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ELEMENTARY SCHOOL REGISTRATION WEEK: The EMSB has announced that Elementary School Registration Week for the 2019-2020 academic year will take place from Monday, February 4 to Friday, February 8. If one child from a family is already enrolled in a particular school, a sibling registration period will take place a week earlier. Parents are asked to register at the EMSB elementary school nearest their residence offering the French program of their choice. For more information please call (514) 483-7200, extension EMSB (3672) or log on to the Board’s website at All pupils registering for the first time are required to provide a birth certificate and vaccination records to the school the child will be attending. Parents will be asked to fill out forms which will allow the school to apply for the certificate of eligibility for English schooling. Under the Charter of the French Language, a certificate of eligibility is generally granted to children who did the majority of their elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada; whose mother or father did the majority of his/her elementary studies in English in Canada or whose brother or sister did the majority of his/her elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada. As a result of language legislation, this criteria excludes studies completed in the Quebec Private School system.

HIGHWAY BILLBOARDS: Please watch for our promotional billboards in January. They will be placed in highly visible spots near the main Montreal highways.

Students from Royal Vale enjoyed a true authentic learning experience.
CTV COMMERCIAL:  A commercial  promoting Elementary School Registration Week, which is February 4 to 8, 2019, has started to air on CTV Montreal.  You can view it here. The production took place in November at Royal Vale School, where the entire K to 11 experience could be caught on camera. 
There were some good questions.

Senior Producer Chris Malazdrewicz and advertising sales executive Stefano Guadagnino, a graduate of Vincent Massey Collegiate, showed the commercial to a Grade 10  Drama class at Royal Vale first and took part in a lesson of authentic learning as to how such a production is put together from scratch. The EMSB will also have this advertisement running on CTV.

DANCE FOR ALEX: Students and staff at Royal Vale School in N.D.G. once again honoured the late Alex Porter-Rozmovits with their annual Dance for Alex on   December 5. Alex was a bright, loving and thriving six-year-old kindergarten student who died suddenly on June 22, 2009 of a rare bacterial infection. The school has held a morning dance in his honour every December since 2010.  His parents Peter and Roberta and younger sister, who is a student at the school, were on hand.

The Porter-Rozmovits family with school reps, Tim Fleiszer and the Alouettes.
Joining the students for this year’s dance was Tim Fleiszer, founder and Executive Director of Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada (CLFC) and a former CFL player. Fleiszer is the first player in CFL history to win four Grey Cup championships with four different teams. A graduate of Harvard University, Fleiszer played professional football for 10 years before retiring and beginning his work in youth athletics, with the CLFC and as a player agent. Fleiszer was joined by Montreal Alouettes General Manager Kavis Reed, running back William Stanback, wide receiver Ernest Jackson and defensive lineman Jesse Joseph. Physical Education and Health teacher Norman Katz once again organized the event. He also invited three Dawson College cheerleaders, who helped get the dancing started. See the report from Global TV here. 

ENROLMENT INCREASE: For the second year in a row enrolment in the EMSB youth sector is on the rise.  A total of 19,811 students were recorded as part of the September 30 count. That is 250 more than the 2017-18 academic year. With more than 22,000 students in the adult sector, the EMSB remains the largest English public school board in the province.

Liam feels the warmth and support.
A HEART TOUCHING STORY AT EDWARD MURPHY:  Last July  Liam Dubois, a Grade 3 student at Edward Murphy Elementary School  in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, received a new heart after being hospitalized for 427 days. Thanks to his incredible medical team at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Liam has made a full recovery. This year, unlike last, Liam will be celebrating Christmas at home with his family. He will be waking up on Christmas morning, excited for the day, like a typical   eight year old should be. As a way to brighten up the holiday season for many children who will not be home for the holidays, Liam’s teachers and classmates dressed up in their “ugly” Christmas sweaters and donated gifts to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Their wish is to spread some holiday cheer to those in need and for everyone to have a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Edward Murphy School Principal Cristina Celzi notes: “Liam has been back since October and is doing really well! It has been quite a roller-coaster though; he first got sick at school in June 2016 and we all feared the worst. He is a true miracle child!”

Vanessa Grimaldi, Regional Director John Pevec, Cristina Celzi, the Di Teodoras and Vice- Chair Joe Ortona with students.
VANESSA GRIMALDI STEPS UP AGAIN:   On Tuesday, December 18,   Reality TV show star Vanessa Grimaldi was at Edward Murphy Elementary School to dedicate a fourth sensory room at the EMSB. She did so in partnership with the Di Teodoro family - Dan, Elvie and Enrico. They dedicated the room in memory of their late daughter/sister Giuliana who was intellectually handicapped and would have loved such a room in her school. This important financial support came from Vanessa’s No Better You Foundation. Vanessa, who worked as a special education teacher for the EMSB’s Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal North before starring on ABC’s The Bachelor, launched her non-profit efforts in the summer of 2017 in order to advance education by providing specialized tools and programs for exceptional learners across Canada.  Proceeds from her fundraising efforts   have been directed to the construction, maintenance and operations of sensory rooms at Edward Murphy, Galileo, and Coronation School in Côte des Neiges and Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary in Rosemount. Edward Murphy Principal Cristina Celzi  gave special thanks to occupational therapist Claudia De Luca  and caretakers Tony Orsini and Johnny Matteo for all her hard work.

Will these cookies go on the market as  a fundraiser?
Grade 6 teacher Amanda Yannelli baked cookies with the No Better You logo inscribed. “A Sensory Room provides new ways of learning while using all their senses. It’s a therapeutic space for students,” Vanessa explained. “It can help stimulate or calm students down. It heightens awareness, provides security and promotes mental and physical relaxation, which helps individuals realize that they don’t have to feel like they have to be on guard all of the time.”

Please see our video.
Here is Vanessa on Entertainment Tonight discussing this project. 

BAKING FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Students from Edward Murphy School and Spiritual Care & Guidance & Community Involvement Animator Rocco Speranza visited Groupe d'Entraide de Mercier-Ouest (GEMO) and took time to give back to their community and its residents. GEMO provides groceries and prepared food to underprivileged families at affordable prices.   Students took part in baking workshops and made, from scratch, yummy macaroni and cheese with broccoli and tofu, and delicious banana-cranberry muffins. After an hour and thirty minutes of being in the kitchen, they got to taste the fruit of their labour. Importantly, they aided in preparing delicious treats for those less fortunate than themselves during this holiday season. Students had the opportunity to learn about food sustainability, eating healthier and working together to aid those in need. “Giving back to the community never tasted this good,” was the general response from the students who took part in this activity, noted Mr. Speranza.

