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EMSB EXPRESS:   The Spring edition of the EMSB Express Newspaper has been published. In it you will read about celebrating Quebec Francophone culture (including a special message from Quebec Culture Minister Mathieu Lacombe, Rosemount High School’s new Arts-études program, visits to schools by some of our more prominent graduates, the EMSB Holocaust Education program, The FACE Symphony Orchestra’s 25th anniversary concert and more. Here is the PDF link to the publication:  https://az184419.vo.msecnd.net/emsb/emsb-website/common/emsb-express/emsb_express_spring2024_web_march2024.pdf 

Margie Gillis is welcomed to Carlyle.

MARGIE GILLIS RETURNS: Internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer  Margie Gillis returned to visit her former elementary school, Carlyle in Town of Mont Royal on February 28 . She answered questions, showcased many of the medals she has been awarded and even danced with and for the children. Watch this video:.   Ms. Gillis developed her art over nearly five decades, shattering norms while inspiring audiences. 

Margie Gillis takes a break after dancing for the students.

In 2023, she celebrated 50 years of creation and dance, assembling a repertoire of over a hundred works. Among her many honours and awards is the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement. She is also a Chevalier de l'Ordre national du Québec and an Officer of the Order of Canada. In 2020, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by Concordia University in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to modern dance, teaching, and activism as one of the most influential dancers and choreographers of her generation.

See Dan Laxer’s blog article here   

CARLYLE’S IMMERSIVE ART: Here is a nice video from Carlyle Elementary School in TMR’s recent  IB exhibit where Grade 6 students created immersive art under the supervision of Culture in School  and ELAN’s Arts Inspire artist, Emily Read. (@elanarted @carlyle_emsb @muralist.ca).

Teacher Alex Rosauri  from John Caboto Academy in Ahuntsic teaches his students about the eclipse.

PREPARING FOR THE ECLIPSE: With the much-anticipated solar eclipse set to take place on April 8, the EMSB will do its part to ensure its students and staff can safely take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime celestial opportunity by distributing solar glasses throughout our network. Partnering with the Montreal Planetarium, the EMSB will ensure the delivery of the specialized glasses throughout March to safeguard the unique viewing opportunity for all our stakeholders.  In addition to providing the protective viewing glasses, the EMSB Educational Services Department’s Science and Technology consultants have also been working diligently with schools to ensure that the solar eclipse becomes a learning opportunity for all students. Special lessons on the solar eclipse began before March Break and will continue until April 8.  See our press release.

Aiva Furfaro is congratulated by ADG's Jack Chadirdjian and Pela Nickoletopoulos, DG Nick Katalifos, Chair Joe Ortona and Commissioner Pietro Mercuri.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH: Aiva Furfaro, a well-rounded Grade 5 East Hill student is the EMSB’s Student of the Month for March. Aiva is shaking things up at East Hill School by encouraging her peers to take an active role in helping nurture the environment. To do this, Aiva created her own Ted Talk, where she spoke to the topic of pollution. Reaching out to the mentors at the Jane Goodall Institute, Aiva invoked expert advice and offered youth-oriented solutions to the growing climate crisis, reminding kids everywhere that they are not too young to become environmental activists.

BILL 21 DECISION: The EMSB is deeply disappointed with the Quebec Court of Appeal’s decision not to uphold the  Quebec Superior Court ruling of April 2021 that struck down key provisions of Bill 21, An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State. “We maintain our original position that Bill 21 conflicts with our values and our mission and with those of all Quebecers as expressed in the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms,” said EMSB Chair Joe Ortona. “Its very adoption was contrary to our societal goal of promoting peaceful co-existence in a pluralistic Quebec.” The  ruling stems from October 2019, when the EMSB challenged Bill 21 in Quebec Superior Court.  Bill 21 came into force on July 16, 2019 and bars public-school teachers, government lawyers, judges and police officers from wearing religious symbols while at work.  

Please see our press release

Here is a link to the decision  

Students at staff at St. Raphael School.

NEW SCHOOL PLANNED FOR NESBITT BUILDING: The EMSB has launched a consultation process in order to open a  new school for students with different disabilities. It is being proposed that the school be housed in the Nesbitt Elementary School facility in Rosemount for the 2025-26 academic year and coincide with the closure of St. Raphael Elementary School in Park Extension. Over  the last five years, the EMSB has opened numerous self-contained classes to address the needs of our students with specialized needs in mainstream schools.   This has  caused overcrowding in some schools and extended resources across the system. Furthermore, as the EMSB has  a limited number of self-contained classrooms due to the lack of space,   students with complex needs are often placed in  regular classes.   Some students need the type of specialized services that self-contained classes in regular schools cannot offer.   St. Raphael School  presently welcomes students with severe socio-emotional and behavioral difficulties. Its success is measured by the fact that it is at full capacity with a waiting list. Due to the increased number of referrals to the EMSB, a location is needed to accommodate   students with severe behavioral difficulties. It will serve two types of clienteles: neurotypical  students with severe behavioral difficulties as well as neurodivergent  students with severe behavioral difficulties and will provide specialized resources and space to address the needs of both groups. See our full press release.

CONFERENCE FOR THE GIFTED: The EMSB Will host its first Canadian Affiliate Bowl of the Future Problem-Solving Program International (FPSPI) on Sat. April 20 at LaurenHill Academy Jr. Campus (2355 Rue Decelles) in St. Laurent. Over the past few months, many EMSB students worked tirelessly and diligently as they engaged in the Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS) enrichment program across various schools. Throughout their engagement, student participants have actively researched and applied a six-step of the creative problem-solving process as they resolved a Future Problem connected to the topics of tourism, urbanization, and Antarctica. Those who qualified for the Affiliate Bowl developed a plan with creative and viable solutions for a future scene on Autonomous Transportation. Creativity research pioneer, Dr. Ellis Paul Torrance, created future problem solving (FPS) in 1974 to stimulate critical and creative thinking skills, encourage students to develop a vision for the future, and prepare students for leadership roles. To celebrate their achievements, the EMSB will host the first ever FPSPI: Canadian Affiliate Bowl at LaurenHill Academy Jr. Campus (2355 Rue Decelles) on Sat. April 20 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). This is an opportunity for attendees to get a sense of what their children have been learning throughout their engagement in the GIPS enrichment program while at the same time, it is a fleeting opportunity to build our community of creative problem solvers, by offering our student participants a venue to meet and interact with peers from other EMSB schools who share similar interests. Their passion and success may in turn transfer to and benefit other institutions across the province (and nation) so that other bright children can acquire the creative problem-solving skills, necessary to resolve the imminent problems of our   future. The program is being led by Dr. Camelia Birlean, the EMSB Consultant for Gifted and Exceptional Learners. Info: www.emsb.qc.ca/gifted.

FACE students will be back on stage.

