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DRESS IT UP BLUE ON APRIL 3 IN CELEBRATION OF AUTISM AWARENESS: Autism Awareness Day is celebrated worldwide every year on April 2. The international community lights up hundreds of thousands of landmarks, buildings, homes and communities around the world in blue in recognition of people living with autism. Autism-friendly events and educational activities take place during the whole month of April to increase understanding and acceptance and foster worldwide support. On Tuesday, April 3, let’s “Dress it up Blue” at the EMSB. Wear your favourite blue item or accessory to show your support!

Principal Mike Brown, staff and some students prepping for Passover.

NEW HOMEWORK POLICY: Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School in Montreal West has received national media attention for its new homework policy which involves a minimal amount o of work being sent home at night. "We look at the students as individuals and in doing so, we have alternatives to give support to students," said Mr. Brown, alluding to sending home extra work on a topic, after school support program for struggling students, APPS and websites that can be used for reinforcement.  "We have removed punitive measures for homework not done, and grading on homework. We encourage parents to read with their children every night for nodding and academic benefit."  EBS is implementing programs that maximize learning at school. This includes material for  individual or group projects; if a student is struggling in a certain subject or with a certain topic (marks will not be removed for unfinished supporting work); each student is encouraged to read with his/her parents for a minimum amount of time every night – the amount of time suggested  depends  the upon grade level. The nightly reading recommendations are as follows: K & Cycle 1, 10-15 minutes; Cycle 2, 15 to 20 minutes; and Cycle 3, 20 to 30 minutes. Students spend six or more hours a day in school, and they need time to play outside of school hours, the school policy reads. Students should be able to get the allotted work done during class time. “Drill and Kill”  is not an effective tool. Student productivity will be increased if they do not have conflict at home over homework. Parents are free (and indeed encouraged) to review their children’s schoolwork at home. EBS believes that “Homework” that is proven to promote student success reads this way: Eat dinner together as a family; read together; play outside; and students should get to bed early for a full night’s rest. Principal Brown appeared on CTV, CBC and City.

EBS MONTREAL COMMUNITY CARES FOUNDATION:  Cycle 3 students at Elizabeth Ballantyne recently attended a luncheon   hosted by the Montreal Community Cares Foundation, in collaboration with the  Concordia Office of Community Engagement.  Honour Roll students in Grades 5, 6 and 7 were invited to attend, as were students who exhibited perseverance in their schoolwork, and showed marked improvement. The goal of this Foundation is to acknowledge the achievements of these students, and to inform them about what they can expect from their secondary and post-secondary experiences. Students arrived, anxious and excited, alongside very proud and supportive parents.  This was the first Honour Roll Breakfast for the MCC and EBS students. The students were empowered by messages about resiliency, commitment, and hope. There were singing performances, and spoken word poetry by Behaviour Technician Roen Higgins.

EMSB SUCCESS RATE: At 88.6 percent the English Montreal School Board has  the highest Success Rate in the entire province of Quebec among  English public school boards based on a seven year cohort, figures released by  the Ministère de l’Education et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) show.   “This is all the more impressive given the fact the province-wide success rate is 80.1  percent,” stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “This achievement was made possible thanks to everyone associated with the EMSB, from our staff, parents, and volunteers and of course our students.” Ms. Mancini proudly added that based on the five year cohort, at 82.8 percent, the EMSB has the highest success rate among any public school board in the province. The 88.6 percent figure is based on a seven year cohort.  It combines the high school graduation rate during that time period with the certification rate of students in the Work Orientation Training Pathway (WOTP).  It followed the progression of students from 2009 to their graduating year in 2016. Ms. Mancini noted that the EMSB has the second highest success rate among public boards in the province behind the Commission scolaire Des Découvreurs, a small board in Quebec City with only four high schools none of which cover any inner-city neighbourhoods. To put the EMSB’s present student Success Rates in full perspective, the average Success Rate among all Quebec schools (public and private) is 80.1 percent while it stands at 76.5 percent for public schools only. The complete listing of how each board in the province did can be viewed on the EMSB website at

Sarah Fragman and  teacher Jason Chen
HISTORY AWARDS: Sarah Fragman and Massimo Di Lullo from Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount were the only EMSB students to be honoured with Government of Canada History Awards. Presented for the fourth consecutive year, the awards honour the exceptional work of university students studying history (for the significance of their research in Canadian history) or education (for the originality of an activity for teaching Canadian history). The awards also recognize the work of high school students (in Grades 10, 11 and 12/Secondary IV, V and CEGEP) who, through their writing, have shown an interest in great moments in Canadian history. In all, more than 800 student submissions were received from across the country.  In the high schools (and CEGEP) category, the 2017 Government of Canada History Awards go to 172 students who each receive a $1,000 prize—divided between partners for team submissions. Students were required to submit an original piece of writing of no more than 1,000 words in length in the form of a historical essay, a historical work of fiction, or digital content. The submissions had to address one of the following topics: reconciliation with indigenous peoples, the First World War, Expo 67, Canadian identity, or the development of a new national historic site. Submissions were also required to demonstrate original research, historical analysis, a good knowledge of the subject matter, and critical thinking skills. The winners were selected by an independent jury made up history educators.

The LaurenHill team accepts their first prize.
BATTLE OF THE BOOKS: Students from LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent, Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Léonard, Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount, Westmount High School and Royal West Academy in Montreal West faced off in a test of their literary knowledge, at the English Montreal School Board’s (EMSB) third annual “Battle of the Books” competition. LaurenHill Academy won after a tie-breaking round with Vincent Massey, earning their place in the “Ultimate Battle” against winning teams from the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) and the Quebec Association of Independent Schools. The finals will take place on Tuesday, April 17 (7 pm) at the Lester B Pearson School Board (1925 Brookdale Ave., Dorval).  Organized by the EMSB’s Education and Technology Services (ETS), “Battle of the Books” tests the teams’ detailed knowledge of 12 pre-selected young adult books that the students have read prior to the competition. This year’s titles include All Good Children by Catherine Austen (a local author), Boy21 by Matthew Quick, and Rash by Pete Hautman. The competition consisted of two rounds of four questions per team. If a question was not answered correctly, the other teams have the chance to respond. It also included two “lightning rounds”, where teams gained points for each correct answer. Congratulations to the LaurenHill and Vincent Massey teams for both earning a total of 81 points, forcing a tie-breaking round. This exciting and tense round was ultimately won by team LaurenHill after answering the third tie-breaking question correctly. LaurenHill also won last year. Please see the press release for more details.

EMSB EXPRESS: The latest edition of the EMSB Express Newspaper has been published. It features a special four page section on the EMSB’s new Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence initiative as well as columns by Chairman Angela Mancini and Director General Ann Marie Matheson, a look at recent EMSB personalities who have received accolades, sports news and calls for nominees for the PF Changs and La Cage Brasserie Sportif Teacher of Excellence Awards. You can read the electronic edition here. 

Students from Royal West Academy did very well at the Science Fair.
MONTREAL REGIONAL SCIENCE FAIR: The annual Hydro-Québec Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair took place from   March 25 to 27 at Concordia University’s downtown campus. During this one-of-a-kind competition, emerging scientists aged 13 to 20 presented their scientific projects to visitors in creative and accessible ways that express their passion for science and technology. Organized by the  Educational Alliance for Science & Technology, in partnership with Concordia, this was the fourth successive year that the fair took place at the university, and a recent agreement now extends the partnership through 2020. EMSB students from Royal West Academy, Royal Vale, Rosemount High and Laurier Macdonald presented projects.  See this excellent report from Breakfast TV and the middle interview with two Rosemount High School students,  Helena Goossens and Yash Varde (international students from Belgium and India respectively).
Lulu and Gaby showcase their press passes. (Ezra Soiferman photo)
Royal West students Niraj Dayanandan, Athavan Thambimuthu, Allison Engo, Janvi Patel, Adelka Felcarek Hope & Sophia Clifton-Harting, Catherine Plawutsky, Yuan Ding, Jonah RoyTara Krochmalnek and Sarah Manascu were among the award winners. Janvi and Catherine will now go on to the Super Expo Science participation in Shawinigan. Athavan Thambimuthu will proceed to the international competition in Pittsburgh.

Stay tuned to our EMSB TV video on the event, with our guest hosts Gaby Reichson and Lulu Soiferman, a pair of Grade 3 students at Merton School who previously fulfilled the same role at the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence press conference in late January.

ROBOCUP JUNIOR: Rosemount High School will host the annual RoboCup Junior  competition April 13 and 14. In this event, students are asked to build and program robots to meet a specific challenge designed for the competition. During the two-day action packed event, student teams compete with each other in an exciting and motivating environment where they learn programming and team building skills in a fun camaraderie atmosphere. The participating teams may choose to compete in Search & Rescue, OnStage, Two-on-Two Soccer or the Triathlon games.
Students take part in one of the simulations.
COSPACE SIMULATION ROBOT EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM: The EMSB is the very first school board in Canada to implement the worldwide CoSpace Robot Educational platform which was developed and designed by the RoboCup Asia-Pacific Committee headed by Dr. Changjiu Zhou, the Director of Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Centre at Singapore Polytechnic University as well as the driver of the Singapore Smart Nation Initiative. Two trainers from Singapore, Jiayao Shen and Han Xinyu, led the CoSpace Simulation training workshop at John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel on March 26 and 27. First, the students assembled the physical CoSpace CsBot, which includes an Arduino Uno board, servo motors, wheels, RGB Led lights, digital sensors and more then mounted on a metal chassis. Second, the students used the CoSpace program software developed on a Phython and C-base programming language using algorithms. The gaming base interface was customized to include the historical place in Old Montreal, the Bonsecours Market and St.Lawrence River. As well, a simulated environment of the Formula one race track in Montréal Canada was used to guide the Grand Prix challenge in the virtual environment as well as the real environment activity mat. 

FEED THE FUTURE: To mark Nutrition month, Dietician Giuliana Di Quinzio, Physical Education Consultant Katherine Baker, B.A.S.E. Daycare Program Project Development Officer Melina Maria Trimarchi, B.A.S.E. Manager Rosa Fuoco, Nesbitt School B.A.S.E. Director Giuseppina Santino, Rosemount High teachers Jessica Monti, and Emilie Bertrand and Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce   spearheaded a new initiative called “Feed the Future.” Build on the success of Rosemount’s Lunch ‘n Learn’s nutritional workshops on with Body Image, Fad Diets, Energy Drinks, Physical Activity, and Health Misconceptions. This two-part workshop included a hands-on cooking lessons from Ms. Trimarchi and included a one-on-one informational session with Ms. Di Quinzio that would help students develop their skills and pilot new program at the school. With the help of the “Feed the Future” committee, students would deconstruct traditionally unhealthy snacks or foods and would be encouraged to incorporate or replace existing ingredients with healthier alternatives such as flax, oatmeal, cranberries or raisins.  Inspired by Rosemount High School’s and Nesbitt Elementary’s Free the Children initiative of building a school in Kenya, the “Feed the Future” committee of staff and students, will be creating healthy mason jars recipes that will be sold throughout the community to help attain their $10,000 goal.  The “Feed the Future” group of professionals alongside members from Free the Children and students from Rosemount and Nesbitt School will gather together on May 10    in the Spiritual Community Centre at Rosemount High School to help create the mason jars and complete the orders for delivery. This will be part of Global TV’s Greater Montreal Day.    Watch Giuliana  on CTV Montreal.