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY CONCERT: The  Roslyn Elementary School Multigenerational Choir performed at its annual Christmas Holiday Concert on Wednesday. Christine Long and CTV News and Laura Casella from Global TV dropped by Tuesday, turning the rehearsal into an exciting butterfly-inducing, celebrity event! Musical Director Dimitris Ilias oversaw the production and he expressed thanks to the school administration and teachers for their amazing support, enthusiasm holiday spirit!

Laura Casella records the commercial at Roslyn School.
GLOBAL TV COMMERCIAL: Watch for the EMSB Kindergarten Registration Week commercial to air on Global TV in January. It was recorded at Roslyn, with Laura Casella and some staff and students.

EAST HILL HAPPINESS WEEK: In the days leading up to Winter Break, students at East Hill Elementary School  in R.D.P. are enjoying Homemade Happiness Week: five days aimed at encourageing them to slow down, connect and foster healthy family relationships through a love of cooking. The week itself was inspired by the storybook 'A Snack for Santa,' an initiative by La Tablée des Chefs and IGA grocers. For that reason, on Friday, December 21 (1:15 pm), Stefano Faita, celebrity chef and restaurateur, as well as Jean-François Archambault, CEO and Founder of La Tablée des Chefs will visit the school to cap off the week and present students with their own copy.

“The book offers a beautiful holiday tale for the entire family and a number of recipes from a number of local chefs, including Faita,” said Jessica Monti, Vice-Principal at East Hill School. “Throughout the week, students will have the opportunity to create beautiful memories and foster strong bonds with their East Hill family. They are being asked to come in with a number of culinary accessories (aprons, oven mitts, etc.) and will be consistently exposed to aspects of the book through many events.”

Sophia Kakouratos hands out two scholarships at Marymount Academy International.
PSBGM CULTURAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION GIVES BACK: Proceeds from the sale of an art collection several years ago have and will continue to provide scholarships in the thousands of dollars to EMSB students for many years to come. For decades, the former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM) collected paintings through the generous donations of many benefactors, as well as the purchase of some. It was maintained by the PSBGM Cultural Heritage Foundation. There were more than 100 works of art and some were on display at the school board and various schools.  A decision was made to give the collection to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. But the museum only wanted some of the pieces. Those who cared for the art preferred that if the collection was to be viewed, it should have been in its entirety. Instead, a decision was made to auction off the work and create scholarships to benefit students.  The artwork, more than half of the collection, sold for $1.4-million in March of 2013. Since then, 46 high school students have received scholarships worth $1,000 each while 100 elementary students have received $100 scholarships. See our complete story here.

Ian Hanchet (back row with the hat) and his team.
MUSIC TEACHER RECORDING: Cedarcrest Elementary School’s legendary music teacher Ian Hanchet and his wife have produced a wonderful album, covering artists such as Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. All the proceeds are being donated to the St. James Drop In Centre, so take a listen to one of the tracks below and buy your copy today! Copies are available directly from Ian at Cedarcrest.  You can access it here.

Julie René de Cotret is congratulated by her son and colleagues.
AWARD WINNER: Julie René de Cotret, Assistant Director of the Student Services Department, was the recipient of the Leadership Award in Education granted to local association members (AEMBA) by the AAESQ. She joined the EMSB in this post in November 2010 after having served in numerous posts outside the Board – resource teacher, special education consultant and Coordinator of complementary services. Among her many accomplishments are the following:KIDS (Key Information Data System). She played a major role in the development of this software application which renders student data  immediately and digitally accessible to professionals and administrators for the purpose of enhancing the comprehensive delivery of services to students in a more efficient and effective manner; In Closed Special Education Classes, she has taken initiative to spearhead of the opening of approximately 30 Closed Special Education Classes during the last five years to more effectively meet the needs of students with severe medical, behavioral, emotional, and/or developmental difficulties; In Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), she assumed a major role in working collaboratively with the group of teachers and professionals in the development of a more user-friendly IEP template which is currently in the process of being piloted in some of our schools; and  In Health and Social Services, she is currently playing an important role in strengthening our links with our Health and Social Services partners primarily by developing formalized ententes between the school boards and the CIUSSS."Julie has certainly proven to be an excellent leader – caring, supportive, resourceful, and a strong team player always well-respected by her colleagues, the Student Services Department professionals, and the many stakeholders in the EMSB," commented Director of Student Services Lew Lewis.

NEW STUDENT OMBUDSMAN: Maitre Isabelle Turgeon has been appointed as Student ombudsman for the EMSB, effective on January 1, 2019.

Ann Watson
HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR: Ann Watson has been appointed Director of Human Resources for the EMSB, effective January 1, 2019. She succeeds Christine Denomméé, who moves on to her new post as Director of Labor Relations at CPNCA (Comité patronal de négociation pour les commissions scolaires Anglophones).

HISTORY COURSE: The EMSB Council of Commissioners recently accepted the independent History Experts Committee report on the revised Secondary III and IV compulsory History of Québec and Canada program.  The revised curriculum raised a number of issues of concern to the EMSB. Given these concerns, in June, the EMSB asked an independent History Experts Committee to review the content of this program as well as the Ministry-approved English-language textbooks. Here is a CBC Radio Noon program devoted to this topic. Commissioner Joseph Lalla, who had asked for the review, is interviewed near the top of the show. The report will be shared with other boards and the MEES.

You can read the full report here.

Left to right: Gabrielle, Julia, Bryanna, Rebecca, Carl and Gilbert with EMSB officials.
PECK AWARDS: Five students from Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount and one from Royal Vale School in NDG were recently presented with the 2018 Robert Alfred Peck Prizes for Excellence in French. Present day Grade 11 students Bryanna Bragagnolo,   Gabrielle Calabrese, Rebecca Dupont, Carl Le Breux and Amanda Vanasse from Vincent Massey and Gilbert Paradis from Royal Vale each attained the mark of 100 percent. They received medals and   cheques in the amount of $150.    The late Mr. Peck began teaching in the 1930s and served as the superintendent of French for the Ministry of Education and held similar posts with the former Westmount School Board and the former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal. He was the department head for French at Lachine High School and vice-principal of Riverdale High School on the West Island, having completed his career as a teacher in Africa. Mr. Peck co-authored  Le Français Pratique, the  textbook for the teaching of French as a second language with Elizabeth Buchanan.  It was a mainstay in Quebec Protestant English schools for over 20 years.  This prize was established by the Peck family and the EMSB in 2002.

