Wednesday, October 6, 2021


EDUCATION AND CAREER FAIR:  The 21st annual English Montreal School Board Education and Career Fair will take place virtually this year on Wednesday, October 20 ( 9 am to 9 pm).   Jack Dym of Pipe and Piling Supplies Ltd. and RBC Royal Bank are once again the event’s title sponsors.  The Education and Career Fair represents a good opportunity for Secondary V students and their parents to look towards post-secondary education options. This event is coordinated by the EMSB Student and Educational Services Departments along with the Adult Education and Vocational Services (AEVS) Sector. The main objective is to provide students with an in-depth exposure to the various educational opportunities available to them.  By logging on to, students and parents will find the link and have the opportunity to visit virtual information booths from English vocational and adult education centres, CEGEPS, universities and some private business colleges.  There will also be live chat sessions with exhibitors and educational professionals.     The site will remain online until November 19, 2021.  All parents with students at the secondary level can log on as well and reserve a space as of October 13.  

The Waldmans with Norman Katz, Joe Ortona, Joseph Lalla and Mauro Zampini.

 Siblings Josephine and Harrison Waldman, Grade 5 and 2 students at Royal Vale School in NDG, are the EMSB Students of the Month for September. Chair Joe Ortona and Commissioner Joseph Lalla presented them with certificates at the annual Terry Fox Run, in the company of Physical Education and Health teacher Norman Katz and Principal Mauro Zampini. The Waldmans have raised over $2,000 for the Terry Fox Run over the years and even more the annual Spring Jump Rope for Heart. Mr. Katz noted that this year’s run, which had students participate by grade level throughout the day on September 29, brought in  a record  $4,841 (surpassing the previous amount of $1,600).  A shout out as well to Royal Vale’s other physical education teacher,  Amanda Ramundo.  

An online format is back.
ONLINE EDUCATION: The Quebec Online Alliance (QOA) – the online campus for students with medical exemptions from the English school boards across Quebec - officially opened last week for teachers, students, and parents. This is a remarkable achievement as it marks the first time seven English school boards (CQSB, EMSB, ETSB, NFSB, RSB, SWLSB, WQSB) of the province come together to offer a unified online service to those students who have been granted a medical exemption for the 2021-22 school year. The QOA is being coordinated by LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network). The principal of QOA is Mr. Patrick Hall, an administrator with over 20 years of teaching experience and a special needs specialist and inclusion advocate. The entire team at QOA is committed to delivering a learning experience that will allow students to continue their educational progression Christy Tannous is the point person for the EMSB. You can read the complete press release here.

VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSES: Once again this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EMSB schools are holding virtual open houses. Please see the link here

The EMSB has been running advertisements on CJAD, Virgin Radio and CTV Montreal. 

COVID19: The EMSB staff are working hard to follow all COVID-19 protocols. Please stay tuned to our website for frequent updates.  

Rapid test kits are being rolled out.

RAPID TESTS: The EMSB began a pilot project for rapid tests for COVID-19 at four elementary schools- St-Raphael and Sinclair Laird in Park Extension, Our Lady of Pompei in Ahuntsic and Gerald McShane in Montreal North. These tests will be used for students who develop COVID-19 symptoms during the day and priority will be given in high-transmission areas. Parents will be asked for permission for the testing by completing a consent form provided by the school.   Plans call for the remainder of the EMSB primary schools to be on board with the rapid tests in late October.

There are new measures for Phys Ed students at the elementary level.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND TRANSPORTATION: The health situation calls for a certain amount of caution and the measures related to the wearing of masks must be adapted in certain circumstances in regions where the risk of an outbreak is greater due to the epidemiological situation. Thus, in order to reduce isolation orders and avoid classroom closures,  the following measures  have been implemented in regard to Physical Education class for elementary students and bus transportation for Pre-K. You can read amore detailed report here  

ENTRANCE EXAMS: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the EMSB Executive has decided that no in-person Entrance/Placement exams will take place in   schools this fall.  

HOPS RETURNS WITH NEW FORMAT: The Hospital Opportunity Program for Students (HOPS) will return virtually as a joint project of the Auxiliary of the Jewish General Hospital and the EMSB,  with a new format to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines at the hospital.   The JGH will create projects for students that are related to the medical field.  Students will spend once a week, (half day) working on the project in their respective school rather than having a rotation in the hospital and present it at the end of the session to the HOPS Committee. Evening medical lectures via Zoom will be arranged and parents can also participate. This will all occur between October and March.  Under the guidance of Student Services Director Julie Rene de Cotret, the committee of Catia Ambrosi and Alison Sipos of the EMSB and Nancy Rubin, Gabi Rosenberg, Elana Isenberg and Sheryl Frank from the JGH Auxiliary have been meeting via Microsoft Teams for weeks.

Students get to meet some of our heroes on horseback.

