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CAQ Minister of Finance and Responsible for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers at Royal Vale.

FRENCH CAMPAIGN: On the eve of Elementary School Registration Week for the 2023-2024 academic year. The EMSB has been celebrating bilingualism and the excellent quality of French instruction available in our elementary and secondary schools. Le Mois du français à la CSEM is taking place during the month of January. A familiar EMSB slogan, “Être bilingue, c’est gagnant !” promotes the fact that being bilingual represents a winning formula. “We are very proud of the quality of French instruction our students receive,” said EMSB Chair Joe Ortona. “Bilingualism is a passport to the world and if we want our kids to remain in the province of Quebec, we must provide them with the tools necessary to pursue careers here.” Mr. Ortona attended the EMSB’s Nesbitt Elementary School and Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount. As a practicing lawyer, he conducts his work mainly in French. The month has entailed a wide array of activities and action items. 

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Quebec Liberal Party Interim Leader Marc Tanguay is welcomed to East Hill.

PREPARING OUR CHILDREN: With the rise in requirements in French competencies at the CEGEP level in coming years, parents want to know their children will be prepared. The EMSB offers three models of French instruction at the elementary level, followed by a choice of three programs (plus an international student program) in high school. “No matter the school they choose, when they graduate, they are ready to enter into post-secondary education and their career fields as functionally bilingual students,” said Anna Sanalitro, director of Educational Services with the EMSB. Research shows that children have a natural ability to learn languages other than their mother tongue. The younger the person, the easier to learn a new language, and form the accent. In immersion settings, where classes besides the French language course are taught in French, students have greater opportunities to express themselves in the second language, according to a report commissioned by the EMSB on immersion education by Susan Ballinger with McGill's Department of Integrated Studies in Education. The “authentic, meaningful use of a second language is consistently associated with advantages for learning,” she writes. 

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Gabriel Nadeau Dubois and students from Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

THE PATH VIA HIGH SCHOOL: The EMSB offers three programs of French instruction at the high school level to allow for a variety of competencies and interests. These are Ministère de l’Éducation programs and all three culminate with the writing of a ministry exam towards achieving the high school diploma.

Sly Furino from SophistOccasion and students from Willingdon.

EMSB JINGLE: As part of Le Mois du français à la CSEM,   the Willingdon Elementary School choir, led by  Director Nick Batzios, created a special jingle to serve as the campaign’s theme song. Students across the EMSB were challenged to put the theme of Être bilingue, C’est gagnant to music. The winning students from Willingdon also had the opportunity to perform their jingle at the studios of the SophistOccasion Showband. The jingle now serves as the EMSB on-hold message in 2023. Special thanks goes out to Nicolas Doyon, an EMSB pedagogical dance, drama, music and visual arts consultant, for his assistance. 

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Here they perform the song at the studio

Students from the two schools interact earlier this year.

PIERRE DE COUBERTIN CONNECTION: The community is at the heart of Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School in St. Leonard and recently, the school embarked upon a new project called Connexion Quartier, where younger students spend time with their older peers from the nearby French-language school, École Gabrielle-Roy. For this project, each Grade 1 class at PDC was paired with a Grade 4 or 5 class from École Gabrielle-Roy. Since the beginning of the school year, the students have met each other three times at the Saint-Léonard Library where they’ve had the chance to interact and develop bonds through reading. The schools will meet via Zoom on February 2 and resume in-person encounters in the spring since they walk to the library. “This project serves as an authentic and fun French immersion experience for our students,” said Jessica Monti, Vice Principal of Pierre de Coubertin School. “It also allows the students from École Gabrielle-Roy the chance to develop their spirit of collaboration and leadership.”

Students from Edinburgh welcome The Consul General via their computer screen.

TEACHERS FROM FRANCE: With a shortage of teachers affecting schools across Quebec, the EMSB has turned to France to find some new talent. Working with the Association of Director Generals of English School Boards of Quebec, the EMSB embarked upon a pilot project which has already  led to the hiring of three teachers from France. "Out of the nine English school boards in Quebec, the EMSB was very happy to be one of the first to join this initiative,” said Ann Watson, Director of Human Resources at the EMSB. “The process began for the EMSB in the fall of 2021, to put the plans to fruition and our hard work continued throughout the summer holidays in order for the EMSB to achieve its mission.”

Following the tireless efforts of the EMSB Human Resources Department, the three teachers arrived shortly after the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year. In January, as part of Le Mois du français à la CSEM, the three teachers   connected via a live stream to their classrooms with the Consul General of France to Montreal,   Frederic Sanchez.  The teachers are: Adéle Guilloteau, Willingdon Elementary School, NDG, French Generalist - Grade 1: Diane Leuillot, Edinburgh Elementary School, Montreal West, French Generalist - Grade 2: and Julie Caplier, Merton Elementary, Côte Saint-Luc French Generalist - Grade 5: 

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EMSB grad and now teacher Stephanie Mallozi

ALUMNI BECOME TEACHERS: The EMSB is proud to count among many of our own graduates  who went on to become French teachers. 

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EMSB officials congratulate the Peck Award winners.

PECK AWARDS: As part Le Mois du français à la CSEM, which is taking place throughout January at the EMSB, a record of 16 students were presented with the Robert Alfred Peck Prize for Excellence in French at the monthly Council of Commissioners meeting. Based on the 2021-22 academic year, four Secondary IV and V  students were recognized for attaining the mark of 100 percent. They will each be receiving certificates and cheques in the amount of $100. There are ten (10) students from Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount, five (5) from Royal West Academy in Montreal West and one (1) from LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent. From Vincent Massey: Emma Bastone, Emilie Béliveau, Daniel Bouchard, Thomas Bridgman, Zeya D'alto, Mia Del Pio Luogo, Alexandre Gartner, Çatalkaram Hatt Sustam, Marc Anthony Lettieri and Giuliano Rico. From Royal West: Kelly Chow, Noémie English-Moreau, Ella Etienne Labelle, Naomi Raimbert and Phoenix Trew. From LaurenHill: Barirah Rehman. Emma Bastone, Daniel Bouchard, Alexandre Gartner and Barirah Rehman are presently in Secondary V.

Francis Choiniere is welcomed to FACE.

THE CONDUCTOR: As part Le Mois du français à la CSEM,    Francis Choiniere  returned to FACE School downtown to talk to students about his career. Francis  was only 18 when he co-founded The Orchestre Philharmonique et choeur des mélomanes (OPCM)  to help unify his two great passions, choral and symphonic music, after identifying an opportunity in the Montreal musical landscape for large-scale works with choir and orchestra to be presented more frequently by ensembles at the highest level.  The choir now counts nearly 80 members and is a mélange of music enthusiasts, or mélomanes, and professional core singers.  “I grew up in Montreal, having gone to FACE School for 11 years where I was regularly part of a choir and concert band,” Francis said.  “From that early age I was singing, playing piano and trumpet and composing my own music. I did my studies in piano at Marianopolis College, where I developed a passion for conducting. It was during my studies that I co-founded the OPCM. I later completed a bachelors in composition and a masters in conducting both at McGill.”  Students were truly inspired by his success at such a young age and asked many questions. EMSB Pedagogical Consultant Nicolas Doyon moderated the session.

Vincent Marissal from Québec Solidaire is welcomed to Nesbitt School.

GUEST SPEAKERS:   Over the course of this month, a wide array of notable guest speakers visited schools to engage with students in French. They included CAQ Minister of Finance and Minister Responsible for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers Eric Girard at Royal Vale; Québec  Solidaire leader and MNA for Gouin Gabriel Nadeau Dubois at Pierre Elliott Trudeau; Quebec Liberal Party Interim leader and MNA for Lafontaine Marc Tanguay at East Hill; Québec Solidaire MNA for Rosemount Vincent Marissal at Nesbitt; former Federal NDP leader and Quebec cabinet minister Tom Mulcair at Honoré-Mercier (named after his late great great grandfather); Liberal Member of Parliament for Westmount-NDG   former astronaut Marc Garneau at Roslyn ; Quebec Liberal MNA for Jeanne-Mance Viger Filomena Rotiroti at Dante; D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA Elisabeth Prass at Merton and MNA for Camille Laurin  and Parti Quebecois leader Paul St. Pierre Plamondon at Edward Murphy. Please look for a detailed item on these meetings and other activities in the next Focus.