FACE SINGERS: Around 30 students from FACE High School, from Grades 7 to 11, took part in singing the National Anthem at an Olympic Ceremony in Ottawa on December 3 where Christine Girard   received two medals. She first won a bronze medal in the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 awarding her the title of Canada’s first ever Olympic Champion in weightlifting. She then initially won the bronze medal in the women’s 63kg category at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but when the two athletes ahead of her were disqualified, she was awarded the gold medal. 
Santa was a big hit at Our Lady of Pompei.
GENERATIONS BREAKFAST AT POMPEI: December 12 was a cold winter’s day, but there was nothing but warmth, smiles and good cheer in Ahuntsic at Our Lady of Pompei Elementary School’s holiday breakfast, sponsored by the Generations Foundation.  A delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, waffles, sausages and toast was prepared by teachers and parents, and served to students. Adrian and Natalie Bercovici, founders of Generations Foundation, were on hand to greet students and see them enjoy their meals.  The talented Rosemount High School band, led by music teacher Debbie Best, had students and staff singing their hearts out and clapping along to their favourite Christmas tunes. Our Lady of Pompei Principal Steven Rebelo joined EMSB Deputy Director General Evelyne Alfonsi and EMSB Regional Director (East Sector) John Pevec in celebrating the students and the generosity and important work of Generations Foundation.  Students were excited by the much anticipated arrival of Santa, with his bag of gifts in tow. All 161 Our Lady of Pompei students met with Saint Nick and received a gift especially for them. Gifts were donated by the community-at-large to Generations Foundation, and Mrs. Bercovici ensured that all gifts were wrapped and labeled with each student’s name.   Please read our full story here.

Pictured above the organizing committee, front row: Leslie Butt, some volunteers from the RBC, Commissioner, Joe Lalla, Adrien and Nathalie Bercovici (of Generations Foundation) DDG, Evelyne Alfonsi, Commissioner, Agostino Cannavino and emcee and former DDG Roma Medwid.

CHILDREN’S HOLIDAY PARTY:  The EMSB Children’s Holiday Charity Event took place on Sunday, December 9 at James Lyng High School  in St. Henri, where more than 700 employees and their families were treated to a visit from Santa and his elves along with a bubble show, Elvis tribute artist, Bollywood dancer and an Elsa sing along.  Kids also had the opportunity to play in the bouncing houses, create an arts and crafts item, have their face painting, color and create their own T-Shirt, experiment with Mad Science, take photos in the photo booth and visit with reptiles.   With an all-day buffet, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs and snow cones everyone was treated to a spectacular event.  The proceeds from this event and the raffle sales go to the Generations Foundation, this year $18, 403.00 was raised.  We thank the organizing committee, especially the chair, Leslie Butt and all the volunteers that came out to make this day one to remember for the EMSB and their families.
The LDV singers.
LDV CONCERT:  It was another standing room only crowd at Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in RDP this year as students entertained parents and guests with a wonderful holiday concert featuring favorites in English, French and Italian.  

Mary Butt
REMEMBERING MARY BUTT: The EMSB expresses condolence on the recent passing of Mary Butt,  after a lengthy battle with Sarcoidosis (lung disease). She was 77. Mary worked for the EMSB and the former PSBGM for 33 years. She is survived by her beloved husband of 59 years, Gordon Butt, loving mother of Linda, Gary (Susan), Carolyn (Gus), Gordie (Wanda), and Leslie (Cynthia). Cherished grandmother of Samantha, Jessie, Ethan, Mary, Michael, Christopher, Kyle, Terrence, Meghan, Lyndsie, and Kaitlyn. She will be forever remembered by the Little Burgundy Community for her dedication to the youth from the area through the Little Burgundy Sports Association founded by she and her husband in the '60s to the late 1980s. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Generations Foundation would be greatly appreciated

Guidance Counsellor Stephanie Kaplan, Principal Lino Buttino, Saul Benoit and VP Marilyn Ramiakhan.
COMPASSION IN ACTION: Congratulations to Saul Benoit of James Lyng High School, one of 12 provincial winners in the 2018-19 Encounters with Canada/ LEARN “Empowerment: Compassion in Action” contest. Students submitted entries about inspiring individuals or groups who, through their compassion and leadership, have made a difference in their lives or in the community.  Saul wrote about his teacher, Ms. Warner, who went out of her way to help her students and inspired Saul through her innovation, her unrelenting belief, and transformative faith in her students. His winning essay will soon be posted on the LEARN web site at Compliments of LEARN, Saul has received a fully paid week of his choice in Ottawa at Encounters with Canada, the country’s largest youth forum.  He will take part in exciting workshops and outings with students from across the country, will develop citizenship and leadership skills, and will explore career options.  For more information, go to
Tahsin Islam (second from the right) with: Lorena Morante of Encounters with Canada, Guidance Counsellor Vanessa Zappitelli teacher Sabrina Gagliardi  and Suzanne Longpré of LEARN.

A YOUNG HERO: And congratulations to Tahsin Islam of Vincent Massey Collegiate, another one of the 12 provincial winners. Tahsin wrote about Craig Kielburger, co-founder of the Free the Children organization and ME TO WE social enterprise.  Her winning essay entitled A YOUNG HERO will soon be posted on the LEARN web site at  Compliments of LEARN, Tahsin has also received a fully paid week of her choice in Ottawa at Encounters with Canada.

Students and seniors share a dance.
VMC BOOSTS SENIORS: On Tuesday, December 11, The Almage Senior Community Centre hosted its 36th annual Christmas Party for over 100 of its members. Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator Rocco Speranza and eight dedicated Vincent Massey Collegiate (VMC) students, spent the day with them.  Students assisted with coat check, set-up, service of the delicious turkey lunch and amazing cheesecake dessert. Most importantly, the students spent time chatting and interacting with the seniors. The day was filled with laughter, dancing, and even new friendships were formed. “The seniors loved having the youth there!” exclaimed Tonya Wright,  a coordinator at Almage.  Mr. Speranza noted that the experience allowed students to connect with the seniors, and truly understand the importance of this holiday season: peace, love, joy and hope. Students and staff from Edward Murphy School also helped with spreading holiday cheer, by creating handmade holiday cards and for the seniors and sending them each a holiday ornament.

Christine Long at Merton.
SPIRIT OF GIVING:  In preparation for the holidays, the EMSB once again teamed up with CTV Montreal for the annual “Spirit of Giving” campaign, which brings much needed assistance to the less fortunate throughout Montreal. Non-perishable food, toys and miscellaneous items, such as soap and cleaning supplies, were collected, sorted and donated to Donald Berman Chai Lifeline Canada, Share The Warmth, West Island Assistance Fund, Renaissance Montreal, Multicaf, Batshaw Youth and Family Services, Mile End Mission, La Mosaique, The Nazareth House and The Depot (Formerly NDG Food Depot). In all, the combined efforts of the EMSB, its schools and facilities  generated over 1,000 boxes of non-perishable food, and over 50,000 toys and miscellaneous items.  For the first time in the history of the campaign, individual schools collected on behalf of individual charities. In total, more than 40 schools and centres took part in the campaign, as well as some community organizations. Please see this complete summary,  with the names of the participating schools and those which went on live TV.