Jeffrey Ha at the Hall of Honour.
POETRY EXHIBIT: The Bureau de la présidence du conseil de ville, and Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie,  partnered with the EMSB, the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), and the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (CSMB) to launch their fourth annual poetry writing competition, 12 Poèmes pour Montréal. Open to Secondary IV and V students, this year’s theme was Montréal, mon quotidian. The objective of the competition was to establish a link between the City of Montreal and its young people in order to increase their sense of belonging through poetry.  The 12 finalists and their poems were introduced on March 14 in the Hall of Honour at Montreal’s City Hall. Among the 12 finalists were Westmount High School’s Jeffrey Ha for Life of a Montrealer II and Emily Morris from LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent  for When Winter Hits in Montreal.  For the very first time, the jury crowned two winners who both made an impression with their writing: Claudie Larose for La routine and EMSB’s very own Jeffrey Ha. The public is invited to come discover these poets’ works, which will be on exhibition until April 7. You can visit the Hall of Honour at City Hall (275 Notre-Dame Street East) anytime Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except on public holidays) and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. during exhibitions. Here are the poems. Congratulations to Jeffrey Ha and Westmount High ELA teacher Ryan Ruddick as well as Emily Morris and LaurenHill ELA teacher Michael Strauss!
Domenic with Ms. Amato and Ms. Banabé.

A POEM IS PUBLISHED: John Paul I Secondary II student  Dominic Auciello had his community and service poem published on the International Baccalaureate Organization blog on World Poetry Day on March 21. Through the school's Design class, all Secondary  II students participated in the WE CARE PACKAGE PROJECT. They prepared gifts boxes which were given to St-Brendan’s Parish and distributed to children of less fortunate families before the holidays.  As part of the project, students had to write about the importance of giving back. Dominic chose to write a beautiful poem on the benefits of being involved and it got published.  Dominic’s poem reflects the IB philosophy of community and service that we promote at John Paul 1.  Here is a link to the actual poem. Principal Liboria Amato and International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program coordinator Valérie Barnabé extended their congratulations.

The Vehicube is headed to LDVA.
THE VEHICUBE: Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in RDP will once again be taking part in the Cubes Energy Challenge. The Vehicube will come to the school on April 10 (9 am to Noon and 1 pm to 3:15 pm) to kick this off this challenge. This  is a 77 foot vehicle with activities inside the bus (stationary bikes and other cool stuff) for students as well as other activities like Zumba and yoga outside of the bus in school; truly keeping our students physically active.  

PUBLIC SPEAKING: The annual EMSB Public Speaking Competition will take place at Royal Vale High School (5851 Somerled Ave) in NDG on Tuesday, April 10 and Thursday, April 12.  Grades 7 and 8 students will deliver personal narrative speeches in the morning of April 10 beginning at 9 a.m.  The Grades 9, 10 and 11 students will deliver persuasive speeches on topics of social or political importance on April 12, also starting at 9 a.m. As in the past, winners at the Grade 7 and 8 levels may have the opportunity to present their winning speeches to the Council of Commissioners.  This year, the Women’s Canadian Club will award the Grade 9 winner with an all-expense paid week to Encounters with Canada in Ottawa and an invitation to deliver their winning speech at a future meeting of the WCCM. Grade 10 and 11 winners will have an opportunity to participate in the Rotary Club Public Speaking Finals in May.
Minister Anglade is welcomed to James Lyng.
MINISTERIAL VISIT TO JAMES LYNG: Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation Dominique Anglade visited James Lyng High School in St Henri recently, taking the time to meet with Vice-Chair Sylvia Lo Bianco, Commissioner Julien Feldman, Regional Director Pela Nickelotopolous as well as the administration, teachers and students. During her visit, Ms. Anglade toured the school and marveled at the talents of the students as they excel in the urban arts curriculum.  She is also the local MNA for St. Henri St. Anne.

Kathleen Weil and Rita De Santis meet with Sylvia Lo Bianco and  staff.
GREATER DIVERSITY IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE: The EMSB welcomed Kathleen Weil and Rita De Santis, MNAs for NDG and Bourassa Sauvé respectively, to the head office for a meeting to discuss Greater Diversity in the Public Service. Ms. Weil is Minister Responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions and Minister Responsible for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers; Ms. De Santis is chair of the Committee on Culture and Education. The EMSB was represented by Vice Chair Sylvia Lo Bianco, Deputy Director General Evelyn Alfonsi, Director of Educational and Technology Services Sandra Furfaro and Guidance Counsellors Paola Borzone, Karen Allen and Leslie Habib. The two MNAs were seeking input on how to attract more Anglophones to apply for the public service and more specifically getting this thought on the radar screen of students.

PARENTS COMMITTEE NAME CHANGE: The  EMSB Central Parents Committee has changed its name to the EMSB Parents Committee.

Michael Cohen, Elisa Medellin, Sambath Ben, Rene M. Gonzalez, Sara Matin, Claudius Seiter and Angela Kim.
PRO HOCKEY EXPERIENCE: Some EMSB international students got to experience a true thrill, their first ever professional hockey game. Thanks to the generosity of EMSB commissioner James Kromida and CTV Montreal, four students received tickets to the game at the Bell Centre between the host Canadiens and the New York Islanders. Pictured  left to right are:  international student facilitator  Elisa Medellin (Mexico);  Sambath Ben (Cambodia), John F. Kennedy High School;  Rene M. Gonzalez (Mexico), Westmount High School; Sara Matin (Iran), Marymount Academy International in NDG; Claudius Seiter  (Germany), Westmount High School; and international student facilitator Angela Kim (Korea).

Daniel Eom, Doyu Kim,  Lori Yorke, Alice Arlotta, Nadia Odhiambo and Nick Katalifos.
ROSLYN STUDENTS SEE PUCK DROP: Meanwhile, some international students from Roslyn Elementary School in Westmount also had the chance to attend their first ever pro hockey game when the Canadiens hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Bell Centre. Thanks to the generosity of Joel Leonoff and Danny Chazonoff from Paysafe, a leading global provider of end-to-end payment solutions,  Roslyn School Principal Nick Katalifos brought four excited students: Daniel Eom and Doyu Kim from Korea, Alice Arlotta from Italy and Nadia Odhiambo from Kenya.  They were seated in the Paysafe private box, which on that night was staffed by Lori Yorke. She just happens to be a former EMSB parent who served on the governing board of Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School in Montreal West a number of years ago.

WE PROFILES WILLINGDON: “I’ve always had [this] vision,” says Carmen Nicolas, the principal at Montreal’s Willingdon School. “Yes, it’s important that students learn and become successful academically, but there’s also purpose. Purpose is really important in order to be fulfilled.” It’s this vision—a vision shared by the educator’s fellow staff at Willingdon—that’s spawned three clubs at her elementary school: the green committee, student council and athletic council. Focusing on purpose has nurtured recycling programs that require students to give up their lunch period to rinse milk cartons; it’s influenced the success of fundraising initiatives like Terry Fox (which brought in over $26,000 this year); and it caught the attention of WE. Before 2016, when WE approached Willingdon about enrolling in the WE Schools program—a service learning program offering fundraising and volunteer opportunities—it was already practicing compassion in pockets. The student council fostered a child in Ecuador, classrooms were fundraising for the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) Food Depot, while some students took on writing holiday cards for the homeless. Then, through yet another school group, Unité Sans Violence, Grade 6 students were encouraged to act as mentors and asked to guide the Grade 1 and 2’s through scenarios centred around bullying, self-confidence and academic success. Read the entire story here.

Quinn, William and  Jeremy showcase their cheque.
LEUCAN SHAVED HEAD CHALLENGE: Students Quinn Preuss, William Headon and Jeremy Leclerc-Ko from Willingdon  recently participated in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge to raise money for children with cancer. This challenge took place in the lobby of Doug Harvey Arena where the Grade 6 students, with the generous support from those who donated to their cause, raised a total of over $4,200, far exceeding their goal of $1,500. Quinn, who had initiated the process of the challenge before being joined by his friends to form their team later on, had been growing his hair for four years before the event. The inspiration to participate in such a challenge struck when physical education teacher Lara Belinsky shaved her head for the 2016 Terry Fox Run, after her students surpassed her fundraising goal of $15,000 and raised more than $26,000 for cancer research. He chose Leucan, an association that has been helping cancer-stricken children and their families for more than 35 years, because of its ease of set-up for donations and his desire to raise money for children specifically. Congratulations to the boys for completing their Leucan Shaved Head Challenge! They are inspirational.

The performers take a bow.
FACE ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: The 20th anniversary of the FACE Symphony Orchestra (FSO) was celebrated recently in traditional FACE style, through two incredible performances featuring current students and alumni. Established in 1988 by teacher Theodora Stathopoulos, the FSO has motivated hundreds of students to reach their full musical potential and has helped expand and enrich FACE’s String Department. In addition to the 25 current students in the FSO, six world-class soloists participated in the anniversary concert, three of whom are EMSB alumni: Brandyn Lewis (Double Bass in Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal 2017-2018), Lauren Tyros (Viola presently finishing music performance/Scholarship at McGill University) and Stephane Tetreault (International Soloist, Cello). If it is of interest to administrators or teachers at the EMSB, Vice Principal Vince Timpano would like to invite them to visit FACE, and in turn, to live, love and learn through the arts by taking in one of the FSO’s many performances. 

VOLUNTEER NIGHT: The annual EMSB Parent Volunteer Appreciation Evening will take place on Tuesday, April 17 at the Renaissance Centre in Anjou. It is sponsored by La Capitale Financial Services. This year’s event is being held to commemorate National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 15 to 22, under the theme of Volunteers – Heart of our Community.   Joseph Perretta, his wife Lina Di Giovanni and their daughter Alexia, will receive the   EMSB Volunteer Ambassadors of the Year Award. The family owns the Montreal Arctic Junior AAA hockey team. Players visit schools regularly to push the stay in school message and take part in scrimmages. They give thousands of tickets out to schools each season. Lina was a longtime parent volunteer at the EMSB. The Volunteers of Distinction this year is Laura Saragosa from Edward Murphy Elementary School in Hochelaga Maisonneuve. Time and space do not allow the EMSB to honour all of its nearly 1,500 volunteers in person. Therefore, only those individuals who have volunteered for more than five years will attend the reception, representing some 500 people. However, several thousand copies of a commemorative program book will be distributed to each school.  The emcees for the evening will be Global News senior anchor Jamie Orchard and EMSB Communications and Marketing Specialist Michael Cohen.  For the ninth consecutive year, La Capitale is the title sponsor for this event. La Capitale Financial Services ( which is a member of La Capitale Financial Group, offers a wide range of products and services that are designed to simplify financial choices for members working in the public and par public sectors in over 900 public and par public institutions across the province.  

SPECIAL SEMINAR ON EDUCATIONAL TOURS:  EF (Education First) Tours, a company that offers and organizes educational-based tours for students to destinations across Canada and around the world, will be part of the 2018 EMSB  Parent Volunteer Appreciation Evening  on Tuesday, April 17 at La Renaissance reception hall  (7550 Henri-Bourassa East) in Anjou. EF Tours joins La Capitale Financial Services, Steve’s Music Store, Green Apple Studios, Loft Uniforms, Fana Sports, Hannah Promotions and Building Blocks Tutorials as sponsors of this event. 

