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VOLUNTEER NIGHT: The annual EMSB Parent Volunteer Appreciation Evening took place on   April 9 at the Plaza Volare of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Cote de Liesse in St. Laurent.  This year’s event was held to commemorate National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 7 to 13, under the theme of “Cheers to 20 years of Volunteers.” Adrian and Natalie Bercovici were this year’s Volunteer Ambassadors of the Year. Adrian and Natalie founded the Generations Foundation in 1999. They provide breakfasts, hot lunches and snacks daily to over 8,500 children annually. It all began at the EMSB’s St. Gabriel Elementary School in Pointe St. Charles. The organization now serves 118 schools and centres in the Greater Montreal area. The Volunteer of Distinction this year was Carol Clifton. She began volunteering at St. Gabriel School in1982 when she enrolled her first child in kindergarten. She began as a member of the Parents Committee, was a member of Governing Board and also started a Home and School Association volunteer program. She is now president of the Home and School, where she continues to devote a considerable amount of time. 

Ann Marie Matheson, Angela Mancini and Leslie Butt congratulate the Bercovicis.

Please see our program book here, which includes the names of all our volunteers and advertisements from our sponsors who supported the event.

Here are photos from the evening.
The cast from the Little Mermaid.
THE LITTLE MERMAID: You think putting together a Broadway production is complicated? Imagine having to corral over 225 students ages four to 12 for an elaborate production of the musical "The Little Mermaid." Bancroft Elementary Principal Dorothy Ostrowicz and Director Francois Lukawecki have taken on the task...with just a "little" help from some 60 volunteer parents PLUS faculty. Put it all together and "the little school with a big heart" has a smash hit on their hands. Dazzling scenery, staging and costumes brought the Disney classic alive on the Bancroft stage April 9-16.   Listen to our podcast here as Suzanne Desautels interview Francois and two enlightening young performers.

JP I students at STEAM Fair.
STEAM FAIR: John Paul I Junior High School in St. Léonard had their first annual STEAM Fair on April 3. Organized by STEAM Coordinator Elysa-Marie Nassif, JP1 displayed their project-based learning activities that teachers implemented thus far throughout the course of this year. Students, consultants, and parents were invited to visit. Students' reactions were pleasant to watch as they recognized their interdisciplinary, hard work shared with the school community. Students and teachers of our high school remain proud for STEAMing ahead. "

A display table at the Maker Space Faire.
MAKER SPACE FAIRE: The EMSB was proud to hold its first annual STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) Maker Faire in the Agora Room of the LaurenHill Junior Campus in St. Laurent recently. Several STEAM schools within the Board represented themselves nicely with their own  projects while others came simply to visit the impressive exhibits.  Also in attendance was LEARN, a non-profit educational organization, which displayed several highly interactive STEAM related activities.  Visitors were clearly engaged in all activities offered by both STEAM schools and LEARN.

More action from the  Maker Space Faire.
There were 12 schools that displayed projects this year (Westmount Park, Sinclair Laird, Honoré Mercier, Michelangelo, Elizabeth Ballantyne, Carlyle, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, John Paul I, Dunrae Gardens, Dalkeith, Bancroft, and Coronation).

Coronation students spell STEAM with their bodies.  A very unique initiative. Thank you teacher Shelly Sharp.
 In addition, there were a further 11 schools which had students bussed in to view the exhibits (Westmount Park, Sinclair Laird, Pierre de Coubertin, Honoré Mercier, Gardenview, General Vanier, Michelangelo, Elizabeth Ballantyne, Carlyle, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and James Lyng).  All told, there were 377 students visiting, 60 students who presented, and several esteemed guests from the EMSB community.   A significant amount of positive feedback was received by several members of the STEAM team.   

NEW  SCHOOL WEBSITES: The EMSB web team has been working diligently with the new Agility platform to relaunch school websites. We are proud to showcase the first completed site – Dalkeith  here. The team will work hard to relaunch every school website over the next two years or so. They are also responsible for maintaining them, although the new platform makes it easier for school officials to make some adjustments. Full training sessions will take place as more new sites go online. Next to come are: Lester B. Pearson High School, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, St. Monica and Our Lady of Pompei.