It was all smiles at Michelangelo International.
Here are links to some CTV reports. We are so proud of our schools. A big thanks to EMSB coordinator Daniel Smajovits and Jason  Devine and Christine Long from CTV as well as Cindy Davis, who handled outreach to the schools.

Some members of the Lester B. Pearson High School team take the lead with CTV.
Please watch:

COMMUNITY ACTION AT ROSEMOUNT: Rosemount High School will be officially launching a community action program called R.H.S. (Responsibility, Humility, Social Awareness) as part of its ERC program. This year long community action program will be spearheaded by Secondary V teachers Jessica Awadalla and Jessika Neri, along with Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce. The intent of the program is to allow students to learn more about their personal motivations, develop their self-esteem, practice academic material outside of the context of the classroom, develop critical thinking skills while solving real-world problems, and to think about problems and social issues in new ways. This program will be in conjunction with the schools monthly virtues that are geared towards educating students on empathy, compassion and awareness.

Students volunteer in a kitchen.
R.H.S  has been divided into three segments: Community Service (volunteering in local soup kitchens, teaching senior citizens’ technology, We Day building a school in Kenya program, coordinating a senior citizens’ dinner dance for local centers in the community, and fundraising for the Montreal Children’s Hospital); Religious Culture/Spirituality (helping creation of multicultural celebrations/presentations, organizing sacred space visitation in the community, coordinating lunch and learn programs at school in collaboration with the Spiritual Community Animation service); and Philanthropic campaigns (CTV Spirit of Giving, Sox in a Box campaign, Will You Be My Valentine program, and prom).  Over 80 students will be participating in the program, which is also unique in that it will be open for student suggestions and recommendations to take ownership of their learning in areas of interest for our students.

PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN IN THE DIGITAL WORLD: What are some of the risks children face online?  How early do we need to start teaching them about digital safety?  EMSB Violence Prevention & Health Promotion Consultant, Daphna Leibovici   discussed this important topic on December 6 at Edinburgh Elementary School in Montreal West. 

Students and staff gather at the Toy Tea.
TOY TEA:   Students from the EMSB once again collected new toys for the 27th annual Christmas and Chanukah Toy Tea, held at Victoria Hall in Westmount on December 12. The aim of this program is to ensure disadvantaged children in Montreal have toys for the holiday season. The 2018 edition   distributed toys to over 5,000 children living in 31 shelters for domestic abuse and violence, as well as to children at The Welcome Hall Mission, The Montreal Diet Dispensary, Tyndale St. Georges Parish, St. Willibrord’s Parish, La Rue des Femmes and Batshaw Youth and Family Services. This marked the 16th year of the EMSB’s involvement, which is an initiative of former Spiritual, Religious and Moral Education Consultant Irene Miller. 

A look at some  of the donated toys.
Schools can participate by collecting new, unwrapped and non-violent toys. Donations and cheques endorsed to the Toy Tea would also be greatly appreciated.  Student representatives from various schools, along with their respective spiritual and community animators, teachers, administrators and parent volunteers, attended and received special certificates of participation from Erika Ludwick, the Toy Tea’s chairperson, along with Santa and Mrs. Claus. The event  also featured the singing of Christmas carols by several school choirs.  “The Toy Tea serves a community of deserving children that can easily be forgotten,” said Aaron Durocher, the EMSB consultant for Guidance and Spiritual and Community Animation. “It’s important that we, as a school board, mobilize to support such a great effort.”

See our full article here, which includes a link to a Podcast Barry Morgan did at Victoria Hall:

Vanessa Collao and former Prime Minister Harper.
STUDENT MEETS STEPHEN HARPER: Last summer, LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent Secondary V  student Vanessa Collao was fortunate enough to work for the Canadian Senate in Ottawa as a student. Vanessa completed various tasks that enabled her to grow her understanding of the political world. She attended press conferences, assisted colleagues with written work and also had the opportunity of meeting many Senators.  Currently, she is continuing her work for the Senate during the school year from home.  She is regularly assigned with a variety of different projects (i.e. transcribing speeches, assisting with youth outreach activities, etc.).  Earlier in December, she attended former  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen   Harper’s book launch. Since she continues to work for the Senate, Vanessa was invited and attended the event where Mr. Harper spoke to her personally about his book and her role with the Senate.  Vanessa has great aspirations to continue her education and work towards a career in politics.

Nolan O'Rourke meets the legendary Georges St-Pierre.
STUDENT MEETS GEORGES ST-PIERRE: On December 6, the Georges St-Pierre Foundation awarded seven student-athletes in bursaries through the FAEQ and announced the extension of its partnership with the FAEQ. One of the 2018 Georges St-Pierre Foundation recipients was Nolan O’Rourke from LaurenHill Academy.  Nolan is a competitive wrestler in Secondary IV who is from Prince Edward Island.   Nolan is pictured with Georges St-Pierre in the photo attached, receiving the award. Info:

Gaetano Taverna
CHECKMATE LHA:  LaurenHill Academy Chess coach David Steiner and Julia Stark, the school librarian, spent a day at College Brebeuf with nine Senior students for the Montreal Scholastic Chess Team Championship. All students had a great time having fun and participating. Gaetano Taverna, who competed as an individual, won a bronze medal in the tournament.

GRANDPARENTS DAY:  On Friday, November 30, Bancroft Elementary School in the Plateau hosted several “Grandparents Day” assemblies as part of November’s month of “Remembrance.”  Grandparents of students were invited to an assembly dedicated to the elders of our community. The assemblies were organized and moderated by Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator Elizabeth Pellicone.  Each assembly featured a play acted out by Grade 6 students demonstrating how grandparents make their lives just that much better (by taking care of us, teaching us new skills and telling us stories about our family’s history). Cycle 1 observed an interview with Mr. Iain, Bancroft’s resident elder, who spends quality time with selected students and helps them with literacy and numeracy skills.

A nice scene from Grandparents Day at Bancroft.
Mr. Iain spoke of his motivations for spending time with youngsters and what he believes a community’s elders can pass on to the next generation. Students also wrote and read poems highlighting the impact their grandparents have on their development.  Throughout the assembly, all grandparents, those still with us and those who have departed, were remembered. Grandparent guests were treated to cookies and milk as they watched their grandchildren describe and demonstrate how much they appreciate them. 