During Volunteer Night, between 5 and 6 p.m., EF Tours will conduct a seminar, in which attendees will learn all about its tours and its mission, in particular how it fosters global awareness and empathy. As well, they will find out about EF’s experiential learning model, and how it goes well beyond just sightseeing, so that participating students can discover more about the world around them and take home a great deal of broader perspectives, whether it be through participating in cultural activities, tasting local dishes, learning to speak a different language or meeting locals. Since 1987, EF Tours have organized 50 tours for 12 EMSB schools. Royal West Academy in Montreal West was the first EMSB School to partner with them. Others have included:  LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent, Royal Vale School in NDG, Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard, Westmount High School, Rosemount High School, Lester B. Pearson High School and Gerald McShane School in Montreal North. John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel and  Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount. Over the past 31 years, a total of about 1,722 EMSB students have participated in trips that were put together by EF Tours. Founded in 1965, EF Tours has become the world leader in international education by focusing on opening the world through education through cultural experiences, language and academics. They have conducted educational tours in Japan, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, France, Spain, the U.K., Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ecuador, Canada, and the U.S. As well, there will be new tours to Scotland, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, plus Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. For more information, consult EF Tours’ website at

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: For International Women’s Day, Breakfast TV Montreal sought out a girl under 18 making a difference in the field of social justice. Romy Shoam, a senior member of the Royal West Academy Social Justice Club, was interviewed.   She did a great job. Here is the clip.

Chris Phelan, Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux and Ann Marie Matheson.
ST. PATRICK’S  DAY:  Marymount Academy International graduate Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux was a Princess in the recent St. Patrick’s Day Parade. At the St. Patrick’s  Society of Montreal luncheon she was reunited with Chris Phelan, her former teacher at Marymount. Chris’s brother Scott is the president of the St. Patrick’s Society. EMSB Director General Ann Marie Matheson and her sister Erin, the parent of three students at Edinburgh Elementary School,  got to meet former Quebec Premier Jean Charest and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney at the luncheon.
Jeffrey gave a pâssionate presentation which was well appreciated.
CUT THE BULL: Jeffrey, a patient at Shriners Hospitals for Children®-Canada born without a right arm and a right foot, was bullied for over seven years.  On Thursday morning February 22   at Royal Vale School in NDG, the 19-year-old told students about the bullying he faced, hoping others can learn from his experience and encouraging them to #CutTheBull. For the past two years, Jeffrey has been touring schools in the Montreal-area with Canada Shriners Hospital. So far, the hospital has visited more than 35 schools within its #CutTheBull school tour campaign and spoken to over 5,000 students. In the coming months, Canada Shriners Hospital hopes to make presentations in schools across the country. "Children with physical disabilities are twice as likely to be bullied. This has a clear impact on their academic, physical and emotional development,” says Jacques Boissonneault, Administrator of Shriners Hospitals for Children - Canada. “Many of our patients have visible scars or disabilities, which unfortunately makes bullying a common problem. That's why we decided to be part of the fight and start our #CutTheBull campaign."   See the full press release.

Lew Lewis at the school.
VISIT TO SITE OF FLORIDA SHOOTING: During the March break while vacationing in Florida,  English Montreal School Board Director of Student Services  Lew Lewis  visited the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Broward County, Florida.  Mr. Lewis paid his respects to the students and teachers who were killed in the mass school shooting on February 14 and shared what he learned from his experience. Gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire at  the school, killing 17 people and wounding 17 others, making this one of the deadliest school massacres ever.

Mr. Lewis was deeply moved by what he saw on the grounds of the school, describing it as an emotionally overwhelming experience. “It hit me in my gut, my mind, and spiritually,” he said “The school grounds were covered with candles, testimonials, stuffed animals, crosses and stars of David, and very powerful activist statements like  ‘#MSDStrong’, and  ‘Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring about the best change.’” Mr. Lewis and his department staff address traumatic events that occur at the EMSB. On occasion, the Trauma Team works in conjunction with the police to resolve issues and deal with the aftermath of incidents. Every school has a safe school action plan, which primarily focuses on anti-bullying and anti-violence procedures, including preventive measures. He stresses the need to be vigilant and report anybody who may be seriously at risk to the administration. “We must make every attempt to identify those students who may cause harm to themselves and/or to others,” he said. “Sometimes we’re uncertain of the gravity of the situation. If you’re unsure, look into it. Don’t assume everything is ok. This applies to all administrators, teachers, professionals and support staff.” See our full press release

VOTING AGE:  Luxshana Thurairajasingiam, the president of the Student Council at John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel, was interviewed on CBC Radio Noon  for her throughts on whether 16 year olds should be allowed to vote. You can hear the comments by fast forwarding to the 26:19 mark here.

BEN ALEXANDER VISITS: Ben Alexander visited the class of his former music teacher, Ginette Purdy, at Royal West Academy in Montreal West recently. Ben, who made it past the opening round of blind auditions on TVA’s La Voix, spoke to two classes about his career in the business. There were a lot of interesting questions. Watch Ben on the Dual round this Sunday night,  April 1.

FRENCH FOR THE FUTURE: The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) Théâtre Marie-Gérin Lajoie (405 Ste-Catherine E. at St. Denis) will be the venue for the 2018 French for the Future Montreal Local Forum on Wednesday, April 11 (9 a.m.). Aimed at promoting bilingualism amongst Canadian youth, the theme of the annual French for The Future Conference is Respect, Culture and Integration into Québécois Society. Approximately 600 students from 11 Montreal high schools from three school boards will be present. Charismatic Breakfast TV Montreal personality Catherine Verdon-Diamond, whose mother tongue is French, will be the emcee. A featured highlight will be a French for the Future version of TVA’s La Voix (the French-language answer to NBC’s The Voice). Some young Anglophone singers from Montreal will share their experience performing in French on stage and then place their chairs facing away from the stage as student singers perform for them. Like the TV show, they will only hear their voices and turn around if they want them on their team. Chelsea Goldwater, 12, from Royal West Academy appeared on La Voix Junior last fall.  Alessandro Gabrielli, 12, attends  École des Découvreurs in LaSalle. He appeared in the large scale Montreal French production of Mary Poppins last year and most recently sang the national anthems at the New York Nicks game at Madison Square Garden.  Ben Alexander will aslo take part. Participating EMSB schools are: Westmount High School, Royal West Academy in Montreal West, Royal Vale and Marymount Academy in NDG and Laurier Macdonald in St. Léonard.   For more details log on to

Hoops Green received a warm welcome.
HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS:  Hoops Green, the first female to ever play for the Harlem Globetrotters, visited Westmount Park Elementary School on March 26 to speak to students about the ABCs of Bullying. The world famous Globetrotters will be at Place Bell in Laval on April 5 and tje Bell Centre on April 6.  Tickets for both events are available at After 91 years of thrilling and exciting crowds of basketball fans all over the world, the Harlem Globetrotters are ready to take it to a new level: celebrating the special blend of basketball and entertainment which has made the team iconic. The 2018 “Amazing Feats of Basketball World Tour” will tip-off on Dec. 7.  It will showcase the high-flying, fun, and memory-making moments that the Globetrotters are known for. The dribbling, the dunking, and the shooting – don’t forget, they led all of basketball in four point shots made in 2017 – will all be on full display throughout the 250 cities the team will play in during the 2018 tour.

Students enthusiastically work on their project.
SKILLED TRADES: Spiritual and Community Animator Puynung Choy organized a presentation on March 22 at Dunrae Gardens Elementary School in TMR. Grade 6 students received a wonderful introduction to the skilled trades presented by three Rosemont Technology Centre staff. Vocational Academic Counsellors, Nadia Zuccaro, Melissa Urso, along with Jag Patel, Graphic Designer, provided the students with a wealth of infomration. The students received two dynamic hands-on activity sessions on engineering, and design and t-shirt making. Ms. Choy, who organized the event, said that the students were stimulated and curious, and completed the activities wanting more. After the sessions, the students were eager to learn more of what Rosemont Technology has to offer", as they transition into High School. This annual program meets the needs of MESA as it creates a positive view, as students consider various career options. This is one of many initiatives allowing students to understand their life in a balanced, hopeful way body mind and spirit.

Having fun on the slopes.
WINTER FUN FOR INTERNATIONALS: The international students from Rosemount High School recently visited Mont Rigaud for a fun day of skiing and snowboarding. The following week, on March 2, more than 65 international students from LaurenHill Academy, Laurier Macdonald, Royal Vale and Westmount High School had an exhilarating time on these very sa-me slopes. For some students, it was their first winter sports experience! Stay tuned for infor-mation on the next trip- a visit to a Sugar Shack! More details will be posted on the international student social media sites.

A beautiful bench.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: In November, Lester B Pearson High School in Montreal North introduced a new committee to their community. Under the guidance of Vice Principal Lisa Triestino and Child Care worker Teresa Paci, along with the support of Principal Joseph  Vitantonio, students were encouraged to join the school’s Random Act of Kindness Squad (RAKS). The RAKSquad, gets together weekly to look at ways to spread kindness and love around the school. Recently, the RAKSquad worked in collaboration with LINKS High School’s Vice Principal Grace Fanelli and several students to design, build and decorate LBP’s first Kindness Bench. On February 28, National Pink Shirt Day; a day designed to empower students to stop bullying, LBP’s RAKSquad and LINKS students unveiled their Kindness Bench located in the heart of LBP’s Plaza.  This bench is designed to encourage students to sit together and to always be the nice kid. We hope that no one will ever sit alone and kids will remember to always be kind to one another.

Displaying the mural.
WORKING TOGETHER FOR ART’S SAKE: As part of the inauguration of the new Learning Commons space at LINKS High School in Ahuntsic, students Matthew Cauchi and Shane Davidson from James Lyng High School in St. Henri teamed up with LINKS students Katya Calla (not pictured), Ismael Bello and Mara-Alexis Sblendorio-Moriello, to create a vibrant, urban mural within the school.   Artist Jimmy Baptista was on hand to guide students throughout the artistic process, from the mural’s conception to its execution.   James Lyng Vice Principal Marilyn Ramlakhan and LINKS Vice Principal Grace Fanelli played key roles in the development of the partnership. 

Pearson and L.I.N.K.S. students are all smiles.
FRIENDLY SOCCER GAME: Students from Lester B. Pearson High School’s Sport-Études program joined peers from L.I.N.K.S. High School and the Impact Academy & Centre National de Haute Performance recently in a friendly soccer game. Over the course of the day, the students spent time with each other, showcased their new talent and walked away with many new friends.

Marymount students with Linda Luca.
MARYMOUNT SHARES THE WARMTH: Under the guidance of Spiritual and Community Animator Linda Luca, Marymount Academy International in NDG is very proud to be working in collaboration with Share the Warmth, a non-profit organization located in Pointe St. Charles. Every Tuesday morning, students volunteer side by side with their school Spiritual and Community Animator, helping out in the kitchen, food bank and boutique.   The school is grateful for the work Share the Warmth does for its community, and for allowing students to reap the benefits of volunteering.  Volunteering gives students a chance to experience self-worth, compassion, to develop interpersonal skills and their inner spirituality.  