PASSION IN UNISON: FACE School will be part of Passion in Unison, on Friday, May 3 (6:30 pm) at the Maison symphonique de Montréal. This unforgettable musical event will bring together over 500 talented young artists from various programs, including the Fine Arts program at FACE, the Arts-Studies program, classical music component, from Joseph-François-Perrault High School, and the Music-Studies program at Saint-Luc High School. The Music Ensembles of FACE School will be : the Con Brio ensemble Con Brio will perform Arabian Dances; The FACE Symphony Orchestra will perform Four for Tango, Aysha’s Awakening and Dance et Tico Tico; the grade 11 will perform the second  and the fifth movements of the Petite suite québécoise (arranged de Marie-Bernard) and the Lionel Daunais’s Pont Mirabeau (from a poem by Guillaume Appolinaire). FACE students, along with their teachers, have worked with dedication and passion to deliver an exceptional performance, demonstrating their commitment to music and art.

Samara O'Gorman (left) got a warm welcome at FACE.

PINK SHIRT DAY: Inspirations and the EMSB Climate team (Student Services Department),  introduced Inspirations’ Ambassador for mental health, Samara O’Gorman. On Pink Shirt Day. Ms. O’Gorman shared her message of kindness and leadership with elementary level students at F.A.C.E. School   in downtown Montreal. Her presentation was extremely well received. Ms. O’Gorman, 25, is an actress, singer and Irish Studies scholar. She is recognized in Montreal as a community poet, having spoken and recited her poetry at schools, ceremonies and various public occasions. She was the queen of Montreal’s 2023 St. Patrick’s Day parade. Ms. O’Gorman donates a portion of sales of her debut poetry collection What if The Sun Died to youth mental health and suicide prevention. Encouraging mental health advocacy, poetry, community involvement, kindness, self-love and leadership, Ms. O’Gorman will be speaking at EMSB elementary schools throughout the rest of the academic year. She offers poetry workshops as well. Pink Shirt Day (https://www.pinkshirtday.ca/) reinforces the message that we all have the power to create change by taking a stand against bullying and advocating for kindness and inclusivity. It was  preceded by Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17. While acts of kindness and anti-bullying / anti-violence education and action take place year-round at the EMSB, these two occasions provide the space to reinforce kindness as an antidote to bullying.

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Students walked 32 lengths of the school hallway, exactly one mile, carrying heavy weights on their shoulders.

OPTIONS AGAINST BULLYING: On February 28 the students and  staff at Options High School in Ville Émard participated in a full day of education on bullying. It began with a communal pancake breakfast and a few words outlining the days activities. Students participated in three different workshops in the morning. The first was an art workshop run by teacher Heather Hardie dedicated to creating their own pink shirt. The designs and messaging that came out of the workshop were truly powerful, positive and inspiring setting the tone for the day. The next was a creative writing workshop spearheaded by Project Developer Colin Thrones. The students created poetry and prose with the message that our words have the power to diffuse when emotions run hot but also the power to inspire by choosing non-violent forms of communication. Counselor in Re-Education, Caitlin O'Brien ran the third workshop entitled “Under the Surface” which focused on empathy and providing students with a greater understanding of what people are going through and carrying with them which may not always be visible. After lunch the students and staff participated in a physical challenge entitled “walk a mile in their shoes” run by Project Developer Jason Gannon. The students walked 32 lengths of the school hallway, exactly one mile, carrying heavy weights on their shoulders ranging from 30lb to 200lbs. The purpose was to feel the weight of bullying and to stand strong together in opposition to it. Finally a banner was created by all “Stronger Together” and every student and staff member painted their hands and printed them onto the banner. The message this time that we all have a hand in creating a school free from bullying where self-expression and exploration are encouraged. It was a fantastic success and Options school is looking forward to getting other schools to join with them next year. 

Brendon Tremblay in a scene with co-star Chloe Avakian.

VMC GRAD ON TV SHOW: Vincent Massey Collegiate graduate Brendon Tremblay is one the stars of a new CBC Gem drama debuting on March 29 called Near or Far.  The storyline revolves around twin sisters Sadie and Lauren Mustafa.  When Lauren moves to Montréal for university, the sisters start to hide things from one another –accidentally at first, and then on purpose. As cracks in their family tree are revealed, the twins begin to realize that their memories of shared moments bear no resemblance to one another, with one crucial conflict threatening to tear them apart forever. Tremblay’s character   Jeremy Cortland plays a critical role in this plot. As a bilingual actor, he has worked in both English and French productions in the theatre and television spaces. He is best known for his role as Marc Lemieux in the mini-series The Night Logan Woke Up, and can most recently be seen in the Fox series Alert: Missing Persons Unit  as Oliver. He has done workshops at the National Theatre School of Canada, as well as worked with award-winning actor/director Xavier Dolan and world-renowned stage director Serge Denoncourt. He recently played Laurent in Premier trio, Antoine in Gang de hockey, Nico in l’effet secondaire, and Sam in Comme des têtes pas de poule. He is presently studying theatre at Dawson College and would love to come back to VMC and talk to students, noting how they are indeed the target market for this show. Go to https://gem.cbc.ca/ to sign up. It is free of charge for your devices.

Vincent Massey students and staff at the Shriners.

VISIT TO THE SHRINERS: On March 18, 2024 the Shriners Hospital welcomed 21 Vincent Massey Collegiate Secondary V students to participate in a Health Professional for a Day workshop, organized by medical and dental students from McGill University. VMC students were treated to a day of exploration of careers in health; as well as to hands on interactive workshops where students learned the procedural skills behind suturing, casting, and dental alginate molding. The event was organized by VMC Guidance Counsellor Vanessa Zappitelli, who accompanied her students along with Principal Franca  Cristiano.

Kyra Milan Brown (left) is welcomed.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: To mark International Women’s Day, Cycle 3 students at Roslyn School had a special guest speaker: Kyra Milan Brown, the gregarious 11-year-old whom has dedicated her life to helping women and girls of all ages. A few years ago, Kyra created Kyra Kate Bags, where she collects travel sized toiletries for women at the Open Door organization as well as the homeless population of Montreal. From her home in the South Shore, whenever Kyra and her family leave their house, they always have a steady supply of bags filled with necessities just in case they encounter someone less fortunate who could use the assistance. Roslyn students will be collecting goods which will help fill these bags. For her efforts, Kyra was named one of CBC Montreal’s Black Changemakers in 2023. A special thank you to Grade 5 student, Aaliyah, for suggesting this generous initiative. 

Joe Ortona with the Queen and her Court, including EMSB alumni Meikle Rochford and Lalonde at the left.