The award winners display their certificates.
STEAMING AHEAD: Bancroft  Elementary School’s Cycle 2 and 3 Science et Technologie students participated in their annual STEAM – SCIENCE FAIR. Many marvelous projects were presented and here are the winners: First  Place, Ada Gimeno Gabas, 3ème année: Phases de la Lune;  Second Place, Hanna Osajda and Noa Del Busso, 5ème année: Capillarité des Plantes; and Third Place, Justin Bourque-Meloche, Or Beth Halachmi, Mety Doyen and Rocco Karidiogannis 6ème année: Bras Hydraulique. Honourable mentions go to Leila Apale, Kadiatou Barrie, Joy Richard Gerhard, Mia Amaral Sgouromitis, Emily Cabral, Madison McNally and Simran Jagpal.
Sun Youth receives their donation.
SPOOKTACULAR CHRISTMAS: Bancroft’s Annual Halloween Fundraiser party, organized by the Bancroft PPO, was a spooktacular affair this year. Our whole community really embraced the Halloween spirit and we had a very full house of witches, goblins superheroes and princesses – and these were just the parents’ costumes! A big Thank You to all our community who made our Halloween Party Fundraiser a special night. Once again this year, in the spirit of Giving and Sharing, we are happy to announce that we raised $1300 that we donated to Sun Youth Organization for their Christmas Fund. The cheque was presented to   Helio Galego, Director, of the Crime Prevention Department and  Soula Provias, Communication Department, by   Volunteer Parent Veronica Reis.

Mark Tilden discusses his book.
FINANCIAL LITERACY:  In an effort to offer children and educators trying to promote Child Financial Literacy some educational material, local dad and 18-year investment advisor Mark Tilden, is proud to announce the launch the world’s first financial fantasy fiction stories for kids under eight years of age. The launch/reading for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students took place on    December 13   at the Roslyn Elementary School Library in Westmount. Mr. Tilden is a Roslyn parent. In the same way that David Chilton weaved basic financial fundamentals for adults into more easily read fictional stories for average readers in “The Wealthy Barber,” so too does The Adventures of Princess Mikaila and Prince Pete for young children in their habit-forming years (age appropriate fundamentals based on the “Money as You Grow Chart” from the U.S.Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website).  Jessie Nieman from the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Carolina Toteda from LEARN Quebec were als present.  For more information go to See our full story here.
JP I and Mackay students and staff celebrate together.
JP I BOOSTS MACKAY: Students from John Paul 1 High School in St. Leonard helped put a lot of smiles on children’s faces when they visited the Mackay Centre in N.D.G. a few days before Christmas. The students brought gifts as well as Santa Claus flew in on his sleigh. You could feel the spirit of the holidays and a great time was had by all!

ANIMAL WELFARE CONFERENCE: Many EMSB educators undertake animal awareness programs. The 2019 National Animal Welfare Conference is happening at the Hotel Bonaventure Montreal April 14 and 15, 2019. Conference registration is now open. All two-day conference registrations come with one ticket to the opening social on April 13 and one ticket to the Animal Welfare Leadership & Innovation Awards on April 14. All conference and training day registrations include breakfast, lunch and nutritional breaks for the day(s) you have registered. EARLY BIRD RATES are good  until January 31, 2019: $330: Two-day conference registration (Humane Canada members and students); $385: Two-day conference registration (general attendee).

Teacher Brigitte Boulos and her students.
PUPPET SHOW: Teacher Brigitte Boulos organized a series of puppet shows  at Coronation Elementary School on December 20. Arts Consultant Nicholas Doyon was one of the guest puppeteers. Students from grade five and six from the French-immersion program worked together to put on a show for the whole school. They started preparing at the end of November and with help from Lucy Émard from Cultures for Schools, they put on an amazing show. This Christmas tale was about elves who helped Santa find his lost gifts. The students worked together and made the puppets with papier-machée, wrote the scripts and practiced their own choreography. Incorporating STEAM, groups of students worked with chrome books for the sounds effects, they converted sounds and songs to mp3's, worked on the back-drops and green screens and even used coding for their microbits. The classroom was filled with laughter and everyone enjoyed their performance. At the end of the show, the students from this production handed out candy-canes and prepared colored pictures for Cycle I students, created word searches for Cycle II students and created cross-word puzzles for the Cycle III students. 


JFKAC students make their moves.
JFKAC CURTAIN CALL: William Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage…” If this is the case, how do we prepare our learners for life’s inevitable curtain call? John F. Kennedy Adult Education Centre has found a way and is doing just that! New this winter term is a course called Foundations of Acting.   The idea behind it was to design a course to help foster the development of self-confidence, communication and presentation skills. Students participate in a selection of exercises and activities designed to develop the imagination and sense of play. Moreover, this course will help build technical skills such as improvising, movement, voice, speaking, analyzing texts and engaging the creative process all while working in an ensemble. Anyone who wishes to learn how to get a standing ovation in life shouldn’t hesitate to register because this class is about so much more than the art of acting. 

Galileo staff and students showcase their dolls.
DOLLS AT GALILEO: As the holidays were quickly approaching, and Social Integration Students (SIS) at Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal North were getting anxious to celebrate 2018, Art Therapist Erica Nicole Onofrio was inspired to offer a different kind of project: creating dolls for single mothers, via Centre des Femmes de Montréal.  As some individuals were not aware of such an organization, they were educated about the various circumstances in which people live in this city.  They were very receptive to donating dolls to children, as they too wanted the children to feel happy and not left out during the holidays.  “As we began working on bringing the 23 dolls to life, a sense of community began to form in our space,” said Ms Onofrio.  “The students worked together, helped one another, depended on one another, rather than seeking the help of the educators.  Working with different fabrics, wool, and fabric stuffing, the students explored different sensory experiences.  Many skills were required when creating these dolls, both gross and fine motor skills, and the students exercised them without difficulty.   As the dolls came to life more and more every week, a sense of worthiness and accomplishment filled the classroom.  The action of doll making was definitely powerful within our class, as connections were made between the creators and the dolls.  Storytelling skills surfaced, as this process triggered memories for some adults.  For others, just the fact of holding the dolls was a comforting experience.  We hope that all these positive experiences will remain with the dolls as they transition to their new owners!”

Scenes from the gourmet lunch at  St. Pius X.
GOURMET TURKEY LUNCH: St. Pius X Career Centre students, staff and administration spent the day with Father John Walsh and over 100 other volunteers on   December 9 at Marché Bonsecours preparing a traditional gourmet turkey lunch to the underprivileged in Old Montreal. It was an incredible way to give back to the Montreal Community and serve over 600 people.   Chef Derek Curzi helped initiate the event.

Melissa and Nadia.
COOKIES AT RTC: Students at Rosemount Technology Centre at Campus were treated to a holiday treat on December 18. Academic advisors Melissa Urso and Nadia Zuccaro organized this event to treat all of their students from all programs. The students were treated to a day of coffee and cookies from Lafrenaie Bakery in St-Léonard to celebrate the holidays.
Some of the delicious cookies.