The Royal Vale champions.
ROYAL VALE CHAMPS:  In front of a home crowd, Royal Vale Elementary School’s girls basketball team capped off a perfect 19-0 season and captured the league championship with a 37-26 win over Notre Dame de Sienne Elementary School. Led by team MVP Cherika Cartier-Brouquette, as well as coaches Norman Katz and Ayanna Brian, the victory gave the school their first basketball title in its history. “This team was special because of the quality and character of the players, said Head Coach Katz. “They were all humble, they approached every game as a team, ensuring that they represented our school and the EMSB with honour and pride.”

TERRY FOX’S BROTHER: Terry Fox's brother Fred Fox will be visiting Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North on Monday, April 9 (10:45 am) to speak to the students. Fred will be standing on the same stage that his late mother did over a decade ago when she spoke to LBPHS.  On April 12 he will be at Willingdon Elementary School (9:45 am) on Terry Fox Day. This marks the anniversary of when Terry dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean and started the Marathon of Hope in 1980.
MERTON COMEDY NIGHT:  The Home and School Association of Merton Elementary School in Côte Saint-Luc will hold a fundraising comedy evening on Saturday, April 21 (6 pm) at La Plaza at 420 Sherbrooke St West.  What a great way to have a night out with friends, work colleagues and families.  Come and enjoy the cocktails, buffet dinner, desserts, live DJ, cash bar and  a non-stop show hosted by Darren Henwood!   General Admission: $70 per ticket. There are discounts on table reservations (seating of 10) Tickets are on sale at: They can also be purchased through the Home and School.   No tickets will be sold at the door.  See the flyer.

INSPIRATIONS ONLINE:  The Spring 2018 edition of Inspirations Arts and Travel, the special online version of the popular special needs newspaper, can be accessed here. It features stories on  reality TV star Vanessa Grimaldi’s generous donation to EMSB schools, news about Brad Williams booked for the Just For Laughs Festival, the Shalva Band, students with special needs paying tribute to the late Leonard Cohen and an adapted travel view of the Greek Islands, Tampa Bay, St. Pete and Singapore. Here is the edition.

ST. MONICA STUDENTS RECOGNIZED:   Grade 6 students from St. Monica Elementary School in NDG hold u the plaque they received for the “The Miracle Fund” fundraiser  for premature babies they held for the Jewish General Hospital. The two cycle three teachers pictured here are Sabrina Di Girolamo (left) and Sandra Banon (right).

Students at the Holocaust Centre.
SENSITIZATION PROGRAM ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST: Students from Perspectives I & II High School in St. Michel, Rosemount High School and Nesbitt Elementary School in Rosemount and Dalkeith Elementary School in Anjou have been involved in an incredible sensitization program, teaching them about the Holocaust, as well as introducing them to Jewish traditions. Coordinated by Vince Lacroce, Spiritual and Community Animator, the goal of this cross-curricular project was to bridge the gap between cultures and people, while addressing the rise of religious intolerance in the world and the importance of spreading world peace and promoting acceptance and understanding. Over the course of the school year, the students heard from Leo Dotort and Willie Glaser, both Holocaust survivors as well as visited the Montreal Holocaust Musuem and Temple Emanu-el Beth Sholom.

LIFE, ANIMATED SCREENING BENEFITTING JEM WORKSHOP: JEM Workshop will be screening the Oscar-nominated documentary Life, Animated on April 19 at Cinemas Guzzo Méga-Plex Sphèretech 14. The powerful film, based on the book by Pulitzer prize-winning author and journalist Ron Suskind, chronicles his son’s journey with autism. Ron Suskind will be present and will take questions following the film. All proceeds will benefit JEM Workshop, an organization that employs people with emotional, intellectual, and/or physical disabilities, and helps them to lead productive and fulfilling lives. For tickets and information, visit or call 514-735-4217. To view the film trailer, click here. To learn about JEM Workshop, visit

MCLD PARENT CONFERENCE - A TOOLBOX FOR SUCCESS: On April 22, join the Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities at Ruby Foo’s Hotel for an engaging conference where you can learn innovative insights into ADHD, LD, and mild autism, and strategies and tools for home and school. Workshops topics include bullying, reducing anxiety and anger in children and adolescents, the heart-brain connection, what parents need to know about ADHD, personal stories about ADHD and LD, and more. Register here   or call 514-482-7196.

FUN FOR ALL FAIR: Inspirations and Make It Matter invite you to the Fun For All Fair on Saturday, April 14 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Laurent Adult Centre (2405 Place Lafortune, corner of Decelles). This free, fun-filled afternoon will showcase Montreal’s recreational resources that service the special needs community of the Greater Montreal and surrounding areas. The first of its kind in Montreal, this event will offer people with special needs of all ages the opportunity to try something new and have fun while doing it. Come and experience all sorts of adapted and inclusive activities, from tennis to wheelchair basketball and boccia, dance, soccer, art, music, martial arts, yoga, and much more. The event is wheelchair accessible and parking is free. For information, contact Linda Mahler at or visit

ANIMATION RETREAT: Students from Edward Murphy  and East Hill Elementary  Schools and Lester B. Pearson High School recently took part in Spiritual and Community Animation Spring retreats, allowing them to take a break from the everyday grind of school life. Organized by animators Rocco Speranza and Joseph Monachino, the retreats allow students to focus on getting to know themselves, while learning about the virtues of leadership, loyalty, respect, and cooperation. Students attending the retreats also acquire skills allowing them to work cooperatively in groups to solve problems and take part in the various hands on activities throughout the day.

REEL CANADA – RCtv CELEBRATES NATIONAL CANADIAN FILM DAY (NCFD): REEL CANADA is known for bringing Canadian film to Canadian high schools. Many of our EMSB high schools have participated in their Black History Month and NCFD events. The events are free of charge as they are funded by Heritage Canada. This year, on NCFD on April 18, thousands of students across the country will watch either The Grand Seduction or The F Word, and then log into a live-stream to participate in a discussion with Canadian stars and filmmakers. There is also lots of other online fun to engage in. Lesson plans are provided to teachers. To screen one of these films in your class, contact For information, visit
Building a living grow wall.

HYDROPONICS IN B.A.S.E. DAYCARE: B.A.S.E. Daycare students at St. Raphael School are moving through the various stages of building a living grow wall during their lunch hours, once a week. HydroFlora, a visiting project based within the Concordia Greenhouse, is helping St. Raphael students learn about plant physiology and the math and science behind how the hydroponic systems work so they can build and care for their very own grow wall themselves! To learn more about the project, please visit the Daycare Matters blog.

RAISING FUNDS FOR CANCER:  In only three weeks, Tyler Goldsmith, the son of EMSB Occupational Therapist Ann Zilberbrant and nephew of Speech Language Pathologist Pam Goldsmith raised over $11,000 for the Jewish General Hospital’s Segal Cancer Centre. Tyler was presented with a cheque recently, when he shaved his hair that he had been growing his hair since the summer. Tyler was inspired by his father Lyle, who roughly one year ago, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer. Since the diagnosis, the EMSB Student Services department has been rallying behind Ann, Pam and Lyle. 

MISSING CHILDREN’S NETWORK CONSULTATION: On Tuesday February 20, students from Rosemount High School, Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard and Marymount Academy International in N.D.G. participated in a unique learning experience.  Spiritual Community Animators Vince Lacroce, Joseph Monachino and Linda Luca worked in collaboration with the Missing Children’s Network to facilitate a training program for students in Grades 9 through 11. Students learned about compassion, unity as well as fostered a deeper spiritual awareness. Following the training, the students received a Missing Children’s “S.H.I.N.E.” Ambassador Certificate of Participation. With their new skill set in hand, the students will take their training and use it to facilitate retreats with local elementary schools in the community. 

BUILDING BRIDGES:  The Christian Jewish Dialogue of Montreal, in collaboration with CIJA Quebec and The City of Montreal, has announced plans for The Building Bridges Youth Contest.  It encourages Montreal area youth to showcase their artistic and writing talents to share their thoughts/experiences on how our community looks when we are working and living in harmony. The contest is in memory of the late Dr. Victor Goldbloom, one of Montreal's finest statesmen, a great leader in intercultural and interfaith dialogue, and a citizen passionate about building bridges.  See the flyer.

CHRISTIAN COMMEMORATION: The Christian Jewish Dialogue of Montreal will hold its 39th annual Christian Commemoration of the Shoah on Sunday, April 15 (11 am) at Saint Monica’s Parish (6405 Terrebonne Ave.) in NDG). This event brings together Jews and Christians, on Holocaust Remembrance Day (known as Yom Hashoah in Hebrew), to commemorate the approximately six million Jews and one million others who died in the Holocaust during World War II.  The commemoration will be part of the regular Sunday Eucharist and will include music and prayers, testimony from Holocaust survivor Georgette Brinberg, and a candle lighting ceremony led by Fr. Lloyd Baugh and Rabbi Sherril Gilbert, with the participation of Deacon Richard Haber, Cantor Heather Batchelor, and the Choir of Saint Monica’s Parish. Light kosher refreshments will be served following the commemoration.

EMSB CHORALE NEWS: The EMSB Chorale’s Annual Holiday Concert on December 9 helped raise close to $2,000 for the Salvation Army’s Christmas campaign. A December 15 performance at the Montreal West Town Hall for the town’s Christmas dinner for senior citizens was also greatly appreciated.

Rehearsals resumed on January 13, despite the heavy snowfall, in order to prepare for an exciting performance opportunity. On February 3, the EMSB Senior Chorale joined the Choeur Classique de Montréal for a very successful performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion at the Maison symphonique. Conductor Patricia Abbott was thrilled that a new generation of Senior Chorale members could participate in this great choral masterwork which calls for six soloists, double orchestra and double choir plus a children’s choir. The choir will sing the work once again in April with Musica Orbium under the direction of Patrick Wedd in a performance that will feature a historical layout of the musical forces. 

The chorale has just returned from its annual winter camp at the Camp musical des Laurentides where it started the musical preparation for its spring concerts, including its always highly anticipated Spring Gala Concert which will take place Saturday, May 5 at 7:30 in Concordia’s Oscar Peterson Hall. Tickets are now on sale.

CHORALE PERFORMANCES:  Here is a list of the choir’s upcoming performances: 

♪ Saturday, April 14 at 7:00 p.m. – En Harmonie 4 Kids at Mountainside United Church
The EMSB Junior Chorale performs with several children’s and adult choirs to help raise money for Sun Youth. Tickets available at the door. 

♪ Saturday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, April 22 at 3 p.m. – Bach’s St. Matthew Passion at St-Pierre-Apôtre Church
The EMSB Senior Chorale sings this masterwork once again, this time as guests of Musica Orbium, directed by Patrick Wedd with Ensemble Caprice in this performance that will feature a period layout of the musical forces. Advance tickets available from the chorale at $40 ($45 at the door). 

♪ Saturday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. – EMSB Chorale Annual Spring Gala Concert at Oscar Peterson Hall. Tickets go on sale March 1. 

