuel pour honorer la vie et l'héritage de leurs nonnas et nonnos. Les amis, la famille et, bien sûr, les grands-parents étaient présents le 16 juin au Centre Leonardo da Vinci de Saint-Léonard pour appuyer le lancement du musée virtuel. Sous la direction de leur enseignante, Isabelle Hert, ce projet intergénérationnel avait pour but d'aider les élèves à se familiariser à la fois avec leur histoire familiale et leurs origines culturelles. Puisque la majorité des grands-parents des élèves ont quitté l’Italie pour immigrer au Canada, l'exposition trilingue (anglais, français et italien) met en lumière leur parcours, les difficultés rencontrées, les joies et les succès qu'ils ont connus, plus tard, dans leur pays d’accueil. Le projet est agrémenté d'une bande sonore unique produite par le compositeur primé Dimitri Ilias et son orchestre basé à Athènes.

RESPECT : L'école primaire Willingdon à NDG a organisé le 20 juin un événement de clôture pour sa campagne RESPECT. L'événement s'est déroulé dans la cour du campus senior et dans le parc adjacent. Tous les élèves de Willingdon (junior et senior) ont pris part à cet événement et porté leurs t-shirts RESPECT pour l’occasion.  

MERTON ET LE CLIMAT : En compagnie de Dr E de Mad Science, les élèves de 5e année de l'école primaire Merton de Côte Saint-Luc ont été sensibilisés à l'atmosphère, aux changements climatiques et aux actions positives pour la planète. Ils ont relevé avec succès un défi de 28 jours, en adoptant de bonnes habitudes favorisant l'économie d'énergie et en vivant une expérience environnementale. Avec l'aide de Dr E et de l'organisme environnemental GRAME, la classe gagnante a choisi un arbre, lui a attribué un nom et l'a planté dans la cour de l’école. Ainsi donc, Fernando the Tulip Tree sera un legs dont toute l'école pourra profiter et servira de rappel aux élèves que la Journée de la Terre, c'est tous les jours!

BLOOMING À L’ACADÉMIE LAURENHILL: La bibliothèque du campus senior de l’Académie LaurenHill est fière d'accueillir Blooming, une exposition collaborative qui présente les œuvres d'art de 53 élèves de la 3e secondaire inscrits au programme STIAM - une approche pédagogique d'apprentissage fondée sur les sciences, la technologie, l'ingénierie, les arts et les mathématiques pour guider le questionnement, le dialogue et la pensée critique des élèves. Le programme STIAM de l’Académie LaurenHill est fier de collaborer avec Fusion Jeunesse (FJ), un organisme local dont la mission vise à éveiller les passions chez les jeunes par l'apprentissage expérientiel. Cette année, les élèves de la 3e secondaire du programme STIAM ont collaboré avec FJ au design événementiel, un projet créatif alliant la création artistique à des thèmes, des pratiques et des méthodes de classe interdisciplinaires qui favorisent le plein potentiel de l'individu créatif. Les élèves ont conceptualisé des œuvres d'art et des espaces artistiques, et ont exploré l'expression de soi par le biais de techniques mixtes et d'approches artistiques numériques. Sous la direction de Mme Zoe, coordonnatrice de FJ et elle-même diplômée de l’Académie LaurenHill, les élèves ont exploré diverses inspirations et techniques artistiques afin de repousser les limites de la création et de l'appréciation de l'art. L’exposition Blooming regroupe des œuvres d'art physiques et virtuelles créées tout au long de l'année scolaire. L'exposition présente les approches, interprétations et techniques utilisées par les élèves en matière de peinture acrylique, de sculpture et d'installation, d'enfilage et de travail du bois, de conception numérique et d'art 3D. Les thèmes abordés sont la justice sociale, l'environnement, l'inclusivité et l'accessibilité.

