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EMSB PRESENTS BILL 86 BRIEF:  The EMSB presented its brief on proposed Bill 86: An Act to modify the organization and governance of school boards at Parliamentary hearings in Quebec City on March 22. If passed, the Bill will restructure the province’s school boards by limiting the public’s right to vote for school board commissioners. You can view the entire presentation here.

The EMSB strongly opposes the proposed legislation. Chairman Angela Mancini, Vice-Chair Sylvia Lo Bianco and Commissioner Joe Ortona made the formal presentation. They called upon the government to withdraw draft Bill 86 and return to the drawing board by consulting with stakeholders across the public education sector to develop a democratic and legally-sound solution to encourage greater community participation in the management of Quebec’s school system.
Education Minister Sebastien Proulx thanks EMSB delegation.
Stated Ms. Mancini: “The withdrawal of Bill 86, coupled with a new draft law that proposes improvements to school board elections, would safeguard the constitutional rights of our minority language community to retain management and control over our schools, as well as protect the democratic rights of not only our community, but of all Quebecers.”

High Graduation Rate

The EMSB boasts the highest graduation success rate in Quebec amongst public school boards in both the francophone and anglophone systems. The 87.8 percent success rate that was recorded in 2014-2015 was more than five percent higher than the success rate recorded in 2013. “The EMSB is able to effectively manage its schools and deliver results due to the confidence invested in it by voters who freely and fairly elect their commissioner-representatives to the Board,” maintained Ms. Lo Bianco.  “The legitimacy that comes from being elected via the process of universal suffrage cannot be underestimated, nor can the responsibilities and accountability that are incumbent on elected officials resulting from them being democratically chosen by a group of their peers.”

The EMSB fails to see how draft Bill 86 will even remotely improve learning outcomes for students, both in our Board and across Quebec’s education system. “On the contrary,” emphasized Mr. Ortona. “The EMSB believes that Bill 86 seriously threatens to destabilize the education system, to such a degree that the draft law itself may jeopardize student success by dismantling a robust framework put in place by the EMSB to encourage and facilitate high academic achievement.”

Ms. Mancini noted how the EMSB is extremely concerned that one democratically-elected level of government is attempting to abolish another. “This situation is quite simply unacceptable,” she remarked.  “The termination of existing commissioners’ mandates 15 days following the adoption of Bill 86 not only seems highly impractical to implement, but more importantly infringes the well-established legal doctrine of promissory estoppel that dictates that existing Commissioners have a reasonable expectation to carry out their four year mandates for which they were elected in November 2014.”
Proceed with elections online

The EMSB is recommending that democratically-elected school boards be maintained to safeguard the anglophone minority community’s constitutional rights to manage and control its schools.  Parent Commissioners should be legally vested with all of the rights, responsibilities and duties of commissioners elected through universal suffrage, including the right to vote. 

Furthermore, the EMSB recommends that school board elections be opened to online and mail-in ballots, in addition to polling stations, to facilitate voter participation in the democratic process. These elections should be held concurrently with municipal elections to facilitate the potential for voters to exercise their constitutional rights.

Joe Ortona, the PQ's Alexandre Cloutier, Angela Mancini and Sylvia Lo Bianco.
“Reforms can be applied to the public school system in Quebec that increase community participation in the management and control of our schools,” said Ms. Mancini. “Notably, improvements to the electoral system for school boards will achieve this aim, and empower parents and non-parents alike in an inclusive community framework where the constitutional rights of all are respected.”

Ms. Mancini has already welcomed newly appointed Education Minister Sébastien Proulx, and wished him well in his new duties. “His arrival in this portfolio comes at a critical time for the future of the public education system in Quebec,” she said.

Sylvia Lo Bianco talks to the PQ's Jean-François Lisée and Filomena  Rotiroti of the Liberals.
The EMSB delegation to the National Assembly was backed by a number of supporters coming up from Montreal, including parent commissioner Joanne Charron,regional parent representative Serena Cappelletti, two Secondary V students from the EMSB’s Student Advisory Council - James Peterson from Lester B. Pearson High School and Jacob Gentile-Cunha from Royal Vale School- accompanied by their supervisor, LBPHS teacher Paul Karpontinis.  

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PROVINCIAL BUDGET: The EMSB has reacted to the tabling of a new budget by the Quebec government, which includes a long awaited investment in the education system.

 ''We are happy that our voices have been heard,” said Ms, Mancini. “This is a step in the right direction, but we still have a long road ahead of us in an attempt to make up for the $1 billion worth of cuts over the last five years in the education sector. We want to continue to work together with the government through a constructive dialogue in order to provide the quality service that our children deserve.''

The budget promises,  among other specific items, an overall three percent increase. Furthermore, an additional investment of approximately $600 million over three years to reinvest specifically in infrastructure, $39 million to support early intervention for elementary students and $35 million to address the high school dropout rate.  “While the government has set a goal of an 80 percent success rate by 2020, we are proud to say that we have already reached the 88 percent rate,” said Ms. Mancini. “That is number one in the province among public school boards.”

Rita De Santis and students.
MEETING WITH MINISTER: Lester B. Pearson High School’s Student Council had the opportunity of holding a private audience with  their local MNA for Bourassa/Sauve and Minister Responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions,  Rita De Santis, on March 7. Ms. De Santis headed a round table discussion involving the members of the Student Council Executive on democratic institutions in our province and the significance of Student Leadership in our community, but also in their personal growth.  Members of Student Council were able to address issues that they felt were important in our schools, asked Ms De Santis questions about her role in our government and finally they were able to express their concerns over the proposed Bill 86 legislation.

A united front of students.
BRIDGE BUILDING: On February 25 and 26, students from Lester B. Pearson High School's Student Council and Fair Haven Union High School Vermont participated in the third annual bridge-building activities. On February 25, members of the two schools held a crash course on bonding. This was accomplished through student-led icebreakers, a large group lunch and experiential activities. On February 26, students from both schools toured St-Joseph’s Oratory, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and ended the day with lunch and ice skating at the Atrium 1000. This annual tradition allows students to have meaningful conversations with those who may have different life-experiences. Over the last three years, LBPHS students have solidified their bonds through social media and maintained friendships over long distances.

Marking Empathy Day.
EMPATHY DAY: Lester B. Pearson High School recently marked its second annual empathy day, a student council organized program that fosters compassion and acceptance amongst students. This day was devised, planned and implemented by members of student council throughout all five levels. It began when students entered the building to find positive messages written on post-it notes left on their lockers. During recess, students were offered free hugs and lollipops in the plaza area to all students who were interested. Finally, we engaged students in secondary four with a short assembly and four experiential activities in personal reflection, empathy, privilege and bullying. It is the school’s hope that this tradition will nurture a greater sense of belonging and understanding throughout the school environment and that this positive gesture will result in students feeling more welcomed at LBPHS  and treat each other with a bit more kindness and compassion.

SCRIVIAMO IN ITALIANO: The students of Lester B. Pearson High School have for the past several years been given the option to take Italian class in Secondary IV and V. This year students enrolled in the Italian courses have a wonderful opportunity to display their written work in the Corriere Italiano newspaper. Through the end of  June, students will have featured poem, a composition, or a blurb about something that they are working on in class. As well the newspaper will award a $500 gift card to one lucky student to help purchase books and school supplies next year for CEGEP and the opportunity to intern at the newspaper for one week. This partnership gives the students a voice in the Italian community and encourages them to find new paths that they may wish to discover.

OPENING OF SSD ROOM: Last week Lester B. Pearson High School celebrated the grand opening and unveiling of the new Student Support Department (SSD) room.The purpose  is to offer a safe space for students to regain balance and refocus. This is an initiative that was taken by the Child Care Worker and Behavioural Technician team.  The room will be used to conduct workshops developed by the team on topics such as dealing with anxiety, anger management, conflict resolution, time management, etc. Mindfulness techniques will be taught to help students deal with the performance anxiety they often suffer from. Lester B.  Pearson High School is proud of this initiative that embraces diversity, equity and success for all.

SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS: Students from Marymount Academy International in NDG and Royal West Academy in Montreal West captured a total of 14 awards at the 34th Hydro Quebec Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair, at the closing awards ceremony that took place on March 15 at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall of Concordia University.
Carl Miller and Thomas Giacobbe of Royal West Academy accept their Junior Division gold medal.
The ceremony concluded the three-day fair, which took place from March 13-15 on the ground floor atrium of Concordia’s Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex in downtown Montreal, and was organized by the Educational Alliance for Science and Technology (EAST). Marymount and Royal West were represented by 11 booths at the Fair that dealt with scientific and technological experimentation, design or study, and tackled a wide range of topics such as how to create an edible water bottle, alternative means of home insulation, and earthquake-resistant building structures. Cash and scholarship prizes, totalling $12,800 and $15,000 respectively, were handed out to the winning student participants.

Awards were given out for the following EMSB projects at the Science & Technology Fair: Lean Hamwi of Marymount Academy International won the John Abbott College Science Prize for her project “Can I Cook in Peace?,” which deals with a new way for smoke alarms to work to avoid unnecessary false alarms; Gabrielle Goldman of Royal West Academy won the Vanier College Science Award for her project “All Roads LEED to Home,” which is about creating sustainable, affordable housing in South Africa according to the standards set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization; Lia Loebenberg of Royal West won the McGill University School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition Award for her project “Breaking Down,” which is about how temperature and radiation affect enzymes; Jude Victoria of Royal West  picked up two awards – the McGill University Biology Award and the McGill University Faculty of Medicine Award - for his project “Does Size Matter?,” which focused on protein mutations; Matthew Ciarleli and Janvi Patel of Royal West  won the Concordia University Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering for their project “Resist the ‘Quake,” which offered several alternative building structures that are earthquake resistant; Carl Miller and Thomas Giacobbe of Royal West  won the McGill University Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Award, and the Gold Medal in the Junior Division, for their project “The Green Wall,” which offered two eco-friendly means of home insulation, which were sawdust and cotton balls; Jaan Van Der Wee and Sean Giacobbe of Royal West aptured three awards – the Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Entrance Bursary, the Fondation ALCOA Award, and the Silver Medal in the Senior Division – for their project “The Root of Ethanol Production,” which explained the connection between growing root vegetables and the production of ethanol.