REDUCED RATE FOR TEACHERS: As the Arts Ambassador for the EMSB’s  STEAM initiative, Geordie Productions would like to invite all teachers to discover their work for the simple and reduced rate of $10 per ticket (taxes included). From April 20 to 29, travel across the globe with the clever Phileas Fogg and his astute partner-in-crime Passepartout as they attempt to win a timely wager by traveling Around the World in 80 Days!  Jules Verne’s timeless classic comes to hilarious contemporary light in an all-new production featuring three of Montreal’s finest comedic actors who bring a cast of over twenty classic characters to life by way of incredible physical performances, lightening-speed set changes, razor-sharp dialogue, and…an elephant! Playing at the D. B. Clarke Theatre, discounted tickets can be purchased by calling the Geordie box office at 514-845-9810. For more info, visit them at

The Generations Fund Camp Initiative represents an excellent opportunity.
SUBSIDIES FOR JEWISH CAMPERS: The Generations Fund Camp Initiative was created to help children in Montreal experience the transformative impact that Jewish overnight camp can provide by offering grants, multi-year subsidies, and incentives to families in our community. The program also offers Capacity Building Initiatives including enrollment grants and Jewish content initiatives. Check out the One Happy Camper first-time camper incentive grants, as well as Federation CJA’s CAMPS Access Grants designed to make Jewish camping experiences accessible to more children in our community.   Federation CJA is committed to increasing the number of children attending Jewish overnight camp so they can enjoy quality experiences and be exposed to Jewish life, values and make connections with other Jewish children. In doing so, we leverage a tremendous opportunity to transform young lives and help secure a vibrant Jewish future. Studies show that children who go to Jewish camp are more likely to become adults who value their heritage, are engaged in their communities, support causes, and take on leadership roles throughout their lives. For all other questions, please contact, or 514.343.3503

SEMINAR ON THE HOLOCAUST:  Registration is now underway for the summer seminar for Canadian educators from June 27 to June 29, 2018 at the Montreal Holocaust Museum, organized in partnership with the USC Shoah Foundation. Please feel free to share this information within your network! The training seminar “Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights in Canada” will answer various questions about teaching difficult subjects, with particular attention to the Holocaust and human rights from a contemporary Canadian perspective. Seminar participants will learn more about the history of the Holocaust and human rights, as well as how to use different pedagogical initiatives and tools to help teach these subjects. Workshops and presentations will address a variety of questions: the historical method of study, critical thinking, analytical judgment, reflection on contemporary world issues and respect for diversity through the lens of Canadian history and curricular needs. Educators interested in participating in the seminar can apply until April 15 by filling out a pre-registration form on the Montreal Holocaust Museum’s website. Scholarships for accommodation and transportation are available to qualified candidates. Places are limited for the seminar; only selected participants will be contacted by the Museum. To learn more, please consult the attached document or contact Cornélia Strickler, the Museum’s Education Coordinator by email at or by phone at (514) 345-2605, extension 3054.

EFFECTIVE PARENTING:   McGill University Educational Psychology professors are hosting an informative five-week public lecture series that focuses on issues of concern for today’s parents/guardians/grandparents. Seminar topics include how to help children manage stress, improve sleep, navigate/learn online, and understand gender and sexuality, and an introduction to neuro-developmental conditions. The series takes place on Tuesday evenings from April 3 to May 1, 2018 (6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.). The cost is $75 for the whole series, $50 for seniors. Lectures will be presented in English at McGill University's Education building, 3700 McTavish Street. Parking is available in the Education building, the McIntyre Medical building (3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, and accessible from Drummond Street), or on the street. For more information and to register and reserve your space, visit

GREATER MONTREAL DAY: Last May, thousands of students, groups, individuals and local businesses across the island of Montreal and beyond, performed random acts of kindness and posted their good deeds online using #GreaterMontrealDay.The outpouring of kindness gave many of us good reason to smile. On social media #GreaterMontrealDay along with the hashtag #JournéeMTLEnsemble were trending number one in Montreal. Many of the students who took part were from schools within the Quebec English School Boards Association. Two social media postings were chosen at random to each received a $1, 000 donation to the local charity of their choice. One winner, Mrs. Lamothe’s grade 5 class at Edgewater Elementary in Pincourt, baked muffins to hand out to flood people who were evacuated from their homes in the flooding. This year Global wishes to  invite schools to be part of the second annual Greater Montreal Day, Thursday May 10. It’s never too early to start planning. For more information you can reach out to your school’s Spiritual Animator. Or follow on social media and keep a look out for the hashtag #GreaterMontrealDay. You can always reach out to Global directly with any questions or suggestions.


EMSB AND GIANT STEPS: Overall, the EMSB/Giant Steps Adult Program at the St. Laurent Adult Education Centre strives to inspire creativity and self-expression while encouraging the development of practical life skills. The emphasis is on the development of autonomy, employment readiness, social skills and functional academics. The Adult Program has grown from a class of six, then nine students in a regular sized classroom to 12 students in a larger classroom with several work, building and art project stations on the go. The program endeavors to support the students in identifying and developing their particular skills and interests in the hopes of finding interesting work/volunteer opportunities for them in the coming year. Greater emphasis is being placed this year on outings, with the intention of connecting to community resources to facilitate greater ease and autonomy in public spaces and on transit. The educators continue to encourage the students to "take charge" of as many aspects of their lives at school as possible. The students are involved in both planning daily activities and reflecting on the quality of their experiences."

It was a nice celebration at Shadd.
MULTICULTURALISM AT SHADD: Shadd Health & Business Centre (SHBC) of the Adult and Vocational Services Department of the EMSB hosted a combined celebrate of the Iranian New Year of Nowruz, the traditional Italian Feast of Saint Joseph, and Saint Patrick’s Day on March 21.   Shadd welcomes students from over 50 countries. Iranian students explained the meaning of Nowruz  and introduced their traditional foods, allowing everyone to experience the joy of the celebration. Principal Joe Cacchione gives students every opportunity to get to know one another and understand their unique cultures. “By discovering new cultures, we break down barriers, and appreciate and enjoy each other,” shared Mr. Cacchione. By celebrating together, tasting different foods, and discovering new cultures, we appreciate and enjoy each other,” shares Mr. Cacchione.  The Chinese New Year was celebrated in February with lion dancing and dumpling tasting.  In March, Shadd students also began an intense ping pong competition that will crown a winner after approximately six weeks of battle. The school’s ping pong table is smack in the middle of a very large cafeteria where all students can congregate to cheer on their favorites.  Shadd offers six career and vocational programs that are industry-driven with a high job placement rate, featuring day and evening classes taught by professionals. The passion and expertise of Shadd’s teachers creates a dynamic, modern, and welcoming academic setting. Programs offered are: Assistance in Health Care Facilities, Pharmacy Technical Assistance, Accounting, Secretarial Studies, Starting a Business, and Computer Graphics. The school hosts approximately 1,000 students aged 16 to over 60 throughout the year. Qualifications vary depending on the program in question. High school completion is not a prerequisite

The food was delicious.
GALILEO SUGAR: Over 300 students and faculty, both day and night classes from the Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal North were absorbed in the Quebec culture. An essential custom of learning culture is to be actively immersed in its culinary tradition as well as linguistic tradition. Many students were captivated by the delicious results that they experienced at the taffy shack where hot maple syrup was poured over fresh snow packed in a trough and rolled a stick over the caramelized cooled syrup that created a taffy stick of gooey sweetness.   Most students danced off the sugar calories on an enormous dance floor and enjoyed learning about Quebec culture, acquiring new vocabulary as well as making new acquaintances. 

MUSICAL VARIETY SHOW: Galileo Adult  Education Centre’s Social Integration Services (SIS) students will hold their first ever musical variety dinner show, SMILE,   on Friday, April 20 (5:30 pm) at the  St. Pius X Culinary and Business Centre (9955 Papineau Avenue). SIS is a program set by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEESR) that is designed for adults who experience difficulties of a psychological, intellectual, social or physical nature. The program is distinctively designed to help the student acquire the necessary skills to be able to integrate and participate in society to their fullest potential.  

SMILE is a celebration of all that has been, and continues to be, accomplished in Galileo’s SIS program. You will be mesmerized by the artistic talents of over 60 of Galileo’s SIS students. Each one has contributed to the production of SMILE, either on stage, assisting the culinary team in preparing the dinner, or behind the scenes with set or costume design and helping the teachers. The show is directed by  Alain Tourigny and  Lisa Trotto. This fundraising evening will feature an exhibition that demonstrates a snapshot of the daily educational activities that students participate in. This will include an introduction to Galileo’s thriving new Socio Vocational Integration Services (SVIS), and culinary programs. Don’t forget your dancing shoes! DJ Stefano will be spinning some classic tunes throughout the evening. To reserve tickets, email Principal Martina Schiavone at Tickets are $40 (by cheque payable to Galileo Adult Centre).
Showcasing the certificates.
CERTIFICATES OF RECOGNITION:  On March 22,  a total of 23 students were awarded Certificates of Recognition by their teachers at Galileo Adult Centre. Accomplishments included Highest Achievement of 95 to 100 percent in Math, History, French, English, Geography and Science. Perseverance, Work Ethic, Leadership and Enthusiasm were also recognized and awarded to students. Recognizing the effort and dedication that students invest in their education is important in their forming a sense of belonging to our educational community in terms of valuing their accomplishment. Thus, sharing a common value of doing their personal best is renowned. Students who take ownership over their learning know that there is success that results from hard work.

Getting down to work  at Maxi.
MAXI & CIE: Over the years, Galileo Adult Centre has always been thankful for the constant support that Maxi & Cie has shown us by donating shopping gift cards to purchase food for our culinary program. On March 27, Maxi’s & Cie director,  Stephan Seguin and his team,  spent the day at Galileo's Culinary Program cooking up a storm making homemade pasta dishes. They assisted  SIS students in creating a full meal – all part of Galileo’s new culinary program.  Mr. Seguin, affirmed that his plans are to take multiple visits to Galileo with his other employees and work together on a variety of endeavors. He wants to give back to the community of Montreal-North and mentioned whom better than to work with a school in the neighborhood. He generously donated 15 gift cards, which provided a saving on food purchases. Mr. Seguin has also welcomed  SIS student, Tania,  to hold  a stage at Maxi.

CANADIAN TIRE FUNDRAISER: On March 24 and 25 Galileo Adult Centre SIS students and staff had the opportunity to fundraise at Canadian Tire (Place Bourassa). A total of $1,312  was raised over two
Collecting dollars at Canadian Tire.
days. All funds go directly to their camping trip at Camp Bon Depart in June 2018. Students, teachers, staff members and volunteers welcomed clients into the store and helped cashiers place purchased items into Good Start Bags. The generosity of giving from the people was appreciated. The school thanks store executives Edgard Amaral, Assistant Directo Cedric Hache and  Bernard Levesque, the mangers and staff for their hospitality.

PROFILE ON PIUS: If you thrive on the creative energy of the kitchen and crave the excitement of a fast-paced environment that will lead to a stimulating career in the culinary industry, then St. Pius X Culinary Institute in Ahuntsic is the place for you. Equally, if the fascinating corporate world entices you to prepare for a career in business, the business sector of Pius invites you to choose from its different commercial programs that will lead you to a rewarding career. Pius also offers you the chance to sit back and enjoy a fine meal in the warm ambiance of its dining room. There is something for everyone here!  The Pius Culinary & Business Centre on Papineau Avenue North boasts 12 vocational training programs, answering to the recent surge in popularity of trade schools. On the culinary side, it offers Professional Cooking, Food and Beverage Services and Contemporary Professional Pastry Making (a four- month program taken after the completion of the culinary program). The business programs include Accounting, Professional Sales, Travel Sales, Starting a Business, Secretarial Studies, Legal Secretarial Studies, Hotel Reception and Computer Graphics.
Director General Ann Marie Matheson with the Pius team at at St. Patrick's Day celebration.
Depending on the program, the prerequisites for admission to Pius range from Secondary III to V English, French and Math. Most Pius students are 18 years and older and are interested in a vocational career. All programs at Pius are tuition free.  The culinary program trains over 300 students per year in day and evening programs which run anywhere from 12 to 16 months and cover 24 modules including Buffet, High Volume and Table d’hôte. Graduates are prepared to work in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, health care and educational institutions.  Read Wendy Singer's complete profile on the school here.