ST. PATRICK’S DAY: EMSB Chair Joe Ortona and HSM Adult Education Centre Principal Anne Marie Matheson were among those in attendance at the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal  luncheon at the Centre Sheraton. Mr. Ortona chatted with  the Queen and her Court: Princess Julia Meikle Rochford, Princess Madison Lalonde, Queen Chloe Miller, Princess Mia Simard and Princess Shaeleigh Rose Spracklin. Madison is a graduate of Roslyn Elementary and Westmount High School and now works for Westmount-NDG Liberal MP Anna Gainey; Julia attended Edinburgh Elementary in Montreal West and the reverse integration program at the Mackay Centre School in NDG. She is presently studying law at McGill.

AUTISM IN THE EARLY YEARS: The Youth and Parents Agape Association, in partnership with Giant Steps, presented a free online two-day province-wide symposium entitled Autism in the Early Year recently. This symposium for parents and professionals  featured keynote presentations, a panel on autism service navigation across Quebec,  and sessions on communication support at home, parent training, empowerment, and more.  This initiative was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada through the Community Health and Social Services Network.   EMSB Director General Nick Katalifos was part of a panel which sought to inform and provide tools to parents navigating the often complex systems of autism services across sectors in Quebec. Experts from the health, daycare, education, and social services sectors   discussed the autism services offered across the province and help participants better understand the options, challenges, and processes to access these services.  Mr. Katalifos has  a son on the Autism Spectrum.

NEURODIVERSITY WEEK: The students of Merton Elementary School in Côte Saint-Luc   celebrated Neurodiversity week with a number of new related activities. On Thursday, March 21, they welcomed neurodivergent musician, composer, actor and film producer Steven Atme for an incomparable performance and conversation. A dedicated group of parents created beautiful boards celebrating the theme and helped identify valuable resources for teachers and students. 

Adams and Gotsis take off!

MERTON TEACHERS GO TO SPACE CENTRE: The Space Exploration Educators Conference (SEEC) takes place every year at NASA (Houston Johnson Space Center, Texas) and offers teachers a chance to learn about space exploration and to participate in STEM lesson planning. This year, Merton  teachers Debbie Adams (Science and Technology) and Georgia Gotsis (Grade 6 Math) went to the conference and met many amazing people, educators, astronauts, and other space enthusiasts. They learned all about the Artemis II mission set to go to the moon in the fall of 2025 with a Canadian astronaut aboard. “We encourage any Canadian educator to explore this unique opportunity,” they stated.

MONTREAL STEPPERS: The Montreal Steppers provided an inspirational performance for students at the Mackay Centre and Philip E. Layton Schools in NDG. The visit was mean to coincide with the International Day to Eliminate Racism.   Here is a report from City News Montreal 

MUSICAL PROJECT: Embark upon an itchy, stinky, sticky journey with "The Adventures of Eva the Louse," a musical project that weaves together the talents of 175 students from 13 EMSB schools and the EMSB Chorale. This ambitious, multi-level educational and artistic initiative is led by opera singers and choir conductors Dimitris Ilias and Maria Diamantis, founders of Chroma Musika (Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Eurokids Festival). Eva, a plucky louse with a zest for adventure! Living the dream in the wild jungle of Paul's hair, a nine-year-old with a serious case of anti-comb syndrome, Eva and her lousy friends enjoy a blissful, carefree life. That is, until the Great Delousing turns their world into a topsy-turvy, shampoo-splattered nightmare! As Paul's head becomes a no-lice land, Eva and her gang must make a daring leap of faith... onto Grandpa's head. But, plot twist – Grandpa's as bald as a billiard ball! Watch this band of intrepid insects navigate the vast, hairless wasteland of Grandpa's shiny dome. Will they slide into oblivion, or will they find a follicle-filled promised land? This large-scale production is a collaborative Canadian-Greek-Bulgarian effort featuring exclusively students from the EMSB. The story springs from the imaginative pen of author Mihalis Makropoulos, with captivating illustrations by Philippe Béha, a three-time Governor General's Award winner. The project will culminate in a book and audio album. See more here 

PERSEVERANCE WITH HABS DEFENCEMAN MIKE MATHESON:  Champions for Life Foundation will host a 30 minute virtual conference on Perseverance, in collaboration with LBPSB and EMSB, with    Champion Ambassador, Mike  Matheson, Assistant Captain from the Montreal Canadiens on Friday,  April 5  at 2 pm. The goal of the session is to offer high school students a special presentation by an inspiring individual.   Matheson grew up in the community, went to John Rennie High School (JRHS), and overcame various obstacles to ultimately achieve his goal of playing for the   Canadiens. The format is simple: a 15-minute presentation and interview with his former JRHS teacher, Keith McKoy, and Champions for Life Director David Arsenault, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session with students and teachers joining in remotely. A link will be sent to classes interested in participating.  E-mail Elpi Argyrakopoulos at   EArgyrakopoulos@emsb.qc.ca  or Karen Kleihauer at kKleihauer@emsb.qc.ca to confirm.

The OLP Storytelling winners.

STORYTELLING AT OLP: What's Your Story? Raconte-moi TON Histoire! A big round of applause for the Cycle 3 OLP students who participated in Storytelling on Monday, March 18! They shared personal stories in both English and French. A heartfelt thank you to all the Cycle 3 teachers for organizing this event and to the brave students who shared their stories. Special thanks to the parents who came to show their support.

READING CELEBRATION: First Book Canada will be visiting Our Lady of Pompei Elementary School in Ahuntsic on April 5.  Author Gillian Sze will be present and volunteers from the Bank of Montreal will  be reading to Grade 1 to 3 students.  This is in partnership with Bank of Montreal.    Students will receive brand new books to take home and keep copies of the author’s book, When Sunlight Tiptoes.   The author will begin her presentation where she will share her journey as an author and her books including When Sunlight Tiptoes.   Students and volunteers will then split up and proceed to the designated homeroom classrooms of Grades 1 to 3 students.  The BMO volunteers will read to the students and hand out copies of books for the students to take home.   First Book Canada is a national, social enterprise and registered charity, focusing on providing educational equity for children from low-income and historically excluded communities.  By building up the home libraries of less-advantaged children, the FBC team works to develop resilient communities and reduce the educational inequities that entrench many Canadians in poverty. FBC programs provide access to cultural capital in the form of new books emphasizing the importance of diversity & inclusion in the development of essential skills beyond literacy - including social & emotional competencies, S.T.E.A.M. education, and youth empowerment as change-makers. Since 2009,  they have distributed more than 10 million books and educational resources to kids via a network of over 18,000 members serving Canadian kids in need - including schools, shelters, social service organizations, new-immigrant transition centres, clinics, hospitals, foodbanks, and sports organizations - in every province and territory. 

PDC students work on some drawings.