Here is a video of Paul St. Pierre Plamondon at Edward Murphy

Here is a video of Marc Tanguay at East Hill

Here is a video of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois at Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Here is a video of Eric Girard at Royal Vale

Here is the full video presentation of Tom Mulcair's virtual session with Honoré Mercier

Tom Mulcair talks about our campaign in the second part of his talk at the school

Here is Joe Ortona on French Radio CPAM 1410

Quebec Liberal MNA Filomena Rotiroti is welcomed to Dante School.

HOLOCAUST SEMINAR: The EMSB Holocaust Education Project, made possible thanks to a Nova grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, will stream a webinar into classrooms on Friday, January 27 at 1:30 pm. That happens to be International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Panelists will be: Fishel Goldig, a Holocaust survivor, joining us thanks to the Azrieli Foundation Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program; Michelle Sadowski, Educator, Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program; Eta Yudin, the Vice President Quebec for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA); Heidi Berger,  Founder and President of the Foundation for Genocide Education; Rose Gottheil,  Montreal Holocaust Museum; and two students from Royal West Academy who will be travelling to Poland and Israel in the spring for the March of the Living: Brooke Chazanoff Moss and Emma Teboul. Mark Bergman and Eliane Goldstein will moderate. You can view  the webinar at 

Esther Ormianer is among the very few Jewish residents of St. Léonard. She recently published a Holocaust memoir entitled "Romek's Lost Youth - The Story of a Boy Survivor."     The manuscript was a collaborative effort, narrated by Ken Roman, and written by John James.  Both authors are deceased; Roman passed away in 2016, and  James many years earlier.   After the war, Roman (née Roman Katzbach) made London, England his new home. “ A few years before his death he mailed me  a copy of his manuscript asking me to make submissions to Canadian publishers,” said Ormianer. “However, most were not accepting submissions, or were not interested in the genre. There was one opportunity though, to have it published through the auspices of a human rights activist/lawyer, who was working with a co-editor. They had read the manuscript and were interested in proceeding, and mentioned that modifications were to be made.  Ken Roman was adamantly opposed to any changes, or deletions and so the deal was never made.  Years after Ken's death, I finally decided to publish it myself, exactly as it was written, without any changes, deletions or embellishments, just as Ken had wanted.” Roman is Ormianer’s  late cousin.  She established a publishing company in order to  maintain full control over the entire process, and publish the book in its entirety.  It is only being sold to public and school libraries. Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard via Spritual Community Animator Joseph Monachino  (pictured above) received a copy and students are reading it.  Log on to

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VMC MUSEUM VISIT:   On the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a class of Secondary V students from Vincent Massey Collegiate had the opportunity to visit the Montreal Holocaust Museum. This outing was organized by Spiritual Community Animator Veronica D’Agata, in collaboration with history teacher Paola Russo. The students participated in a guided tour exploring the various artifacts and reflected on the stories and testimonies of survivors. Students understood the importance in continuing to learn and remember about the Holocaust so we can make a positive difference and help prevent the human tragedy of genocide from ever happening again. 

Students from Rosemount High School excel in music.

ANNUAL REPORT: The Educational Services Department of the EMSB  formally presented data from the 2021-22 annual report at a meeting of the Council of Commissioners. As of June 2022, the seven-year graduation and qualification success rate for the 2014 cohort is at 91.6 percent, a slight decrease of about two percent from the previous year. The  six year graduation rate is at 91 percent, positioning the EMSB  to surpass its 2022 results. The Board has achieved its target. It should  be noted that 2022 marked the final year of the initial Commitment to Success Plan. In most academic areas, student results are within range for achieving the targets set for 2022. The results of the June 2022 exam session are the first point of comparision since 2019, when the pandemic interrupted end of year evaluations. It is likely that the EMSB will continue to monitor the same  academic goals in the new plan, with adjusted targets for students. For the complete annual report  click here.

ONLINE KINDERGARTEN SPOT RESERVATIONS: For the third year in a row,  the EMSB allowed parents at some schools to reserve spots online for Kindergarten in advance of Elementary School Registration Week January 30 to February 3. A total of  21 schools participated and the process went exceptionally well. This procedure avoids long lineups at schools.

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HOOKED ON SCHOOL: February signals the half-way mark to the end of the school year and the start of registration for the fall CEGEP term. It’s a month when students can feel like they’ve run out of steam, sluggish, and unmotivated. So Hooked on Schools Days, from February 13 to 17, 2023, is a chance for everyone to talk about persevering in school and to show their encouragement for students young and old—a chance to highlight how far they have come and give them a boost so they can finish the school year strong. Stay tuned for information on activities at EMSB schools.

Basketball is a passion for these students.

ALTERNATIVE UNITED: Alternative United, a basketball team made up of students from the EMSB’s Alternative Outreach high schools, is organizing a fundraiser for their trip to watch the Toronto Raptors in February 2023 via  this GoFundMe account. They will donate most of the proceeds to suicide prevention and to a new non-profit organization called Avenues, geared towards helping students get connected with community resources after high school. The team has set out to do 100 shuttle runs, formerly known as "suicide drills,"  during every practice for the rest of the season. They will also do a set after every game, inviting other teams from around the league to join them. The Pit Bulls are aiming for a total of 10,000 shuttle runs with the help of the broader community in order to raise awareness for suicide prevention. You can support the initiative by donating directly to the GoFundMe drive, by ordering a "Run with the Pack" t-shirt, or by attending the team's charity fundraiser game later this month at McGill. Details to come! For more information on Alternative United, visit or watch this  video Gatorade made about them. For more information about Avenues, visit Overseeing this program is Colin Throness, Project Development & Dropout Prevention for  the EMSB Outreach Network.

MINI MED SCHOOL: As part of its annual meeting in Montreal, SAGES welcomes local high school students to experience the world of medicine and minimally invasive surgery at the SAGES Mini Med School on Saturday, April 1, 2023. The school is no charge to students, but there are only 100 spots available. Each student has to submit this application by February 17, 2023 to be considered for a spot in the boot camp. For more information, please go to Info:

INDIGENOUS PEDAGOGY:   Educational Services was delighted and honoured to welcome Dr. Pamela Rose Toulouse, Ph.D, (pictured) proud Anishinaabe-Kwe, member of Sagamok First Nation in Northern Ontario, and author of the book Truth & Reconciliation in Canadian Schools  at its most recent professional development workshops held in December.  With humour, wisdom, and warmth, Dr. Pam shared a presentation with EMSB teachers that offered “wise practices in Indigenous pedagogy and worldview, and authentic resources to embed in elementary classrooms.”   Dr. Pam, who has 29 plus years of experience across the education continuum, is passionate about providing authentic classroom support to Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners alike. Her advice concerning Indigenous-produced materials: “Let the resources speak for themselves.” A heartfelt thank you and miigwetch Dr. Pam! 

Some of the Nesbitt students who received these beautiful scarves.

THE GIFT OF SCARVES : The EMSB wishes to thank Edna Janco, a resident of Côte Saint-Luc, who made some beautiful scarves which were donated to students at Nesbitt Elementary School in Rosemount.

Some EMSB students are joined (left to right) by: Natalie and Adrian Bercovici of the Generations Foundation;   Steven Harris,  Operation Manager – First Onsite Restoration Quebec Region; Terrence Quinn, former EMSB School Administrator / McGill first year teacher mentoring program; Mike Quinn,  Vice President SP Sport Apparel inc.; Leslie Butt, president of   Generations Foundation  and member of the Board of Directors of the  Little Burgundy Sports Association; EMSB Director General Nick Katalifos; James Lyng High School Principal Giovanni Iammarrone; John Commins,  McGill Professor of the Department of Integrated Studies in Education and  Director of Avenues Outreach Project; and Colin Thornes, teacher at  Perspectives II  High School and coordinator of the Alternative United Basketball Program.

UNIFORM DONATION:   A number of EMSB inner-city schools will be among the beneficiaries of a generous donation of sports uniforms to the Generations Foundation. Mike Quinn, vice-president of sales for  SP Apparel,  arranged for the shipment of 130 cases of   uniforms for a variety of sports to the Generations Foundation headquarters in St. Henri. Distribution will begin in early 2023. Founded in 1998, SP Apparel is recognized as the most trusted name in custom sports apparel. Its uniforms are worn by thousands of professional and amateur teams of every size and sport across the globe, including all 32 NHL teams and the Olympic ice hockey squads of every nation.  Clients include some of the most important brands in the industry such as Nike, Adidas, CCM and Bauer amongst others. Based in Granby and St-Hyacinthe, SP Apparel has a total annual production capacity of approximately one million units (jerseys, socks, shells, pants, bags). See the full press release

TALKING ABOUT AUTISM: EMSB Director General Nick Katalifos and his daughter Anna were the guests on CJAD's Life Unrehearsed, hosted by Matt Del Vecchio, to talk about their son and brother Manoli, 20, and what it is like supporting a child on the Autism Spectrum. You can listen here.