ENGAGEMENT: Dominic Auciello, étudiant en deuxième secondaire à l’école John Paul 1 a vu son poème portant sur l’engagement communautaire publié sur le blog du Baccalauréat International le 21 mars pour la journée mondiale de la poésie. Dans le cadre du cours de Design à John Paul 1, tous les élèves de deuxième secondaire devaient créer un « WE CARE PACKAGE ». Ils devaient fabriquer des boîtes pour ensuite les remplir de cadeaux. Une fois terminées et bien remplies, elles ont été remises à la paroisse Saint-Brendan qui les a distribuées aux enfants de familles dans le besoin. En plus de fabriquer la boîte, les élèves devaient réfléchir à l’importance d’aider les gens. Dominic a choisi d’écrire un poème sur les bienfaits de l’implication dans sa communauté, qui a été publié par l’IB. Le poème de Dominic reflète bien la philosophie de l’IB concernant l’engagement communautaire que nous mettons de l’avant à John Paul 1.

EMSB EXPRESS: Un nouveau numéro de la publication EMSB Express vient d’être publié. Quatre pages sont consacrées à la nouvelle initiative de la CSEM axée sur la robotique, le codage et l’intelligence artificielle. Il renferme également des messages de la présidente Angela Mancini et de la directrice générale Ann Marie Matheson. Il y est fait mention de personnalités de la CSEM qui se sont récemment distinguées et on peut y lire des nouvelles sportives. Des mises en candidature sont aussi sollicitées pour les prix d’excellence en enseignement décernés sous forme de cartes-cadeaux chez PF Chang’s et La Cage Brasserie Sportive. Voici le lien pour consulter la version électronique :

ROBOCUP JUNIOR: L’école secondaire Rosemont sera l’hôte de la compétition annuelle RoboCup Junior les 13 et 14 avril.

FEED THE FUTURE: À l’occasion du Mois de la nutrition, la diététiste Giuliana Di Quinzio, la conseillère en éducation physique Katherine Baker, la responsable du développement de projets des services de garde B.A.S.E. Melina Maria Trimarchi, la gestionnaire B.A.S.E. Rosa Fuoco, la directrice de B.A.S.E. à l’école Nesbitt Giuseppina Santino, les enseignantes de l’école secondaire Rosemont Jessica Monti et Emilie Bertrand, de même que l’animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire Vince Lacroce ont conjointement piloté la nouvelle initiative intitulée « Feed the Future ». S’appuyant sur le succès remporté par les ateliers de nutrition Lunch & Learn présentés à l’école Rosemont et axés sur l’image corporelle, les régimes à la mode, les boissons énergisantes, l’activité physique et les fausses croyances en matière de santé, cet atelier à double volet comportait des cours de cuisine pratiques offerts par madame Trimarchi ainsi que des séances d’information individuelles avec madame Di Quinzio afin d’aider les élèves à développer leurs compétences et à mettre à l’essai un nouveau programme à l’école. Avec l’appui du comité « Feed the Future », les élèves ont appris à décortiquer des collations et aliments malsains et ont été encouragés à ajouter des ingrédients plus santé ou à remplacer des ingrédients existants par d’autres plus sains tels du lin, de l’avoine, des canneberges ou des raisins secs.

Inspiré par l’initiative « Free the Children » de l’école secondaire Rosemont et de l’école primaire Nesbitt ayant pour but de construire une école au Kenya, le comité « Feed the Future » composé de membres du personnel et d’élèves préparera des recettes-santé en pots Mason qui seront vendus dans la communauté dans l’espoir d’atteindre l’objectif fixé de 10 000 $. Le groupe de professionnels « Feed the Future », les membres de « Free the Children » et les élèves des écoles Rosemont et Nesbitt se réuniront le 10 mai au Centre communautaire spirituel de l’école secondaire Rosemont afin de participer à la préparation des pots Mason et des commandes en prévision de la livraison. Cette activité fera l’objet d’un reportage Greater Montreal Day à Global TV.

ART ORATOIRE : La compétition annuelle d’art oratoire de la CSEM aura lieu le mardi 10 avril et le jeudi 12 avril à l’école secondaire Royal Vale située au 5851, av. Somerled à NDG. Les élèves de 7e et de 8e année prononceront des discours narratifs personnels le 10 avril, à compter de 9 h. Les élèves de 9e, 10e et 11e année présenteront des discours persuasifs sur des sujets de nature sociale ou politique le 12 avril, dès 9 h. Comme par le passé, les gagnants de 7e et 8e année pourraient avoir l’occasion de présenter leurs discours devant les membres du conseil des commissaires de la CSEM. Cette année, le Cercle canadien des femmes remettra au lauréat de 9e année un séjour d’une semaine toutes dépenses payées à Rencontres du Canada, à Ottawa, et une invitation à prononcer son discours gagnant lors d’une prochaine réunion du Cercle canadien des femmes. Les gagnants de 10e et 11e année auront la chance de prendre part aux finales du concours oratoire du Club Rotary en mai.

VISITE MINISTÉRIELLE À JAMES LYNG : La vice-première ministre et ministre de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation, madame Dominique Anglade, a rendu visite récemment à l’école secondaire James Lyng de Saint-Henri et en a profité pour rencontrer la vice-présidente de la CSEM Sylvia Lo Bianco, le commissaire Julien Feldman, la directrice régionale Pela Nickoletopoulos ainsi que la direction de l’école, les enseignants et les élèves. À cette occasion, madame Anglade a fait la tournée de l’école et s’est dite émerveillée devant tout le talent des élèves du programme d’arts urbains. Elle est également députée de Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne.

NOUVELLE APPELLATION DU COMITÉ DE PARENTS: Le comité central de parents de la CSEM porte désormais le nom de comité de parents de la CSEM.

TAUX DE RÉUSSITE À LA CSEM: La Commission scolaire English-Montréal enregistre le taux de réussite le plus élevé, soit 88,6 %, parmi les commissions scolaires publiques anglophones à la grandeur de la province de Québec, basé sur une cohorte de sept ans, comme en témoignent les données publiées par le ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES). « Ce résultat est d’autant plus remarquable que le taux de réussite provincial se situe à 80,1 % », a déclaré la présidente de la CSEM Angela Mancini. « Cette réalisation est le fruit d’efforts collectifs de la part de tous ceux et celles qui sont liés à la CSEM, à savoir les membres du personnel, les parents, les bénévoles et, bien entendu, les élèves. » Madame Mancini a fièrement renchéri qu’avec un taux de 82,8 %, basé sur une cohorte de cinq ans, la CSEM affiche le taux de réussite le plus élevé parmi toutes les commissions scolaires publiques de la province. Le taux de 88,6 % est basé sur une cohorte de sept ans. Il regroupe le taux de diplomation du secondaire durant cette période et le taux de certification des élèves du parcours de formation axée sur l’emploi. Il reflète la progression des élèves de 2009 jusqu’à leur diplomation en 2016. Madame Mancini a indiqué que la CSEM obtient le deuxième meilleur taux de réussite parmi les commissions scolaires publiques de la province, derrière la Commission scolaire des Découvreurs, une petite commission scolaire de la ville de Québec qui compte seulement quatre écoles secondaires dont aucune d’elle ne dessert de quartiers défavorisés. Pour mettre en perspective les taux de réussite actuels des élèves de la CSEM, mentionnons que le taux de réussite moyen parmi toutes les écoles québécoises (publiques et privées) est de 80,1 %, tandis qu’il se situe à 76,5 % pour les écoles publiques seulement. Pour obtenir la liste complète des résultats de chacune des commissions scolaires de la province, veuillez consulter le site Web de la CSEM au

HOCKEY PROFESSIONNEL: Quelques élèves internationaux de la CSEM ont vécu une expérience inoubliable en assistant pour la première fois à un match de hockey professionnel. Grâce à la générosité du commissaire de la CSEM James Kromida et de CTV Montreal, quatre élèves ont obtenu des billets pour le match des Canadiens contre les Islanders de New York présenté au Centre Bell. On peut voir sur la photo, de gauche à droite : les élèves internationaux Elisa Medellin (Mexique) et Sambath Ben (Cambodge) de l’école secondaire John F. Kennedy; Rene M. Gonzalez (Mexique) de l’école secondaire Westmount; Sara Matin (Iran) de l’Académie internationale Marymount à NDG; Claudius Seiter (Allemagne) de l’école secondaire Westmount ainsi que la responsable des élèves internationaux Angela Kim (Corée).

INITIATION AU HOCKEY POUR DES ÉLÈVES DE L’ÉCOLE ROSLYN: Par ailleurs, des élèves internationaux de l’école primaire Roslyn à Westmount ont eux aussi eu la chance d’assister pour la première fois à un match de hockey professionnel opposant les Canadiens aux Penguins de Pittsburgh au Centre Bell, grâce à la générosité de Joel Leonoff et Danny Chazonoff de Paysafe, un chef de file mondial dans la fourniture de solutions de paiement de bout en bout. Nick Katalifos, directeur de l’école Roslyn, a assisté au match aux côtés de quatre élèves fort enthousiastes : Daniel Eom et Doyu Kim de la Corée, Alice Arlotta de l’Italie et Nadia Odhiambo du Kenya. Ils ont visionné le match à partir de la loge privée de Paysafe, sous la supervision de Lori Yorke, mère d’un ancien élève de la CSEM ayant siégé au conseil d’établissement de l’école primaire Elizabeth Ballantyne de Montréal-Ouest il y a un certain nombre d’années.

CONCERT ANNIVERSAIRE À L’ÉCOLE FACE: Le 20e anniversaire de l’Orchestre symphonique de FACE (OSF) a récemment été célébré dans la plus pure tradition FACE, grâce à deux prestations sublimes mettant en vedette des élèves actuels de l’école et des anciens. Fondé en 1988 par l’enseignante Theodora Stathopoulos, l’OSF a incité des centaines d’élèves à réaliser leur plein potentiel musical et a permis de développer et d’enrichir le département des cordes de l’école FACE. Les 25 élèves de l’OSF étaient accompagnés de six solistes de calibre mondial pour la présentation de ce concert anniversaire, parmi lesquels figuraient trois anciens élèves de la CSEM : Brandyn Lewis (contrebasse, Orchestre symphonique de Montréal en 2017-2018), Lauren Tyros (alto, termine actuellement le programme d’interprétation musicale avec bourse d’études à l’Université McGill) et Stéphane Tétreault (violoncelle, soliste international). Si les administrateurs et les enseignants de la CSEM sont intéressés, le directeur adjoint Vince Timpano les invite à venir visiter FACE et à vivre, apprécier et apprendre par l’entreprise des arts en assistant à l’une des nombreuses représentations de l’OSF.