IMPERFECTLY PERFECT: Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School in St. Léonard Cycle 1 classes are thrilled to announce their “Imperfectly Perfect” Body Image Workshop. This workshop, created in partnership with Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce, aims to empower students by fostering a positive and inclusive view of body image, emphasizing the belief that everyone can be a superhero, regardless of physical appearance. The workshop is designed to challenge societal norms and expectations about beauty and to celebrate the unique qualities that make each individual special. Through a series of interactive activities and discussions, the students explored the concepts of self-esteem, resilience, and the power of positive thinking. "Imperfectly Perfect Body Image Workshop is not just a program; it's a movement towards creating a more accepting and loving society," said   Mr, Lacroce. "Our goal is to help these young minds understand that true heroism comes from within and that they possess an inner strength capable of making a significant impact in their own lives and the lives of others." The workshop will be coupled with future classroom initiatives that will address the importance of nutrition and healthy living.

Explore Your Echo aims to empower young minds.

EXPLORE YOUR ECHO: On March 14, Concordia University graduates implemented their "Explore Your Echo" program on Cyber Violence at Pierre de Coubertin Elementary. The interactive session was facilitated by esteemed educators Safia Boufalaas and Emma June Huebner, under the coordination of Spiritual and Mr. Lacroce. These workshops, an extension of the “Explore Your Echo” syllabi developed by Emma June Huebner and Eva Roy (graduate students in Art Education) aimed at empowering young minds with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital realm safely, were met with enthusiasm from the eager grade 3 and 4 students. Through dynamic presentations, thought-provoking discussions, and interactive activities, the program delved into the intricacies of cyber violence, emphasizing the importance of digital literacy, empathy, and responsible online behaviour. "By fostering open dialogue and equipping students with the necessary skills, we empower them to become conscientious digital citizens capable of fostering positive online environments,” says Mr. Lacroce. "Education is key in combating cyber violence. Through initiatives like 'Explore Your Echo,' we aim to not only raise awareness but also cultivate a culture of respect, empathy, and inclusivity in online interactions." The program will continue to run throughout the month of March and April and will culminate with the students providing feedback on their experiences.

Spreading awareness of the silencing effect.

VOW OF SILENCE AT LMAC: On February 28, over 100 students from Laurier Macdonald High School engaged in an important initiative organized by Joseph Monachino (Spiritual and Community Animator), and Valerie Barnabé (IB Coordinator), to raise awareness about the silencing effect of bullying.  The students had the opportunity to become “silent” for one full school day in solidarity with children who are experiencing the mental, physical, and emotionally silencing effects of bullying.  By exercising their power to advocate for children’s voices, the students from Laurier Macdonald High School helped spread awareness and understanding of the silencing effect that bullying can have physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Congratulations to all the students that participated and took part in this worthy cause.  The Laurier Macdonald community is proud of each and every one of you and of your commitment to creating awareness and to beginning the process to end bullying in all its forms

Roen Higgins with students.

SPOKEN WORD ARTIST: Spiritual and Community Animator Mary Poullas invited award winning spoken word artist and poet Roen Higgins to Rosemount High School on Tuesday, March 19. Ms. Higgins’ personal story of how she surpassed all expectations by pursuing her passion for the arts resonated with the students. Her dynamic approach empowered the students to tap into their own creative potential.

Royal Vale hoopsters with their LCC counterparts.

SPORTS POWERHOUSE: Royal Vale School in NDG is becoming a sports powerhouse! Prior to March Break, their girls team capped off an undefeated 18-0 season to capture the City League Elementary Girls Basketball Championship! Way to go, Royal Vale! 

Erdelyi and Stoett.

ARISTOTLE CUP:  Last weekend three teams from Royal West Academy in Montreal West participated in the Aristotle Cup High School Debating Tournament at Marianopolis College. Matthew Erdelyi and Gianluca Stoett went undefeated throughout the competition and won the final round against a team from Selwyn House, taking home top honours. It's the first time a team from Royal West has won the tournament in 17 years. Anya Figlarz-Grassino and Chloe Bercovitz, the second team from Royal West came in fourth place overall. The four students from Royal West had already qualified for the National Debating Competition to be held in May in Vancouver after competing in the provincial tournament. They're looking forward to the Nationals. Ben Atlas and Annika  Pai finished 13th in the field of 20 teams. A special salute to  Catherine Holloway, Jamal Zigby and Angelos Diacoumacos for their support to prepare the students and for RWA graduate Cameron O'Hare for being such an excellent coach.

OPPORTUNITY FOR TEACHERS: The Library of Parliament is now accepting applications for the 25th edition of the Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy, which is set to take place from 3 to 8 November 2024. Hosted by the Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Commons and organized by the Library of Parliament, the teachers Institute brings 85 educators from across Canada to Ottawa to learn about parliamentary democracy, governance, and citizenship. The Teachers Institute has established a reputation among Canadian educators and parliamentarians as a rewarding professional development opportunity that offers teachers an in-depth view of Parliament. Those who wish to learn more are encouraged to visit the program web page at learn.parl.ca/teachers. The deadline to apply is  May 5.

FREE HOLOCAUST SEMINAR: The Montreal Holocaust Museum is in the process of adapting its programs to include a section on antsemitism.  Next summer's seminar will be a good source of concrete actions to put into action in the classroom. But before that, on Thursday, May 2 (4 pm to 7 pm)  there will be an all-English session for  teachers' session entitled  Teaching about the Holocaust and Learning about Antisemitism. It will take place at the Gelber Centre (5151 Côte St. Catherine Road). Speakers will include Alex Maws, Head of Education and Heritage, The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR); Yoni Berrous, Head, Educational Programs, Canada, Overseas Education and Training Department, Yad Vashem; and  Jody Spiegel from the Azrieli Foundation  You can register here via Jlive:  https://www.jlive.app/events/7413  In addition, applications are currently being accepted for a July seminar. See more here.

Students at the Museum.

HONORÉ MERCIER STUDENTS VISIT: On March 22 the Grade 6 students from Honoré-Mercier Elementary School in St. Léonard  along with their teachers and Spiritual and Community Animator Mary Poullas visited the Holocaust Museum to educate the students about the perils of antisemitism, racism, and indifference. Ms. Poullas said the students got so much out of this experience. They appreciated learning about the Holocaust through the personal experience of a survivor's daughter.

François Lukawecki 
MUSIC TEACHER WINS AWARD: François Lukawecki, beloved music teacher at Bancroft Elementary School in the Plateau,  won Canada's highest choral composition competition this month, receiving the Stephen Chatman Student Award for his composition "En plein air" here on YouTube.  This marks the first time a Québecois composer has won since 2010, and the first French-language composition to win since 2000. François, who started a Master's in Choral Conducting this year, all while continuing to teach full time at Bancroft, also won the Compétition de composition chorale of Université de Sherbrooke for his composition "La pensée," based on a poem by Émile Nelligan.  It   premiered in February by the prestigious Choeur de Chambre du Québec.   Watch it here. His winning composition will  premiere on May 30 via the Monday Night Choir.