The administrative team of MIND.

MIND SCHOOL EXPANDS PROGRAM: After many years of having to turn back junior students, MIND Alternative High School in the Plateau  is excited to announce the extension of its  program to welcome junior students as of the 2023-24 academic year.   MIND, a vibrant alternative high school since 1975, will now be able to welcome students from Secondary I to V who are independent, curious about the world and socially engaged. Applicants at MIND seek to enrich their academic experience by becoming actively involved in their own education and their community’s development. MIND’s alternative approach to teaching fosters individuality and openness, drawing in motivated and inquisitive students. Each stage of the educational process at MIND is performed with flexibility, from involving students in the designing of their assignments to extending courses and merging subjects. In the small classroom setting, MIND students and staff create a microcosm where the academic expectations of the Quebec School Program are enriched by being grounded in real-life community projects and engagement. Together, students and teachers collaborate to explore, create, and innovate and reflection and debate are grounded in empathy and critical thinking.For students who are  ready to have their outlook valued, challenged and expanded, MIND may be the right choice! For more information call 514-842-0792 or visit  to apply. MIND is located at 4563 St. Urbain Street, in the same historic building as Bancroft Elementary School.  You can see a detailed press release here.

Svens Telemaque (left) at MIND.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AT MIND:   This month, Spiritual and Community Animator Jessica Wilson invited Svens Telemaque to MIND where he presented his "Broken Crayons Still Color" workshop. Svens is a motivational speaker, spoken word artist, activist, author, social entrepreneur, youth worker and more.  Students were captivated, stirring up their passions through a powerful message stemmed by Sven's troubled past, promising future, and timely present. MIND is looking forward to hosting Svens again in the near future to follow up on his message through a spoken word workshop.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Cycle 2 classes at Royal Vale School enjoyed exploring conflict resolution with comedian Jeff Schouela. The founder of Comedy for Kids, Jeff creates a comfortable atmosphere with relaxing background music in which he infuses humour using clips from stand-up comedians who have learnt to navigate and deal with their own internal conflicts. Jeff allows students to share their experiences with conflict in a safe space before setting up scenarios in which the students can learn to resolve conflict through role play. He guides them through the following steps of the process: Express your need, decompress, engage in peaceful conversation, get a neutral 3rd party and acceptance and compromise. The students are also looking forward to their upcoming session on bullying with Joseph Lambert from Tandem. 

The two Students of the Month are presented with their certificates.

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: The EMSB Students of the Month for January are both from Royal West Academy: Marilena Sahlas-Roy and Raphaëlla Etienne-Krief. Marilena is a ray of sunshine at Royal West Academy. From the first day that she walked into the school she has been a positive influence for the school community. She has been part of the Student Council for the past four years. As member and now co-president of the Student Council she has helped organize many activities such as the school BBQ, Grade 7 Orientation, Halloween Haunted Hallway, Prefects, Dances, April Madness, and the Variety Show. Marilena is also the chairperson of EMSAC.  Raphaëlla is a Secondary V Honour Roll student at RWA. Motivated by a personal story, Raphaëlla dreamt of gathering curious and compassionate students to be ambassadors for youth with Type 1 Diabetes. As a result, DiaCare, an extra-curricular activity one year in the making, was initiated at RWA this fall. Raphaëlla was at the helm throughout the process. Hours of research and communication with government officials, doctors, philanthropic organizations, and local recreational centres led to the organization of two major events held in November, Diabetes Awareness Month. Wanting to expose the ambassadors to Type 1 basics, Raphaëlla orchestrated a seminar with an endocrinologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. As a follow-up, Raphaëlla then coordinated a second event at RWA in November 14 in honour of Blue Shirt Day. This involved mobilizing guest speakers, overseeing site logistics, and conducting fundraising. Leading up to Blue Shirt Day, Raphaëlla authored a message in the daily bulletin at RWA to expose all students to Diabetes facts and to garner enthusiasm for the event.

WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP : Anya Figlarz-Grassino (pictured), a  Secondary III student from the EMSB’s Royal West Academy, has won first place at the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions, which was held at Yale this past November.  The World Scholar’s Cup is an international academic competition that focuses on writing, debating, and knowledge-based trivia focused across six categories: Art & Music, Literature & Media, History, Science & Tech, Social Science and Special Area. There are three rounds, and 1,600 finalists from 45 different countries were competing across two age categories. Anya won first place at the Montreal regional round held in April, then went to Prague in August for a global round. There, she came in third place, earning her a spot in the final round  at Yale  where, she was the only junior scholar to earn a gold medal in all six challenge categories. She won the Jack Khor Award  for first overall in the written challenges, and finished first as the individual scholar in the junior division.

Parkdale students bust a move.

WEST CAN FOLK DANCE: In the spirit of integrating Black history education throughout the entire year, Spiritual and Community Animator Ibrahim Abou Arab invited West-Can Folk Dance Group to Parkdale Elementary School in St. Laurent to teach the cycle two students about traditional Caribbean dances. Since 1978, West-Can Group has been teaching and inspiring, both children and adults about Caribbean culture through dance. Melika and Shiata, two sisters who have been dancing for more than two decades, highlighted the values of inclusivity, teamwork, and creativity while teaching our students dances linked to the four sacred elements of water, fire, wind, and earth. Our students came out of the workshop encouraged to celebrate their cultural diversity and take pride in their identities.  

James Lyng students at the Welcome Hall Mission.

JAMES LYNG VOLUNTEERS: What better way to start the month of December and embody the spirit of giving than by volunteering? On Tuesday December 6, the Grade 11 students at James Lyng High School in St. Henri spent their morning volunteering at the Welcome Hall Mission where they helped sort, count, and pack food items for families in need. In a collaboration with their leadership teacher, Samira Chawki, they were able to include this volunteer outing as part of their leadership subject area. Giving back to the community can be done in many ways and our students gave their time and efforts by assembling 600 boxes that were distributed the following day. During the visit, students exemplified important values such as generosity, teamwork, and kindness. Lastly, our students wrote a personal reflection on the value and impact of volunteering in society. We look forward to going back soon!

Students engage in a discussion.

MENTAL HEALTH AT NESBITT AND PDC:  At Nesbitt and Pierre de Coubertin, Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce is teaming up with Chantal Laferrière, Director General at the Fondation les petits trésors, an organization that has been supporting research and clinical care for children aged 0 to 17 affected by mental health issues and autism for more than 40 years, to bring a series of classroom-based workshops for students from K-6 into their schools. These workshops were created and will be led by LEM, and will focus on Resiliency, Self-Esteem, and Mental Health.At Nesbitt and Pierre de Coubertin, Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce is teaming up with Chantal Laferrière, Director General at the Fondation les petits trésors, an organization that has been supporting research and clinical care for children aged 0 to 17 affected by mental health issues and autism for more than 40 years, to bring a series of classroom-based workshops for students from K-6 into their schools. These workshops were created and will be led by LEM, and will focus on Resiliency, Self-Esteem, and Mental Health.

Students engage in a fitness activity.

EQUILIBRE AT RHS: Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce and the Lift Organization have teamed up to present Equilibre, a four-week program consisting of a series of workshops and activities created to address mental health and provide tools for student well-being. Workshops will introduce students to the mental health continuum and work to demystify what this is while breaking down stigma associated with these conditions.  In addition to discussions and activities drawn from the Headstrong Mental Health Summit, speakers will be invited in to share their experience and resiliency having gone through a mental health crisis. There will also be a lunch-time kiosk where local organizations specializing in mental health such as AMI-Quebec will be invited to engage with students and share information. Moreover, a number of after school activities will take place to support positive mental health. Activities include yoga, jiu jitsu, boot camp, visual arts, cooking, and a discussion circle. This program will also be supported by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Riccardo Simanella, who will be coordinating a workshop with SCA Vince Lacroce on nutrition and wellness.