Anne Beamish presents the medals to the top finishers.
PUBLIC SPEAKING: The EMSB’s annual board-wide Public Speaking Competition for secondary students took place on  April 8 at Royal Vale School in NDG.  Public speaking has a long and distinguished history that traces its origin to the Rotary Club competition of 1939. Secondary I students shared narrative based speeches based on personal experiences. This is in keeping with both the Secondary English Language Arts (SELA) program and the EMSB tradition of storytelling.  This year, the Secondary II students from select schools   presented narratives with a 21st century twist.  Secondary III to V students presented persuasive speeches on topics of social and political importance. The Rotary Club offered the winner of Secondary V, Linnea Sander  from FACE School, the opportunity to compete in their annual public speaking event.  Her topic was the Importance of Space Exploration. The EMSB Fund   offered a prize for the Secondary IV winner, Siena Blier from LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent (Mental Health & the Importance of Discussing the Topic) while the Women’s Canadian Club   awarded the Secondary III winner, Cameron O'Hare from Royal West Academy (The Wearing of Religious Symbols) with an all-expenses paid week to Encounters with Canada in Ottawa.  Please see our press release for all the winners.

Anna Sanalitro
ADMINISTRATIVE APPOINTMENTS: Three administrative appointments have been made. Darlene Kehyayan is the new Assistant Director of Human Resources for Teachers and Professionals. Marie-Claude Drouin has been appointed Procurement Supervisor & Contract Rules Compliance Officer. Ms. Drouin is presently the Assistant Director of Human Resources for Support Staff.  She has agreed to take this new position until June 30, 2020. Lester B. Pearson High School Principal Joseph Vitantonio will assume her duties on an interim basis. Beginning in the next academic year, Angela Vaudry (currently at John Grant/LINKS) will be the interim principal at Royal West Academy, with Tony Pita taking a sabbatical. Patrizia Ciccarelli is retiring. She will be succeeded as principal at The Mackay Centre School/Philip E. Layton by Anna Sanalitro (presently at Pierre Elliott Trudeau).

Students and staff take part in Trims for a Cure.
TRIMS FOR A CURE: Thanks in part to the support of Laurier Macdonald Career Center, Vincent Massey Collegiate (VMC) Trims for a Cure event benefited the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program (AYAOP) at the Jewish General Hospital. Under the guidance of Spiritual and Community Animator (SCA) Rocco Speranza, the event was a huge success. The main objective was to spread awareness and education about AYAOP and to support it financially. The students on the committee worked really hard to prepare for this event and got close to meeting their goal of raising $5,000.  In total, three female students from VMC cut over eight inches of their hair to be donated to make wigs. One male student shaved his head for the cause, while night caretaker Mr. Pittman and SCA Mr. Speranza, got trims and had their beards completely shaved off. Countless other VMC students and staff showed their support by making donations, and receiving trims and manicures in support. A big thank you to everyone that made this event possible. The Career Center has agreed to still accept VMCs Trims for a Cure $10 vouchers. If you would like to obtain one, contact Mr. Speranza at:  Support this cause and make monetary donation here:   You can also see this EMSB video on the initiative.

Adelka Felcarek-Hope and Sofia McVetty with Breakfast Television's Catherine Verdon-Diamond.
SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS: Three EMSB  Royal West Academy students will be headed to the Canada-Wide Science and Technology Fair May 15 to 17 in Fredericton, NB. Grade 10 students Adelka Felcarek-Hope and Sofia McVetty, for their project “The Poly-Phaeophyceae Method,” and “Fog On, Fog Off” by Hajeong Seo. Stay tuned for our podcast interview.

CHABAD LIFELINE UPDATE:  Do you remember getting educated about drug addiction? Those long, boring presentations where someone droned on and on about how your life can get screwed up if you take drugs? The ones that you all laughed off? At the EMSB, those monotonous lectures are now relics thanks to their innovative partnership with Chabad Lifeline. According to a recent study by Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap, one out of every 10 students will grow up to be an addict. The addiction may be alcohol, drugs, pornography, internet, gambling, sex or gaming and it usually develops during the teen years.   Chabad Lifeline's school presentations are unique. Over the past 30 years they have been developed to encourage student participation in creating a safe space for open communication. The goal of these presentations is to provide information and resources to those in need. Chabad Lifeline's collaboration with the EMSB has literally saved lives and helped families learn to deal with the disease of addiction. Here are some samples of children who were helped thanks to these presentations (names and certain identifying information have been changed). You can find information here.

Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger takes part in a panel discussion.
SCREENAGERS:  Staff at Vincent Massey Collegiate were blown away by the parent turnout for an after hours screening and panel discussion on the documentary Screenagers, organized by Chabad Lifeline. Did you know that kids spend on average 6.5 hours a day on screens and that doesn’t include classroom or homework screen time? That boys spend on average the equivalent of 1.5 days on video games every week? Recent studies have shown that screen time increases dopamine production and causes behavior that mimics addiction. You can find more information here.

VAPING:  In Quebec, it's illegal for kids under 18 to buy pods, juice, or pretty much anything related to vaping.  See this story about a student who quit. Chabad Lifeline will be making    vaping presentations at Vincent Massey Collegiate over a two day period in order to reach all of the students: April 30 at 8:30am (Sec III), 9:23am (Sec II),   10:38am (Sec I) and May 7, 830am I (Sec IV) and 9:23am (Sec V).

VISIT TO THE CENTRE: Royal West Academy guidance counsellor Rena Klisouris would like to share an experience that highlights the good work that Chabad Lifeline is doing in our schools.  Grade 11 students recently went on a field trip to Chabad Lifeline. The students received a tour of the center and learned about the different services. Most importantly, students had the chance to speak with volunteers who are themselves in recovery, and ask questions about substance use and getting help. “The response from the students was impressive to me,” said Ms. Klisouris. “They were clearly affected by what they had heard, whether it touched them personally or a close friend or family member. They even asked me if we can visit the center again! The students saw firsthand what a nonjudgmental and caring place Chabad Lifeline is. It is my hope that they will be more likely to seek services themselves or refer a friend if needed."

Ann Marie Burnett
IN MEMORIAM: Ann Marie Burnett was a dedicated teacher who devoted 43 years of teaching at Edward Murphy School.  She was there when the school first opened its doors and remained as a permanent fixture until she retired.  Edward Murphy School was her second home.   She welcomed younger teachers with her infectious smile and mentored them without it being asked of her. She provided many laughs in the staff room as she had numerous stories to tell. She had a love for reading and writing and fostered this love to her students. She believed that students needed to be read to everyday, whether they were in kindergarten or grade 6. She dedicated many hours helping the school librarians carefully select books that she knew that students would enjoy.  After her retirement and a complete renovation of the library, the school decided to name the library in her honor.   She touched and influenced the lives of thousands of students and fellow colleagues.  She will be sadly missed, but will forever remain in the hearts of her Edward Murphy family. A ceremony honoring the late Ann Marie Burnett will place on Friday, April 26 at 7 p.m. at Edward Murphy School. All former students, colleagues and anyone else who knew her are welcome to attend.

Officials from Ami Québec present Gardenview with a certificate of appreciation.
GARDENVIEW TREATS: Over the last several weeks, students in Grade 6 at Gardenview Elementary School in St. Laurent have been learning about mental health, including ways to avoid stress and anxiety, and methods that can be used to help relax and stay calm. On April 11, the students were all involved in a fundraising event to raise mental health awareness. The project was headed by Mme Furtado, who worked tirelessly to find 67 sponsors to donate all the delicious and healthy snacks that were sold during the fundraiser. A healthy body helps to maintain a healthy mind! All Grade 6 teachers and their classes worked their creativity, and made several craft items that were sold alongside the snacks. “Each snack and craft cost $2 and every toonie collected will go to AMI-Québec.”   Gardenview was awarded a recognition plaque for raising awareness and funds for mental health.  For more information, you can visit their website at A representative from AMI-Québec visited the classes   to speak with the kids.

They had sleep masks, stress balls, inspirational bookmarks, artistic frames, and much more. All proceeds went to Ami-Quebec, a non-profit organization helping families deal with effects of mental illness. They offer support and free programs. The event, open to Grades 4 to 6, was a success and raised over $1,000 for the cause! “Nutrition and mindful craft activities, when done on a regular basis, can improve mood, increase feelings of relaxation and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing,” said Vice Principal Gaetano Sifoni.