SEMAINE DES INSCRIPTIONS AU PRIMAIRE: La CSEM a annoncé que la semaine des inscriptions au primaire pour l’année scolaire 2019-2020 se tiendra du lundi 4 février au vendredi 8 février. Si un enfant est déjà inscrit à une école en particulier, ses frères et sœurs pourront s’y inscrire une semaine plus tôt. Nous demandons aux parents d’inscrire leur enfant à l’école primaire de la CSEM la plus près de leur domicile où le programme de français de leur choix est offert. Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez composer le 514 483-7200, poste 3672 ou visiter le site Web de la Commission au Si vous inscrivez votre enfant pour la première fois, vous devrez fournir son certificat de naissance et son carnet de vaccination à l’école qu’il fréquentera. Les parents devront remplir des formulaires afin de permettre à l’école en question de présenter une demande de déclaration d’admissibilité à l’enseignement en anglais. En vertu de la Charte de la langue française, une déclaration d’admissibilité est généralement accordée aux enfants qui ont reçu la majeure partie de leur enseignement primaire ou secondaire en anglais au Canada, à ceux dont la mère ou le père a reçu la majorité de son enseignement primaire en anglais au Canada ou à ceux dont le frère ou la sœur a reçu la majorité de son enseignement primaire ou secondaire en anglais au Canada. Veuillez prendre note qu’en raison de la législation linguistique, ce critère exclut les études complétées dans une école privée au Québec.

UNE HISTOIRE QUI VA DROIT AU CŒUR À L’ÉCOLE EDWARD MURPHY: En juillet dernier, Liam Dubois, élève de 3e année à l’école primaire Edward Murphy dans le quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a reçu un nouveau cœur après avoir été hospitalisé pendant 427 jours. Grâce à l’extraordinaire équipe médicale de l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants, Liam est aujourd’hui entièrement rétabli. Contrairement à l’an dernier, Liam célébrera cette année Noël à la maison entouré de sa famille. Il se réveillera fébrile le matin du 25 décembre, comme tout enfant de 8 ans. Désireux d’égayer la période des Fêtes pour bon nombre d’enfants qui ne passeront pas Noël à la maison, les enseignants et les camarades de classe de Liam ont enfilé leurs « affreux » chandails de Noël et ont offert des cadeaux à la Fondation de l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants. Ils espèrent ainsi propager la magie des Fêtes pour ceux qui sont dans le besoin et souhaiter à tous un Joyeux Noël ainsi que leurs meilleurs vœux de santé et bonheur pour l’année 2019.
La directrice de l’école primaire Edward Murphy, Cristina Celzi, a déclaré : « Liam est de retour à l’école depuis octobre et il se porte très bien! Ce fut une période très difficile. Il est tombé malade à l’école en juin 2016. Nous avons tous craint le pire. C’est un véritable miracle! »

ÉLAN DE GÉNÉROSITÉ DE LA FONDATION DE L’HÉRITAGE CULTUREL DE LA CEPGM : Le produit tiré de la vente d’une collection de tableaux il y a plusieurs années a permis de verser des bourses d’études totalisant des milliers de dollars à des élèves de la CSEM et il en sera ainsi pendant encore longtemps. Au fil de plusieurs décennies, la Commission des écoles protestantes du Grand Montréal (CEPGM) a accumulé des tableaux provenant de dons généreux de la part de plusieurs bienfaiteurs et en a acquis d’autres. Cette collection était conservée par la Fondation de l’héritage culturel de la CEPGM. Elle regroupait plus de 100 œuvres d’art dont certaines étaient exposées à la commission scolaire et d’autres, dans diverses écoles. Puis, la décision fut prise d‘offrir la collection au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. Or, ce dernier manifesta un intérêt uniquement pour certaines œuvres. Ceux qui tenaient à ces œuvres étaient d’avis que si la collection devait être exposée, elle devrait l’être dans son ensemble. Aussi, il fut décidé de vendre la collection aux enchères et de créer des bourses d’études au profit des élèves. La vente des tableaux, représentant plus de la moitié de la collection, a rapporté 1,4 million de dollars en mars 2013. Depuis, 46 élèves du secondaire ont reçu des bourses d’études de 1 000 $ chacune, tandis que 100 élèves du primaire se sont vu décerner des bourses de 100 $ chacune.

Le président de la Fondation, George Vathilakis, a déclaré que « la raison de la vente visait simplement à lever des fonds dans le but de verser des bourses d’études aux élèves ». « Ça ne servait à rien de conserver tous ces tableaux dans des bureaux, d’autant plus que personne ne venait les admirer. Si nous continuons à ce rythme, soit 46 000 $ plus 10 000 $, il faudra compter 73 ans avant que le capital ne soit épuisé. »

VANESSA GRIMALDI S’IMPLIQUE ENCORE UNE FOIS: Le mardi 18 décembre, la vedette de télé-réalité Vanessa Grimaldi s’est rendue à l’école primaire Edward Murphy afin d’offrir une quatrième salle sensorielle à la CSEM. Cet important soutien financier provient de la Fondation Votre meilleur vous (No Better You) mise sur pied par Vanessa (

Vanessa, qui travaillait en tant qu’enseignante en adaptation scolaire au Centre d’éducation des adultes Galileo de la CSEM à Montréal-Nord avant sa participation à l’émission The Bachelor sur les ondes d’ABC, a lancé sa fondation à l’été 2017 dans le but de faire progresser l’éducation en offrant des outils et des programmes spécialisés destinés aux apprenants exceptionnels à la grandeur du pays. La présidente de la CSEM, Angela Mancini, souhaite exprimer sa gratitude à Mme Grimaldi puisque le produit de ses levées de fonds a été affecté à la construction, à l’entretien et au fonctionnement des salles sensorielles à l’école Edward Murphy, au Centre d’éducation des adultes Galileo et à l’école Coronation à Côte-des-Neiges, de même qu’à l’école primaire Pierre Elliott Trudeau à Rosemont.