BRIGHT LIGHT, BRIGHT EYES:  On December 19, the third edition of the “Bright Lights, Bright Eyes” campaign took place. Organized by Montreal Police Cadet Marco Cerroni (EMSB alumni), and with support from Spiritual and Community Animator Rocco Speranza, the holiday visit and parade aimed to spread joy, light, peace, and love to the young patients, their families, and staff at Le Phare. Santa delivered presents and cards to the young patients. He was joined by members of the SPVM, SIM, Contrôle Routier Quebec, VIA Rail Police, CN Police, Urgences Santé, and Montreal city officials. “Seeing the children's bright eyes and faces light up as the parade filled the air with lights and sirens and made its way down the street with Santa Claus leading the way with presents in hand, was a very precious, and heart-warming emotional moment," noted Mr. Speranza. “It truly moved us all,” added Mr. Cerroni. 

Some beautiful artwork came out of this project.

GSA at LHA: Led by Spiritual and Community Animator Jessica Wilson and Rosie Haines, from The Gender, Sexuality Alliance (GSA) group at LaurenHill Academy Junior Campus in St. Laurent, have been busy discussing important issues that impact youth today, mainly how to promote diversity and inclusion at school.  Here they are working on some posters to hang up around campus.

The team from Coronation Elementary School showcased lots of generosity.

CORONATION HOLIDAY DRIVE: For their annual holiday community drive, Brigitte Boulos and her Grade 6 class together with Spiritual and Community Animator Puynung Choy from Coronation Elementary School in Côte des Neiges, gathered donations for single young mothers.  The students were very excited to form a partnership with a business that contributed to these donations and helped quadruple  it. This was no ordinary donation activity, as the students were involved with the whole process from collecting money to shopping for the families in need. In its second year, the donations went to Au Future of the Jamaican Association. Students expressed their enthusiasm and look forward to participating once again next year. 4

The students of Honoré-Mercier enjoyed their Virtues Project.

VIRTUES AT HONORÉ MERCIER:  Honoré Mercier Elementary School in St. Léonard has launched their monthly school wide Virtues Project to promote character education and create a culture of caring in the school.  Every month a new virtue is selected by the Spiritual and Community Animator, Mary Poullas. Students who best represent the virtue are presented with certificates at the end of the month.

HEALTH UPDATE:  Please see the latest health protocols shared by the Quebec government here.

CLC NEWSLETTER: The EMSB CLC Circuit Newsletter has been given a fresh look thanks to the Web Services team in Marketing and Communications:. You can see it here

FACE students perform at Complexe Desjardins.

HOLIDAY REFRESH: The winter holiday season may be behind us, but there are still some activities to look back on. The FACE School Con Brio Ensemble, under the direction of Marie- Ève Arseneau, performed at the Complexe Desjardins for the holidays. The Con Brio Ensemble is one of the extra-curricular high school actitivies. This marked their first public performance since the pandemic.  They performed a series of holiday and features songs from their latest concert at school. Meanwhile, at St. Monica Elementary School in NDG, everyone was excited to welcome Santa Claus for the traditional Breakfast with Santa event. All students were treated to a delicious breakfast prepared and served by our breakfast program volunteers and donors. Holiday songs were performed, and the highlight was a visit from the big guy himself. The children's faces lit up when they received a special gift. St. Monica is very grateful to have so many generous individuals looking out for our students. What a day! You can see photos here.   At Gardenview Elementary School in St. Laurent, this holiday season, Spiritual Community Animator Mikaella Goldsmith wanted to highlight some of the many beautiful celebrations of light that place all around the world during the winter.  She therefore hosted a virtual storytelling of  Lights of Winter: Winter Celebrations Around the World by Heather Conrad for all students.  Each teacher was also given blank kindness bulbs and students were asked how they could light up the world with kindness throughout the holidays. This photo is just some of lovely ways Gardenview students feel we can be kind to one another.”   

IN MEMORIAM: Aline Zerounian, who worked as a translator for the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal and the EMSB for 52 years, passed away recently at the age of 80. Born in Cairo, Egypt  she immigrated to Montreal in 1964. Predeceased by her loving husband of 55 years, Vincent, in 2017, she was a loving mother to her children Christine and Philippe (Stella) and a proud Nana to Scott (Shelby), Sabrina and Georgia. She retired in 2016. As an accomplished entrepreneur, she also  worked as a travel agent and chartered buses to Atlantic City for many happy customers. Aline could often be found with a pen and lined notepad on the phone bargaining for better deals for her clients.

LDV students explore.

THE DAYCARE EXPLORERS AT LDV: Leonardo Da Vinci Academy B.A.S.E. Daycare  has started a new initiative: The Daycare Explorers! The purpose of this project is for students to make new friends, learn new skills and have exciting adventures. Every month focuses on a different theme. The daycare students participate in four activities and as a daycare group, earn a badge for successful completion of them. Daycare staff determines the monthly themes and accompanying activities. This new project kicked-off in November 2022 with Science as the inaugural theme. All 10 daycare groups—200 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6—participated in four science experiments: Wind—What can the wind move and not move? Water—what floats and sinks in water? Temperature—How does hot air and cold air affect a balloon? And lastly, the students experimented with floating ink from dry erase markers. During the month of November, the students exercised their scientific processing skills of observing, predicting and classifying. All daycare groups earned a badge.

It is never too early for children to learn about Kindness and Giving.

KINDNESS MONTH: December was Kindness and Giving month. All daycare students were encouraged to be extra kind. During the first week, the Grades 4, 5 and 6 students went to the younger students’ classes during the morning daycare period to read books to them. Students coloured kindness stencils and tickets and distributed them to staff and students throughout the school during the second week. Fun kindness games were played for the last two weeks—Roll the Dice and Share a Slice, Gratitude Scavenger Hunt and Kindness Bingo. All daycare students excelled at showing kindness throughout December and they all earned a badge for their daycare group.

These staff members are true "Champions."

CHAMPIONS FOR LIFE CERTIFICATION: Three B.A.S.E. Daycares (Dante, Gerald McShane and Leonardo Da Vinci Academy) participated in a Champions for Life workshop on  January 13 at Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in RDP. Program Director Joanne Lawson and  Program Coordinator Gabrielle Legaré-Hamel  facilitated the two-hour workshop.  Champions for Life is a fun physical literacy program. Through a variety of challenge stations, activities and games, students will improve skills such as running, jumping, dribbling, throwing, balancing and catching. Being good at fundamental movement skills helps to build confidence, motivation, fitness and health.  Nine daycare educators will deliver the 20-week program to 180 students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2 beginning the week of January 23, 2023. The 30-minute weekly sessions include Champions’ Challenge Stations where the students practice balance poses, locomotion movements and object manipulation. They then play an organized game that incorporates the skill of the week. Each session ends with a Magic Minute mindfulness activity where the students cool down, take deep breathes and pay attention to how they feel. Each student will receive a Movement Map—an engaging tool to stimulate and involve them in their learning progress and keep track of the skills learned. Skill cards will also be handed out and are meant to be a resource for the students and parents. The parents can join in the fun by spending active time with their child, practicing the skills and trying the suggested activities on each of the cards.

DAYCARE EDUCATOR SUPPORT: Each daycare educator was equipped with a Champions for Life t-shirt, a manual with 20 lesson plans, cue sheets of each skill to use as visuals for the students, movement maps, certificates to congratulate the students on their participation and skill cards. The daycare educators also have access to the online Champions for Life platform where they can access additional resources, including videos of each skill and game used in the program. The B.A.S.E. Daycare Program will provide the daycare educators with additional support. It has set aside 30 minutes a week for the daycare educators to meet virtually to go over the lesson plans and share feedback on how the program is progressing with their group of students. Students will be empowered to move well and build the skills, confidence, and motivation to be active for a lifetime!

BREAKFAST CLUB WORKING GROUP: A Breakfast Club of Canada work group has recently been launched in the region of Montreal among the alternative high schools of the EMSB. This regional work group had its first meeting in December with the participation of:  Rena Cordato (Focus); Sean MacIsaac (Mountainview); and Annelise Ogle (Outreach). In their regional work group, these Breakfast Club Champions have created a community within which to share their ideas, successes, and challenges. It will also be an opportunity for them to express how the Breakfast Club could optimize its operations and resources to better meet their needs and give feedback on new and developing Breakfast Club ideas. For more information: Amanda Imbriglio Programs Coordinator Club des petits déjeuners • Breakfast Club of Canada : 

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SECONDARY V STUDENTS: The Horatio Alger Association of Canada, is inviting Grade 11 students f to apply for a Horatio Alger Scholarship. Basic eligibility criteria include:
· Financial Need ($65,000 or less family income)
· Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
· Display strong commitment to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an
accredited university
· Maintain a minimum grade percentage of 70
· Be a Canadian citizen
Deadline to apply is March 15, 2023. 