Jaad Van Der Wee (left) and Sean Giacobbe of Royal West Academy with their project "The Root of Ethanol Production.
Also, the projects “Does Size Matter?,” “The Root of Ethanol Production,” and “The Green Wall” each won the Super expo-sciences Hydro Quebec (SESHQ) Experimentation and Design Award, which gives them the right to compete at this year’s Quebec finals of the Super expo-sciences Hydro Quebec. That will take place from April 22-24 in Sorel-Tracy. Winners will go on to the 55th annual Canada Wide Science Festival, which will take place from May 18-20 at McGill University.

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Nathan Villa with his mom Gabriella, Sylvia Lo Bianco, Joanne Charron, Anna Villalta and John Wright.
DALKEITH STUDENT STAYS IN CANADA: The EMSB is delighted with the news that seven year old Dalkeith Elementary School student Nathan Villa and his mother Gabriela will be able to remain in Canada after facing a deportation order to Mexico from the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA). EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini commended Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for intervening and granting a temporary resident status to Ms. Villa. Nathan has been diagnosed with autism and speech delay and this represented a fundamental part of the arguments given to allow them to stay in the country. “We are so happy for Nathan and his mother,” said Ms. Mancini. “There were many people who worked behind the scenes to make this happen. I’d particularly like to acknowledge the tireless efforts of Joanne Charron, the EMSB commissioner representing the special needs community. This was a new position created by the Ministry of Education following the last school board elections and represents another example of how the current system of school board governance works.”

Ms. Mancini also commended the work of Dalkeith Principal John Wright and his staff, who have supported the Villas every step of the way. “The Villas have been given a temporary permit while awaiting for a decision on her humanitarian application,” said Ms. Mancini. “We are confident they are here to stay.”

VOLUNTEER NIGHT: The EMSB will hold its annual Volunteer Appreciation Evening on Tuesday, April 12 at the  Centre Renaissance (7550 Boulevard Henri Bourassa East)  in Anjou. This year’s event is being held to commemorate National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 11 to 15, under the theme of “Leading By Example.” Montreal comedian Guido Grasso will perform a short set, courtesy of Ralph Buttino of VMG Entertainment. VMG produces the popular Bad Boyz of Comedy series. Buttino is a graduate of Laurier Macdonald High School.

Guido Grasso

Time and space do not allow the EMSB to honour all of its nearly 1,500 volunteers in person. Therefore, only those individuals who have volunteered for more than five years will attend the reception, representing some 500 people. However, several thousand copies of a commemorative program book will be distributed to each school. The emcees for the evening will be Global News senior anchor Jamie Orchard and EMSB Communications and Marketing Specialist Michael Cohen. 
Tina and Frank Saracino
This year’s Volunteers of Distinction are the husband and wife team of Frank and Tina Saracino ,who have volunteered at Honoré-Mercier Elementary School in St. Léonard over the past 14 years. For the eighth consecutive year, La Capitale Financial Services is the title sponsor for this event. La Capitale Financial Services ( which is a member of La Capitale Financial Group, offers a wide range of products and services that are designed to simplify financial choices for members working in the public and parapublic sectors in over 900 public and parapublic institutions across the province.  Along with La Capitale, the 2016 EMSB Volunteer Appreciation Evening is proud to have the following companies as its major sponsors: Steve’s Music Store (, Loft Uniforms (, Green Apple Studio (, Grevin Museum Montreal; Global Montreal ( a longtime supporter of the EMSB and Volunteer Appreciation Evening; The Suburban Newspaper ( and “MList” (, a membership club that offers discounts, special offers and promotions from a wide range of Montreal retailers and services, and its website offers blogs on food, parenting, fashion and more; KidCon (; Lamontagne (, which offers a large assortment of chocolates; and The Big Blue Hug (   Please see the press release

COOK FOR A CURE: Students from three EMSB schools -Rosemount High School and Nesbitt Elementary School in Rosemount and Gerald McShane Elementary School in Montreal North - are joining forces in the second annual Cook for a Cure to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society of Montreal. Last year, Cook for a Cure raised $10,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society of Montreal.  As a result of the project’s incredible success, the initiative has grown into a two-part inter-generational project. Initially, students will be delving into their family’s history and contribute to a recipe book that will highlight their past through a signature family dish. The official launch of the book will take place on Wednesday, April 13 (7 pm) at the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre (8370 Boulevard Lacordaire) in St. Léonard. Following the book launch, students will be recreating their family’s signature dish at the Cook for a Cure gala, set to take place on Wednesday, May 11 (6 pm) at Plaza Antique (6086 Sherbrooke East) in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. In addition to tasting over 60 family recipes, guests in attendance at the gala will be treated to a sit-down meal. The highlight of the evening will be the presence of a number of celebrity chefs including Sergio Mattoscio, from Industrial and Top Chef Canada; Joe Mercuri from Restaurant Mercuri and Michele Forgione, owner of Impasto and Gema, whom will judge the 60 dishes and name one as the evening’s best.  

The entire project was organized by Vince Lacroce, Spiritual and Community Animator, with the cooperation of Pat Buttino, Cultural Director of the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre; Giulio Di Minno and Fabio Ianero, owners of Plaza Antique (Plaza PMG Group); Nick De Palma, Owner of Inferno; David Fuoco, owner of Les Delices Rosa; Cristina Muccardi, owner of Cook and Date; Sabrina Mazza, representative Alzheimer's Society of Montreal; Marco Gagliardi, Principal of Rosemount High School; Christina Chilelli, Principal of Gerald McShane;  and Antoinette Scrocca, Interim Principal of Nesbitt School. For more information on the project and the Cook for a Cure gala, please visit:
Enjoying the Bread Festival.

BREAD FESTIVAL: Imagine a gymnasium filled with the hum of busy bodies chatting excitedly. Friends calling out to each other, “look, I found pita bread in Africa” over the heads of parents bonding with their children in a new type of learning experience. This was the scene at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary School's  first International Bread Festival on March 17. The festival, taking place in the context of a larger multicultural week, celebrated the diversity and uniqueness of a community rich in heritage, tradition and culture. Students were asked to bring in a sweet or savoury loaf of bread that represented their cultural background and then were invited to sample the “breads of the world.” The open afternoon saw parents, grandparents, and children of the community coming together to explore and celebrate the diversity of PET. In all, seven continents were represented, exposing students to new flavours and ingredients; allowing them to ask questions and experience, first hand, a trip around the world. For many, this was an opportunity to try something different and learn about their friends’ very special customs. One student said of a steamed Chinese flower bun, “If it weren’t for this, I don’t think I would have ever of eaten those breads in my life. I wouldn’t have the chance.” Leftover bread was donated to a local shelter, a great way to give back to the community we celebrated on this day.
Some of the breads.

In addition to the Festival, students have been learning how bread is a staple in most countries and unites many different cultures across the world. They have been learning about yeast and making bread in Science class, polling and graphing our students’ origins for Math as well as keeping a traveller’s “passport” of their learning in Social Studies. The week will be wrapped up with a play tackling the importance of acceptance and standing up to prejudice. Overall, the week has been a great success for the staff, students and family of PET who have taken home the important message of accepting others, being tolerant and celebrating who we are. We would like to thank all the students and parents who participated as well as the volunteers for their hard work in helping bring everything together for this special event.

Jessica Muha, Massimo Vatistas, Alexandra Paquette and Charlotte Ouimet are congratulated by EMSB officials.
ROBERT PECK AWARD: The winners of the Robert Alfred Peck Prize for Excellence in French were announced at the  March  EMSB Council of Commissioners meeting.  This year’s recipients were Auryane D’Or from Rosemount High School and Jessica Muha, Charlotte Ouimet, Alexandra Paquette, Ashley Saad and Massimo Vatistas from Royal West Academy in Montreal West. They each  received a medal and $15. Last year they achieved marks of 100 percent in Secondary V French 634 594  Mr. Peck, served as the superintendent of French for the Ministry of Education and held similar posts with the former Westmount School Board and the former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal. He was a department head for French at Lachine High School and vice-principal of Riverdale High School on the West Island. He completed his career as a teacher in Africa and  co-authored  Le Français Pratique, the  textbook for the teaching of French as a second language with Elizabeth Buchanan.  This textbook was a mainstay in Quebec Protestant English schools for over 20 years.

Marylene Perron is congratulated.
PERRON RECOGNIZED: Marylene Perron, the principal of the EMSB's Parkdale Elementary School in St. Laurent, was the only Quebecer to have been selected as one of The Learning Partnership’s Canada’s Outstanding Principals™, The program recognizes the unique and vital contributions of principals in publicly funded schools. This year, 40 principals representing every province and territory were chosen by a national selection committee on the basis of their exceptional contributions to their respective schools and communities.  Ms. Perron received her award at the annual Outstanding Principals Gala on February 23 at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto. The winners also benefit from an exclusive five-day executive leadership training program at one of Canada’s top business schools, the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. The program will introduce them to leadership and management practices presented by business, government and education leaders as well as Rotman instructors. They also benefit from a “Changing World of Work” day where they learn about today’s workforce from business leaders. She was recognized at the March 23 EMSB Council of Commissioners meeting.