COMEDY NIGHT: The Cedarcrest Elementary  Home and School  Association is planning for its annual Comedy Night  on Friday May 24 at LaurenHill Academy  Junior Campus in St. Laurent. Doors will open at 6:30 pm.

Preparing for Leadership Camp

By: Vincenzo Paolella and Dennis Klapsis, students at LMAC and LaurenHill

Photos: Eva Del Balso

As spring arrives, preparations are well underway for the EMSB’s annual Leadership Camp. Since planning began earlier this year, a team of about 30 student organizers have been hard at work, with a lot of time and effort put in to make sure every detail is taken care of. They have been brainstorming activities, planning logistics, and working hard to create a positive experience for their fellow students. 

Students take part in some activities (above and below).

Animators have also ben involved with preparations, coming up with fun icebreakers which are tailored to the needs of each student delegate, who they will lead during the camp. Guiding our students in this experience are C-J Turner, a Special Education Technician at Westmount High School & Karen Kleihauer, the High School Physical Education & Wellness consultant at the EMSB. 

The camp will be held from April 24 to 26 and will provide student leaders with an opportunity to grow, learn, and make lifelong connections with individuals from across the EMSB. With organizers meeting since January and enthusiastic animators working side-by-side to create a truly unforgettable experience, Camp Papillon is the place to be!


Working at the Student Learning Lab.

NEW LEARNING LAB: The new “Student Learning Lab” at Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal North is a multi-use flex space that serves as a hub for 21st-century skills development, helping students become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators.  This new lab can be used as a flex classroom, computer lab and/or a quiet study area.   It is equipped with a range of computers, laptops, tablets, and other digital devices that students can utilize for research, multimedia projects. Additionally, it is equipped with interactive whiteboards, audio-visual equipment, and a variety of software programs to enhance learning and engagement.  The Learning Lab can also accommodate different learning styles and preferences, with its flexible seating options and designated areas for group work, individual study, or teacher-led instruction. The space features adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and assistive technology tools available. Teachers and tutors can utilize the Learning Lab to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons, provide individualized support, and facilitate collaborative learning experiences. They can also make use of the lab's resources and technology to design innovative and engaging assignments and projects.  This new lab would not have been possible without the innovative and supportive efforts of Galileo’s students, educators, tutors and professionals. Their collaborative vision has reinvented a space where the motivation to learn, grow and succeed can flourish at Galileo! 

OPEN HOUSE: Galileo Adult Education Centre will hosting its second open house on April 25é On this special day, they warmly invite all members of the community to come and get a closer look at our wonderful learning environment. On this day you will have the opportunity to explore our school premises, interact with our dedicated teachers and staff, get a personal tour of our beautiful school and its revamped facilities and customized classrooms. You'll learn about our three successful educational programs (Language classes, Academic, Special Needs - SI/SVI) and be impressed with the exceptional learning environment they have created at Galileo. Galileo students and staff will guide you in small groups to walk our halls, observe classes,  connect with staff and students and feel the warmth that comes from being part of our vibrant evolving community!  Refreshments will be provided for everyone. Come  visit  on April 25, 2024 from 9  am to Noon and 3 pm to 8 pm at 10921 Gariepy, Montreal, H1H-4C6.

Recognizing students.

STUDENTS RECOGNIZED: Students from Galileo   were recently recognized for their academic achievements in Math, Contemporary World, English, French and Computers. On March 13, a small celebration was held, to applaud the hard work and dedication of these young scholars, as they persevere to the end of the winter semester. The students received accolades not only for their exceptional performance in various subjects but for their perseverance and academic efforts. These students have demonstrated a commitment to excellence both inside and outside the classroom, setting a high standard for their peers. Teachers, tutors, professionals and the administration gathered to applaud the students' accomplishments and encourage them to continue striving for excellence. This achievement not only reflects their individual efforts but also the supportive environment fostered by the school staff and community. 

Enjoying a Habs game.

A HABS EXPERIENCE: Students from Galileo were treated to an unforgettable evening at a recent Montreal Canadiens (Habs) game. Gathered in the heart of the Bell Centre, the atmosphere was electric as anticipation filled the air. For many of the students, it was their first time attending a live NHL game, and the thrill of witnessing their favorite players in action made for an unforgettable experience .  The night was also an opportunity for the students to bond with their peers outside of the classroom. One student, shared their experience by saying, "I've always been a huge fan of the Habs, but nothing compares to seeing them play live." As the final buzzer sounded and the Habs secured a thrilling victory, the students left the arena with hearts full of joy. The experience served as a reminder of the power of sports to unite communities and create cherished school memories. A huge thank you to Megafanford for this incredible experience!

HOMECARE ASSISTANCE: Shadd Health and Business Centre is starting a new accelerated course for Homecare Assistance, mandated by the provincial government.

CARPENTRY: With a shortage of workers in the construction industry, the Quebec Ministère de l'Éducation (MEQ) has provided school boards with the opportunity to offer  additional vocational programs. The EMSB has now introduced  a new program  in carpentry (STC – Skills Training Certificate). This is being offered under the auspices of Rosemount Technology Centre and housed  at Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North. The latter has been  retrofitted to meet the program requirements. Presently, the EMSB Adult  Education and Vocational Services (AEVS) Department offers programs in automechanics, cabinet making, aesthetics, professional cooking, sales and travel, secretarial services, institutional and homecare assistance, pharmacy technical services, accounting, computer graphics, furniture finishing and much more.


EMSB EXPRESS: L'édition du printemps du journal EMSB Express est maintenant disponible. Elle renferme des articles sur la célébration de la culture franco-québécoise (notamment un message spécial du ministre provincial de la Culture et des Communications, Mathieu Lacombe), le nouveau programme Arts-études à l'école secondaire Rosemont, la visite dans les écoles de certains de nos diplômés les plus éminents, le programme d'éducation sur l'Holocauste de la CSEM, le 25e anniversaire de l'Orchestre symphonique de l’école F.A.C.E., et bien plus encore. Pour accéder à la publication : https://az184419.vo.msecnd.net/emsb/emsb-website/common/emsb-express/emsb_express_spring2024_web.pdf 