Students may apply at: 

EMSB Pedagogical Consultant Nicolas Doyon and his wife Nicolas Doyon and wife Pauline Valois at the red carpet opening.   

IMPRESSIONIST MASTERWORKS:  Lasting Impressions invites Montrealers to rediscover the emotional power of art through a breathtaking new immersive experience, conceived and created Princeton Entertainment Group. Audiences will witness the spellbinding transformation of the Impressionist masterworks, brought to moving life by Canada’s Northern Gateway Films using cutting-edge 3D Motion Sculpting technology. The effect is breathtaking, as these classic paintings come alive in stunning stereoscopy, inviting audiences to move into and through the canvas, thus fully inhabiting the worlds crafted by the impressionist masters. Thanks to Holographic 3D, spectators can sit with Renoir’s luncheon guests, dance with Degas’ ballerinas and soar into Van Gogh’s Starry Night. During this truly unique experience, they can spend Sunday in the Park with George and move among the famous characters on Seurat’s Isle of La Grande Jatte.   The word Impressionism was first used when painters including Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, pursued painting “en plein air”, placing their easels along the banks of the Seine and on the streets of Paris. These artists became known as The Impressionists because their work – rather than being realistic, left observers to add their own interpretation. With swipes of color and swirls of light, they were creating something beyond reality, something perhaps even more beautiful than reality. The program continues until  March at Le Studio-Cabaret / Espace St-Denis (Montreal’s newest and most innovative entertainment setting). Schools wishing to arrange a visit can e-mail

JNF TELETHON: The Jewish National Fund , which cares for the land of Israel, will hold its annual Telethon to raise funds in honor of the Jewish holiday of Tu Bi’Shevat. It will take place on Sunday, February 5 at the Beth Zion Synagogue in Cote Saint Luc. Open to all students looking to fill their community service hours,   volunteers are being sought to imake phone calls to ask for donations. JNF  will be providing full training to all who come to help make calls, and there will be food as well as door prizes. Info:  or

GEORDIE THEATRE: Join Geordie Theatre School as they  offer their first-ever March Break Camp!  Led by GTS teaching powerhouses Trevor and  Daniel, this camp will be a fun-filled week of theatre.  Putting on a Play from A to Z will be a  one-week intensive exploring the different roles needed to put on a show, including writing, acting, directing, designing (costumes, set & sound) and more. Each day participants will dive into an exciting new role in the theatre and use what they’ve learned to create their own play as a team. The week will end with a short performance of their original creation for family!  For more info, and to register, visit: It os for children aged eight to 12.  March 6 to  10 from 8:30am – 4:30pm each day at the new Geordie Play Lab (4700 rue Dagenais, Ste. 3)


Pierre Polievere and his wife with (left to right) Senator Leo Housakos, Joe Ortona, Agostino Cannavino, Jamie Fabian and Nick Katalifos.

PIERRE POLIEVRE VISITS: Pierre Polievre, the leader of the Federal Conservative Opposition Party, visited the Wagar Adult Education Centre of the English Montreal School Board on January 16 to talk à representatives from leading organizations which serve students on the Autism Spectrum. Here is a video of his visit.

SKILLS COMPETITION AND OPEN HOUSE: Rosemount Technology Centre, one of the largest English technical career training centres in Quebec, will be twinning its highly entertaining Skills Competition with an Open House at  the main campus at 3737 Beaubien St. East on Thursday, February 9 from 3 pm to 8 pm. Students will compete in their own program (cabinetmaking, computer graphics, electromechanics, industrial drafting, printing and machining) to complete specific tasks. Prizes will be awarded to the first three in each program.  Industry partners will be on hand  to both judge student work and set up information kiosks to complement the program taught at RTC. Light refreshments will be served at 6:30 pm, with the winners to be announced an hour later. RTC offers full-time career programs authorized and funded by the Quebec Ministry of Education. The skills, training and technical knowledge acquired in these programs are in great demand in business and industry throughout North America. Courses are based on a modular system in which each student learns and progresses in a systematic manner. An important component of each program is the work-study placement in which the students have the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in an actual work setting. In general, the centre is structured as a business educational environment, similar to industry, with computer labs, technology rooms and workshops. Among the many services offered by RTC to its students are counselling, career advisory, library and cafeteria.

Principal John Pevec presents a certificate.

RTC GRAD: On November 24,  Rosemount Technology Centre was finally able to hold an in-person ceremony for their graduates from 2019-2022. There were 225 graduates invited along with staff that filled the auditorium to help celebrate this momentous occasion. In attendance were EMSB Director General Nick Katalifos,  Council Chair Joe Ortona, Vice-Chair Agostino Cannovino, Assistant Director of AEVS Mario Argiropoulos, Retired AEVS Sector Director Cosmo Della Rocca along with members of the RTC Governing Board. The event was a resounding success! We look forward to returning to annual graduations with our students next fall!

Galileo students enjoy their activity.

GALILEO GOURMET: Have you heard of flora and fauna? Galileo Adult Education’s academic students took a look at how their course material exists in their day-to-day life! Through the merging of  Ms. Giovanna’s Science and Miss. Sarah’s Computer Science courses, students were able to engage in a collaborative cooking experience. Science students unpacked how fauna (animal) and flora (plant life) emerge not only in biomes but also on our plates! Marine Biome - coral reefs appeared in the form of an octopus salad - this was an exciting opportunity for students to both try preparing and consuming a new food. Next up, was from Terrestrial Biomes – temperate grassland and wetlands – which took form in bison sliders topped with a zucchini, cranberry, and balsamic reduction…YUM! Making a second appearance, the Marine Biome dove into - seas/oceans - with a linguini clam pasta. Finally, once more the Terrestrial Biomes – desert and tropical forest – wrapped the meal up, not with a cherry on top, but rather some prickly pear cactus, pineapple, mango and papaya! Here students tested more than just their biome knowledge, but also their biology with a focused turn on letting our sensorial system guide our cooking process. The Computer Science class shared their knowledge of multimedia production. Food photography featured below! 

PQ leader Paul St. Pierre Plamondon at Edward Murphy Elementary School.


CAMPAGNE AXÉE SUR LE FRANÇAIS: À l’aube de la semaine des inscriptions au primaire pour l'année scolaire 2023-2024, la Commission scolaire English-Montréal célébrera le bilinguisme et l'excellence du français enseigné au primaire et au secondaire. Le Mois du français à la CSEM se déroule au cours du mois de janvier. Avec son slogan bien connu, « Être bilingue, c'est gagnant! », la CSEM met l’accent sur le bilinguisme en tant que formule gagnante. « Nous sommes très fiers de la qualité de l’enseignement du français dans nos écoles. Le bilinguisme est une fenêtre sur le monde. Si nous voulons que nos enfants demeurent au Québec, nous devons leur fournir les outils nécessaires pour qu’ils puissent y faire carrière. », s’est exclamé le président de la CSEM Joe Ortona. M. Ortona a fréquenté deux établissements de la CSEM, soit l’école primaire Nesbitt et le Collège Vincent Massey à Rosemont. En tant qu’avocat, il pratique le droit principalement en français au quotidien. Une panoplie d’activités et d’initiatives sont prévues tout au long du mois de janvier. Nous vous invitons à consulter l’intégral du communiqué.

PRÉPARER NOS ENFANTS : Avec les exigences croissantes sur le plan des compétences en français au cégep dans les années à venir, les parents veulent s’assurer que leurs enfants seront bien préparés. La CSEM offre trois modèles d’enseignement du français au niveau primaire, suivis d’un choix de trois programmes (en plus du programme des élèves internationaux) au niveau secondaire. « Quelle que soit l'école qu'ils choisissent, une fois diplômés, ils sont prêts à entreprendre des études postsecondaires et à poursuivre leur cheminement dans un domaine professionnel en tant qu’étudiants fonctionnellement bilingues », a déclaré Anna Sanalitro, directrice des Services éducatifs à la CSEM. Les recherches montrent que les enfants ont une aptitude naturelle à apprendre des langues autres que leur langue maternelle. Plus on est jeune, plus il est facile d'apprendre une nouvelle langue et de maîtriser son accent. En contexte d'immersion, où les cours autres que le cours de français sont donnés en français, les élèves ont davantage l'occasion de s'exprimer dans la deuxième langue, selon un rapport sur l’enseignement en immersion commandé par la CSEM et rédigé par Susan Ballinger, du Département d’études intégrées en éducation de McGill. L'utilisation « pertinente et authentique d'une deuxième langue est systématiquement associée à des avantages sur le plan de l'apprentissage », écrit-elle. Nous vous invitons à lire le détail de notre offre de programmes d’enseignement du français

LE CHEMINEMENT SE POURSUIT AU SECONDAIRE: La CSEM propose trois programmes d’enseignement du français au niveau secondaire afin de favoriser une variété de compétences et d’intérêts. Il s'agit de programmes du ministère de l'Éducation qui mènent tous à la passation d'une épreuve ministérielle en vue de l'obtention du diplôme d'études secondaires.