THE HEROES OF OUR COMMUNITY: On September 9, Cycle 2 and 3 students from Nesbitt Elementary School in Rosemount participated in interactive program entitled “The Heroes of our Community.” The program will run for a period of two months and will highlight the incredible work of our first responders in the Greater Montreal area. It will speak about the different segments of each department, their respective training, and how first responders have had to adapt their work due to the pandemic. In October, the school will welcome members from the Fire Department and Urgency Santé for similar workshops. “The Heroes of our Community” was initiated by Principal Nicholas Romano, Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce and Cycle 3 teacher Sandra Lanni. 

Dr. Labos
CAREER IN MEDICINE: Montreal Cardiologist and LaurenHill Acdemy  Alumni Dr. Christohpher Labos (cardiologist with a degree in epidemiology), took time from his busy day to speak to Secondary
V students from John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel about careers in the fields of medicine and health care. He also took time to dispel myths concerning COVID-19.  “Having the students receive current and accurate information from creditable sources is the key to educating our youth,” noted SCA Rocco Speranza.

BILL 96: The EMSB Council of Commissioners has corrected its stance pertaining to   Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Quebec.  Bill 96 was introduced in the National Assembly on May 13, 2021. On September 1, 2021, the EMSB adopted a resolution calling on the Quebec government to withdraw Bill 96 in its present form and for the federal government to refer Bill 96 to the Supreme Court of Canada for a ruling on its legality. In the preamble, the EMSB put forward several criticisms of Bill 96.  The Council wishes to acknowledge that it now recognizes that some of these criticisms   were unfounded or mistaken. In particular, the EMSB does not question the fact that Quebec forms a nation.  The EMSB does agree with the importance of protecting and promoting the French language, notably on the island of Montreal, and solemnly affirms its commitment to work with all Quebecers, including the Quebec government, to pursue this objective. The EMSB, nonetheless, remains deeply concerned with how Bill 96 will impact Quebec’s English-language community. In a new resolution,  replacing the one adopted and on September 1 and now rescinded, the EMSB remains very critical of the attempt to shield judicial scrutiny by introducing the notwithstanding clause in Bill 96 and still calls on the Quebec government to withdraw the legislation in its present form.

ANGRY WITH GOVERNMENT MOTION: The EMSB    expressed frustration and anger with a motion passed in the Quebec National Assembly regarding   Bill 96. Moved by the governing Coalition Avenair Québec, it only refers to an EMSB resolution adopted on September 1 that has since been rescinded. It does not refer to the revised resolution adopted by the EMSB on Bill 96 September 11 “It appears quite clear that the government is just looking for a fight and to divide Quebecers, creating disunity,” said EMSB Chair Joe Ortona. See Mr. Ortona’s commentary on this issue 

EMSB MARYMOUNT PODCAST: Listen to the latest EMSB podcast, with new host Mark Bergman, on Marymount Academy International. It was recorded before their open house on September 21. Here is the link.

Joe Ortona and Julien Feldman.

SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS: Julien Feldman has been re-elected as the EMSB Commissioner for Ward 3, which encompasses the Westmount-Sud Ouest area.  Mr. Feldman (Team Ortona) received 477 votes, compared to 250 for Irwin Rapoport and 164 for Thomas Rolain.  Of the 9,112 eligible voters,  891 votes were cast and four rejected. When nominations closed for school board elections on September 27, 2020, the office  of chair and nine of the 10 available positions for commissioners were won by acclamation. The election for Ward 3 was scheduled for November 1, 2020 and then postponed until now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION: Schools and centres across the EMSB recognized National Truth and Reconciliation Week, as well as Orange Shirt Day, ensuring that students learn about the injustices inflicted on First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation by the residential school system. Due to the ongoing pandemic, most students engaged in various classroom activities focused on building understanding and reflection upon the important issues of aboriginal rights, residential schools, and truth and reconciliation of events in our history. Activities, with guest speakers and class discussions took place at a number of EMSB schools from September  22 to 30. 

Here is a report from Global TV on an activity at Honoré-Mercier Elementary School.

See our press release.  

Below are some highlights.

Michelle Wouters with Dunrae staff and students.

MICHELLE WOUTERS: On Sept. 28, Michelle Wouters, native indigenous sixties scoop survivor, shared a powerful story about her life with the Grade 6 students of Dunrae Gardens Elementary School in TMR. It was a moving story about her series of traumas she faced, when she was nearly taken to the residential schools but instead was adopted into a European family here in British Columbia. During her childhood, her identity and culture were denied, and the stories told to her made her ashamed to identify with her culture.  The students were informed of the native indigenous families’ multitude of struggles the federal government imposed. They were surprised to learn that indigenous people were treated as fourth class citizens, presumed not worthy of the same rights as the majority. It was a real-life human rights learning experience, only told now, or more accurately, only heard now.  Ms. Wouters, with this intergenerational trauma, had immense courage to speak. The students applauded.  This was Dunrae Gardens’ first of two events in honoring Truth and Reconciliation, one for the mature audience, and another on September 30th for the younger, featuring a well-recognized Cree musician performer Moe Clark.  

Young students gain some knowledge.