FÊTE DE LA LECTURE : First Book Canada visitera le 5 avril l'école primaire Our Lady of Pompei à Ahuntsic. L'auteure Gillian Sze sera présente ainsi que des bénévoles de la Banque de Montréal (BMO) qui feront la lecture aux élèves de la 1re à la 3e année. Cette activité est organisée en partenariat avec la Banque de Montréal. Les élèves recevront des livres tout neufs à apporter à la maison ainsi qu'un exemplaire du livre de l'auteure, When Sunlight Tiptoes. Pour débuter l’activité, Gillian Sze relatera son parcours en tant qu'auteure et parlera de ses livres, notamment When Sunlight Tiptoes. Par la suite, les élèves et les bénévoles se sépareront et se rendront dans les classes-foyers des élèves de la 1re à la 3e année. Les bénévoles de BMO feront la lecture aux élèves et leur remettront des exemplaires de livres qu'ils pourront conserver. First Book Canada est une entreprise sociale nationale et un organisme de bienfaisance enregistré, dont l'objectif est de garantir l'équité en matière d'éducation aux enfants issus de milieux défavorisés et historiquement exclus. En permettant aux enfants des milieux défavorisés de se constituer une petite bibliothèque à la maison, l'équipe de First Book Canada contribue au développement de communautés résilientes et à la réduction des inégalités en matière d'éducation qui placent de nombreux Canadiens dans une situation désavantageuse perpétuant la pauvreté. Les programmes de First Book Canada donnent accès au capital culturel sous forme de nouveaux livres soulignant l'importance de la diversité et de l'inclusion dans le développement de compétences essentielles au-delà de la littératie – y compris les compétences sociales et émotionnelles, l'éducation STIAM et l'autonomisation des jeunes en tant qu'acteurs du changement. Depuis 2009, l'organisme a distribué plus de 10 millions de livres et de ressources éducatives destinés aux enfants par l'entremise d'un réseau de plus de 18 000 membres au service des jeunes canadiens dans le besoin, notamment des écoles, des refuges, des organisations de services sociaux, des centres de transition pour les nouveaux immigrants, des cliniques, des hôpitaux, des banques alimentaires et des organisations sportives, et ce, dans toutes les provinces et tous les territoires.  

UNE BELLE OCCASION POUR LE PERSONNEL ENSEIGNANT: La Bibliothèque du Parlement accepte présentement les candidatures en prévision de la 25e édition du Forum des enseignantes et des enseignants sur la démocratie parlementaire canadienne, qui aura lieu du 3 au 8 novembre 2024. Animé par le président du Sénat ainsi que le président de la Chambre des communes et organisé par la Bibliothèque du Parlement, le Forum des enseignantes et des enseignants rassemble 85 éducatrices et éducateurs à Ottawa, en provenance de partout au Canada, afin de leur permettre de se familiariser avec la démocratie parlementaire, la gouvernance et la citoyenneté. Le Forum des enseignantes et des enseignants s'est forgé une réputation parmi les éducatrices et éducateurs, ainsi que les parlementaires canadiens en tant qu'opportunité de développement professionnel enrichissante qui offre aux enseignants une expérience d’apprentissage approfondie du Parlement. Pour en savoir davantage, nous vous invitons à consulter la page Web du programme à https://learn.parl.ca/sites/Learn/default/fr_CA/TI. La date limite pour poser sa candidature est fixée au 5 mai 2024.

MARGIE GILLIS DE RETOUR: Margie Gillis, chorégraphe et danseuse de renommée internationale, a rendu visite à son ancienne école primaire, Carlyle, à Ville de Mont-Royal, le 28 février. Elle a répondu aux questions, présenté les nombreuses médailles qui lui ont été décernées et a même dansé avec et pour les enfants. Nous vous invitons à visionner la vidéo : https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/917738744. Depuis près de cinq décennies, Mme Gillis a développé son art, bousculant les normes tout en inspirant le public. En 2023, elle a célébré ses 50 ans de création et de danse, cumulant plus d'une centaine d'œuvres à son répertoire. Parmi les nombreux honneurs et récompenses qui lui ont été décernés, mentionnons le Prix du Gouverneur général pour les arts du spectacle de la réalisation artistique. Elle est également chevalière de l'Ordre national du Québec et officière de l'Ordre du Canada. En 2020, l'Université Concordia lui a décerné un doctorat honorifique en reconnaissance de son extraordinaire contribution à la danse moderne, à l'enseignement et à l'activisme, en tant que l'une des danseuses et chorégraphes les plus influentes de sa génération. 

BIEN SE PRÉPARER POUR L'ÉCLIPSE: À l'approche de la très attendue éclipse solaire le 8 avril prochain, la Commission scolaire English-Montréal veillera à ce que ses élèves et son personnel puissent assister en toute sécurité à ce phénomène astronomique spectaculaire et rare, en distribuant des lunettes de protection pour éclipse solaires à l'ensemble de son réseau. En partenariat avec le Planétarium de Montréal, la CSEM veillera à la distribution des lunettes de protection tout au long du mois de mars pour permettre à toutes et tous de vivre ce moment grandiose en toute sécurité. Outre les lunettes de protection qui sont fournies, les conseillères et conseillers en sciences et technologies des Services éducatifs de la CSEM ont travaillé avec diligence auprès des écoles pour faire de ce phénomène exceptionnel une occasion d'apprentissage unique pour l'ensemble des élèves. Des leçons axées sur l'éclipse solaire ont débuté avant la semaine de relâche et se poursuivront jusqu'au 8 avril. « Même si le 8 avril sera une journée pédagogique, bon nombre de nos enseignantes et enseignants s’affairent à préparer diverses activités d'apprentissage en prévision de cette journée toute spéciale », a déclaré le président de la CSEM, Joe Ortona.

DÉCISION ENTOURANT LA LOI 21: La CSEM est profondément déçue de la décision de la Cour d'appel du Québec de ne pas maintenir la décision de la Cour supérieure du Québec d'avril 2021 qui annulait certaines dispositions clés du projet de loi 21, la Loi sur la laïcité de l'État. « Notre position initiale reste inchangée, à savoir que la loi 21 va à l'encontre de nos valeurs et de notre mission, et de celles de l'ensemble des Québécois et des Québécoises, exprimées dans la Charte québécoise des droits et libertés de la personne », a déclaré le président de la CSEM, Joe Ortona. « L'adoption de cette loi s'inscrivait en faux contre notre objectif sociétal, qui est de faire la promotion de la coexistence pacifique au sein d'un Québec pluraliste. » La décision d’aujourd’hui fait suite à la contestation par la CSEM du projet de loi 21 devant la Cour supérieure du Québec, en octobre 2019. Entrée en vigueur le 16 juillet 2019, la loi 21 interdit aux enseignants des écoles publiques, aux procureurs de la Couronne, aux juges et aux policiers de porter des signes religieux dans le cadre de leurs fonctions.