THÈME MUSICAL DE LA CSEM: Dans le cadre du Mois du français à la CSEM, la chorale de l’école primaire Willingdon, sous la direction de Nick Batzios, a composé une ritournelle toute spéciale qui servira de chanson thème pour la campagne. Tous les élèves de la CSEM ont été mis au défi de mettre en musique le slogan Être bilingue, c’est gagnant! Les lauréats de l’école Willingdon auront également la chance d’enregistrer professionnellement leur thème musical avec le concours de SophistOccasion Showband. De plus, ce thème deviendra le message de mise en attente à la CSEM en 2023. Nous tenons à remercier tout spécialement Nicolas Doyon, conseiller pédagogique en danse, art dramatique, musique et arts plastiques, pour son aide précieuse. Pour faire l’écoute du thème musical.

CONNEXION À PIERRE DE COUBERTIN: La communauté est au cœur de l’école primaire Pierre de Coubertin (PDC) à Saint-Léonard et, tout récemment, l’école a lancé un nouveau projet intitulé Connexion Quartier. Cette initiative permet à de jeunes élèves de passer du temps en compagnie d’élèves plus âgés de l’école française Gabrielle-Roy située à proximité. Dans le cadre de ce projet, chaque classe de 1re année à l’école PDC a été jumelée à une classe de 4e ou 5e année de l’école Gabrielle-Roy. Depuis le début de l’année scolaire, les élèves se sont rencontrés à trois reprises à la bibliothèque de Saint-Léonard, où ils ont eu l’occasion d’interagir et de tisser des liens grâce à la lecture. Étant donné que les élèves se rendent à la bibliothèque à pied, les rencontres auront lieu cet hiver via la plateforme Zoom et elles reprendront en personne au printemps. « Ce projet se veut une expérience d’immersion française authentique et amusante pour nos élèves », s’est exclamée Jessica Monti, directrice adjointe à l’école Pierre de Coubertin. « Il permet également aux élèves de l’école Gabrielle-Roy de développer leur esprit de collaboration et leur leadership. »

Julie Caplier et ses élèves à Merton.

ENSEIGNANTES FRANÇAISES : Face à la pénurie de personnel enseignant qui touche les écoles du Québec, la CSEM s'est tournée vers la France pour recruter de nouveaux talents. En collaboration avec l'Association des directeurs généraux des commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec, la CSEM a pris part à un projet pilote ayant déjà mené à l'embauche de trois enseignantes françaises. « Des neuf commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec, la CSEM était très heureuse d'être parmi les premières à se joindre à cette initiative », s’est exclamée Ann Watson, directrice des Ressources humaines à la CSEM. « Le processus s’est mis en branle pour la CSEM à l'automne 2021 afin de concrétiser les plans et notre travail acharné s’est poursuivi tout au long des vacances d'été pour mener cette initiative à terme. »

Grâce aux efforts inlassables déployés par le Service des ressources humaines de la CSEM, les trois enseignantes ont fait leur arrivée peu après le début de l'année scolaire 2022-2023. En janvier, dans le cadre du Mois du français à la CSEM, ces trois enseignantes s’entretiendront en direct de leurs salles de classe avec le Consul général de France à Montréal, Frédéric Sanchez. Les enseignantes sont : Adèle Guilloteau, école primaire Willingdon à NDG, généraliste  français – 1re année; Diane Leuillot, école primaire Edinburgh à Montréal-Ouest, généraliste français – 2e année et Julie Caplier, école primaire Merton à Côte Saint-Luc, généraliste français – 5e année. Nous vous invitons à consulter l’intégral du communiqué  

DES DIPLÔMÉS DEVENUS ENSEIGNANTS: La Commission scolaire English-Montréal est fière de compter parmi ses rangs plusieurs de ses propres diplômés devenus enseignants de français au sein de son réseau. Voici le profil de certains d'entre eux.

PRIX PECK: Dans le cadre du Mois du français à la CSEM, qui se déroule tout au long du mois de janvier à la Commission scolaire English-Montréal, un nombre record de 16 élèves ont reçu le Prix Robert Alfred Peck pour l'excellence en français lors de la réunion mensuelle du conseil des commissaires. Pour l'année scolaire 2021-2022, quatre élèves de 4e secondaire et 11 de 5e secondaire ont obtenu une reconnaissance pour avoir atteint la note de 100 %. Ils recevront chacun un certificat ainsi qu’un chèque de 100 $. Il y a dix (10) élèves du Collège Vincent Massey à Rosemont, cinq (5) de l'Académie Royal West à Montréal-Ouest et un (1) de l'Académie LaurenHill à Saint-Laurent. De Vincent Massey : Emma Bastone, Emilie Béliveau, Daniel Bouchard, Thomas Bridgman, Zeya D'alto, Mia Del Pio Luogo, Alexandre Gartner, Çatalkaram Hatt Sustam, Marc Anthony Lettieri et Giuliano Rico. De Royal West : Kelly Chow, Noémie Eglish-Moreau, Ella Etienne Labelle, Naomi Raimbert et Phoenix Trew. De LaurenHill: Barirah Rehman. Emma Bastone, Daniel Bouchard, Alexandre Gartner et Barirah Rehman, présentement en 5e secondaire.

LE CHEF D'ORCHESTRE: Dans le cadre du Mois du français à la CSEM, Francis Choinière s’est rendu à l'école F.A.C.E. du centre-ville pour s’entretenir de sa carrière avec les élèves. Francis n'avait que 18 ans lorsqu'il a cofondé l'Orchestre philharmonique et Chœur des mélomanes (OPCM) dans le but d’allier ses deux grandes passions, soit le chant et la musique symphonique, après avoir constaté que la scène musicale montréalaise offrait la possibilité de présenter plus fréquemment de grandes œuvres chorales et symphoniques interprétées par des ensembles de haut niveau. Le chœur compte aujourd'hui près de 80 membres et regroupe des passionnés de musique, ou mélomanes, et des chanteurs professionnels. Ils entameront l'année 2023 en beauté en présentant, le vendredi 20 janvier à la Maison symphonique, une version concert de La Bohème de Puccini, qui mettra en vedette Andrew Haji (Rodolfo) et Myriam Leblanc (Mimi) dans une tragédie romantique inoubliable, accompagnés de 60 musiciens et de 120 chanteurs de l'OPCM et des Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal. « J'ai grandi à Montréal et j’ai fréquenté l'école F.A.C.E. pendant 11 ans, où je faisais régulièrement partie d'une chorale et d'un orchestre, a déclaré Francis. Déjà à ce jeune âge, je chantais, jouais du piano et de la trompette et je composais ma propre musique. J'ai fait mes études de piano au Collège Marianopolis, où j'ai développé une passion pour la direction d'orchestre. C'est pendant mes études que j'ai cofondé l'OPCM. J'ai ensuite obtenu un baccalauréat en composition et une maîtrise en direction d'orchestre, tous deux à McGill ». Francis a été fort bien accueilli par les élèves des secteurs anglophone et francophone. Ils ont été très inspirés par son succès à un si jeune âge et avaient de nombreuses questions à lui poser. Nicolas Doyon, conseiller pédagogique à la CSEM, a animé la rencontre.

Elisabeth Prass, députée libérale de D'Arcy McGee, parle aux étudiants de Merton.