« Une salle sensorielle propose de nouvelles façons d’apprendre qui font appel à tous les sens. C’est un endroit thérapeutique pour les élèves », a expliqué Vanessa. « Cet espace peut faire en sorte de stimuler ou de calmer les élèves. Il les conscientise davantage, leur procure un sentiment de sécurité et contribue à la relaxation mentale et physique, ce qui les amène à réaliser qu’ils n’ont pas à se tenir toujours sur leurs gardes. »

Visitez le site Web Votre meilleur vous pour rester à l’affût des activités à venir

PROGRAMME D’HISTOIRE : Le conseil des commissaires de la CSEM a récemment accueilli le rapport du comité indépendant d’experts en histoire portant sur le programme révisé  d’histoire du Québec et du Canada enseigné obligatoirement en 3e et 4e secondaire. Le curriculum révisé ayant soulevé certaines préoccupations au sein de la CSEM, cette dernière avait décidé en juin de mandater un comité indépendant d’experts en histoire afin qu’il examine le contenu de ce programme de même que les manuels en anglais approuvés par le ministère. « J’ose espérer que le travail accompli par notre commission scolaire et par le comité d’experts feront en sorte d’aider le gouvernement provincial à apporter les modifications appropriées au programme », a déclaré la présidente de la CSEM Angela Mancini. « Il importe que nos élèves comprennent bien et apprécient l’histoire riche et diversifiée de notre province. »

PRIX PECK : Cinq élèves du Collège Vincent Massey à Rosemont et un autre de l’école Royal Vale à NDG ont récemment remporté le prix Robert Alfred Peck 2018 pour l’excellence en français.  Les élèves de 4e secondaire Bryanna Bragagnolo, Gabrielle Calabrese, Rebecca Dupont, Carl Le Breux et Amanda Vanasse du Collège Vincent Massey ainsi que Gilbert Paradis ont tous obtenu une note parfaite de 100 pour cent. Chacun a reçu une médaille et un chèque de 150 $.

Le défunt monsieur Peck a débuté sa carrière d’enseignant dans les années 1930. Il a été surintendant de français au sein du ministère de l’Éducation et a occupé des postes similaires à l’ancienne Commission scolaire Westmount de même qu’à l’ancienne Commission des écoles protestantes du Grand Montréal. Il a été responsable du département de français à l’école secondaire Lachine et directeur adjoint à l’école secondaire Riverdale de l’Ouest de l’île, après avoir enseigné en Afrique. Il est coauteur avec Elizabeth Buchanan du manuel d’enseignement du français langue seconde intitulé « Le français pratique », qui fut la référence par excellence dans les écoles protestantes du Québec pendant plus de 20 ans. Ce prix a été institué en son honneur par la famille Peck et la CSEM en 2002

 A YOUNG HERO: Des félicitations sont de mise pour Tahsin Islam du Collège Vincent Massey, qui figure parmi les 12 lauréats provinciaux du concours « Empowerment: Compassion in Action » organisé conjointement par LEARN et Rencontres du Canada 2018-2019. Les élèves ont soumis des textes portant sur des individus ou groupes qui, grâce à leur grande compassion et leadership, ont fait une différence dans leur vie ou au sein de la communauté. Tahsin a rédigé un texte sur Craig Kielburger, cofondateur de l’organisme Free the Children et de l’entreprise sociale ME TO WE. Son texte qui s’intitule A YOUNG HERO sera prochainement affiché sur le site Web de LEARN à Gracieuseté de LEARN, Tahsin a remporté un séjour d’une semaine de son choix à Ottawa, toutes dépenses payées, avec l’organisme Rencontres du Canada, le plus important forum des jeunes au Canada. Elle prendra part à des sorties et des ateliers des plus intéressants en compagnie d’autres élèves du Canada, développera ses compétences en leadership et son sens civique, en plus d’explorer des choix de carrières. Pour de plus amples renseignements, visitez le

Tahsin Islam (deuxième à partir de la droite) inscrite en 4e secondaire au CVM figure parmi les 12 lauréats provinciaux du concours annuel COMPASSION IN ACTION. Elle a remporté un séjour d’une semaine à Rencontres du Canada, à Ottawa, commandité par LEARN. De gauche à droite : Lorena Morante de Rencontres du Canada; Vanessa Zappitelli conseillère d’orientation; Sabrina Gagliardi enseignante d’éthique; Tahsin Islam gagnante du concours et Suzanne Longpré de LEARN qui lui remis le prix.

CAMPAGNE ANNUELLE SPIRIT OF GIVING: À l’approche des Fêtes, la CSEM a de nouveau fait équipe avec CTV Montréal dans le cadre de la campagne annuelle Spirit of Giving dont la mission vise à venir en aide aux plus démunis de la région de Montréal. Des denrées non-périssables, des jouets et divers articles tels du savon et des produits de nettoyage, ont été recueillis, triés et remis aux organismes suivants : The Donald Berman Chai Lifeline Canada, Partageons l’espoir, le Fonds d’aide de l’Ouest de l’île, Renaissance Montréal, Multicaf, les Centres de la jeunesse et de la famille Batshaw, la Mission communautaire Mile-End, la Mosaïque, la Maison Nazareth et le Dépôt (anciennement le Dépôt alimentaire NDG). Au total, les efforts conjugués de la CSEM, de ses écoles et centres ont produit 1 000 boîtes de denrées non-périssables et plus de 50 000 jouets et articles divers. Pour la toute première fois dans l’histoire de cette campagne, les écoles étaient jumelées à des œuvres de bienfaisance spécifiques. Plus de 40 écoles et centres ont participé à cette campagne, de même que certains organismes communautaires. Pour consulter la liste des écoles participantes et de celles qui ont fait une apparition à la télé, visitez le

LA SÉCURITÉ DES ENFANTS À L’ÈRE DU NUMÉRIQUE: Quels sont les risques auxquels s’exposent les enfants en ligne? Quand faut-il commencer à les initier à la sécurité numérique? Daphna Leibovici, conseillère en prévention de la violence et promotion de la santé à la CSEM, a abordé ce sujet fort important le 6 décembre à l’école primaire Edinburgh à Montréal-Ouest. 

CAMPAGNE THÉ-JOUET (TOY TEA): Encore une fois cette année, les élèves de la CSEM ont recueilli des jouets neufs dans le cadre de la 27e édition annuelle de Thé-Jouet (Noël et Hanoukka) qui a eu lieu à la salle Victoria à Westmount le 12 décembre. Cet événement a pour but d’offrir des jouets à des enfants défavorisés de la région de Montréal à l’occasion de la période des Fêtes. L’édition 2018 permettra de distribuer des jouets à plus de 5 000 enfants victimes d’abus et de violence domestique et vivant dans des refuges, ainsi qu’à d’autres enfants auprès des organismes suivants : la Mission Bon Accueil, le Dispensaire diététique de Montréal, la paroisse Tyndale St-Georges, la paroisse St-Willibrord, la Rue des Femmes et les Centres de la jeunesse et de la famille Batshaw. Cette année marquera la 16e participation de la CSEM à la campagne Thé-Jouet, mise sur pied par Irene Miller, ex-conseillère en éducation spirituelle, religieuse et morale.