PARKDALE'S NUTRITION PATH: Parkdale Elementary School in St. Laurent has launched a school-wide nutrition initiative thanks to grants from the National Bank of Canada and the Metro Green Apple School Program, as well as a partnership with Maxi et Cie. St-Laurent. Two projects have launched this month. "Qu’est-ce qu’on mange?" is a project on health and well-being through social entrepreneurship and community engagement. This project will teach students how to plan for, and make simple, healthy meals for themselves, while learning and practicing the French language. Department managers from Maxi et Cie. St-Laurent have volunteered to host workshops on the different aspects of planning for, cooking, and packaging meals. The food the students create will be distributed to the community, to help families in need.
Parkdale students showcase their healthy muffins.
In the Cultural Cooking Collective project, students in every grade are inviting parents, community partners, and special guests to teach them how to cook food from different countries that reflect the cultural richness of our diverse school population. Kindergarten students are learning about fruits and vegetables from exotic locations, while students in Grade 1 are cooking rice dishes from all around the world. Grade 3 students are shopping for, and cooking several traditional first nations recipes,  to compliment the “Univers Social” curriculum. Be sure to follow the school's twitter feed (@ParkdaleEMSB) and the CLC feed (@ParkdaleCLC).

To highlight the EMSB 2016 Nutrition Month Campaign, High School students have been invited to take the 10 Plate Challenge: Small Changes, One Plate at a Time! The objective is to help high school students identify areas of their eating habits that require change and develop strategies to improve food choices, improve lifestyle habits and increase their nutritional knowledge!  Students were asked to submit a one minute video describing which Plate Challenge they have chosen and how they will meet their challenge.  For more information ask the school’s Physical Education and Health Teacher or go to:

EMSB EXPRESS: Copies of the Spring 2016 edition of the EMSB Express Newspaper     have  been distributed to schools and centres. You can also read the newspaper online  here.  This edition features special coverage about our balanced literacy initiative, our EMSB Quiz, an update on our energy saving project and much more. We are also taking nominations of your favorite teachers in the youth and adult sectors and in physical education for gift certificates to P.F. Chang's and La Cage Brasserie Sportive,

EMSB AND THE IMPACT: For the 11th year in a row, the EMSB is pleased to announce the continuation of a partnership with the Montreal Impact soccer team through its  “All the Way with the Impact” program. Over the next few months, members of the Impact will be visiting schools to remind young students of the importance of studying, persevering and building self-confidence in order to succeed.   The traditional “EMSB Night  will take place on Wednesday evening, June 8 at Saputo Stadium as part of the Amway Canadian Championship, which involves the top five professional clubs in Canada, in the race to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League. That is an international competition between professional clubs from North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Tickets, which are usually $20 each, are priced for EMSB families at a discounted $13 each. Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards Inspirations, a publication dedicated to the special needs community. We will accept orders on a first-come, first-serve basis from the schools and there is an option to purchase tickets safely and securely via credit card. To do so online, please visit Two students will also win $500 Tony Licursi Scholarships.

CORONATION`S HABS EXPERIENCE: A lucky group of 16 Grade 5 students from Coronation Elementary School in Côte des Neiges, along with  teachers Brigitte Boulos and  Peter Tsinas,  got to attend a Montreal Canadiens practice on Friday, March 11 at the Complexe sportif Bell in Brossard. This was all part of the Canadiens@school program.

Phillip Danault and Mike Condon of the Montreal Canadiens join Coronation students and staff.
The school entered a contest called the Concours du Grand Prix to be eligible for this exciting opportunity. On this day, the Canadiens had a dryland training session on an indoor soccer field. When that practice was complete, the students were invited to meet goalie Mike Condon, defenceman Mark Barbierio and forwards Sven Andrighetto and Phillip Danault. The players split the group into two and took part in a 15 minute soccer scrimmage.Condon spoke to the students about the importance of staying in school. He graduated from Princeton University, where he majored in politics. Barbiero grew up in the West Island community of Kirkland and attended the Lester B. Pearson School Board. He said it is always fun to meet young hockey fans, noting that during his student days he never had such an opportunity to meet members of the Habs. The Canadiens@school program is a free hockey themed curriculum resource for students in Grades 1 to 9. There are almost 300 lesson plans available on the website site, developed specifically to meet components of the Ministry of Education curriculum. The program also provides opportunities to receive monthly recognition awards and win great Canadiens prizes. Coronation arts teacher Valerie Chiniara submitted drawings of goalie masks by her students as a winning entry. She was unable to attend the practice. See our video.

LITERACY INITIATIVE: The January 22 press conference held at Dante Elementary School to promote the EMSB Literacy Initiative is still gaining a lot of traction in the media. A recent episode of the highly rated program 24CH followed the wives of Carey Price (Angela), Brian Flynn (Alyssa) and Tom Gilbert (Larissa) as they took part in the press event and read books to the children. Here is the English version broadcast on CTV  and the French version. 
A happy group of Chorale singers.
THE CHORALE: After participating in an Earth Hour concert on March 19 at Christ Church, the EMSB Chorale  were in concert at St. Joseph´s Oratory the following day as part of its concert series, with guest organist Jonathan Oldengarm (Music Director, Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul).  For complete details click here.
 Jean-François Lisée joins officials at the  ribbon cutting.
VINCENT MASSEY GYM: The EMSB celebrated the long-awaited opening of a new double gymnasium and four additional classes at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount on  March 18. Hundreds of elementary school students were on hand for a special soccer play day.  In the spring of 2012, the Quebec Ministry of Education announced funding in the amount of $4.3 million for Vincent Massey. EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini and Vice-Chairman Sylvia Lo Bianco worked diligently on this dossier for well over a year. Vincent Massey is an Article 240 special status school, with an enriched and structured CEGEP preparatory program. It has a student population of 814 in a building which was designed to accommodate 725 when it was constructed in 1959. The capacity is now 834.
Student hosts at the reception.

A number of special guests were on hand to take part in a   celebrity shootout, with soccer balls donated by Evangelista Sports. Thanks to Groupe Sportscene, the owners of La Cage Brasserie Sportive and P.F. Chang`s and Interbox, guests included professional boxers    Yves Junior Ulysse and from Eye of the Tiger Management Dierry Jean as well as  Parti Québecois MNA for Rosemount Jean-Francois Lisée.    Vincent Massey graduate and present-day CTV News co-anchor Paul Karwatsky was the master of ceremonies.
Jean-François Lisée  takes  a  shot.

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PINK SHIRT DAY:  Vincent Massey Collegiate has been celebrating its own version of Pink Shirt Day for the past four years. Each year, the school creates a video to express enthusiasm for promoting kindness. This year’s theme was "VMC’s PINK!” VMC officially celebrated  on February 19 and they were honoured to have guest speaker Aiesha Robinson. The day also featured their annual video and flash mob performance from the VMC Glee team, notes contemporary world and drama teacher Cassandra Bauco. See this fantastic video.

Meghan Dove
EMSB CARETAKER SHINES: A poster designed by Meghan Dove, an evening caretaker at the EMSB Administration Building, was one of 15 chosen by the Société des designers graphiques du Québec to be on display at a vernissage at the McCord Museum from March 16 to April 3. This is part of a competition for design students in Quebec. The competition, which is held by the SDGQ and the Bourse Marc H. Choko, is for students who are enrolled in accredited design programs across Quebec, and helps improve the skills of aspiring designers, so that they can enter their works in future poster design competitions. The posters entered in this competition must promote a certain social organization or cause. Ms. Dove’s poster, which portrays a collection of paint brushes that are stored in a prescription pill bottle, promotes the organization Les Impatients, which focuses on mental health and artistic expression.

The posters that are entered in the competition are judged by a jury made up of SDGQ members, as well as members of the sponsoring organizations, which include the McCord Museum, Publicité Sauvage, and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. The posters chosen to be on display are based on the criteria of the clarity of the message in the poster, the novelty of the idea, the quality of the image, the quality of the typography, the integration of the image and the text and the general quality of the composition. The three finalists will receive a grant from Mr. Choko.  Of the 30 posters that were chosen to be part of the vernissage, five of them came from students at Dawson College, where Ms. Dove also attends. the press release.  See this press release.

MISS TEEN QUEBEC VISITS NESBITT SCHOOL: To celebrate Nutrition Month at Nesbitt Elementary School, former Laurier Macdonald High School student Pamela Pagano was a special guest. She was Miss Teen Quebec in 2014.  Along with Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce, she collaborated on an interactive workshop with students in Cycle 2, which highlighted nutrition, bullying, and self-esteem. On March 11, the students from Cycle 2 received healthy fruit inspired shakes prepared by parent volunteers.The workshop included testimonials from both Ms. Pagano and Mr. Lacroce about being bullied and included techniques to help promote a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.  The program will culminate in May by offering the students of Nesbitt both Yoga classes from a professional instructor and Zumba Classes offered by Ms. Pagano, a qualified Zumba instructor currently working at The Leonardo Da Vinci Centre.
Kyries Hebert at Rosemount High.
ALOUETTE AT ROSEMOUNT: Rosemount High School recently welcomed safety Daryl Townsend from the Montreal Alouettes/ He signed with the team in 2011 and was awarded the Alouettes Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in 2013. The intent of this in-school mentorship program was to promote education, a healthy lifestyle, perseverance, and to following your dreams. Daryl's speech consisted of a six step game plan that inspired the Rosemount student body  to achieve professional, educational and personal success. T 

THE CYCLING TEACHER: Bicycling fever has taken over Royal Vale School in N.D.G. as Grade 6 teacher Gonzague Le Roux de Bretagne is set to ride his bicycle from Bogota, Columbia to northern Chile, a journey of more than 6,000 kilometers. Before Gonzague headed south, students from Grades 4 to 7 heard about his incredible adventure on March 21. Joining him on stage were representatives from Cyclo Nord-Sud, a Montreal-based organization that repurposes bicycles from North America and donates them to communities in South America and Africa. Gonzague is also using his adventure to raise awareness and funds for Cyclo Nord-Sud. Throughout the trek, Gonzague will be communicating with his students through social media. His students will be able to follow his progress real-time via GPS. Through his blog, Facebook page and Twitter account, they will be able to correspond with him as well as learn about local culture and history. Students are also expected to Skype with Gonzague in mid-May.  
Gonzague and his students.
The journey, which will take a total of four months and pass through Columbia, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, was one that Gonzague has thought about for some time. An avid bicycler and traveler, the journey has long been a personal goal of his, one that he believes will put him to the ultimate physical and mental test.  As a result of Gonzague’s ride, Royal Vale School will be holding a Bike for Fun Day on June 22. Students and families will be encouraged to ride their bicycles to school as well as the event will also serve as an opportunity to collect bicycles for Cyclo Nord-Sud.  See our video with him.  
Devon Packer in New Brunswick.