CONFÉRENCIERS INVITÉS: Au cours du mois, un grand nombre d’invités de marque ont défilé dans des écoles afin de s’entretenir en français avec les élèves. Parmi eux, le ministre des Finances et ministre responsable des relations avec les Québécois d'expression anglaise de la CAQ s’est rendu à Royal Vale; le chef de Québec solidaire et député de Gouin, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, a visité l’école Pierre Elliott Trudeau; le chef du Parti libéral du Québec et député de LaFontaine, Marc Tanguay, a rendu visite à East Hill; le député de Québec solidaire dans Rosemont, Vincent Marissal, a visité Nesbitt; l'ancien chef du NPD du Canada et ministre provincial, Tom Mulcair, s’est rendu à l’école Honoré-Mercier (il porte le nom de son arrière-arrière-grand-père); le député libéral de Westmount-NDG et ancien astronaute, Marc Garneau, a visité Roslyn et le chef du Parti québécois et député de Camille-Laurin, Paul St. Pierre Plamondon, s’est rendu à Edward Murphy.


RAPPORT ANNUEL: Les Services éducatifs de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal ont présenté officiellement les données du rapport annuel 2021-2022 lors d'une réunion du conseil des commissaires. En date de juin 2022, le taux de diplomation et de qualification après sept ans pour la cohorte 2014 est de 91,6 %, soit une légère baisse d'environ deux pour cent par rapport à l'année précédente. Le taux de diplomation après six ans s’établit à 91 %, ce qui laisse présager que la CSEM surpassera ses résultats de 2022. La commission scolaire a atteint sa cible.

L'écart des taux de réussite entre les garçons et les filles est demeuré stable à 3,2 %. Bien que les données actuelles ne soient pas disponibles concernant le taux de diplomation et de qualification après sept ans des élèves handicapés ou en difficulté d’adaptation ou d’apprentissage (EHDAA), les résultats les plus récents montrent que ce taux a diminué, passant de 76,7 % en 2019 à 66,7 % en 2020. Des données supplémentaires sont nécessaires pour déterminer s'il s'agit d'une tendance. De même, le taux de diplomation et de qualification après sept ans des écoles en milieu défavorisé s’est replié, passant de 87,3 % en 2019 à 80,3 % en 2020. Les écoles sont classées en milieu défavorisé ou en milieu favorisé selon l'Indice de milieu socio-économique (IMSE). Des données supplémentaires sont nécessaires pour déterminer si l'un ou l'autre de ces reculs constitue une tendance. Il convient de noter que 2022 marque la dernière année du plan initial d'engagement vers la réussite. Dans la plupart des domaines scolaires, les résultats des élèves se situent dans la fourchette pour l'atteinte des cibles fixées pour 2022. Les résultats aux épreuves de juin 2022 constituent le premier point de comparaison depuis 2019, année où la tenue des évaluations de fin d’année fut interrompue par la pandémie. Il est probable que la CSEM continuera à surveiller la progression des mêmes objectifs académiques dans le cadre du nouveau plan, tout en ajustant les cibles pour les élèves.

MINI-ÉCOLE DE MÉDECINE: À l’occasion de son assemblée annuelle qui se tiendra à Montréal, SAGES invite les élèves des écoles secondaires de la région à découvrir l’univers de la médecine et de la chirurgie mini-invasive à sa mini-école de médecine, le samedi 1er avril 2023. Cette activité est offerte gratuitement aux élèves, mais seulement 100 places sont disponibles. Les élèves intéressés doivent soumettre un questionnaire au plus tard le 17 février 2023 ( Les candidatures seront évaluées pour l’attribution des places. Pour de plus amples renseignements, consultez le site ou contacter 

PÉDAGOGIE AUTOCHTONE:  Lors d’un récent atelier de perfectionnement professionnel tenu en décembre, les Services éducatifs ont eu le plaisir et l'honneur d'accueillir Dre Pamela Rose Toulouse, fière Anishinaabe-Kwe, membre de la Première Nation Sagamok dans le nord de l'Ontario et auteure du livre Truth & Reconciliation in Canadian Schools. Avec humour, sagesse et chaleur, Dre Pam a présenté aux enseignants de la CSEM de sages pratiques en matière de pédagogie et de vision du monde autochtone, ainsi que des ressources authentiques à intégrer dans les classes du primaire ». Dre Pam, qui cumule plus de 29 années d'expérience en éducation, est passionnée par la nécessité de fournir un soutien pédagogique véritable aux apprenants autochtones et non autochtones. Son conseil concernant le matériel produit par les autochtones : « Laissez les ressources parler d'elles mêmes ». Un grand merci et miigwetch Dre Pam!

TOURNOI DES CHAMPIONS WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP: Anya Figlarz-Grassino, élève de l'Académie Royal West de la CSEM, a remporté la première place au Tournoi des champions de la World Scholar’s Cup, qui s'est tenu à Yale en novembre dernier. Il s’agit d’une compétition scolaire internationale axée sur l'écriture, les débats et les connaissances dans six catégories : arts et musique, littérature et médias, histoire, sciences et technologie, sciences sociales, et domaine particulier. Il y a trois rondes, et 1 600 finalistes provenant de 45 pays différents et répartis selon deux catégories d’âge se sont affrontés. Anya a remporté les honneurs lors de la ronde régionale tenue à Montréal en avril, puis s'est rendue à Prague en août pour l’épreuve mondiale. Elle a terminé en troisième place, ce qui lui a valu la chance de participer à la finale à Yale, où elle fut la seule élève junior à remporter une médaille d'or dans les six catégories. Elle a remporté le Prix Jack Khor pour sa première place dans les épreuves écrites et a terminé première dans la catégorie junior.

DON D'ÉCHARPES : La CSEM tient à remercier Edna Janco, une résidente de Côte Saint-Luc, pour avoir confectionné de magnifiques écharpes qui ont été offertes aux élèves de l'école primaire Nesbitt à Rosemont.

DON D'UNIFORMES : Certaines écoles en milieu défavorisé de la CSEM seront parmi les heureuses bénéficiaires d'un généreux don d'uniformes sportifs. Mike Quinn, vice-président des ventes de SP Apparel (, a coordonné l'envoi de 130 caisses d'uniformes pour divers sports au siège social de la Fondation Générations à Saint-Henri. La distribution des uniformes commencera au début de 2023. Fondée en 1998, SP Apparel est reconnue comme l’entreprise la plus fiable en matière de vêtements de sport personnalisés. Ses uniformes sont portés par des milliers d'équipes professionnelles et amateurs de toute taille et de tout sport à travers le monde, y compris les 32 équipes de la LNH et les équipes olympiques de hockey sur glace de chaque pays. Sa clientèle regroupe certaines des plus grandes marques de l'industrie, notamment Nike, Adidas, CCM et Bauer. Basée à Granby et à St-Hyacinthe, SP Apparel affiche une capacité de production annuelle totalisant environ un million d'unités (maillots, bas, coquilles, pantalons, sacs). Nous vous invitons à lire l’intégral du communiqué :

ÉCOLE MIND : Contrainte d’avoir dû refuser des élèves du premier cycle du secondaire pendant plusieurs années, l'école secondaire innovatrice M.I.N.D. du Plateau est heureuse d'annoncer l’extension de son programme à compter de l'année scolaire 2023-2024 en vue d'accueillir des élèves de 1re et 2e secondaire. Établissement secondaire innovateur et dynamique depuis 1975, M.I.N.D. pourra désormais accueillir des élèves de la 1re à la 5e secondaire qui se démarquent par leur indépendance, leur curiosité face au monde qui les entoure et leur engagement social. Les élèves de M.I.N.D. cherchent à enrichir leur expérience scolaire en s'impliquant activement dans leur propre éducation et dans le développement de leur communauté. L'approche innovatrice en matière d'enseignement favorise le développement de chaque individu et l'ouverture d'esprit, attirant du coup des élèves motivés et curieux. Chacune des étapes du processus éducatif à l’école M.I.N.D. est réalisée avec souplesse et s'étend de la participation des élèves dans la conception de leurs travaux jusqu’à la prolongation des cours et la fusion des matières. Dans une petite salle de classe, les élèves et le personnel de M.I.N.D. créent un microcosme où les attentes pédagogiques du programme de l'école québécoise sont enrichies puisqu’elles sont ancrées dans des projets et des engagements communautaires réels. Ensemble, les élèves et les enseignants collaborent pour explorer, créer et innover, où la réflexion et les débats sont fondés sur l'empathie et la pensée critique. Pour les élèves qui sont prêts à voir leurs perspectives valorisées, stimulées et élargies, l’école M.I.N.D. pourrait s’avérer le bon choix! Pour de plus amples renseignements, composez le 514 842-0792 ou visitez le pour vous inscrire. L’école M.I.N.D. est située au 4563, rue Saint-Urbain, dans le même bâtiment historique qui abrite l'école primaire Bancroft.