ART ORATOIRE : Le concours annuel d'art oratoire de la CSEM a eu lieu fin avril pour les élèves du secondaire. Ces derniers ont été invités à préparer et à prononcer un discours porteur de changement dans leur monde. Cette année, une citation les a inspirés et guidés dans le choix de leurs thèmes. Les élèves du 1er cycle ont prononcé des discours narratifs et ceux du 2e cycle, des discours persuasifs. Nous vous invitons à consulter la liste des lauréats et des finalistes de chaque niveau scolaire :

AUTISM SPEAKS : La CSEM et le magazine Inspirations ont participé à la marche Autism Speaks Canada (ASC) - Montréal sur le terrain du Collège Dawson le dimanche 12 juin. Le soleil brillait et l'endroit était parfait pour rassembler les membres de notre communauté afin de célébrer l'autisme et recueillir des fonds pour ASC. L'équipe CSEM-Inspirations, dirigée par Alana Goodings, enseignante à l’école Edward Murphy, a accueilli les participants. Ils ont distribué des exemplaires de la nouvelle édition du magazine Inspirations et ont donné aux visiteurs l'occasion de se détendre et de colorier des dessins fournis par Mme Goodings. L'événement était animé par Mark Bergman, animateur du balado Inspirations, qui représentait pour l’occasion The Beat 92.5 FM. Et n’oublions pas la présence de la mascotte de la CSEM, Bumble, qui n’a pas manqué d’amuser les marcheurs.

VISITE D’UNE OLYMPIENNE : Kim St-Pierre, triple médaillée d’or olympique canadienne, a rendu visite aux services de garde B.A.S.E. des écoles suivantes : Académie Leonardo da Vinci à RDP, Edinburgh à Montréal-Ouest et Gerald McShane à Montréal-Nord. Elle en a profité pour féliciter les élèves des services de garde pour leur performance au concours B.A.S.E. BOKS et a pris part avec eux aux activités BOKS. Le programme des services de garde B.A.S.E. de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) a lancé son tout premier concours B.A.S.E. BOKS en janvier 2022. Échelonné sur une période de trois mois, ce concours comportait un double objectif : faire en sorte que les jeunes âgés de 4 à 12 ans soient physiquement actifs aussi souvent que possible et encourager les éducatrices et éducateurs en service de garde à animer différents jeux pour rendre l’activité physique amusante et stimulante! BOKS est une initiative à but non lucratif de la Fondation Reebok Canada pour la condition physique, en partenariat avec l’Agence de la santé publique du Canada, qui vise à développer et à améliorer l’activité physique au sein des écoles primaires et secondaires au Canada. BOKS offre des ressources et des outils gratuits pour faire bouger les enfants de façon amusante tout au long de la journée, qu'ils soient en classe, à la maison ou à l'extérieur. Pour chaque situation, BOKS propose un éventail de ressources qui plairont à tous les enfants d'âge scolaire. Kim St-Pierre est gestionnaire du développement commercial pour BOKS Canada et supervise toutes les écoles BOKS au Québec. Elle a fait partie de l’équipe nationale de hockey féminin du Canada de 1998 à 2011. Elle est la première gardienne de but – et la huitième femme – à avoir été intronisée au Temple de la renommée du hockey. 

Elle soutient le programme B.A.S.E. dans son initiative BOKS depuis 2016.

DIRECTIVES À L’INTENTION DES PARENTS SUR LA SÉCURITÉ EN LIGNE: Devant l’évolution constante des médias sociaux, différents événements ayant eu un impact sur nos jeunes ont été mis en lumière. Pour être préventif et proactif, la principale méthode pour rejoindre nos jeunes consiste à les modeler (c'est-à-dire de se comporter comme nous aimerions qu'ils se comportent eux-mêmes) et à avoir des discussions ouvertes. Les guides suivants vous aideront à engager le dialogue avec votre enfant. Parents et tuteurs y trouveront des informations fort utiles :

JEUNE HÉROS : Félicitations à Atlas Logie de l’école secondaire Rosemont reconnu comme un jeune héros par Jeunesse au Soleil! En plus d'être un excellent élève, Atlas joue de la flûte dans l'ensemble musical de la 2e secondaire. Chaque année, Jeunesse au Soleil distribue près de 100 bicyclettes, casques et cadenas neufs à des jeunes exceptionnels, en reconnaissance de leur influence positive dans leur communauté ou du courage remarquable dont ils ont fait preuve dans des situations difficiles. 