SPELLING BEE:   Royal Vale School conducted a spelling bee recently, being the only school in the province of Quebec which participated. Devon Packer, who already made headlines as young musician performing at Carnegie Hall recently, qualified for the regionals in Fredericton, New Brunswick where he came in third place.  Bravo to Devon and his teacher Wendy Cryer Frank! Here is a link to that event.

CARLYLE’S IB-PYP EXHIBITION 2016: Carlyle Elementary School in TMR hosted its first annual IB-PYP Exhibition on February 25. The Grade 6 students worked diligently in preparation for this event. This is a significant event in the life of a PYP student and a school. It is a student-centered project and a culmination of all the essential elements of the IB-PYP program. This year’s central idea was developed under the transdisciplinary theme: How the World Works, entitled: Generation Technology. The students created the central idea, “Technological advancements have shaped society.” In group they chose the following five topics to research: Capitalism, Social Media, Entertainment, Education, Robotics, Design, Security and Health. The Carlyle family congratulates all the students for their dedication and all their hard work.  A special thank you to the EMSB; especially the Educational & Technology Services for their ongoing support and professional development.

BT's Catherine  Verdon Diamond and students.

BREAKFAST TELEVISION: KIDS & LEADERSHIP: On February 18, Grade6 student and Carlyle leader Sofia Buggé made an appearance on Montreal’s Breakfast Television Mom Talk episode entitled “Kids and Leadership.”  Alongside Lisa Campanaro, Carlyle’s Behaviour Technician, Sofia discussed the importance of the school’s leadership program for Cycle 3 students. The purpose of the program is to encourage students to develop problem-solving and decision making skills while mentoring their peers. Sofia explained that  being a Carlyle leader has allowed her to be a positive role model for other students and also for her younger siblings. Congratulations to all our Carlyle leaders for their dedication to the program. See the video.

SPECIAL PROJECT IN TMR: Carlyle  has been participating in a special project initiated by  Town of Mount Royal Mayor Phillipe Roy, who has once again formed a School Town Council consisting of one representative from every Grade 6 class at Carlyle, Dunrae Gardens and Saint-Clément schools.
TMR Mayor Phillipe Roy and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre with students.
All together, these elected school councillors are part of the Town School Council and are working on a community-oriented project from beginning to end.  Students recentl attended the Town Council meeting.

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS: The EMSB’s Education and Technology Services is planning its inaugural “Battle of the Books” competition. This special event will be held in the EMSB Administration Building’s Laurence Patterson Room on the evening of Monday, April 11 at 7 pm.
A team of students from LaurenHill Academy will face-off against a team of students from Vincent Massey Collegiate, in a match that will test the teams’ detailed knowledge of 10 young adult books which the students have previously read.  The winning team will go on to represent the EMSB in an Ultimate Battle on the evening of Wednesday, April 20 in the Saputo Auditorium of Lower Canada College, competing for city-wide title against the winning teams from the Lester B Pearson School Board and the Quebec Association of Independent Day Schools.  The Battle is a fun and engaging way for students and their families to get excited about reading while also building confidence and team work skills.  Held at the LBPSB since 2013, “Battle of the Books” has steadily grown each year to include an increasing number of schools from across the city.  This will be the first year that the EMSB will hold its own elimination game at the Board level to determine a finalist for the Ultimate Battle. This will be a public event.

FRENCH FOR THE FUTURE:  Westmount High School will be the site for the 2016 French for the Future Montreal Local Forum on Friday, April 22 (9 a.m.), which is also Earth Day. Aimed at promoting bilingualism amongst Canadian youth, the theme is Respect, Culture and Integration into Québécoise Society. Approximately 550 students from 13 Montreal high schools and four school boards will be present.Charismatic Montreal comedian Dorothy Rhau will serve as master of ceremonies.  Québécoise rapper and street artist, MONK. E will inspire the youth with his story and powerful trilingual lyrics. This will be followed by some open microphone time for the participating students to rap in French!   Other activities will include an interactive quiz on Canadian and Quebec culture, a francophone youth hip hop dance group, a karaoke contest  and a much anticipated interactive finale starring the  always entertaining Ligue D’improvisation Montréalaise. The event will conclude with some exciting prizes presented by local sponsors the wide variety of programs allowing students to be immersed in the French language over the course of an entire day will undoubtedly allow them to feel proud of being bilingual, but it will strengthen their connection to the Québécoise culture that surrounds them on a daily basis. For more details, log on to
Carol Jazzar and  Claudia De Luca on site.
McGILL FAIR: EMSB Occupational Therapist Claudia De Luca and Speech-Language Pathologist Carol Jazzar attended the McGill Career Fair for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Students. The objective of this Career Fair is to provide a forum where future employers and future employees can network and explore job opportunities. The EMSB reps were invited to have a booth to promote occupational therapy and speech-language pathology careers in education specifically at the EMSB. Many students from both disciplines stopped by the booth to inquire about the role of OTs and SLPs at the EMSB. The interest the students showed in working in educational settings was very promising!

ANNUAL REPORT: The 2014-2015 EMSB Annual Report is available for viewing online. The English version is here.  For the French version click here.

STRUGGLE FOR BLACK EQUITY: James Lyng High School in St. Henri hosted a multimedia exhibit recently, focusing on Black History Month. The Struggle for Black Equality was entirely curated by the students in the school’s 15 Plus Program. There were art pieces  by students from Marymount Adult Education,   Westmont High School, Dawson College, James Lyng alumni, Maison des Jeunes Côte des Neiges, as well as local artists. The vernissage was a huge success    
Happy tubers.

TUBING EXPERIENCE: The International Students Department recently organized several tubing trips.  Students from four elementary schools - Hampstead, St. Monica, Elizabeth Ballantyne and Westmount Park- had a fun day tubing at Haut Bois Normand in Eastman.   High School international students from Marymount Academy International, John F. Kennedy, Westmount and Rosemount visited Mont Rigaud on different occasions to ski and snowboard. For some of our students it was their first time ever practicing these winter sports! They had a blast!  The next field trip being planned for our international students will be a Sugar Shack Day, so stay tuned. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. 

CHESS AT GENERAL VANIER: Four intrepid Grade 6 students from General Vanier Elementary School in St. Léonard recently took home the bronze medal at the Chess `N Math Tournament, held at College Jean de Brebeuf. The team, composed of students Lizzy Tillona, Stefano Cofini, Luca Abruzzese and Anita Barbiero,  as well as their instructor, Nicolas Métivier, compete at a number of events throughout the year.  Chess is quickly becoming one of the more popular activities at General Vanier. The game is embedded in the math program as well as offered as an extra-curricular activity.

General Vanier chess winners.
GENERAL VANIER GOES GREEN: The B.A.S.E. Daycare of General Vanier Elementary School in St. Léonard organized a St. Patrick`s Day Breakfast. Here is some footage of other activities that day from Global TV.

HABS WAVE OF LOVE: The students of John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel did a terrific video in support of the Montreal Canadiens, to the tune of the audio of rapper Annakin Slayd’s very popular song. It is part of the #Wavesoflove campaign started by Galileo Adult Education Centre. Here is the video.   And here is a report on Global TV.

JUNIOR ROBOTICS: The Educational Alliance for Science and Technology (E.A.S.T) has announced that registration is now open for the 14th annual Junior Robotics Competition. This year’s event will take place at Vanier College in Saint Laurent on Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30. In this event, students are asked to build and program robots (Lego) to meet a specific challenge designed for the competition. During the two-day action packed event, student teams compete with each other in an exciting and motivating environment where they learn programming and team building skills in a fun camaraderie atmosphere.

“You get to explore the whole range of engineering disciplines with robotics,” said Steven Dahdah, a former participant from Royal West Academy and now an engineering student at McGill. “Robotics for kids is one of the best gateways into engineering, science and technology.” Registration information, the schedules and rules of the games are accessible at under 14th Robo-JUNIOR (MORE), so schools can sign up. Nijad Dahdah is the Junior Robotics Coordinator. Click here for more details.

DAVID MARINO PERFORMS:  Vincent Massey Collegiate graduate David Marino will be See the flyer. 
David Marino
holding a concert in collaboration with the Jewish General Hospital on April 7 at the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre in St. Léonard.    This concert will raise funds for the mental health program Mindstrong at the hospital. “Mental health is an extremely important cause, and it is important that we raise funds and spread awareness about it,” says David. “We need to stop the silence amongst those struggling with their mental health. I am hoping for a sold out show to maximize the profits going to the hospital. Tickets can be purchased on line on the sites on the flyer and here:    

HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH EXCHANGE: The U.S. Mission to Canada, in partnership with SUNY Plattsburgh and Fulbright Canada, is very pleased to announce a high school youth exchange program opportunity. Schools are encouraged to nominate qualified candidates. The program is open to Canadian youth who will be 15 to 18 years old by July 18, 2016. There are also opportunities for Canadian adults who are active as secondary teachers, trainers, school administrators, and/or community leaders who work with teen-aged youth.  From July 18 to August 7, 2016, participants will travel to Plattsburgh, NY; New York City; and Washington D.C. to engage in workshops and interactive events in a variety of public and community settings aimed at increasing leadership skills and training youth to make a difference in their home communities.  More information about the program and the application materials can be found here:  the application deadline is April 11, 2016.