ÉLÈVES DU MOIS : Les élèves du mois de janvier à la CSEM fréquentent toutes les deux l'Académie Royal West. Il s’agit de Marilena Sahlas-Roy et Raphaëlla Etienne-Krief. Marilena est un véritable rayon de soleil à l'Académie Royal West. Dès le premier jour où elle a fait son entrée à l'école, elle a exercé une influence positive sur la communauté scolaire. Elle fait partie du conseil des élèves depuis quatre ans. En tant que membre et maintenant coprésidente du conseil des élèves, elle a pris part à l’organisation de nombreuses activités telles que le barbecue de l'école, l'orientation des élèves de 1re secondaire, le corridor hanté de l'Halloween, les préfets, les danses, la folie d'avril et le spectacle de variétés. Marilena est également présidente de l'EMSAC. Ses compétences en matière de leadership se sont avérées un atout pour l'EMSAC. Son dévouement et son enthousiasme favorisent un environnement où les élèves leaders peuvent s'épanouir et avoir le sentiment que leurs contributions sont appréciées. Marilena est une jeune fille extraordinaire qui déborde d'enthousiasme et de maturité. Elle encourage et motive ses camarades à faire partie de la grande communauté et à travailler à l’amélioration du climat au sein de l’école. Son sourire et ses rires constants animent les corridors de l'Académie Royal West Lorsqu'elle entre dans la classe, on voit instantanément sa joie de vivre. Elle adore travailler avec les autres, que ce soit à titre de leader ou de participante. Marilena possède une grande confiance en elle et est très à l'aise devant un grand public. Elle est motivée et travaille sans relâche pour défendre les droits et la reconnaissance des élèves. Marilena est un merveilleux modèle pour toutes les générations!

 Raphaëlla est une élève de 5e secondaire qui figure au tableau d'honneur de l'Académie Royal West. Motivée par une expérience personnelle, Raphaëlla rêvait de rassembler des élèves curieux et compatissants pour qu'ils deviennent des ambassadeurs auprès des jeunes atteints de diabète de type 1. C'est ainsi que DiaCare, une activité parascolaire dont l'élaboration aura nécessité une année de travail, fut lancée à l'Académie Royal West cet automne. Raphaëlla a été à la barre tout au long du processus. Des heures de recherche et de communication avec des fonctionnaires, des médecins, des organisations philanthropiques et des centres de loisirs locaux ont abouti à la mise sur pied de deux événements majeurs qui ont eu lieu en novembre dans le cadre du Mois de la sensibilisation au diabète. Désireuse de faire connaître aux ambassadeurs les aspects de la maladie du diabète de type 1, Raphaëlla a orchestré un séminaire avec un endocrinologue de l'Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants. Puis, elle a ensuite coordonné un deuxième événement à l'Académie Royal West le 14 novembre en l'honneur de la Journée du chandail bleu pour lequel elle a dû mobiliser des intervenants, superviser la logistique du site et mener une collecte de fonds. En prévision de la Journée du chandail bleu, Raphaëlla a rédigé un message dans le bulletin quotidien de l'école pour sensibiliser tous les élèves au diabète et susciter leur enthousiasme pour l'événement.

IN MEMORIAM: Aline Zerounian, traductrice à la Commission des écoles protestantes du Grand Montréal et à la CSEM pendant 52 ans, est décédée récemment à l'âge de 80 ans. Née au Caire, en Égypte, elle a immigré à Montréal en 1964. Prédécédée par son époux bien-aimé des 55 dernières années, Vincent, en 2017, elle était une mère aimante pour ses enfants Christine et Philippe (Stella) et une fière Nana pour Scott (Shelby), Sabrina et Georgia. Elle a pris sa retraite en 2016. Entrepreneure accomplie, elle a également été agente de voyages et a nolisé des autocars  vers Atlantic City pour le compte de nombreux clients satisfaits. On trouvait souvent Aline au téléphone, stylo et bloc-notes à la main, en train de négocier de meilleurs forfaits pour ses clients.

CHEFS-D'ŒUVRE IMPRESSIONNISTES : La Magie des impressionnistes (cliquez ici pour la bande-annonce) invite les Montréalais à redécouvrir le pouvoir émotionnel de l'art à travers une nouvelle expérience immersive à couper le souffle, conçue et réalisée par Princeton Entertainment Group. Les spectateurs assisteront à la transformation envoûtante des chefs d'œuvre impressionnistes grâce à la technologie de pointe 3D de sculpture en mouvement de l’entreprise canadienne Northern Gateway Films. Le résultat est époustouflant : ces toiles classiques prennent vie dans une stéréoscopie étonnante, invitant le public à entrer et à se déplacer à même les œuvres, expérimentant ainsi pleinement les mondes créés par les maîtres impressionnistes. Grâce à la 3D holographique, les spectateurs peuvent s'asseoir avec les convives du déjeuner de Renoir, danser avec les ballerines de Degas et s'envoler dans la Nuit étoilée de Van Gogh. Au cours de cette expérience vraiment unique, ils pourront passer le dimanche dans le parc avec George et évoluer parmi les célèbres personnages de l'île de la Grande Jatte de Seurat. Le terme « impressionnisme » fut utilisé pour la première fois lorsque des peintres comme Claude Monet, Edgar Degas et Pierre-Auguste Renoir, se sont mis à peindre « en plein air », disposant leurs chevalets sur les berges de la Seine et dans les rues de Paris. Ces artistes sont connus sous le nom d'impressionnistes car leurs œuvres, plutôt que d'être réalistes, permettent aux observateurs d’y aller de leur propre interprétation. Avec leurs coups de pinceau de couleur et leurs tourbillons de lumière, ils créaient quelque chose au-delà de la réalité, quelque chose de peut-être encore plus beau que la réalité. L’exposition se poursuit jusqu'en mars au Studio-Cabaret de l’Espace St Denis (lieu de divertissement le plus récent et le plus innovant à Montréal).


VISITE DE PIERRE POLIÈVRE : Pierre Polièvre, chef du Parti conservateur du Canada et de l’opposition, a rendu visite au Centre d'éducation des adultes Wagar de la Commission scolaire English Montréal le 16 janvier pour s'entretenir avec des représentants d'organismes de premier plan qui desservent les élèves atteints du spectre de l'autisme.

COMPÉTITION DE COMPÉTENCES ET JOURNÉE PORTES OUVERTES : Le Centre de technologie Rosemont (CTR), l'un des plus grands centres de formation professionnelle technique anglophones du Québec, jumellera sa Compétition de compétences des plus divertissantes à une journée Portes ouvertes au campus principal situé au 3737, rue Beaubien Est, le jeudi 9 février, de 15 h à 20 h. Les élèves s'affronteront dans le cadre de leur programme (ébénisterie, infographie, électromécanique, dessin industriel, imprimerie et machinerie) pour réaliser des tâches spécifiques. Des prix seront décernés à ceux et celles qui remporteront les trois premières places dans chacun des programmes. Des partenaires de l'industrie seront sur place pour évaluer les prestations des élèves et animer des kiosques d'information en complément aux programmes offerts au CTR. De légers rafraîchissements seront servis à 18 h 30, et les noms des gagnants seront dévoilés une heure plus tard.

Le CTR offre des programmes de formation professionnelle à temps plein accrédités et subventionnés par le ministère de l'Éducation du Québec. Les compétences, la formation et les connaissances techniques acquises dans le cadre de ces programmes sont très recherchées par les entreprises et les industries partout en Amérique du Nord. Les cours sont basés sur un système modulaire dans lequel chaque élève apprend et progresse de manière systématique. Un élément important de chaque programme est le stage en milieu de travail au cours duquel les élèves ont l'occasion de mettre en pratique les compétences qu'ils ont acquises dans un milieu de travail réel. De façon générale, le centre est aménagé à l’image d’un environnement éducatif d'affaires, semblable à ce que l’on retrouve dans l'industrie, avec des laboratoires d'informatique, des salles de technologie et des ateliers. Le CTR offre à ses élèves des services de counseling, d'orientation professionnelle, de bibliothèque et de cafétéria, pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns.

Le prochain numéro de Pleins feux sur Fielding sera publié le 28 fevrier. Prière de soumettre vos articles au plus tard le 24 fevrier  à midi. The next edition of the EMSB Focus will be published on February 28. Deadline for submissions is  February 24 at Noon.