Les écoles peuvent participer en recueillant des jouets neufs non violents et non emballés. Les dons en argent et les chèques libellés à l’ordre de Thé-Jouet sont également les bienvenus. Les représentants des élèves de plusieurs écoles, accompagnés de leur animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire respectif, de leurs enseignants, des membres de la direction d’école ainsi que des parents bénévoles, ont pris part à cette activité et ont reçu des certificats de participation des mains d’Erika Ludwick, présidente de la campagne Thé-Jouet, du Père Noël et de la Mère Noël. Pour l’occasion, plusieurs chorales d’écoles ont entonné des chants de Noël. « La campagne Thé-Jouet cible une communauté d’enfants dans le besoin susceptible de sombrer dans l’oubli », a déclaré Aaron Durocher, conseiller en animation de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire à la CSEM. « En tant que commission scolaire, il est important de nous mobiliser afin d’appuyer une si grande cause »

DANCE FOR ALEX: Le 5 décembre, les élèves et le personnel de l’école Royal Vale à NDG ont encore une fois cette année honoré la mémoire d’Alex Porter-Rozmovits à l’occasion de l’activité annuelle Dance for Alex.

Alex était un brillant petit garçon de six ans, affectueux et épanoui, qui fréquentait la maternelle. Il est décédé subitement le 22 juin 2009 des suites d’une rare infection bactérienne. Depuis 2010, l’école organise chaque année en décembre une danse en matinée en l’honneur d’Alex. Ses parents Peter et Roberta, ainsi que sa jeune sœur qui fréquente l’école Royal Vale, étaient sur place. Les élèves ont accueilli cette année Tim Fleiszer, ex-joueur de la Ligue canadienne de football (LCF), fondateur et directeur général de Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada (CLFC). Il a été le premier joueur de l’histoire de la LCF à remporter quatre championnats de la Coupe Grey avec quatre équipes différentes. Diplômé de l’Université Harvard, Tim Fleiszer a évolué dans le football professionnel pendant 10 ans avant d’entamer une seconde carrière dans le sport chez les jeunes avec la CLFC et de devenir agent de joueurs. Étaient également présents le directeur général des Alouettes de Montréal Kavis Reed, le porteur de ballon William Stanback, le receveur Ernest Jackson et le joueur de ligne Jesse Joseph. L’activité a une fois de plus été organisée cette année par Norman Katz, enseignant d’éducation physique et de santé, qui avait invité trois meneuses de claques du Collège Dawson à venir donner le coup d’envoi à la danse. Nous vous invitons à visionner le reportage de Global TV :

ÉDUCATION FINANCIÈRE: Soucieux d’offrir du matériel pédagogique aux enfants et aux éducateurs qui s’efforcent de faire la promotion de l’éducation financière, Mark Tilden - parent de la communauté et conseiller en placements depuis 18 ans – est fier d’annoncer une première mondiale avec le lancement d’histoires de science fiction de nature financière destinées aux enfants de moins de huit ans. Le lancement/la lecture devant les élèves de maternelle et de 1re année a eu lieu le 13 décembre à la bibliothèque de l’école primaire Roslyn à Westmount. M. Tilden est le père d’un enfant qui fréquente l’école Roslyn. À l’instar de David Chilton qui a su incorporer dans son livre « Un barbier riche » des concepts financiers de base dans des récits fictifs à la portée du lecteur adulte moyen, celui de M. Tilder intitulé « The Adventures of Princess Mikaila and Prince Pete » en fait tout autant et s’adresse aux jeunes enfants à l’âge où les habitudes se forment (des notions de base adaptées à leur âge et fondées sur Money as You Grow Chart tiré du site Web du Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aux États-Unis). Jessie Nieman de la Fondation pour l’enfance Starlight et Carolina Toteda de LEARN Québec étaient présents pour l’occasion. Pour en savoir davantage, visitez le


COUP DE THÉÂTRE AU CENTRE D’ÉDUCATION DES ADULTES JFK: William Shakespeare a écrit « Le monde entier est un théâtre… ». Si tel est le cas, comment pouvons-nous préparer nos apprenants à faire face à l’inévitable tombée du rideau? Le Centre d’éducation des adultes John F. Kennedy a trouvé une façon de le faire grâce à un nouveau cours (Foundations of Acting) qui sera offert à compter de la session d’hiver. L’idée à l’origine de cette initiative visait à élaborer un cours favorisant le développement de la confiance en soi, des aptitudes à la communication et à la présentation. Les élèves participeront à une série d’exercices et d’activités conçus pour développer l’imaginaire et le sens du jeu. Qui plus est, ce cours aidera les élèves à acquérir des compétences techniques tels l’improvisation, le mouvement, la voix, l’élocution, l’analyse de textes et la stimulation de l’imaginaire tout en travaillant en harmonie. Quiconque désire recevoir une ovation debout dans la vie devrait s’inscrire à ce cours sans hésitation car on y apprend bien plus que l’art de jouer.

DES POUPÉES À GALILEO: À l’approche de la période des Fêtes, les élèves des services d’intégration sociale (SIS) au Centre d’éducation des adultes Galileo à Montréal-Nord étaient impatients de célébrer. La thérapeute artistique Erica Nicole Onofrio a eu l’idée de proposer aux élèves un projet différent : fabriquer des poupées pour des mères célibataires, par l’entremise du Centre des Femmes de Montréal. Certains ne connaissaient pas cet organisme; ils ont donc été initiés aux diverses conditions dans lesquelles les gens vivent dans la métropole. Ils se sont montrés très réceptifs à l’idée d’offrir des poupées aux enfants, car ils voulaient que les enfants soient heureux et n’aient pas le sentiment d’avoir été oubliés en cette période des Fêtes. « Lorsque nous avons commencé à confectionner les 23 poupées, un esprit de solidarité s’est installé petit à petit », a souligné madame Onofrio. « Les élèves ont travaillé ensemble, se sont entraidés, se sont tournés les uns vers les autres plutôt que de demander l’aide des enseignants. Ils ont également vécu différentes expériences sensorielles en manipulant des tissus, de la laine et du rembourrage. La fabrication de ces poupées a fait appel à plusieurs aptitudes, allant de la motricité globale à la motricité fine, et les élèves en ont fait la démonstration sans aucune difficulté. Au fil des semaines, alors que les poupées prenaient forme, un sentiment de fierté et d’accomplissement a gagné la salle de classe. La confection de poupées a sans contredit été bénéfique comme en témoignent les liens qui se sont tissés entre les créateurs et les poupées. Ces poupées ont éveillé des souvenirs chez certains adultes, ce qui les a poussés à raconter des histoires. Pour d’autres, le simple fait de tenir les poupées s’est avéré une expérience réconfortante. Nous espérons que ces expériences positives seront transmises à ceux qui recevront ces poupées!

The next Focus newsletter will be published on January 29. The deadline for submissions is January 25.

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