PHOTOS: New photos of the EMSB Board and School Administrators are now on the ePortal.  The photos are filed by alphabetical order as well as by school for ease of use.   Please click  here for a direct link to the Communications ePortal site. If you are an administrator (Principal, Vice-Principal, Manager, Director, Assistant-Director, Officer) and do not have your photo on the portal, please attach a recent photo of you to an e-mail with your full name, title and place of work and I will add you to the directory. Please note that the administrator photos on the OLD INTRANET is no longer up-to-date and should not be used anymore.

ENCOUNTERS WITH CANADA:  Every year, Encounters with Canada - the country’s leading youth forum - welcomes students aged 14 to 17 from across the EMSB. The students join teens from across the country at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre in Ottawa, for an unforgettable week of bilingual workshops, outings and cultural events.  They learn about Canadian institutions, meet accomplished Canadians, explore exciting career options and develop their civic leadership skills. They experience Canada’s diverse culture and heritage, learn about contemporary issues, and explore their own potential.  More than 100,000 students have already lived the experience! Encounters with Canada offers a choice of 13 different themes, each one week long:  Arts & Culture;  Canada Remembers; Democracy & Youth; Experience Canada; First Responders; International Relations; Journalism & Communications; Law & Our Justice System; Medicine & Health; Science & Ecology; Science & Technology; Sports & Fitness; and Vimy: Canada’s Coming of Age.

Encounters with Canada is open to all students aged 14 to 17, and approximately 130 teens from across the country take part each week.  The EMSB offers 20 subsidies each year, with a maximum of two per school.  For more information about this year’s program, subsidies and registration, contact your school’s guidance counsellor or Travis Hall, Pedagogical Consultant, Career Development at or (514) 483-7200, ext. 7818.  For additional information about Encounters with Canada, go to

AUTHOR AVAILABLE TO SPEAK: Dr. Sima Goel is the author of the mémoire, fleeing the Hijab: a Jewish Woman’s Escape from Iran, published in March 2014. Her book has been described as inspiring and riveting and she has a valuable lesson to share with students. As the beginning of the new school year is upon us, she is inviting high school teachers who wish to teach their students the importance of freedom of expression, resilience, compassion and empathy from a firsthand source. “Mine is a true story - my quest to live a life with freedom of choice—from matters of dress, to education, to political and religious expression –things I dreamed of while a young girl under house arrest in Shiraz,” said Dr.  Goel. “I was challenged to keep my creative soul alive while living under great repression, and I learned what it means to counter despair with the power of the human heart. As a teenager, I faced great dangers after I spontaneously defended a Baha’i classmate, an action that eventually led to my flight across the desert. My mémoire is a testament to the human need for freedom of expression and to the power of forgiveness and empathy. In every way, this book is a love story to the free world and will remind the reader of this country’s greatest strength: the right to be the person you were born to be. I do believe that I have an exceptional and unique story to share. I would very much welcome the opportunity to speak with your students. I have already shared my story through a number of different platforms and I have seen people of all ages respond enthusiastically to my message.

Dr.  Goel notes that this is an election year across North America. She believes it is time for youth to absorb her message in hope that they will realize how truly they are to live in open democracies. She can be reached at Log on to

KIDS HELP PHONE: Kids Help Phone/Jeunesse, J’écoute has launched a new service for young men aged 14 to 18; a segment that is 31 per cent less likely to discuss mental and emotional health issues than girls, and 36 per cent less likely to talk about suicide and suicide related issues and yet death by suicide among males is four times higher. Kids Help Phone/Jeunesse, J’écoute recognized the need to create a resource to address the unique needs of teen guys and through a youth Advisory Committee and various focus groups conceived BroTalk/Coin des Gars.  With funding from the Movember Foundation, a dedicated online support zone and referral service for teen guys aged 14 to 18 is now available. Designed with young men in mind, the new service aims to improve help seeking behaviour in young men through supports like Live Chat, online resources and interactive tools. Log on to and Schools are encouraged to call Suzanne Gautier-Duff at 514-948-8355 Suzanne Gautier-Duff or email

MUSICAL SHOW OFF: The producers of Musical Show Off have announced plans for their sixth season, showcasing   Montreal’s best young triple threat talent, with the 2016 grand finale set for June 26 at the beautiful Rialto Theatre.   Many EMSB students take part in this program. Musical Show Off is a marketing partner of the EMSB. Musical Show Off, presented by Productions Broncon Inc., has grown to become one of the most sought after musical competitions in the city for boys and girls aged eight to 17.  Musical Show Off was created in 2010 by two best friends who wanted to give kids and teens and opportunity to perform in a musical production live on stage in front of a sellout audience.  Those interested in participating must first register online at  “Our panel of judges are back this year, with new faces to deliver new ways of guiding and mentoring the young stars into becoming better storytellers on stage,” said Bronwen Lloyd-Hughes, one half of Productions Broncon Inc. and a former teacher at LaurenHill Academy. “Casting agents, agents and recognized people in the entertainment industry are always invited to come watch this competition in search of talent for their upcoming contracts.”

Added Connie Rotella, the other half of the team: “Our mission is to train and mentor these young talented kids who are so passionate for singing, dancing and acting on stage while giving them a taste of Broadway here in Montreal.”

The senior category, comprised of 11 to 17 year olds, will once again be split into four teams and receive a total of 24 hours of coaching before they compete against each other live on stage for the chance to win Musical Show Off.   In addition to these four outstanding teams, there will be a group of “Rising Star Juniors,” aged eight to 10 years old who will perform on the big stage as well.  Rehearsals begin on Sunday, May 8 2016. To celebrate this sixth season,   Lloyd-Hughes and Rotella have decided to hold an event called “Talent Spot” where all young talent will be able to taste the experience of Musical Show Off.  An evening filled with networking and collaboration between young artists and professionals.  

EMSB IN THE MEDIA: The EMSB would like to point readers to the media clippings section of our website where we provide links to newspaper articles about our  Board or relevant to the local education system. You can click here to access all of the links.   
EMSB TV: The EMSB  posts links to television and radio reports, as well as videos produced in-house on our website.  EMSB TV is hosted by Vimeo and we have sections for EMSB TV Coverage, EMSB Videos  and others.  

EMSB RADIO GUIDE: EMSB Radio can now be heard via SoundCloud, the world’s leading social sound platform. Sound Cloud can be accessed anywhere using the official iPhone and Android apps, as well as hundreds of creation and sharing apps built on the SoundCloud platform.

BIG CLEANUP: Year after year, Montrealers of all ages are invited to take part in the Big Cleanup. This program helps to beautify public or private places, parks, alleys, sports fields and schoolyards. It involves the community in an eco-responsible project.  Organizers are called upon schools to mobilize massively and get children involved for a successful sixth edition of the Big Cleanup.     The city can provide garbage and recycling bags, garden picks, rakes, brooms or shovels. It can also supply t-shirts for special school draws.   This cool activity is an opportunity to show community leadership, and teach children about garbage and recycling containers. It is great way to take care of the environment and make new friends for the new school year.  See this flyer for how to join. You must register your Big Cleanup project at least 72 hours in advance to receive your material, organizer’s guide and safety instructions. Info: Julie Millette
514 872-0588 or  

CENTAUR THEATRE OF TOMORROW PROGRAM:   Centaur Theatre Company announces its Luminous Theatre of Tomorrow (TOT) Program for the 2015-2016 Season.  The TOT program makes live English theatre accessible to High School students at a discounted price. Tickets remain at $16 for another year thanks to our sponsors. Program benefits include a teacher’s guide providing background information, discussion topics and improvisation activities; and talkback sessions following the performances where students meet the cast, voice their comments and ask questions. For schedule and teacher’s guide, go to For Bookings and inquiries email or call 514-288-1229 x245.

Additionally, Centaur hosts the SATURDAY MORNING CHILDREN SERIES for younger siblings! 
Fun, affordable family entertainment to awaken the imagination and introduce children to the enchanting world of theatre. On select Saturday mornings throughout the season, young children and their families enjoy affordable and engaging live performances by some of Montreal’s best talent for kids. The Saturday Morning Children’s Series programs local and touring artists. Some are established companies while others are independent, emerging or aspiring professionals. Check out the line up at 
Now over 30 years old, Centaur Theatre is proud to present new theatre for young audiences and their families, and is dedicated to continuing its community-minded children’s programming. Ticket Prices: Adults: $8.00 Children: $6.00. Limited Seating Available – book your tickets now! Tickets available by calling 514-288-3161.

SEGAL CENTRE OFFERS:  The Segal Centre for Performing Arts in Snowdon is committed to giving its audience the most engaging theatre experience possible. For families and students of all ages, they offer a number of public programs for each season free of charge, including their Sunday @ the Segal series, Monday night talkbacks, Study Guides, and behind-the scenes videos and insights on their blog.  Students can attend for up to 50 percent off the price of an adult ticket. Call 514-739-7944 for more information or to reserve, or buy your tickets online at In addition, school groups are welcomed for weekday afternoon performances, including reduced ticket prices, private tours, and talkbacks. Log on here or contact Patrick Lloyd-Brennan ( at 514-739-2301 ext. 8360 for more information.