PRE-K AT POMPEI: On September 30, the Pre-kindergarten students at Our Lady of Pompei  Elementary School in Ahuntsic engaged in a special activity led by their Daycare Educator  and planted seeds of forgiveness in order for our future to grow together and stronger. The students then partook in a silent protest in the hallways as they wore their crown hats and carried their heart seed.

A beautiful presentation on PDC Bulletin Board.

SENSITIZATION AT PDC: To mark the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, students and staff at Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School in St. Léonard participated in an in-depth sensitization program organized by Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce.  In advance of September 30, students learned about the indigenous community and how over 150,000 children were taken away from their families to endure abuse and neglect in residential schools. Furthermore, on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, students were encouraged to wear orange t-shirts and accessories as well as Art Specialist Claudina Leonora Ocando Pena officially unveiled her “Every Child Matters” tree adorned with paper hearts of support created by the students of the school. A special thank you and recognition to all of our staff members who have contributed to this program.

Kawisente at MIND.

MIND WELCOMES KAWISENTE: On September 15, MIND High School welcomed Kawisente, a member of the Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) and Clan Mother from Kahnawà:ke. Kawisente (meaning small icicle melting). She spoke to the students of her personal experiences in an Indian Day School. Kawisente traced the arc of losing her native language to how she has come to reconnect with it. She recounted the history of the broken promises made between her people and the European settlers depicted in the original wampum treaties, and how the destruction of their matriarchal society has led to the victimization of Indigenous women and the deterioration of the Kanien'kehá:ka ways of governance and cultural practices.  In an honest and direct talk, Kawisente laid bare the path to meaningful reconciliation.   The students at MIND High School would like to thank Kawisente for her guidance as they create their own designs for Orange Shirt Day, to be worn on September 30, a day for remembrance of the victims of Canada’s Indian Residential School System. MIND students are proactively seeking ways to practice truth and reconciliation within their own Montreal community. 

Cards for the seniors.

SERENADING TO SENIORS: Four Grades 3 and 4 classes  from Dunrae Gardens walked to a seniors home (CHSLD VIGI Mont Royal) in TMR, across from Rockland Centre, to serenade to the residents. This was an outside event, where seniors were seated in their own green space, while the students sang two beautiful songs. One was from Michael Buble, '' Keep Smiling'' and another from Billy Joel, '' I love you Just the way you are.''

EMSB Director General Nick Katalifos helps distribute boxes.

FREE SNEAKERS FOR JAMES LYNG STUDENTS: Every student who is enrolled at James Lyng High School in St. Henri was presented with a free pair of sneakers on September 15. This shoe-drive was initiated by first year McGill University Social Work student Julian Grau-Brown and Community Development Agent Sam Karimi-Harati. Julian attended three EMSB schools: Edward Murphy Elementary in Hochelaga Maisonneuve and Dante Elementary in St. Léonard and Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Léonard. He raised over $3,200 for the shoes and also got enough brand new pairs donated to reach his goal. Also that day, students received Back-to-School Supply Kits courtesy of Caisse Desjardins du Sud-Ouest de Montréal, a long-time partner of the school.   Representative Sylvie LaFramboise was present to distribute the materials to the students. Here is Julian on CJAD’s Andrew Carter Show.

Ryan Ruddick and Sinhead Chapdelaine.

WHS STUDENT WINS PRIZE:  Westmount High School Grade 10 student Sinead Chapdelaine, accompanied by teacher Ryan Ruddick, won first prize in Infinithéâtre’s Ten Minute Play competition The-Write-Stuff! Sinead's play entitled "Elephant In The Room," along with four others, received professional staged readings on   September 25 at Parc Drolet-Rachel in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood as part of Infinithéâtre’s  first  annual Park ‘n Play Open-Air Reading Series.

RESPECT CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: For the month of September, Willingdon Elementary School in NDG launched its RESPECT Campaign with its first monthly focus, Indigenous People and Cultures.  Throughout the month, everyone was united in learning, celebrating and honoring Indigenous people.  Together, they read books, participated in classroom activities/projects, attended workshops, took part in field trips and marches and raised money.  The month ended with taking part in Orange Shirt Day and the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  On that day, two  students, Tristan and Claira Chiasson, gathered with their family and thousands of others at Place du Canada for a commemorative march and ceremony to mark the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The entire school community is so proud of them and feel honored to have had the chance to take part in this very important day, alongside them.  As a school, Willingdon will continue this journey of growing and learning together in solidarity.   

FEDERAL ELECTION: The EMSB Marketing and Communications Department organized a virtual federal election discussion for some students at Honoré-Mercier Elementary School in St. Léonard. Liberal Member of Parliament Patricia Lattanzio was joined by Conservative candidate Louis Ialenti.  Ms. Lattanzio attended Honoré-Mercier as a child, as did her own kids; Ialentiu went to Michelangelo International Academy in RDP. Both are now lawyers by profession. Students got a chance to ask some very interesting questions. Plans call for more of these virtual meetings to take place during the municipal election campaign.

Simon at John Grant prior to the pandemic.