BATTERY BATTLE AND MATH: Once again this year, Gardenview participated in the Provincial Competition “Call to Recycle/Appel à recycler.” The students in the Recycle Squad organized a school-wide Battery Battle, where all classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 6 collected and recycled used batteries. Violetta D’Andrea, Daniel Wu, Dimitri Adamakakis, Jessie Tran and Alexia Elias who finished in the top 10 in the ENTIRE province of Quebec for the Canadian Math League competition. Gardenview scored number one in the province!
Students display signage for their campaign.
In total, they collected over 75,000 used batteries, which is just over 3,605 lbs worth of batteries! Meanwhile, a well-deserved congratulations to Gardenview.

Boris Bede and Amy Walsh with Norman Katz.
JUMP ROPE FOR HEART: Royal Vale Elementary School students and staff raised  $29,952 with its annual Jump Rope for Heart event, eclipsing its previous record of $26,000.  Congratulations to Physical Education and Health teacher Norman Katz. Montreal Alouettes kicker Boris Bede and Canadian women's national soccer player Amy Walsh were special guests.  This was the school's second best ever total in seven years. Mr. Katz wishes to mention the Grade 3 class of Ms. Tarshis which won a pizza party for raising over $3, 000. Mr Villeneuve's class was a close second at over $2,900. Congratulations to Aurora Ostroff for setting a new single record setting mark of $2,100.00 

Enjoying the sugaring off experience.
SUGARING OFF: Most EMSB international students have learned more about the maple leaf  symbol of Canada. Though some of them have already tasted maple syrup, or at least seen the golden liquid in those maple leaf glass bottles, very few have ever had a chance to witness how it is collected and produced. To demystify this Canadian tradition, on March 29, international students from Laurier Macdonald High School, John F. Kennedy High School and Rosemount High School were invited to see what really happens at one of the most festive gatherings in Quebec.

Carolyn Gehr speaks, with  Angela Mancini beside her.
RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS RALLY: The EMSB continues to oppose Bill 21, the proposed provincial government legislation which would ban public workers in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols. This includes teachers. EMSB Chair Angela Mancini and Royal West Academy teacher Carolyn Gehr spoke at recent protest rally in the City of Côte Saint-Luc. You can see Ms. Gehr's inspiring speech here.

CARNIVAL OF MIRACLES: This is not a city like any other!  It’s the magical city of the Carnival, the city of the terrifying King of the Night with his demons and the good Queen of the Day with her army of animals and birds.   Eleven-year-old Finn and eight-year-old Chloe leave their village to visit the carnival dressed with the costumes that their mother has sewn. The King of the Night gets jealous of their costumes and abducts them to find their secret.  The two smart children fight back with a lot of courage. Will they succeed, in this wondrous and funny tale full of adventure and music?  This describes The Carnival of Miracles and Monsters, a massive international co-production under the artistic direction of lyric singers Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias in collaboration with the renowned Quebec publisher Planète Rebelle. Some 300 choristers from Willingdon, Gardenview, Cedarcrest, Edinburgh, Pierre de Coubertin, St. Monica, Royal Vale, Roslyn and Honoré Mercier are recording the choral parts of this musical adventure which will culminate to a book/cd for children next fall. The production is already in full swing and more than half of the schools have recorded in Oscar Peterson Concert Hall.

Students enjoy the musical experience.
Media interest in the work of the young students is great with CTV   filing this report. Global television will  cover the final recording session on May 14. All EMSB students, including 60 fellow singers from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, will walk the red carpet on October 23 to launch their new opus. Info:

Nice attire at Robotics.
ROBOCUP 2019: Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in RDP was among a number of EMSB representatives at Robocup 2019 held at Rosemount High School on March 29 and 30.  Technology teacher Tanya Beccat and Robotics facilitator. Linda Batzios brought 25 students to the competition. This was LDVA’s first time ever competing in the tournament. The “rookie” teams were very successful bringing home the Silver medal for the “On Stage” performance of the Wizard of Oz Grade 6 entry and the Bronze medal for the Star Wars grade 4 entry! Principal, Mrs. Nadia Sammarco was thanked by both teams for her constant support and encouragement. The students participated in the building and programming of the robots as well as the costume design, props, and storyboards.  The video display was filmed using a Green Screen app where the background images were digitally drawn. The schools’ own rock band composed the song and lyrics for the Wizard of Oz. It was recorded using the Garage Band app. This highly popular project was also a learning experience which enhanced collaboration, teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

Daniel Gaudette, Ross Aitken of the MUHC & Sabrina Gavita.