SHAKESPEARE SELFIE: The web page for the 2016 CBC "Shakespeare Selfie" writing challenge for students grades 7-9 and 10-12 is live on CBC Books. The writing challenge will take place in April 2016. Here's the link: This page is your destination for everything about the challenge. As we get more details, this page will be updated. The 2016 Shakespeare Selfie is a great way to incorporate current affairs, creative writing and - of course - Shakespeare into the classroom. Info:

BOUNCE FOR MS: BBYO and the YM-YWHA are inviting all Jewish teens between the ages of 13 and 18 for an evening of trampoline fun to benefit the Multiple-Sclerosis Society called “Bounce for MS” on Sunday, April 17 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Skytag, located at 77 Brunswick Boulevard in DDO.  Held in conjunction with NCSY, Congregation Shaare Zion and Maccabi Canada, the community fundraiser will also include an information fair, a fun photo booth, refreshments and plenty of games with lots of prizes to be won. Tickets are $10 in advance and $18 at the door. For more information, or to register, contact Kira Blumer at


ALOUETTES VISIT: Two outstanding Alouettes football players, Kyries Hebert and Tyrell Sutton, visited Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal North recently. Both students and faculty were inspired by the motivational speeches combined with their passion for football. Speaking of perseverance, goal setting and  emphasize on no such thing as failure – setting strategies in the context of the difficulties that they each had experienced in their journey to achieve athletic and academic excellence, resonated a million fold with all students.  They each shared personal stories about navigating around and overcoming difficulty by embracing each challenge with Tyrell’s philosophy of “doing well with what you have or it will do you no good.”  Moreover, their message of lifelong learning and hard work struck a chord in the hearts of all the young adult learners working smart on attaining their credits for CEGEP or Technical Vocational training by developing their own solid work ethic. They emphasized that earn was the biggest word in learn.
Welcoming the Alouettes.
The question and answer period, signing autographs, and taking pictures as one of the more authentic relationship building moments of the day. Before leaving Galileo, Tyrell and Kyries visited each of the classes and spoke individually with students, discussing the importance of team sportsmanship and friendships.

SUGAR SHACK: Introducing students to Quebec sugar shack culture is a tradition at Galileo Adult Centre. Some 450 students and teachers headed to Paquette Sugar Shack (Cabane á  Sucre) in Ste. Anne Des Plaines. An essential form of learning culture is to be actively immersed in its culinary tradition as well as linguistic tradition. The Paquette family bestowed upon us hospitality and a choice offering of a Halal and traditional Quebec menu. At the taffy shack
Fun at the sugar shack.
located we were invited to roll a stick over the caramelized cooled syrup and create a taffy stick of gooey sweetness. Many students were captivated by the simplicity of the process and the delicious results.  All students danced off the sugar calories on an enormous dance floor with a D.J. extraordinaire and experience an authentic Quebec tradition conversing throughout the trip, immersed in this tasty yet active cultural activity.

HEALTHY NUTRITION: As part of this year’s theme Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle at Galileo Adult Centre and in an effort to stay healthy and fit by continuously upgrading and adding unique fitness activities to our learning situations, the S.I.S program and CCBE Literacy students and teachers are grateful to all community contributors for assisting us in our concerted efforts this month. Galileo Adult Centre welcomed its first Zumba class, a Gumbo Boots lesson, and spinning class. Thanks to a generous donation from the Midtown Sanctuaire Sporting Club in Outremont, Galileo Adult Centre now has seven spinning bikes to add to their S.I.S. fitness program.  This new program was put into effect in response to repeated requests by several Special Needs Students looking to embark on a healthier lifestyle.  Special Needs teacher Louise Panet-Raymond, therapeutic recreation specialist and longtime fitness instructor, is leading up the program.  

To complement the Nutrition program at Galileo, two CCBE literacy teachers - Kathy Tavoosi and Jack De Vries - decided to bring forth a high energy idea to their students. Galileo hosted its first Zumba evening class to its CCBE literacy students as part of an ongoing effort to increase creative opportunities for enhancing students’ experience in comprehension and acquiring second language skills. Through using a Brain - Based approach to learning that promotes memory by increasing social connectedness via choreographed physical fitness activities, 57 students of diverse international backgrounds participated in the instructor –led Zumba night.  Lisa Germile and her students had the pleasure of welcoming Raymond Homier, parent of S.I.S. student Véronique Homier. This is a welcome complement to the healthy nutrition program, already in place, devised by Ms. Germile. Mr. Homier is a retired music teacher, as well as a Gumboots dancing instructor. Students welcomed him in the gym, where Mr. Homier passionately taught a brief history on the origin of Gumboots. In awe, the students listened to him and eagerly joined in dancing with Mr. Homier’s specially choreographed routine.  Later on, Mr. Homier surprised everyone with a song that he composed about Galileo.  He gained insight and inspiration for his song throughout the year by routinely asking his daughter, Veronique, about her day and what she enjoyed most at Galileo. He shared with us her tremendous success since arriving at Galileo in 2015.  City`s Breakfast TV recently stopped by and filed these reports.

PIUS THANKS ITS TEACHERS:  During Teacher Appreciation Week recently, the administration of St. Pius X Career Centre provided breakfast, lunch and wonderful snacks. They culminated a great week with a presentation from the students in both the business and culinary sectors. Students showed their appreciation by creating a PowerPoint presentation on how they felt about their teachers and what made them unique. The students thanked their teachers and reminded them how powerful they are.
Getting down to cooking.
PEOPLE POTATO: Adult students from three CCBE  (Common Core Basic Education) Literacy classes at John F. Kennedy Adult Centre and St. Laurent Adult Centre joined forces in February   volunteer at the People’s Potato, a community kitchen and food bank in downtown Montreal. The students got a rare opportunity to meet their peers from another EMSB centre, as well as to practice their English skills outside of class with each other and the staff. While touring the facilities, students learned about the philosophy of the People’s Potato on inclusive food accessibility, as well as its remarkable style of collective management. The students were rewarded for their hard work chopping vegetables and washing dishes with a dinner feast and good conversation!

Students show their talent.
UTILIZING THEATRE: St. Laurent Adult Education Centre Principal  Marysa Barassi's Literacy Program is not only a four skill approach in learning English,  it extends to utilizing theatre to motivate and enhance language skills. Lina Maiorano,  a CCBE teacher with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Performing Arts, is relentless when guiding her students in a step by step theatre technique training. She prepares her students in improvisations that eventually leads them to writing their own scripts and a live performance.Each student is given a role and has the responsibility of being each others understudy.The students recently performed a show consisting of five life situations that brought the audience to laughter and moments of reflection. Ms. Maiorano will continue to commit herself in teaching with this approach of using her knowledge of theatre  as a tool for teaching English. Info: 


PROJET DE LOI 86 : La CSEM a présenté son mémoire sur le projet de loi 86 : Une Loi modifiant l’organisation et la gouvernance des commissions scolaires le 22 mars aux audiences publiques à Québec. Si cette loi est adoptée, elle restructurera les commissions scolaires de la province en limitant le droit du public de voter pour des commissaires scolaire.

La CSEM est fortement opposée au projet de loi. La présidente, Angela Mancini, la vice-présidente, Sylvia Lo Bianco, et le commissaire, Joe Ortona ont présenté officiellement le mémoire. Ils ont demandé au gouvernement de retirer le projet de loi 86 et de consulter tous les intervenants du secteur de l’éducation publique afin d’élaborer une solution démocratique et juridiquement solide pour encourager une plus grande participation de la communauté à la gestion du réseau d’éducation du Québec.

Mme Mancini a déclaré : « Le retrait du projet de loi 86, accompagné par un nouveau projet de loi qui propose des améliorations aux élections des commissions scolaires, garantit les droits constitutionnels de notre communauté linguistique en situation minoritaire de maintenir la gestion et le contrôle de nos écoles ainsi que de protéger les droits démocratiques, non seulement de notre communauté, mais de tous les québécois. »

La CSEM est fière d’avoir le plus haut taux de réussite parmi les commissions scolaires francophones et anglophones du Québec. Le taux de réussite de 87,8 pour cent qui a été obtenu en 2014-2015 est de cinq pour cent plus élevé que celui de 2013. « La CSEM est capable de gérer efficacement ses écoles et de livrer des résultats grâce à la confiance investie par ses électeurs qui élisent librement et équitablement ses commissaires » précise Mme Lo Bianco. « La légitimité qui est dérivée d’une élection au suffrage universel ne peut pas être sous-estimée ni les responsabilités et reddition de comptes qui incombent aux représentants élus, choisis démocratiquement par un groupe de leurs pairs. »

La CSEM ne voit pas comment le projet de loi 86 améliorera, de quelque façon que ce soit, les résultats des élèves de notre Commission et à travers le réseau d’éducation du Québec. « Au contraire, » souligne M. Ortona « la CSEM est convaincue que le projet de loi 86 menace sérieusement de déstabiliser le réseau de l’éducation, à un tel degré que le projet de loi lui-même pourrait compromettre la réussite de l’élève en démantelant le cadre robuste mis en place par la CSEM pour encourager et faciliter un rendement académique élevé. »

Mme Mancini souligne que la CSEM est extrêmement inquiète par le fait qu’un palier de gouvernement démocratiquement élu tente d’en abolir un autre. « Cette situation est simplement inacceptable. La fin des mandats des commissaires existants, 15 jours après l’adoption du projet de loi 86, ne semble pas seulement impraticable à mettre en œuvre, mais plus important viole la doctrine légale bien établie de préclusion promissoire qui indique que les commissaires existants peuvent s’attendre raisonnablement à remplir les mandats de quatre ans pour lesquels ils ont été élus en novembre 2014.

La CSEM recommande que les commissions scolaires élues démocratiquement soient maintenues afin de sauvegarder les droits constitutionnels de la minorité anglophone de gérer et de contrôler ses écoles. Les commissaires représentants de parents devraient être légalement investis de tous les droits, responsabilités et fonctions des commissaires élus au suffrage universel, y compris le droit de vote.

En outre, la CSEM recommande que les élections scolaires puissent se faire par bulletins électroniques et par courrier, en sus des bureaux de vote, afin de faciliter la participation des électeurs au processus démocratique. Ces élections devraient être tenues en même temps que les élections municipales afin de faciliter le potentiel des électeurs d’exercer leurs droits constitutionnels.