FABRICS FROM SIMON CHANG:   The iconic Canadian fashion designer, Simon Chang, has partnered with Inspirations Newspaper and is helping in every way he can. Simon is eager to work with EMSB teachers and students on art projects - whether it is sewing, a mural, decorations, card making or any other creative idea you have in mind. Simon has a multitude of different fabrics and trimmings that he is eager to donate to our EMSB schools. Whether you teach at the elementary, high school or adult level, Simon has a fabric for your class! Let us know what your project is and when you will be doing it. Simon will be willing to work with you and visit your class (COVID-safely and if conditions permit) to share his knowledge and creativity with your students. He will start off at John Grant High School in Côte Saint-Luc  on Oct 7 with Tatiana Lednow's class. They'll be making aprons and sleeves, and then planter boxes. Simon is providing fabric, trimmings and getting paints for decor. JGHS is also creating a maker space and they have asked Simon to consult on the design. If you are interested, please contact Wendy at or Faye Swift at

GRANDPARENTS DAY AT DANTE RESIDENCE: The daycare students at Honoré-Mercier Elementary School and Leonardo Da Vinci Academy created cards to show how much they care about the elderly living at the Dante Senior Residence. The cards were in honor of Grandparents Day. The seniors were delighted and said it brightened up their day!

Hopscotch and a lot more.

MICHELANGELO MAKEOVER: The school yard at Michelangelo International Elementary School in RDP has received a makeover and the students could not be happier. They can choose to play all sorts of activities like Tetherball, Hopscotch and Kings Court. There are also freshly painted  basketball court and soccer field lines for a friendly little game between peers. Lastly, for those not interested in a team activity, they can have fun challenge friends to a race on a circuit or even skip rope. There is so much to see and do. It is colorful and beautiful! The students are extra excited to go outside to play at recess. So much fun! 

JFK GOES GREEN: JFKHS Principal Libby Amato, VP Vito Guerriero, and teachers Kosta Kokkonis, Shannon Holton and Mr.  Speranza  are teaming up with Soverdi, a non-profit organization dedicated to greening the city, to further green the school grounds with over 100 trees (fruit bearing trees included) and pollinator perennial flowers (tulips included). The goal of this project is to increase the greenery in the community and create a space for students and staff to enjoy and to help them connect with nature, contribute to a rich biodiversity, and increase overall physical and mental health. The school will also be expanding its courtyard garden to include more fruits and vegetables, while adding A Three-Sisters section (Indigenous way of gardening that includes beans, corns, and squash planted in close proximity).  JHKHS is committed to Being a Green Standard School. 

STM officials make their presentation.

ALL ON BOARD WITH STM: Recently, officials from the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) visited LINKS High School to present the All On Board with the STM Safety Program. Organized by LINKS staff, Principal Maria Caldarella and Spiritual Care, Guidance and Community involvement Animator Rocco Speranza, the interactive presentation covered every aspect of taking public transportation. The program aims to make students knowledgeable of the transit system, including how to read STM maps, bus schedules, use safety equipment and more. The visit with the inspectors also included a ride along on the 121 Bus (Sauve) and on the Metro (Orange line).  

MEDIA LITERACY: Media Literacy Week will  take place October 25 to 30. This year organizers Media Smarts are celebrating each of the first five days of Media Literacy Week by highlighting one of five media literacy themes: use, understand, engage, access, and verify.  Go to  for more details.

SCHOOL EXECUTIVE DAY: L’Association québécoise des cadres scolaires (AQCS) has added a new event to the education network calendar. On December 7, they will be celebrating the first ever School Executive Day. It will be held on the first Tuesday of December each year. In 2021, the theme chosen is "There for Success." We wanted to create an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the expertise and role of school executives: whether in the heart of school service centers, vocational training and adult general education centers, the SAEs or in elementary and secondary schools. Promotional material and a very interesting activity will be announced shortly," explains   Jean-François Parent, CEO of the AQCS.

AUDITION PREPARATIONS: Parents, students and industry artists will have the opportunity to be part of a Q&A where they will be able to ask questions they have about working in the industry and beyond on Sunday, October 24 (7 pm). Connie Rotella and Phil Bovet will cover topics including: How to best prepare for auditions, What should be on a proper resume, How to best find/work with youth agents, What are the best college programs for students, Preparing for Zoom auditions, What common mistakes are made in the audition and callback process, How to pick the best musical and acting material for auditions and much more. They will also open it up to their group to ask any possible questions about the industry that parents and students have. Register your spot at by October 18, 2021. 514-366-7927  Info:

GEORDIE THEATRE: After a year that has challenged us all,   Geordie Theatre is set for its 41st season. Last year Geordie celebrated its 40th season online and reached audiences across the country and internationally.  Geordie’s 2Play Tour is Canada’s longest running and furthest reaching annual theatre tour. Every year, they travel across 35,000 km and visit all 17 regions of Quebec, as well as parts of Ontario and the Maritimes, to perform over 200 shows to more than 40,000 students, Last season they shifted the tour to a virtual format and livestreamed almost 150 performances from their new studio, Espace Geordie. This season, to ensure that shows remain as accessible as possible while they continue to work within the recommended health and safety guidelines, the 2Play Tour will have both in-person and virtual options available  from October  to April. It will feature two beloved stories: The Paper Bag Princess by Alissa Watson, adapted from the classic children’s book by Robert Munsch, will visit elementary school audiences. Christine Quintana’s play Selfie, which won the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Play (TYA) in 2018, will tour high schools and Cégeps.  There is also SELFIE, recommended for those aged 12 and up. A new year of high school is full of excitement and potential—but three teens didn’t expect it to bring such a dark change to their lives. After spending a summer reinventing herself in Vancouver, Emma is ready for her new life to start, while her best friend Lily is eager for them to reconnect. Lily throws a last-minute party fueled by alcohol and Instagram, which leads to a long-awaited encounter between Emma and Lily’s older brother Chris. But the next day Emma feels that something went terribly wrong. There are also a series of other shows on the Mainstage Series. Info: Tel: 514.845.9810  or


EVERYBODY LOVES ENGLISH: Mr. Nick is back with his series of educational videos. Nick Galanogeorgos is a teacher at the St. Laurent Adult Education Centre and he produces his own videos as lessons for his students, most of whom are new to Canada. But they have also become popular with elementary school teachers.  His latest talks about Canadian hero Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope in 1980.   At the conclusion of the video he even gives a homework assignment and includes a very detailed note in the description section. Nick’s sons, Gardenview students Aris, 11, James, 9, and Jason, 6, appear at the beginning.  See the video

WAGAR APPLE PICKING: Wagar Adult Education Centre Principal Harry Michalopoulos and  Socio Vocational Integration teacher Bill O’Connor took a group of students to the farm on September 2 to pick vegetables for Meals on Wheels.   

Principal Michalopoulos with students.

Students had a lot of fun and felt good helping a charity organization.   The students were Brook Gardner-Gregory, Tatiana Geramoutsos, Justin Massicotte and Jahnai Blaize.

Members of the troupe.

THEATRE TROUPE: The Galileo Adult Education Centre's first ever “Theatre Troupe”  is already working hard on an innovative project! Our SIS students will be creating their very own puppets that will be used to teach social skills during our theatre course! During this multifaceted  project students will learn to sew, cut  and alter fabric, explore their creative sides by designing their puppet’s style - hair,  clothing and accessories and they will also learn about the mechanisms that allow a puppet to appear animated! 


FOIRE DE L’ÉDUCATION ET DES CARRIÈRES: La 21e édition annuelle de la Foire de l’éducation et des carrières à la Commission scolaire English-Montréal se tiendra en mode virtuel cette année, le mercredi 20 octobre, de 9 h à 21 h. Jack Dym de Pipe and Piling Supplies Ltd. et la Banque Royale RBC sont de nouveau les commanditaires en titre de l’événement. 

La Foire de l’éducation et des carrières constitue une excellente occasion pour parents et élèves de 5e secondaire de se renseigner sur les options postsecondaires. Coordonnée par le Service de l’éducation des adultes et de la formation professionnelle en collaboration avec les Services éducatifs et les Services aux élèves de la CSEM, cette foire vise principalement à sensibiliser les élèves aux divers programmes d’enseignement qui s’offrent à eux. En visitant le, parents et élèves auront l’occasion de visiter en mode virtuel les divers kiosques d’information d’établissements anglophones, notamment des centres de formation professionnelle et d’éducation des adultes, des cégeps, des universités et certains collèges privés. Il y aura également des sessions de clavardage en direct avec des représentants d’établissements et des professionnels de l’éducation. Le site sera accessible en ligne jusqu'au 20 novembre. Tous les parents d'élèves du secondaire peuvent également se connecter et réserver une place. L’inscription est gratuite.  

EN LIGNE: La Commission scolaire English-Montréal (CSEM) est fière de faire partie de la nouvelle Alliance Québec en ligne (AQL) (Quebec Online Alliance – QOA), le campus en ligne à l’intention des élèves qui bénéficient d’une exemption médicale dans les commissions scolaires anglophones du Québec. Le lancement officiel de l’AQL a eu lieu la dernière semaine de septembre pour les enseignants, les élèves et les parents. Il s’agit d’une réalisation remarquable, car c’est la première fois que sept commissions scolaires anglophones de la province s’unissent pour offrir un service en ligne unifié aux élèves ayant obtenu une exemption médicale pour l’année scolaire 2021-2022. LEARN (RREA – Réseau des ressources pour l’éducation anglophone) assure la coordination de l’AQL. M. Patrick Hall, administrateur cumulant plus de 20 ans d’expérience en enseignement, spécialiste des besoins particuliers et défenseur de l’inclusion, agit à titre de directeur de l’AQL. Toute l’équipe de l’AQL s’engage à offrir aux élèves une expérience d’apprentissage qui leur permettra de poursuivre leur cheminement scolaire. Christy Tannous, directrice de l’école virtuelle à la CSEM l’an dernier, sera chargée de la supervision du contingent d’élèves et de membres du personnel de la CSEM.