SOIRÉE DES BÉNÉVOLES: La Soirée annuelle d’appréciation des parents bénévoles de la CSEM, commanditée par les Services financiers La Capitale, aura lieu le mardi 17 avril au Centre Renaissance à Anjou. L’édition de cette année vise à souligner la Semaine de l’action bénévole qui se tiendra du 15 au 22 avril, sous le thème « Célébrons les valeurs du bénévolat – Renforçons la confiance, la compétence, les liens et la collectivité ». Joseph Perretta, son épouse Lina Di Giovanni et leur fille Alexia recevront le prix Ambassadeur bénévole de l’année de la CSEM. La famille est propriétaire de l’équipe de hockey l’Arctic dans la ligue junior AAA. Les joueurs rendent régulièrement visite aux écoles pour véhiculer le message de persévérance scolaire et prendre part à des joutes amicales avec les élèves. Chaque année, la famille donne des milliers de billets de hockey aux écoles. Lina a été parent bénévole à la CSEM pendant de longues années. Cette année, la Bénévole émérite est Laura Saragosa de l’école primaire Edward Murphy dans Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Faute de temps et d’espace, la CSEM n’est pas en mesure d’honorer en personne ses quelque 1 500 bénévoles. Par conséquent, seuls ceux qui œuvrent à titre de bénévoles depuis plus de cinq ans ont été conviés à cette réception, soit environ 500 personnes. Toutefois, plusieurs milliers d’exemplaires du programme commémoratif seront distribués dans toutes les écoles. Jamie Orchard, chef d’antenne à Global News, et Michael Cohen, spécialiste en communications et marketing à la CSEM seront les maîtres de cérémonie de la soirée. Pour la 9e année consécutive, les Services financiers La Capitale sera le commanditaire principal de l’événement. Les Services financiers La Capitale (, membre du Groupe financier La Capitale, offre une vaste gamme de produits et services conçus pour simplifier les choix financiers des membres qui œuvrent dans les secteurs publics et parapublics, dans plus de 900 institutions à la grandeur de la province.

VOYAGES SCOLAIRES INTERNATIONAUX: Depuis plus de 30 ans, l’entreprise EF fait équipe avec des écoles de la CSEM, des enseignants et des parents dans le but de transformer la perception qu’ont les élèves du monde dans lequel ils vivent – et d’eux-mêmes. Une séance d’information est prévue de 17 h à 18 h lors de la Soirée d’appréciation des bénévoles qui se tiendra au Centre Renaissance et à laquelle sont conviés parents et élèves dans le but de découvrir en quoi les voyages éducatifs favorisent une ouverture sur le monde et l’empathie. Ils apprendront également comment le modèle d’apprentissage expérientiel d’EF va bien au-delà de la simple visite de lieux, en vue de permettre aux élèves d’en apprendre davantage sur le monde. La participation à des activités culturelles, la dégustation de mets locaux, l’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue et les rencontres avec les habitants du pays en question font en sorte d’élargir les horizons des élèves. Dans le but de permettre à un plus grand nombre d’élèves de la CSEM de partir à la découverte du monde, une bourse de voyage d’une valeur de 2 000 $ sera remise à l’une des écoles représentées lors de la séance d’information. Chaque participant recevra un bon de participation au tirage. Visitez le ou composez le 1 800 387-1460.

PRÉSENTATION SPÉCIALE SUR LES VOYAGES ÉDUCATIFS: EF (Education First) Voyages Culturels est une entreprise qui offre et organise des voyages culturels éducatifs à l’intention des élèves, et ce, vers différentes destinations au Canada et ailleurs dans le monde. Elle prendra part à l’édition 2018 de la Soirée d’appréciation des bénévoles de la Commission scolaire English-Montréal qui aura lieu le mardi 17 avril, au Centre Renaissance situé au 7550, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est, à Anjou. EF Voyages Culturels se joint ainsi à la brochette de commanditaires de cet événement qui regroupe les Services financiers La Capitale, le magasin de musique Steve’s, le Studio La Pomme Verte, Les Uniformes Loft, Fana Sports, Promotions Hannah ainsi que Building Blocks Tutorials.
Lors de la Soirée d’appréciation des bénévoles, entre 17 h et 18 h, EF Voyages Culturels animera une séance où les participants pourront découvrir les voyages offerts et la mission de l’entreprise, qui consiste principalement à favoriser l’ouverture sur le monde et l’empathie. Ils auront également la chance de se familiariser avec le modèle d’apprentissage expérientiel d’EF et seront à même de constater que son approche va bien au-delà du simple voyage touristique, en vue de permettre aux élèves d’en apprendre davantage sur le monde qui les entoure et d’élargir leurs horizons, que ce soit en participant à des activités culturelles, en découvrant la cuisine locale, en apprenant une nouvelle langue ou en rencontrant les gens du pays en question. Depuis 1987, EF Voyages Culturels a organisé 50 voyages pour le compte de 12 écoles de la CSEM. L’Académie Royal West située à Montréal-Ouest fut la première à retenir ses services. D’autres écoles ont ensuite emboîté le pas, notamment l’Académie LaurenHill à Saint-Laurent, l’école Royal Vale à NDG, l’école secondaire Laurier Macdonald à Saint-Léonard, l’école secondaire Westmount, l’école secondaire Rosemont, l’école secondaire Lester B. Pearson et l’école Gerald McShane à Montréal-Nord, de même que l’école secondaire John F. Kennedy à Saint-Michel et le Collège Vincent Massey à Rosemont. Au cours des 31 dernières années, quelque 1 722 élèves de la CSEM ont pris part à des voyages organisés par EF.
Fondée en 1965, EF Voyages Culturels s’est taillé une véritable réputation de leader mondial en éducation internationale en misant sur l’apprentissage par l’éducation qui repose sur les expériences culturelles, les langues et l’enseignement. Depuis sa fondation, EF a organisé des voyages culturels au Japon, en Italie, en Grèce, au Costa Rica, en France, en Espagne, au R.-U., en Allemagne, en République tchèque, en Pologne, en Hongrie, en Équateur, au Canada et aux États-Unis. Pour commémorer le 75e anniversaire de l’invasion du jour J, EF proposera de nouvelles destinations : l’Écosse, le Panama, l’Australie, la Nouvelle-Zélande et la Normandie. Pour de plus amples renseignements, rendez-vous sur le site Web d’EF Voyages Culturels au

JOURNÉE INTERNATIONALE DE LA FEMME: À l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme, Breakfast TV Montreal était à la recherche d’une jeune fille âgée de moins de 18 ans qui contribue à faire une différence dans le domaine de la justice sociale. Romy Shoam, membre senior du Club de justice sociale de l’Académie Royal West, a accordé une superbe entrevue. Pour visionner la vidéo :

LE FRANÇAIS POUR L’AVENIR: Situé au 405, rue Sainte-Catherine Est à l’angle de la rue Saint-Denis, le Théâtre Marie-Gérin Lajoie de l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) accueillera l’édition 2018 du forum local de Montréal « Le français pour l’avenir » le mercredi 11 avril à 9 h. Sous le thème Respect, culture et intégration à la société québécoise, ce forum annuel vise à promouvoir le bilinguisme parmi les jeunes au Canada. Quelque 600 élèves provenant de onze écoles secondaires de la région de Montréal appartenant à trois commissions scolaires seront présents. À cette occasion, la fort sympathique Catherine Verdon-Diamond de Breakfast TV Montreal, dont la langue maternelle est le français, agira à titre de maîtresse de cérémonie. On y présentera notamment une version « Le français pour l’avenir » de l’émission La Voix diffusée sur les ondes de TVA (le pendant francophone de The Voice présenté à NBC). Quelques participants de la communauté anglophone parleront de l’expérience qu’ils ont vécue lorsqu’ils se sont produits sur une scène en français, puis ils tourneront leurs fauteuils de manière à faire dos à la scène pendant que des élèves interpréteront une chanson. À l’instar de l’émission télévisée, ils entendront uniquement la voix des chanteurs et retourneront leur fauteuil seulement s’ils souhaitent qu’un d’entre eux se joigne à leur équipe. Âgée de 12 ans, Chelsea Goldwater de l’Académie Royal West a participé à La Voix Junior l’automne dernier. Alessandro Gabrielli, âgé lui aussi de 12 ans, fréquente l’École des Découvreurs à LaSalle. Il a pris part à la production montréalaise à grande échelle de Mary Poppins présentée en français l’an dernier et a récemment interprété les hymnes nationaux lors du match des Knicks de New York au Madison Square Garden. Voici les écoles participantes : l’école secondaire Westmount, l’Académie Royal West à Montréal-Ouest, l’école Royal Vale et l’Académie Marymount à NDG, ainsi que l’école Laurier Macdonald à Saint-Léonard. Pour en savoir davantage, visitez le

L’INTIMIDATION, C’EST NON: Jeffrey, un patient de 19 ans des Hôpitaux Shriners pour enfants - Canada, a été victime d’intimidation pendant plus de sept ans. Le jeudi 22 février, à l’école Royal Vale de NDG, il a raconté aux élèves l’intimidation qu’il a vécue, dans l’espoir que d’autres puissent tirer des leçons de son expérience et qu’ils prennent part à la lutte à #LIntimidationCNon. Depuis les deux dernières années, Jeffrey fait la tournée des écoles de la région de Montréal avec l’Hôpital Shriners du Canada. Ils ont visité jusqu’à présent plus de 35 écoles dans le cadre de la campagne #LIntimidationCNon et se sont adressés à plus de 5 000 élèves. Au cours des prochains mois, l’Hôpital Shriners du Canada souhaite animer des présentations dans des écoles partout au pays. « Les enfants ayant un handicap physique sont deux fois plus susceptibles d’être la cible d’intimidation, ce qui a une incidence manifeste sur leur développement académique, physique et émotionnel », a déclaré Jacques Boissonneault, administrateur des Hôpitaux Shriners pour enfants - Canada. « Bon nombre de nos patients présentent des cicatrices ou des handicaps visibles qui, malheureusement, donnent lieu à des actes d’intimidation. Voilà pourquoi nous avons décidé de nous engager dans la lutte à l’intimidation en lançant la campagne #LIntimidationCNon. » Nous vous invitons à consulter l’intégral du communiqué.

GESTES DE BONTÉ SPONTANÉS: En novembre, l’école secondaire Lester-B.-Pearson de Montréal-Nord a créé un nouveau comité au sein de sa communauté. Sous la direction de la directrice adjointe Lisa Triestino et de l’éducatrice en services de garde Teresa Paci et avec le soutien du directeur Joseph Vitantonio, les élèves ont été encouragés à joindre les rangs de l’escouade RAKS (Random Act of Kindness Squad). L’escouade se réunit chaque semaine pour examiner différentes façons de répandre la gentillesse et l’amour partout dans l’école. Récemment, l’escouade RAKS a travaillé en collaboration avec la directrice adjointe de l’école secondaire LINKS, Grace Fanelli, et plusieurs élèves afin de dessiner, fabriquer et décorer le tout premier « banc de la gentillesse » à l’école LBP. Le 28 février, à l’occasion de la journée nationale du chandail rose (Pink Shirt Day), journée qui vise à habiliter les jeunes à lutter contre l’intimidation, l’escouade RAKS de même que les élèves de l’école LINKS ont dévoilé leur « banc de la gentillesse » qui a été disposé en plein centre de la Plaza à LBP. Ce banc a pour but d’encourager les élèves à s’asseoir ensemble et à toujours faire preuve de gentillesse.