INFOLETTRE CSC : Circuit CSC, l’infolettre des centres scolaires et communautaires de la CSEM, a fait peau neuve! Nous vous invitons à parcourir  la plus récente édition : 



FOIRE DES CARRIÈRES : La cafétéria du Centre d’éducation des adultes Saint-Laurent (CEASL) fourmillait d’activité en cette matinée du 25 mai à l’occasion de la Foire des carrières qui s’est tenue en personne cette année. Des représentants de divers établissements d’enseignement postsecondaire, d’employeurs de la région de Montréal et d’organismes gouvernementaux locaux étaient à leur kiosque pour répondre aux questions des élèves. Cet événement avait pour but d’habiliter les élèves en leur fournissant les outils nécessaires à la prise de décisions éclairées concernant leur cheminement de carrière. La Foire s’est mise en branle peu après 9 h alors que des douzaines d’élèves ont commencé à déambuler dans la salle. Au total, 18 organisations étaient représentées dont l’Assemblée nationale, McDonald’s, Postes Canada et YMCA. Les kiosques étaient décorés de brochures, dépliants et autres.

Nous vous invitons à consulter l’intégral de l’article .

MÉCANIQUE DE VÉHICULES ÉLECTRIQUES À LMAC : Le Centre de formation professionnelle Laurier Macdonald de Saint-Léonard de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal est tourné vers l’avenir. En plus d’être bien outillés pour entamer une carrière prometteuse dans les divers programmes de formation professionnelle qui y sont offerts, les élèves acquièrent les compétences professionnelles recherchées grâce à la modernisation du programme d'études pour répondre aux besoins changeants de l’industrie.  Le Centre Laurier Macdonald s'est forgé une solide réputation en formation professionnelle dans les domaines du soudage-montage, de la coiffure, de l’esthétique, de l’épilation et de la mécanique automobile. L’offre du centre a récemment été bonifiée par l’ajout du programme de mécanique de véhicules électriques (VE). Le programme de mécanique automobile est un préalable à la mécanique de VE et est également offert au Centre de formation professionnelle Laurier Macdonald. Les élèves doivent d'abord suivre 1800 heures (120 unités) de cours, y compris un stage obligatoire de trois semaines. Ceux qui réussissent le programme obtiennent leur DEP et possèdent toute l'expertise nécessaire pour travailler sur des véhicules à essence.

LÀ OÙ LES ESPRITS CRÉATIFS S’ÉPANOUISSENT: Le Centre de technologie Rosemont (CTR) permet aux esprits créateurs d’acquérir toutes les compétences requises pour donner vie à leurs idées, petites et grandes. Le dessin industriel (conception assistée par ordinateur), les techniques d'usinage et l’infographie numérique (impression) figurent au nombre des programmes offerts par le plus grand centre de formation professionnelle technique anglophone du Québec. Chaque salle de classe est équipée de technologies et de logiciels de pointe et s’apparente davantage à une réplique d'un atelier de conception ou d'une imprimerie qu'à une salle de cours traditionnelle. Les programmes s’échelonnent sur une période de 12 à 18 mois et comportent des stages qui débouchent presque toujours sur des postes permanents. De nombreux programmes du CTR sont en quelque sorte interreliés, et les enseignants, qui sont eux-mêmes des professionnels dans leur domaine respectif, sont toujours prêts à répondre aux questions des élèves d’un côté ou de l'autre du corridor.

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