COVID-19: Le personnel de la CSEM travaille d’arrache-pied afin de respecter tous les protocoles liés à la COVID-19. Nous vous invitons à consulter notre site Web où vous trouverez des mises à jour fréquentes.

TESTS RAPIDES: La CSEM a lancé un projet pilote de tests rapides de dépistage de la  COVID-19 dans quatre de ses écoles primaires – St. Raphaël et Sinclair Laird dans Parc-Extension, Our Lady of Pompei dans Ahuntsic et Gerald McShane à Montréal-Nord. Ces tests seront utilisés pour des élèves qui développent, au cours de la journée, des symptômes s’apparentant à ceux de la COVID-19. Les tests seront disponibles en priorité dans les zones à haute transmission. Les parents devront préalablement consentir à cet éventuel dépistage en remplissant un formulaire de consentement fourni par l’école. Il est à prévoir que le déploiement de ces tests rapides s’étendra aux autres écoles primaires de la CSEM vers la fin du mois d’octobre.

PROJET DE LOI 96 : Le conseil des commissaires de la CSEM a modifié sa position sur le projet de loi 96, Loi sur la langue officielle et commune du Québec, le français. Le projet de loi 96 a été déposé à l’Assemblée nationale du Québec le 13 mai 2021. Le 1er septembre 2021, la CSEM a adopté une résolution demandant au gouvernement du Québec le retrait du projet de loi 96 dans sa forme actuelle et demandant au gouvernement fédéral de renvoyer ce projet de loi à la Cour suprême du Canada pour qu’elle se prononce sur sa légalité. Dans le préambule de sa résolution, la CSEM a formulé plusieurs critiques concernant le projet de loi 96. Le conseil tient à préciser qu’il reconnaît désormais que certaines de ces critiques du projet de loi 96 étaient non fondées ou erronées. En particulier, la CSEM ne remet pas en question le fait que le Québec forme une nation. La CSEM reconnaît qu’il est important de protéger et de promouvoir la langue française, notamment sur l’île de Montréal, et affirme solennellement son engagement à travailler avec tous les Québécois, incluant le gouvernement du Québec, en vue de poursuivre cet objectif. La CSEM demeure néanmoins grandement préoccupée par l’impact qu’aura le projet de loi 96 sur la communauté de langue anglaise du Québec. Dans une nouvelle résolution visant à remplacer celle adoptée le 1er septembre et maintenant abrogée, la CSEM demeure très critique à l’égard de la tentative de contrer tout contrôle judiciaire en invoquant la clause dérogatoire dans le projet de loi 96 et réitère sa demande au gouvernement du Québec de retirer ce projet de loi dans sa forme actuelle.  

FURIEUSE CONTRE LA MOTION DU GOUVERNEMENT : La CSEM a exprimé sa frustration et sa colère face à la motion adoptée par l’Assemblée nationale du Québec au sujet du projet de loi 96. Cette motion proposée par la Coalition avenir Québec, le parti au pouvoir, fait uniquement référence à la résolution que la CSEM a adoptée le 1er septembre et qui, depuis, a été abrogée. Elle fait fi de la résolution modifiée sur le projet de loi 96, adoptée par la CSEM le 11 septembre. « Il apparaît tout à fait clair que le gouvernement cherche la bagarre et souhaite diviser les Québécois, créant ainsi la désunion », s’est exclamé le président de la CSEM, Joe Ortona. 

Nous vous invitons à lire le commentaire de M. Ortona sur cette question 

ÉLECTIONS SCOLAIRES: Julien Feldman a été réélu commissaire de la CSEM dans la circonscription 3 de Westmount/Sud‑Ouest. M. Feldman (équipe Ortona) a récolté 477 votes, contre 250 pour Irwin Rapoport et 164 pour Thomas Rolain. Sur les 9 112 électeurs éligibles, 891 votes ont été exprimés et quatre ont été rejetés. Lorsque la période de mise en candidature pour les élections scolaires a pris fin le 27 septembre 2020, la présidence ainsi que neuf des dix postes de commissaires à pourvoir avaient été élus par acclamation. La tenue d’un scrutin dans la circonscription 3 prévue initialement le 1er novembre 2020 fut reportée jusqu’à maintenant en raison de la pandémie de COVID-19.

VÉRITÉ ET RÉCONCILIATION: Les écoles et les centres de la CSEM ont souligné la Semaine nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation ainsi que la Journée du chandail orange afin de sensibiliser les élèves aux injustices infligées aux Premières nations, aux Inuits et à la nation métisse par le système des pensionnats autochtones. Dans le contexte actuel de la pandémie, la plupart des élèves ont participé à diverses activités en classe dans le but de susciter la compréhension et la réflexion à l’égard des enjeux importants que sont les droits des Autochtones, les pensionnats, la vérité et la réconciliation des événements ayant marqué notre histoire. Des activités, accompagnées de conférenciers invités, et des discussions en classe ont eu lieu dans certaines écoles de la CSEM du 22 au 30 septembre.