« Cette loi interdit à nos futurs enseignants du primaire et du secondaire, ainsi qu’aux directions d’école et aux directions adjointes, de porter des signes religieux dans l’exercice de leurs fonctions, tout en limitant les perspectives d’avancement professionnel de nos employées et employés actuels, a souligné M. Ortona. Plus important encore, la loi 21 envoie un message d’intolérance et d’exclusion à nos élèves et à leur famille. »

Consulter l’intégral du communiqué  

Accéder au texte de la décision 

OUVERTURE D'UNE NOUVELLE ÉCOLE DANS LE BÂTIMENT NESBITT: La Commission scolaire English-Montréal a lancé un processus de consultation en vue de l'ouverture d'une nouvelle école pour les élèves qui présentent différents troubles. Il est proposé que l'école soit aménagée dans le bâtiment de l'école primaire Nesbitt à Rosemont pour l'année scolaire 2025-2026 et que son ouverture concorde avec la fermeture de l'école primaire St. Raphael située dans Parc-Extension. Au cours des cinq dernières années, la CSEM a mis sur pied de nombreuses classes multidisciplinaires pour répondre aux besoins des élèves ayant des besoins particuliers au sein des écoles ordinaires, ce qui a provoqué un surpeuplement dans certaines écoles et mis à contribution nos ressources dans l'ensemble du réseau. De plus, comme la CSEM dispose d'un nombre restreint de classes multidisciplinaires en raison du manque d'espace, des élèves ayant des besoins complexes se retrouvent souvent dans des classes ordinaires. Certains élèves requièrent des services spécialisés que les classes multidisciplinaires des écoles ordinaires ne peuvent pas leur offrir. L'école St. Raphaël accueille des élèves présentant de graves troubles socio-affectifs et comportementaux. Le fait que l'école soit à pleine capacité et qu'il y ait une liste d'attente témoigne de son succès. Devant le nombre accru de références dans notre réseau, un emplacement est requis pour accueillir les élèves ayant de graves troubles de comportement. La nouvelle école desservira deux types de clientèle : des élèves neurotypiques ayant des troubles graves de comportement, et des élèves neurodivergents présentant des troubles similaires. Elle fournira des ressources spécialisées et un espace conçu pour répondre aux besoins de ces deux groupes. 

Lire l’intégral du communiqué

JOURNÉE DU CHANDAIL ROSE: Inspirations et l'Équipe du climat scolaire (Service aux élèves) de la CSEM ont présenté Samara O'Gorman, l'ambassadrice de la santé mentale pour le compte du journal Inspirations. Dans le cadre de la Journée du chandail rose, la CSEM a organisé une conférence sur le thème de la santé mentale et de l'environnement. Mme O'Gorman a partagé son message de bienveillance et de leadership avec les élèves du primaire de l'école F.A.C.E. au centre-ville de Montréal. Sa présentation a été extrêmement bien accueillie. Âgée de 25 ans, Mme O'Gorman est actrice, chanteuse et étudiante en études irlandaises. Elle est reconnue à Montréal comme poétesse communautaire, ayant pris la parole et récité ses poèmes dans des écoles, lors de cérémonies et à diverses occasions publiques. Elle a été couronnée reine du défilé de la Saint-Patrick de Montréal en 2023. Elle verse une part des ventes de son premier recueil de poèmes, What if The Sun Died, pour appuyer la santé mentale et la prévention du suicide chez les jeunes. Animée par la promotion de la défense de la santé mentale, la poésie, l'engagement communautaire, la gentillesse, l'amour de soi et le leadership, elle s'adressera aux élèves du primaire de la CSEM d'ici la fin de l'année scolaire. Elle propose également des ateliers de poésie. La Journée du chandail rose, qui contribue à renforcer le message que nous avons tous le pouvoir de provoquer le changement en nous opposant à l'intimidation et en prônant la bienveillance et l'inclusion, a été précédée par la Journée des gestes de bonté spontanés, le 17 février. Outre les activités d'éducation et de sensibilisation aux gestes de bienveillance, à la lutte contre l'intimidation et la violence qui ont lieu à la CSEM tout au long de l'année scolaire, ces deux événements permettent de mettre l’accent sur la bienveillance pour contrer l'intimidation, en plus de célébrer les initiatives en place. 

L'ÉCOLE OPTIONS CONTRE L'INTIMIDATION: Le 28 février, les élèves et le personnel de l'école secondaire Options ont participé toute la journée à un programme d'éducation sur l'intimidation. Tout a commencé avec un déjeuner de crêpes et un aperçu des activités prévues pour la journée. En matinée, les élèves ont pris part à trois différents ateliers. Le premier, un atelier d'arts plastiques animé par l'enseignante Heather Hardie, a été consacré à la confection de leur propre chemise rose. Les créations et les messages issus de cet atelier étaient vraiment puissants, positifs et inspirants, donnant le ton à la journée. Le second atelier dédié à l'écriture créative a été dirigé par le développeur de projets Colin Thrones. Les élèves ont composé des poèmes et de la prose avec pour message principal que les mots ont le pouvoir de désamorcer les émotions, mais aussi d'inspirer en choisissant des formes de communication non-violentes. Caitlin O'Brien, conseillère en rééducation, a mené le troisième atelier intitulé Under the Surface et axé sur l'empathie. Il a permis aux élèves de mieux comprendre ce que les gens vivent et portent en eux, ce qui n'est pas toujours visible. Après le dîner, les élèves et le personnel ont participé au défi physique Walk a mile in their shoes, dirigé par le développeur de projets Jason Gannon. Les élèves ont arpenté le corridor de l’école à 32 reprises, ce qui représente exactement 1,6 km (1 mille), en portant sur leurs épaules des poids lourds allant de 14 à 200 kg (30 à 200 livres). L'objectif était de ressentir le poids des actes d’intimidation et de s'y opposer ensemble. Enfin, l’ensemble des participants et participantes ont créé une banderole intitulée Stronger Together, où chaque élève et membre du personnel a peint ses mains et les a posées sur la banderole. Cette fois-ci, le message était que nous devons tous mettre la main à la pâte pour créer un climat exempt d’intimidation à l’école, où l'expression personnelle et l'exploration sont encouragées. La journée fut couronnée de succès et l'école Options souhaite que d'autres établissements lui emboîtent le pas l'an prochain.

JOURNÉE INTERNATIONALE DE LA FEMME: À l'occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme, les élèves de 3e année de l'école Roslyn ont reçu la visite d’une invitée de marque : Kyra Milan Brown, une jeune fille joviale de 11 ans qui se consacre à aider des femmes et des jeunes filles de tous âges. Il y a quelques années, Kyra a créé les « sacs Kyra Kate », qui contiennent des produits d’hygiène en format voyage destinés aux femmes de l'organisme La Porte ouverte ainsi qu’aux personnes sans-abri de Montréal. Chaque fois que Kyra et les membres de sa famille quittent leur maison située sur la Rive-Sud, ils s’assurent toujours de prendre avec eux des sacs remplis de produits de première nécessité, au cas où ils croiseraient quelqu'un dans le besoin. Les élèves de Roslyn recueilleront des produits pour remplir ces sacs. En reconnaissance de ses efforts, Kyra a été nommée l’une des Black Changemakers par CBC Montreal en 2023. Nous remercions tout particulièrement Aaliyah, élève de 5e année, d'avoir suggéré cette généreuse initiative.