« Des réformes peuvent être appliquées au réseau scolaire public du Québec qui augmenteraient la participation de la communauté à la gestion et au contrôle de nos écoles » déclare Mme Mancini. « Notamment, des améliorations au système électoral des commissions scolaires réaliseraient cet objectif et engloberaient les parents et les non-parents à un cadre communautaire inclusif où les droits constitutionnels de tous sont respectés. »

Mme Mancini a déjà souhaité la bienvenue au nouveau ministre de l’Éducation, Sébastien Proulx. « Sa nomination à ce portefeuille survient à un moment critique pour l’avenir du réseau d’éducation publique du Québec. »

La délégation de la CSEM à l’Assemblée nationale a été appuyée par des élèves et des parents, ainsi que par quelques membres du conseil des commissaires.

UN ÉLÈVE DE DALKEITH SÉJOURNERA AU CANADA : La CSEM a eu le plaisir d’apprendre que Nathan Villa, élève âgé de sept ans de l’école primaire Dalkeith, ainsi que sa mère Gabriela, pourront demeurer au Canada malgré l’ordre de déportation au Mexique émis par l’Agence des services frontaliers du Canada (ASFC). La présidente de la CSEM, Angela Mancini, a félicité Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada (IRCC) pour être intervenu et avoir accordé un statut de résidente temporaire à Mme Villa. Nathan souffre d’autisme et de trouble de la parole et ce sont les arguments qui ont été avancés pour leur permettre de rester au pays. « Nous sommes très heureux pour Nathan et sa mère » déclare Mme Mancini. « Je voudrais particulièrement reconnaître les efforts inlassables de Joanne Charron, commissaire de la CSEM représentant la communauté des besoins particuliers. Ceci est un nouveau poste créé par le ministère de l’Éducation après les dernières élections scolaires et représente un autre exemple de l’efficacité du système actuel de gouvernance de la commission scolaire. »

Mme Mancini a aussi félicité le travail du directeur de Dalkeith, John Wright et de son personnel, qui ont appuyé les Villas tout au long du processus. « Les Villas ont obtenu un permis temporaire en attendant la décision de leur demande humanitaire ajoute Mme Mancini. « Nous sommes confiants qu’ils sont ici pour y rester. »

PERRON RECONNUE: Marylene Perron, directrice de l’école primaire Parkdale de Saint-Laurent, a été la seule québécoise choisie par Partenariat en Éducation comme l’une des directrices exceptionnelles du Canada. Le programme reconnaît les contributions uniques et vitales des directeurs et directrices d’écoles publiques. Cette année, 40 directrices et directeurs représentant chaque province et territoire ont été choisis par un comité national de sélection qui s’est basé sur leurs contributions exceptionnelles à leurs écoles et communautés respectives. Mme Perron a reçu son prix au gala annuel qui a eu lieu le 23 février à l’hôtel Westin Harbour Castle de Toronto. Les lauréat(e)s profiteront aussi d’un programme exclusif de cinq jours de formation au leadership exécutif à l’une des meilleures écoles du Canada, la Rotman School of Management de l’Université de Toronto, animés par des leaders des milieux des affaires, du gouvernement et de l’éducation. Mme Perron a été reconnue au cours de la réunion du conseil des commissaires de la CSEM du 23 mars:

EXPÉRIENCE VÉCUE DE CORONATION: Un groupe de 16 élèves chanceux de 5e année de l’école primaire Coronation de Côte-des-Neiges, en compagnie des enseignants Brigitte Boulos et Peter Tsinas, ont eu l’occasion d’assister à un entraînement des Canadiens le vendredi 11 mars au Complexe sportif Bell de Brossard. Ceci était dans le cadre du programme Canadiens@school.
L’école a participé à un concours intitulé Concours du Grand Prix pour être admissible à cette occasion passionnante. Cette journée, les Canadiens ont eu une session d’entraînement sur un terrain intérieur de soccer. Lorsque la pratique s’est terminé, les élèves ont été invités à rencontrer le gardien de but, Mike Condon, le défenseur Mark Barbiero et les joueurs avant Sven Andrighetto et Phillip Danault. Les joueurs ont partagé le groupe en deux et ont pris part à une mêlée de soccer de 15 minutes. Condon a parlé aux élèves de l’importance de la persévérance scolaire. Il est diplômé de l’Université Princeton où il a obtenu une spécialité en politique. Barbiero a grandi dans la communauté de Kirkland de l’Ouest de l’île et a fréquenté la Commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson. Il a déclaré que c’était toujours agréable de rencontrer de jeunes partisans de hockey et il a souligné que durant ses années d’école il n’avait jamais eu l’occasion de rencontrer des membres du Canadien. Le programme Canadian@school ( est une ressource gratuite de programme axé sur le hockey pour des élèves de la 1re à la 9e année. Il y a près de 300 plans de leçons disponibles au site Web, élaborés spécifiquement pour satisfaire les éléments du programme d’études du ministère de l’Éducation. Le programme donne aussi des occasions de recevoir des prix de reconnaissance mensuels et de gagner d’excellents prix. L’enseignante d’arts, Valerie Chiniara, a soumis des dessins de masques de gardiens de but confectionnés par ses élèves


INITIATIVE DE LITTÉRATIE: La conférence de presse du 22 janvier, tenue à l’école primaire Dante, pour présenter l’initiative de littératie de la CSEM attire toujours beaucoup d’attention de la part des médias. Un récent épisode du programme très bien connu 24CH a présenté les épouses de Carey Price (Angela), de Brian Flynn (Alyssa) et de Tom Gilbert (Larissa) qui ont participé à la conférence de presse et ont lu des livres aux enfants. Voici la version française de l’émission.

GYMNASE DE VINCENT MASSEY: La CSEM a célébré, le 18 mars, l’inauguration tant attendue d’un nouveau double gymnase et de quatre nouvelles salles de classe au Collège Vincent Massey de Rosemont.  Des centaines d’élèves du primaire étaient présents pour une journée spéciale de soccer. Au printemps de 2012, le ministère de l’Éducation du Québec avait annoncé un financement au montant de 4,3 millions $ pour Vincent Massey. La présidente de la CSEM, Angela Mancini, et la vice-présidente, Sylvia Lo Bianco ont travaillé assidûment à ce dossier pendant plus d’un an. Vincent Massey est une école à statut particulier (Article 240) avec un programme enrichi et structuré de préparation au CÉGEP. Son effectif scolaire est de 814 élèves logés dans un bâtiment qui avait été conçu pour 725 lorsqu’il avait été construit en 1959. Sa capacité est maintenant de 834 élèves.

Un grand nombre d’invités spéciaux étaient présents pour participer à une épreuve de tirs au but avec des ballons de soccer offerts par Evangelista Sports. Nous avons tenons à remercier le Groupe Sportscene, les propriétaires de La Cage Brasserie Sportive, P.F. Chang ainsi qu’Interbox. Des boxeurs professionnels ont faitent partie des invités. Yves Junior Ulysse et Dierry Jean de ‘Eye of the Tiger Management’. Ulysse a une fiche de 6-0 avec quatre mises hors de combat. Il est originaire de Saint-Michel et veut travailler avec les jeunes de la communauté. Jean (29-2 avec 20 mises hors de combat) a été le champion des super-légers de la North American Boxing Federation et de la North American Boxing Association (NABA). Il a affronté Terence Crawford en octobre dernier au championnat de la World Boxing Organization (WBO) et a œuvré comme travailleur social à Saint-Michel.

Mme Mancini a estimé que la partie spéciale de soccer représentait une excellente toile de fond pour mettre en vedette le nouveau gymnase. Cette compétition a été organisée par la Greater Montreal Athletic Association ( avec l’objectif d’introduire les jeunes au concept de compétition sportive étant donné qu’un grand nombre d’élèves n’ont pas cette expérience. Le franc jeu et la participation maximum parmi les élèves de tous les niveaux d’habileté sont encouragés. Afin de l’accomplir, les écoles sont encouragées à diviser les élèves en équipes de force égale, une structure de tournois toute ronde est utilisée et aucun point n’est pris durant les parties. C’est la première fois que la GMAA organise une journée de soccer d’intérieur au primaire et elle est ouverte aux élèves de 6e année seulement. Les garçons et les filles participeront séparément. Cet évènement est ouvert aux écoles primaires de la CSEM, de la Commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson et aux écoles privées.

UN CONCIERGE DE LA CSEM SE DISTINGUE: Une affiche conçue par Meghan Dove, concierge de nuit du centre administratif de la CSEM, a été l’une des 15 choisies par la Société des designers graphiques du Québec, pour figurer à une exposition qui aura lieu au musée McCord du 16 mars au 3 avril, dans le cadre d’un concours pour élèves du design au Québec. Le concours qui est organisé par la SDGQ et la bourse Marc H. Choko, est à l’intention des élèves inscrits à des programmes de design accrédités au Québec et aide à améliorer les habiletés des aspirants designers. Les affiches inscrites au concours doivent promouvoir une certaine organisation sociale ou une cause. L’affiche de Mme Dove qui dépeint une collection de pinceaux de peinture placés dans une bouteille de pilules d’ordonnance, fait la promotion de l’organisation Les Impatients ( axée sur la santé mentale et l’expression artistique.

Les affiches inscrites au concours sont jugées par un jury composé de membres de la SDGQ ainsi que des membres d’organisations commanditaires incluant le Musée McCord, Publicité Sauvage et la Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. Les critères de sélection des affiches exposées sont la clarté du message de l’affiche, la nouveauté de l’idée, la qualité de l’image, la qualité de la topographie, l’intégration de l’image et du texte et la qualité générale de la composition. Les trois finalistes recevront une subvention de M. Choko. Sur les 30 affiches sélectionnées, cinq d’entre elles étaient l’œuvre d’élèves du Collège Dawson que Mme Dove fréquente aussi.