DES ESPADRILLES GRATUITES POUR LES ÉLÈVES DE JAMES LYNG: Le 15 septembre, chaque élève inscrit à l’école secondaire James Lyng de Saint-Henri s’est vu remettre gratuitement une paire d’espadrilles. Cette collecte de chaussures a été mise sur pied par Julian Grau-Brown, étudiant en première année en travail social à l'Université McGill, et Sam Karimi-Harati, agent de développement communautaire. Julian a fréquenté trois écoles de la CSEM : l’école primaire Edward Murphy dans Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, de même que l’école primaire Dante et l’école secondaire Laurier Macdonald à Saint-Léonard. Il est parvenu à amasser plus de 3 200 $ pour l’achat de chaussures et a reçu don de suffisamment de paires toutes neuves pour atteindre son objectif. Ce jour-là, les élèves ont également reçu des trousses de fournitures scolaires, gracieuseté de la Caisse Desjardins du Sud-Ouest de Montréal, partenaire de longue date de l'école. La représentante Sylvie LaFramboise était sur les lieux pour distribuer le matériel aux élèves. 

UNE LAURÉATE À WHS: Sinead Chapdelaine, élève de 4e secondaire à l’école secondaire Westmount, et l’enseignant Ryan Ruddick ont remporté les honneurs dans le cadre du concours de pièces de théâtre de dix minutes de l’Infinithéâtre, The-Write-Stuff! La pièce de Sinead intitulée Elephant In The Room, ainsi que quatre autres pièces, ont fait l’objet de lectures publiques professionnelles le 25 septembre au Parc Drolet-Rachel sur le Plateau Mont-Royal à l’occasion de la première série annuelle de lectures en plein air Park‘n Play présentée par l’Infinithéâtre.  

ÉLECTION FÉDÉRALE: Le Service du marketing et des communications de la CSEM a organisé une discussion virtuelle sur les élections fédérales pour certains élèves de l'école primaire Honoré-Mercier à Saint-Léonard. La députée libérale Patricia Lattanzio était accompagnée du candidat conservateur Louis Ialenti. 

Mme Lattanzio a fréquenté l'école Honoré-Mercier dans son enfance, tout comme ses propres enfants. Quant à M. Ialenti, il a fréquenté l'Académie internationale Michelangelo à RDP. Tous deux sont aujourd'hui avocats de profession. Les élèves ont eu l'occasion de poser des questions fort intéressantes. Il est prévu d'organiser d'autres réunions virtuelles du genre pendant la campagne électorale municipale.

DES TISSUS DE SIMON CHANG : L'emblématique créateur de mode canadien, Simon Chang, s'est associé à la publication Inspirations en vue d’apporter son soutien de quelque manière que ce soit. Simon est très enthousiaste à l’idée de travailler avec les enseignants et les élèves de la CSEM sur des projets artistiques - qu'il s'agisse de couture, d'une murale, de décorations, de fabrication de cartes ou de toute autre idée créative que vous avez en tête. Simon dispose d'une foule de tissus et de garnitures dont il est prêt à faire don aux écoles de la CSEM. Que vous enseigniez au niveau primaire, secondaire ou au secteur des adultes, Simon a le tissu tout indiqué pour votre projet! Faites-nous part de votre projet et dites-nous quand vous comptez le réaliser. Simon est également disposé à travailler avec vous et à rendre visite à votre classe (dans le respect des mesures liées à la COVID-19 et si la situation le permet) pour partager ses connaissances et sa créativité avec vos élèves. Il visitera d’abord la classe de Tatiana Lednow à l'école secondaire John Grant de Côte Saint-Luc le 7 octobre. Ils fabriqueront des tabliers et des manchons, puis des jardinières. Simon fournit le tissu, les garnitures ainsi que la peinture. L’école secondaire John Grant s’affaire à créer un espace créatif et a demandé conseil à Simon en matière de design. Si vous êtes intéressés, veuillez contacter Wendy à ou Faye Swift à 

EXAMENS D’ADMISSION : En raison de la situation actuelle liée à la pandémie de COVID-19, la direction de la CSEM a annoncé qu'aucun examen d'admission/de classement ne se tiendra dans les écoles cet automne.  

UN NOUVEAU FORMAT POUR HOPS: Le programme HOPS (Hospital Opportunity Program for Students – Connaissance de l’hôpital), projet offert en partenariat avec les Auxiliaires de l'Hôpital général juif et la CSEM, sera de retour en mode virtuel sous un nouveau format afin de respecter les directives de l'hôpital en lien avec la COVID-19. L'Hôpital général juif élaborera à l’intention des élèves des projets en lien avec le milieu médical. Ces derniers consacreront une demi-journée par semaine à la réalisation du projet dans leur école respective, plutôt que d'effectuer une rotation à l'hôpital, et le présenteront à la fin de l’étape au comité HOPS. Des conférences médicales seront organisées en soirée sur la plateforme Zoom et les parents sont également invités à y participer. Ces activités se dérouleront entre octobre et mars. Sous la direction de Julie René de Cotret, directrice des Services aux élèves, le comité composé de Catia Ambrosi et d’Alison Sipos de la CSEM ainsi que de Nancy Rubin, Gabi Rosenberg, Elana Isenberg et Sheryl Frank des Auxiliaires de l'Hôpital Général Juif se réunit via Microsoft Teams depuis déjà plusieurs semaines.