FÊTE DE LA SAINT-PATRICK: Le président de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal, Joe Ortona, et la directrice du Centre d'éducation des adultes HSM, Anne Marie Matheson, étaient parmi les personnes présentes au dîner de la Société de la Saint-Patrick de Montréal au Centre Sheraton. M. Ortona a bavardé avec la reine et sa cour : la princesse Julia Meikle Rochford, la princesse Madison Lalonde, la reine Chloe Miller, la princesse Mia Simard et la princesse Shaeleigh Rose Spracklin. Madison a fréquenté l'école primaire Edinburgh et est diplômée de l'école secondaire Westmount. Elle travaille maintenant pour la députée libérale de Westmount-NDG, Anna Gainey. Quant à Julia, elle a aussi fréquenté l'école primaire Edinburgh à Montréal-Ouest et a participé au programme d'intégration inversée du Centre Mackay à NDG. Elle fait présentement des études en droit à McGill. 

L'AUTISME DANS LA PETITE ENFANCE: L'Association des jeunes et des parents Agape, en partenariat avec l'école À pas de géant, ont récemment présenté un symposium de deux jours en ligne, gratuit et à l'échelle provinciale intitulé L'autisme dans la petite enfance. Destiné aux parents et aux intervenants et intervenantes, ce symposium comprenait des présentations, un panel sur la navigation des services en autisme au Québec, ainsi que des sessions sur le soutien à la communication à la maison, la formation des parents, l'autonomisation, et plus encore. Cette initiative a été financée par l'Agence de la santé publique du Canada par l'entremise du Réseau communautaire de santé et des services sociaux. Le directeur général de la CSEM, Nick Katalifos, figurait parmi un groupe de panélistes pour informer et outiller les parents qui naviguent dans le réseau souvent complexe des services en autisme dans tous les secteurs au Québec. Des experts des secteurs de la santé, des garderies, de l'éducation et des services sociaux ont discuté des services en autisme offerts dans la province et ont aidé les participants à mieux comprendre les options, les défis et les processus d'accès à ces services. M. Katalifos a un fils autiste.

PERSÉVÉRANCE AVEC MIKE MATHESON, DÉFENSEUR DES CANADIENS DE MONTRÉAL : En collaboration avec la Commission scolaire Lester-B.-Person (CSLBP) et la Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM), la Fondation Champions pour la vie organisera une conférence virtuelle de 30 minutes sur la persévérance avec l'ambassadeur de la Fondation, Mike Matheson, adjoint au capitaine des Canadiens de Montréal, le vendredi 5 avril à 14 h. L'objectif de cette séance est d'offrir aux élèves des écoles secondaires une présentation spéciale par une personne inspirante. Mike a grandi au sein de la communauté, a fréquenté l'école secondaire John Rennie et a surmonté divers obstacles pour finalement réaliser son rêve de jouer pour la formation des Canadiens. La formule est simple : une présentation de 15 minutes et une entrevue avec son ancien enseignant à l'école John Rennie, Keith McKoy, et le directeur de la Fondation Champions pour la vie, David Arsenault, suivies d'une période de questions de 15 minutes à laquelle les élèves et le personnel enseignant participeront à distance. Un lien sera transmis aux classes intéressées à prendre part à cet événement. Prière de confirmer par courriel à Elpi Argyrakopoulos à EArgyrakopoulos@emsb.qc.ca ou à Karen Kleihauer à  kKleihauer@emsb.qc.ca.



NOUVEAU LABORATOIRE D'APPRENTISSAGE : Le nouveau « Labo d'apprentissage » du Centre d'éducation des adultes Galileo à Montréal-Nord est un espace polyvalent qui sert de plaque tournante pour le développement des compétences du 21e siècle, aidant les élèves à devenir des penseurs critiques, des êtres aptes à résoudre des problèmes et à communiquer de manière efficace. Ce nouveau laboratoire peut servir de salle de classe polyvalente, de laboratoire informatique ou de zone d'étude paisible. Il est équipé d'une gamme d'ordinateurs, de portables, de tablettes et d'autres appareils numériques que les élèves peuvent utiliser pour la recherche et les projets multimédias. On y trouve également des tableaux blancs interactifs, de l'équipement audiovisuel et divers logiciels pour améliorer l'apprentissage et stimuler la participation. Le laboratoire d'apprentissage répond également aux différents besoins et préférences pédagogiques, grâce à diverses options de sièges et à des zones désignées pour les projets en groupe, le travail individuel ou l'enseignement dirigé par un enseignant. Le laboratoire est également équipé de bureaux ajustables, de chaises ergonomiques, ainsi que de matériel d'assistance et de soutien. Les enseignants et les tuteurs peuvent utiliser le laboratoire d'apprentissage pour dispenser des cours dynamiques et interactifs, fournir un soutien individualisé et faciliter les expériences d'apprentissage coopératives. Les ressources et la technologie du laboratoire sont aussi mises à leur disposition pour concevoir des devoirs et des projets innovants et stimulants. Ce nouveau laboratoire n'aurait pas vu le jour sans l’innovation et le soutien des élèves, des éducateurs, des tuteurs et des professionnels de Galileo. Leur vision commune a permis de réinventer un espace propice à l’apprentissage, l’épanouissement et la réussite à Galileo!

PROGRAMME DE SOUTIEN À DOMICILE : Le Centre de santé et d'études commerciales Shadd lance un nouveau cours accéléré de soutien à domicile, mandaté par le gouvernement provincial.

CHARPENTERIE : Face à la pénurie de main-d’œuvre dans l’industrie de la construction, le ministère de l’Éducation du Québec (MEQ) a accordé aux commissions scolaires la possibilité d’offrir des programmes supplémentaires à la formation professionnelle. La CSEM vient donc d'ajouter un nouveau programme en charpenterie (AEP – Attestation d’études professionnelles). Cette formation est dispensée sous l'égide du Centre de technologie Rosemont et se tient à l'école secondaire Lester B. Pearson de Montréal-Nord. Cette dernière a d’ailleurs été réaménagée pour répondre aux exigences du programme. À l'heure actuelle, les Services de l’éducation des adultes et de la formation professionnelle (SEAFP) de la CSEM offrent des programmes en mécanique automobile, en ébénisterie, en esthétique, en cuisine professionnelle, en vente et voyage, en secrétariat, en assistance à la personne en établissement et à domicile, en assistance technique en pharmacie, en comptabilité, en infographie, en finition de meubles, et bien plus encore.

Le prochain numéro de Pleins feux sur Fielding sera publié le 30 avril 2024. Prière de soumettre vos articles au plus tard le 26 avril 2024 à mcohen@emsb.qc.ca 

The next Focus newsletter will be published on April 30. Deadline for submissions is  April 26, 2024 at Noon  to mcohen@emsb.qc.ca 



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