LDV TEACHER SUPPORTS THE NEURO: Sabrina Gavita is a highly valued Cycle 3 elementary teacher at Leonardo Da Vinci Academy in RDP.  Her dedication and involvement in various projects at the school have been priceless.  Respected by her staff and students, Ms Gavita has been involved in several EMSB entrepreneurship projects.  She has now teamed up with   LDVA Physical Education and Health specialist  Daniel Gaudette, raising funds for the Neurological Institute in Montreal.   LDV supports and fundraises many important causes. It’s most recent initiative involves creating a Neuro Running Team comprised of 24 energetic students and 12 motivated staff members.  Sabrina’s father, Panfilo Gavita, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in April of 2012; he lost his battle a few months later, and died in November 2012. His last two months were spent at the Montreal Neuro, where he received the best care possible from doctors and nurses. “We never thought something like this would happen to any of us in our family, but it did,” she said. Ms. Gavita urges everyone to support the efforts by participating in the Scotia Bank Charity Charity Challenge 5k race on April 27. You can also make a donation at the following: LDVA’s fundraising page. 

Students modified a baby diaper to include two baby wipes in a front pocket of each diaper. No more need to carry both diapers and wipes separately. What a practical invention!

Michelangelo International’s first annual Innovation Fair was held on April 18. Students, under the guidance of their teachers, worked very hard developing innovative products which integrated the elements of STEAM into their creations.  Learning to code helps kids to develop both cognitive and problem-solving skills. Grade 5 students at Michelangelo are learning how to code their very own geography game using scratch programming. Michelangelo hosted a blue lemonade sale in support of Autism Awareness Month. Students and staff alike loved the fun take on lemonade, and best of all, all proceeds raised were donated to Giant Steps Neuro-Integrative School.
A unique jam jar.
Grade 5 and 6 Michelangelo  students received a presentation from Everfi, an NHL and Montreal Canadiens sponsored program that introduced students to hockey themed interactive learning games. These computer games focused on math, highlighting the topics of forces and angles. Learning should always be his much fun!

James Lyng students hard at work.
STUDENT CURATED EXHIBITION: Walk a Mile In My Shoes is a student-curated exhibition that showcases customized shoes, designed and painted by James Lyng High School students. Embedded in each of their shoes are symbols which were chosen by the students to tell stories from their lives. Each pair of shoes is accompanied by a short film in which the student explains the meaning behind their symbols. The exhibition was conceived and carried out by Secondary III students in their Entrepreneurship class. It is a large-scale, interdisciplinary project that also involves classwork carried out in five different classes at James Lyng High School.  Participating students brainstormed meaningful symbols which they would later integrate in their shoe design. After writing about each symbol’s relevance, the students were provided with a new pair of all-white Vans sneakers. Students drew, stitched, painted and stenciled their symbols to create their customized shoes.  The shoes will eventually be showcased in a multi-media show curated by James Lyng’s Entrepreneurship class at the school’s Up Next Art Gallery. Each pair of shoes will be accompanied by a short film in which the student artist tells the stories behind their symbols. The students will also present a short documentary chronicling the process of conceiving, organizing and curating the show. To compliment the customized shoes, a large-scale mural, painted by students under the supervision of local artist, Haks, will enhance the gallery walls.

“It’s not just the fact that you get free shoes. It’s that you get to create something that no one else has, and you can do whatever you want on it,” says Secondary V student Keshaun Jarvis. “It’s about how you feel at the end of the day. It’s a representation of what you think and what you feel.” Student organizer Colby McLean-Ross adds, “It was a deep and meaningful project. Thinking of what to put on the shoes was my favorite part, and now that I how the finished product, I really am proud.”

Delegates to the conference.
TWO DAY CONFERENCE: The Centre of Excellence for Speech and Language Development recently hosted its annual two-day conference for speech-language pathologists, teachers and other professionals from the ten English language school boards in Quebec. The conference was held recently at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Montreal and attended by more than 110 participants including 55 speech-language pathologists from across the province.  Kenn Apel, PhD, CCC-SLP, a leading expert in the field of language and literacy development presented “Meeting Students’ Reading, Writing and Spelling Challenges: It takes a team! The success of students’ academic, vocational, and social endeavors often hinges on their reading, writing, and spelling abilities.  The two-day conference took an integrative look at how educators and specialists can provide instruction/intervention to improve students’ literacy skills.  Understanding the spoken and linguistic awareness skills that support reading, writing, and spelling helps these professionals target the specific needs of students who struggle in their literacy skills. The workshop provided a review of reading, writing, and spelling development followed by specific guidelines and suggestions for assessment, instruction, and remediation.Dr. Apel is professor and chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.