INSPIRATIONS EN LIGNE: Nous vous invitons à visiter le en vue de parcourir l’édition Printemps 2018 de la publication Inspirations Arts and Travel, la version spéciale en ligne du populaire magazine dédié à la communauté ayant des besoins particuliers. Vous y trouverez des articles qui traitent notamment des sujets suivants : la généreuse contribution de la vedette de télé réalité Vanessa Grimaldi aux écoles de la CSEM, la participation de Brad Williams au Festival Juste pour rire, le groupe Shalva, l’hommage qu’ont rendu des élèves ayant des besoins particuliers au défunt Leonard Cohen et des conseils voyage adaptés pour visiter les îles grecques, Tampa Bay, St. Pete et Singapour.

PORTER DU BLEU LE 3 AVRIL EN GUISE DE SENSIBILISATION À L’AUTISME : Tous les ans, le 2 avril, on célèbre la journée de sensibilisation à l’autisme partout dans le monde. La communauté internationale illumine eu bleu des centaines de milliers de monuments, d’immeubles, de résidences et de communautés à la grandeur de la planète afin de sensibiliser la population à l’autisme. Des activités éducatives et des événements adaptés aux autistes ont lieu tout au long du mois d’avril dans le but d’accroître la compréhension et l’acceptation de l’autisme et de solliciter l’appui de toute la planète. Le mardi 3 avril, le bleu sera à l’honneur à la CSEM. Manifestez votre appui en portant votre vêtement ou accessoire bleu préféré!

CONFÉRENCE À L’INTENTION DES PARENTS – BOÎTE À OUTILS POUR RÉUSSIR: Le 22 avril prochain, le Centre montréalais pour les troubles d’apprentissage (MCLD) vous propose une conférence des plus intéressantes à l’Hôtel Ruby Foo. Venez y découvrir des approches novatrices concernant le TDAH, les TA et l’autisme modéré, de même que des stratégies et des outils utiles à la maison et à l’école. Au nombre des thèmes abordés, mentionnons l’intimidation, la diminution de l’anxiété et de la colère chez les jeunes et les adolescents, la connexion cœur-cerveau, ce que les parents doivent savoir au sujet du TDAH et des TA, et bien plus encore. Inscrivez-vous au ou composez le 514 482-7196.

LOISIRS ET SPORTS POUR TOUS : Inspirations et Make It Matter vous invitent à la foire « Loisirs et sports pour tous » le samedi 14 avril, de 13 h à 16 h, au Centre d’éducation des adultes Saint-Laurent situé au 2405, place Lafortune, à l’angle de la rue Decelles. Venez découvrir lors de cet événement gratuit débordant d’activités les ressources récréatives accessibles à la communauté ayant des besoins particuliers dans la grande région de Montréal et des environs. Une première à Montréal, cet événement permettra aux personnes de tous âges qui ont des besoins particuliers d’essayer quelque chose de nouveau tout en s’amusant. Venez faire l’essai d’une foule d’activités adaptées et inclusives comme le tennis, le basketball en fauteuil roulant, le boccia, la danse, le soccer, les arts, la musique, les arts martiaux, le yoga, et bien plus encore. Le Centre est accessible aux fauteuils roulants et le stationnement est gratuit. Pour tous renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec Linda Mahler à ou visitez le

COLLECTE DE FONDS POUR LE CANCER: En seulement trois semaines, Tyler Goldsmith, fils de l’ergothérapeute de la CSEM Ann Zilberbrant et neveu de l’orthophoniste Pam Goldsmith, a réussi à amasser plus de 11 000 $ au profit du Centre du cancer Segal de l’Hôpital juif de Montréal. Tyler s’est vu remettre récemment un chèque lorsqu’il s’est fait raser la tête. Il se laissait allonger les cheveux depuis l’été dernier. Son inspiration lui est venue de son père Lyle qui, il y a environ un an, a été diagnostiqué avec un cancer du côlon de stade 4. Depuis que le diagnostic est tombé, l’équipe des Services aux élèves de la CSEM s’est ralliée derrière Ann, Pam et Lyle.

ROBOTIQUE: Depuis quelques mois, les élèves du Club de robotique de l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne apprennent à construire et à programmer des robots à l’aide du logiciel Lego Mindstorms EV3. Ils ont formé leurs équipes et se préparent présentement en prévision de la compétition Robo-Junior EAST qui se tiendra en avril. En équipe, ils devront faire appel à leurs connaissances et leur créativité pour préparer et résoudre de nouveaux défis dans le but d’être fin prêts pour la compétition.

DES NOUVELLES DE LA CHORALE DE LA CSEM: Le concert de Noël annuel de la Chorale de la CSEM présenté le 9 décembre dernier a permis d’amasser près de 2 000 $ au profit de la campagne de Noël de l’Armée du Salut. La prestation du 15 décembre à l’Hôtel de ville de Montréal-Ouest à l’occasion du souper de Noël pour les aînés a également été fort appréciée.
Les répétitions ont repris le 13 janvier, malgré les importantes chutes de neige, en prévision d’un concert bien spécial. En effet, le 3 février, les membres de la Chorale senior de la CSEM ont uni leurs voix à celles du Chœur Classique de Montréal pour une sublime interprétation de la Passion selon saint Matthieu de Bach, à la Maison symphonique. La chef d’orchestre Patricia Abbott était ravie qu’une nouvelle génération de membres de la Chorale senior puissent prendre part à ce chef-d’œuvre qui nécessite la participation de six solistes, de deux orchestres et chorales, en plus d’un chœur d’enfants. La chorale livrera une autre prestation de cette œuvre en avril en compagnie de Musica Orbium, sous la direction de Patrick Wedd.  La retraite hivernale annuelle de la chorale a eu lieu au Camp musical des Laurentides où elle a entrepris la préparation musicale de ses concerts prévus au printemps, y compris le très couru Gala printanier qui sera présenté le samedi 5 mai à 19 h 30 à la salle Oscar Peterson de l’Université Concordia. Les billets sont en vente depuis le 1er mars.

Voici la liste des concerts à venir :

♪ Le samedi 14 avril à 19 h – En Harmonie 4 Kids à l’Église Mountainside United
La Chorale junior de la CSEM offrira une prestation en compagnie de plusieurs chorales d’enfants et d’adultes en vue d’amasser des fonds au profit de Jeunesse au soleil. Billets en vente à la porte.

♪ Le samedi 21 avril à 19 h et le dimanche 22 avril à 15 h – Passion selon saint Matthieu de Bach à l’Église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre
La Chorale senior de la CSEM interprétera encore une fois ce chef-d’œuvre, cette fois-ci à titre d’invités de Musica Orbium, sous la direction de Patrick Wedd et accompagnés par Ensemble Caprice. Il est possible d’acheter des billets directement auprès de la chorale, au prix de 40 $ (45 $ à la porte).

♪ Le samedi 5 mai à 19 h 30 – Gala printanier annuel de la Chorale de la CSEM à la salle Oscar Peterson. Les billets sont en vente depuis le 1er mars. .

PRATIQUES PARENTALES EFFICACES: Des professeurs en psychologie pédagogique de l’Université McGill organisent une série de conférences publiques sur les pratiques parentales efficaces (Effective Parenting) qui s’échelonnera sur cinq semaines et abordera des thèmes préoccupants pour les parents/tuteurs/grands-parents d’aujourd’hui, notamment comment aider les enfants à gérer le stress, améliorer leur sommeil, naviguer et apprendre en ligne, comprendre les notions de genre et de sexualité, ainsi qu’une introduction aux troubles de neurodéveloppement. Les conférences auront lieu les mardis, du 3 avril au 1er mai 2018 (18 h 30 à 20 h 00). Les coûts d’inscription sont de 75 $ pour la série complète, 50 $ pour les aînés. Les conférences seront présentées en anglais au Pavillon de l’éducation de l’Université McGill, au 3700, rue McTavish. Stationnement disponible dans le Pavillon de l’éducation, le Pavillon médical McIntyre (3655, promenade Sir William Osler, accessible depuis la rue Drummond), ou dans les rues avoisinantes. Pour tous renseignements ou pour vous inscrire, visitez le


LA CSEM ET L’ÉCOLE À PAS DE GÉANT: Dans l’ensemble, le programme pour adultes CSEM/À pas de géant offert au Centre d’éducation des adultes Saint-Laurent s’efforce d’inspirer la créativité et l’extériorisation tout en encourageant le développement d’aptitudes pratiques à la vie quotidienne. On y met l’accent sur le développement de l’autonomie, l’aptitude au travail, le fonctionnement social et la scolarité. Le programme dédié à la clientèle adulte est passé d’une classe de six à neuf élèves dans une salle de classe de taille régulière, puis à 12 dans une salle plus grande où sont aménagés plusieurs postes destinés au travail, à la construction et aux projets d’art. Ce programme soutient les élèves en vue de les aider à identifier et à développer leurs talents et intérêts particuliers dans l’espoir de trouver pour eux des occasions d’emploi/de bénévolat intéressantes au cours de l’année à venir. On insiste davantage, cette année, sur les sorties dans le but d’établir une connexion avec les ressources communautaires qui favorisera une plus grande aisance et autonomie des élèves dans les endroits publics et les transports en commun. Les éducateurs continuent d’encourager les élèves à prendre en charge à l’école le plus d’aspects possible liés à leur vie. Les élèves participent à la planification des activités quotidiennes et sont appelés à réfléchir à la qualité de leurs expériences.

SOUPER-SPECTACLE MUSICAL: Les élèves des Services d’intégration sociale (SIS) du Centre d’éducation des adultes Galileo présenteront leur tout premier souper-spectacle musical – SMILE – le vendredi 20 avril à 17 h 30 au Centre de carrières St. Pius X (Institut culinaire) situé au 9955, avenue Papineau. SIS est un programme développé par le ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) qui s’adresse aux adultes éprouvant des difficultés d’ordre psychologique, intellectuel, social ou physique. Ce programme vise spécifiquement à aider les élèves à acquérir les compétences requises pour s’intégrer et participer à la société en vue de réaliser leur plein potentiel.
SMILE se veut une célébration de tout ce qui a été accompli, et qui continue de l’être, dans le cadre du programme SIS au Centre Galileo. Vous serez émerveillés par les talents artistiques de plus de 60 élèves du programme SIS. Chacun a contribué à la production de SMILE, que ce soit sur scène, dans la cuisine pour aider l’équipe culinaire dans la préparation du repas, ou en coulisses pour la conception des décors ou la confection des costumes, ou encore pour prêter main-forte aux enseignants. La direction du spectacle est assurée par Alain Tourigny et Lisa Trotto. Cette soirée-bénéfice proposera une exposition illustrant les activités éducatives quotidiennes auxquelles les élèves participent. On y présentera également un survol du nouveau programme de services d’intégration socioprofessionnelle fort populaire à Galileo, ainsi que le programme culinaire. Et n’oubliez surtout pas vos chaussures de danse puisque DJ Stefano vous invitera à vous déhancher sur des airs classiques tout au long de la soirée. Pour réserver des billets, veuillez faire parvenir un courriel à la directrice Martina Schiavone à Le prix des billets est de 40 $ (payable par chèque à l’ordre du Centre des adultes Galileo).

The next Focus Newsletter will be published on April 26. Deadlines for submissions is Friday, April 20 at Noon