« Pour une Ontarienne qui a appris la plupart de son français après avoir déménagé à Montréal il y a de cela huit ans, j’apprécie le fait que plusieurs élèves d’un collège anglophone ont réussi à un concours principalement francophone » déclare Mme Dove qui a récemment conçu la publication de la Foire de carrières de la CSEM. « Le fait qu’un groupe d’élèves de l’un des quelques CÉGEPs anglophones a très bien réussi à ce concours souligne les occasions qui existent ici. En tant qu’employée de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal, cela renforce l‘importance de l’enseignement en anglais ».

Pour plus d’informations au sujet du concours de conception d’affiches, visitez le site Web de la SDGQ à

L’ENSEIGNANT CYCLISTE : La fièvre du cyclisme a envahi l’école Royal Vale de NDG alors que l’enseignant de 6e année Gonzague Le Roux de Bretagne se prépare à enfourcher sa bicyclette et à rouler de Bogota en Colombie jusqu’au nord du Chili, un périple de plus de 6000 kilomètres. Avant que Gonzague parte vers le sud, des élèves de la 4e à la 7e année ont été mis au courant de cette incroyable aventure le 21 mars. Des représentants de Cyclo Nord-Sud, un organisme de Montréal-Nord qui remet en état des bicyclettes d’Amérique du Nord et les donnent à des communautés d’Amérique du Sud et d’Afrique étaient présents sur scène avec Gonzague qui utilise son aventure pour soulever la sensibilisation et lever des fonds pour Cyclo Nord-Sud. Tout au long de son voyage, Gonzague communiquera avec ses élèves par le biais des médias sociaux. Ses élèves pourront le suivre via GPS, son blog, sa page Facebook et son compte Twitter et ils pourront correspondre avec lui et apprendre aussi la culture et l’histoire locale. Les élèves devraient communiquer avec lui via Skype vers la mi-mai.
Le voyage, qui durera quatre mois et traversera la Colombie, le Pérou, la Bolivie et le Chili, a été planifié par Gonzague depuis un certain temps. Un cycliste enthousiaste, ce voyage a été un objectif personnel de longue date qui le soumettra à une épreuve ultime physique et mentale. L’école Royal Vale organisera une journée de Divertissement en bicyclette le 22 juin. Les élèves et leurs familles seront encouragés à aller à l’école en bicyclette et l’évènement servira aussi d’occasion de recueillir des bicyclettes pour Cyclo Nord-Sud. Voir notre vidéo--

RENCONTRES DU CANADA : Chaque année, Rencontres du Canada – le forum jeunesse du pays – accueille des élèves de la CSEM âgés de 14 à 17 ans. Ces élèves se joignent à des adolescents d’à travers le pays au Centre de la jeunesse Terry Fox à Ottawa pour une semaine inoubliable d’ateliers bilingues, de sorties et d’évènements culturels. Ils apprennent à connaître les institutions canadiennes, rencontre des canadiens talentueux, explore des options intéressantes de carrières et développent leurs habiletés de leadership civique. Ils font l’expérience de la diversité de l’héritage et de la culture du Canada, et explorent leur propre potentiel. Plus de 100 000 élèves ont déjà vécu cette expérience! Rencontres du Canada offre un choix de 13 différents thèmes d’une semaine chacun : arts et culture, le Canada se souvient, Démocratie et jeunesse, Expérience Canada, Premiers répondants, Relations internationales, Journalisme et communications, Loi et notre système de justice, Médecine et santé, Sciences et écologie, Sciences et technologie, Sports et forme physique et Vimy : le passage pour l’autonomie du Canada.

Rencontres du Canada est ouvert à tous les élèves âgés de 14 à 17 ans et près de 130 adolescents d’à travers le pays y participent chaque semaine. La CSEM offre 20 subventions chaque année avec un maximum de deux par école. Pour plus de renseignements au sujet du programme de cette année, des subventions et des inscriptions, communiquer avec le conseiller d’orientation de votre école ou Travis Hall, conseiller pédagogique, Développement de carrières à ou téléphoner au 514-483-7200, poste 7818. Pour des renseignements additionnels au sujet de Rencontres du Canada, visitez

JEUNESSE, J’ÉCOUTE : Jeunesse, J’écoute a lancé un nouveau service pour les jeunes gens âgés de 14 à 18 ans; un segment qui est de 31 pour cent moins porté à  discuter de questions de santé mentale et émotive que les filles et 36 pour cent moins porté à parler du suicide et de questions reliées au suicide et, pourtant, le taux de suicide parmi les mâles est quatre fois plus élevé. Jeunesse, J’écoute a reconnu le besoin de créer une ressource pour aborder les besoins uniques des adolescents et, par le biais d’un comité consultatif et de divers groupes de travail, a conçu le Coin des Gars. Avec le financement de la Fondation Movember, une zone en ligne d’aide de soutien et de service d’étude de cas pour les adolescents âgés de 14 à 18 ans est maintenant disponible. Conçu pour les jeunes hommes, le nouveau service vise à améliorer le comportement de recherche d’aide chez les jeunes hommes par le biais de soutien tel que Live Chat, outils de ressources en ligne et interactives : et Les écoles sont encouragées à appeler Suzanne Gautier-Duff au 514-948-8355, ou par courriel

GRAND NETTOYAGE : Année après année, les montréalais de tous âges sont invités à participer au Grand Nettoyage. Ce programme aide à embellir les endroits publics ou privés, les parcs, les allées, les terrains de sport et les cours d’école. Il implique la communauté à un projet éco-responsable. Les organisateurs demandent aux écoles de se mobiliser massivement et de faire participer les enfants à une sixième édition du Grand Nettoyage, La ville peut fournir des sacs de poubelle et de recyclage, des pelles, des râteaux et des balais. Elle peut aussi fournir des t-shirts pour des tirages au niveau de l’école. Cette activité est une occasion de faire preuve de leadership communautaire et d’enseigner aux enfants l’utilité des conteneurs de déchets et de recyclage. C’est une excellente façon de gérer l’environnement et de faire de nouveaux amis pour la nouvelle année scolaire. Consultez ce dépliant sur la façon d’adhérer ----é. Vous devez vous inscrire au projet Grand Nettoyage au moins 72 heures à l’avance pour recevoir votre matériel, le guide d’organisateur et les instructions de sécurité. Info : Julie Millette 514-872-0588 ou

PROGRAMME YOUTH AMBASSADORS: La Mission des États-Unis au Canada, en partenariat avec SUNY Plattsburgh et Fulbright Canada, est très heureuse d’annoncer un programme d’échange destiné aux élèves du secondaire et du Cégep. Nous voulions partager cette nouvelle avec vous et vous encourager à soumettre la candidature de candidats qualifiés.

Le programme Youth Ambassadors s’adresse aux jeunes canadiens qui auront entre 15 et 18 ans le 18 juillet 2016. Il s’adresse également aux adultes canadiens qui œuvrent auprès d’adolescents à titre d’enseignant, d’entraîneur, d’administrateur scolaire ou de leader communautaire.

Du 18 juillet au 7 août 2016, les participants voyageront à Plattsburgh et New York, dans l’état de New York, ainsi qu’à Washington, D.C., afin de participer à des ateliers et autres événements interactifs dans une panoplie d’environnements publics et communautaires. Le but du programme est d’augmenter les habiletés de leadership et d’outiller les jeunes à faire une différence dans leur communauté.

De plus amples renseignements sur le programme, ainsi que la marche à suivre pour soumettre une candidature, se trouvent ici :  Nous vous prions de noter que le site, les documents et le programme sont en anglais seulement. Il est donc nécessaire pour les candidats de maîtriser cette langue.

La date limite pour soumettre une candidature est le 11 avril 2016.

Nous espérons que vous partagerez cette nouvelle avec des candidats potentiels. Pour toute question, nous vous prions de communiquer avec moi directement.


VISITE DES ALOUETES: Deux joueurs exceptionnels des Alouettes, Kyries Hebert et Tyrell Sutton, ont récemment visité le Centre des adultes Galileo. Les élèves et les enseignants ont été inspirés par les discours de motivation des deux athlètes et par leur passion pour le football. Parlant de persévérance, d’objectifs et des stratégies mises en place dans le contexte des difficultés qu’ils avaient éprouvées pour atteindre l’excellence académique et sportive, ils ont profondément touché tous les élèves. Ils ont partagé des histoires personnelles où ils ont surmonté les difficultés en adoptant la philosophie de Tyrell qui est « de bien faire avec ce que vous avez ».  En outre, leur message d’apprentissage permanent et de travail assidu a touché le cœur des jeunes élèves qui travaillent d’arrache-pied pour obtenir leurs unités pour le CÉGEP ou la formation professionnelle.
La période de questions et de réponses, la signature d’autographes et les photos ont été les moments marquants de la journée. Avant de quitter Galileo, Tyrell et Kyries ont visité chaque classe et parlé individuellement aux élèves, discutant de l’importance de l’esprit d’équipe et de l’amitié.

CABANE À SUCRE: Introduire les élèves à la culture de la cabane à sucre est une tradition au Centre d’adultes Galileo. Près de 450 élèves et enseignants ont été à la Cabane à sucre Paquette de Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. Une forme essentielle d’apprentissage de la culture est d’être activement immergé à sa tradition culinaire ainsi qu’à sa tradition linguistique. La famille Paquette nous a offert l’hospitalité ainsi qu’un choix de menu Halal et traditionnel québécois et nous avons été invités à enrouler un bâtonnet dans du sirop caramélisé refroidi, Plusieurs élèves ont été captivés par la simplicité du processus et les délicieux résultats. Les élèves ont brûlé les calories de sucre en dansant sur une énorme piste de danse.


17 avril 
Journée mondiale de la santé

10 - 17 avril 
Semaine d’appréciation des bénévoles
12 avril
Journée Terry Fox
Soirée d’appréciation des bénévoles

14 et 15 avril
Journée de carrières à St. Pius X
      pour les élèves du secondaire IV

22 avril
Journée de la Terre
Colloque le « Français pour l’avenir »

27 avril
Réunion du conseil des commissaires

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