TOUS À BORD AVEC LA STM: Récemment, des représentants de la Société de transport de Montréal (STM) ont visité l'école secondaire LINKS pour présenter le programme de sécurité All On Board with the STM. Organisée par le personnel de LINKS, la directrice Maria Caldarella et l’animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire Rocco Speranza, la présentation interactive a couvert tous les aspects des déplacements en transports publics. Le programme vise à renseigner les élèves sur le système de transport en commun, y compris comment lire les cartes de la STM, les horaires d’autobus, utiliser les équipements de sécurité et plus encore. Dans le cadre de la visite des inspecteurs, une balade en autobus (Sauvé-121) et en métro (ligne orange) a été organisée. 

THÉÂTRE GEORDIE: Au terme d’une année on ne peut plus mouvementée pour tous, le Théâtre Geordie est prêt à entamer sa 41e saison. L’an dernier, le théâtre a célébré son 40e anniversaire en ligne, connectant avec des publics partout au Canada et à l’étranger. La tournée annuelle 2Play Tour du Théâtre Geordie est la plus ancienne et c’est celle qui rejoint les régions les plus éloignées au Canada. Chaque année, la troupe parcourt 35 000 km et s’arrête dans 17 régions du Québec, en plus de visiter une partie de l’Ontario et des Maritimes pour y présenter plus de 200 représentations devant plus de 40 000 élèves. La saison dernière, la tournée est passée en mode virtuel, diffusant en direct près de 150 représentations depuis son nouveau studio, Espace Geordie. Cette saison, afin de s’assurer que les spectacles restent aussi accessibles que possible, dans le respect des mesures sanitaires, la tournée 2Play Tour proposera des représentations en personne et virtuelles d’octobre à avril. Deux histoires à succès seront présentées : The Paper Bag Princess d’Alissa Watson, adaptation du livre classique pour enfants de Robert Munsch, destinée aux élèves du primaire. La pièce Selfie de Christine Quintana, lauréate du prix Dora Mavor Moore Outstanding New Play (TYA) en 2018, sera présentée dans les écoles secondaires et les cégeps. À l’aube d’une nouvelle année au secondaire qui s’avère excitante et prometteuse, trois adolescents étaient bien loin de se douter qu’un changement allait assombrir leur existence. Après avoir passé l’été à se réinventer à Vancouver, Emma est prête à entamer cette nouvelle étape de sa vie, alors que sa meilleure amie Lily a bien hâte de la retrouver. Lily organise une fête à la dernière minute ponctuée d’alcool et de publications Instagram qui donnent lieu à une rencontre tant attendue entre Emma et Chris, le frère aîné de Lily. Or, le lendemain, Emma a l’impression que quelque chose a mal tourné. La série Mainstage propose également d’autres spectacles. Pour information : 514 845-9810  ou

COURSE TERRY FOX: Cette année, la course annuelle Terry Fox a eu lieu dans plusieurs écoles, notamment à l’école Royal Vale où tous les élèves du primaire y ont pris part selon différentes plages horaires. Une somme totalisant plus de 3 000 $ a été amassée.    


EVERYBODY LOVES ENGLISH: M. Nick est de retour avec sa série de vidéos éducatives. Enseignant au Centre d’éducation des adultes de Saint-Laurent, Nick Galanogeorgos produit ses propres vidéos dans le but d’enseigner certaines leçons à ses élèves qui, pour la plupart, sont nouvellement installés au Canada. Ses vidéos jouissent également d’une grande popularité auprès des enseignants du primaire. La dernière porte sur le héros canadien Terry Fox et son Marathon de l’espoir de 1980. À la fin de la vidéo, il donne même un devoir à faire à la maison et prend soin d’inclure une note très détaillée dans la section description. Au début de la vidéo, les trois fils de Nick qui fréquentent l’école Gardenview – Aris, 11 ans,  James, 9 ans et Jason, 6 ans – font une brève apparition. Vous pouvez la visionner à :

CUEILLETTE DE POMMES POUR WAGAR: Harry Michalopoulos, directeur du Centre d’éducation des adultes Wagar, et Bill O’Connor, enseignant en intégration socioprofessionnelle, ont accompagné un groupe d’élèves à la ferme le 2 septembre pour y cueillir des légumes destinés à la Popotte roulante. Les élèves ont eu beaucoup de plaisir et ont éprouvé un sentiment de satisfaction en venant en aide à un organisme de bienfaisance. Les élèves ayant participé à l’activité sont Brook Gardner-Gregory, Tatiana Geramoutsos, Justin Massicotte et Jahnai Blaize.

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