The Centre of Excellence for Speech and Language Development, operated by the EMSB, is part of the Inclusive Education Service (IES) which is a provincial service funded and mandated by the Ministry of Education (MEES). The Centre of Excellence is made up of a team of professionals including four speech-language pathologists, a psychologist, an occupational therapist, and a special education consultant.  The mandate of the Centre of Excellence is to offer support and expertise to the English sector for the organization of programs and adapted teaching for students with special learning needs, specifically in the areas of speech, language and literacy.

Vanessa Grimaldi with the talented Coronation students.
CORONATION HAS TALENT: Coronation Elementary School in Côte des Neiges hosted their annual Talent Show on Wednesday, April 17. Organized by the teachers and students from the Kids For Social Change Group, this is the fifth year that they put on an amazing show. Most of the students participating in the Talent Show volunteer their time on a regular basis in the Kids for Social Change Group. They meet once a week with the aim of spreading kindness and joy throughout the school. They have volunteered as lunch helpers in the cafeteria, have set up tutoring programs with Cycle I students during their free time and have organized many fundraisers for various causes over the years. The show had dancing, singing, piano playing and much more. The students served fun snacks and beverages and raised funds to donate to a foundation of their choice. This year, the students chose to donate the funds to the No Better You Foundation founded by reality TV show star and a former special education teacher at EMSB’s Galileo Adult Education Centre,  Vanessa Grimaldi. Coronation is the first school that the foundation donated the sensory rooms to and Vanessa holds a special place in her heart for Coronation. The students welcomed Vanessa to the show and presented her with a rose. “I have such a strong connection to this school and I am completely blown away by how much talent is in this school,” Vanessa said. “Its events and moments like these that remind me why it’s so importation to give back to the community.”

GREATER MONTREAL DAY: The third annual Greater Montreal Day will take place on Thursday, May 9. Greater Montreal Day, organized by Global TV, encourages all of us to do what we can to be kind to each other and share our acts of kindness on social media on Thursday, May 9, with the hashtags #GreaterMontrealDay and/or JournéeMTLEnsemble. Once again this year, two social media postings will be chosen at random to receive $1000 to donate to a local charity. Last year, students from Maple Grove Elementary School in Lachine were one of the selected participants for their Kindness Matters initiative. Le Bon Dieu dans la rue received the $1000 donation on behalf of the students.  Let Global know your plans in advance and they may  feature your activity/event on Global News. For more information or to tell us about your event you can reach us by email:

Celebrating kindness.
KINDNESS: Students at Edward Murphy Elementary School in Hochelaga Maisonneuve celebrated KINDNESS throughout the month of February. The students took part in a school wide challenge where every class had to complete 100 Acts of Kindness! Now they are passing along their challenge to another school. Watch the video link below to see how the Edward Murphy students are challenging the students at Nesbitt School

ST. DOROTHY MUSIC: St. Dorothy Elementary School in St. Michel    presented a musical concert on April 11.  It served as a great showcase for the music focus program - musical numbers with singing, instruments and choreographed dance.

Marking a successful Career Day.
CAREER DAY AT ST. MONICA: Career Day is an exciting opportunity to plant a seed for the future and help demystify the pressure of choosing a career path. For the students and staff at St. Monica Elementary School in NDG,   on April 10, 2019 was inspiring, dynamic and engaging opportunity the students expressed gratitude and appreciation for the experience. Principal Silvana Crigna was very proud of the questions asked and she thanked her staff for preparing the students so well. Governing Board Chair Tanya MacDonald assisted with recruiting participants for the event. This included representatives from Rosemount Technology Centre, Laurier MacDonald Career Centre, EMSB psychologist Despina Vassiliou   and occupational therapist Erica Di Marino and NDG Loyola District Councillor Christian Arseneault.

Taking part in an interesting activity.
KRYPTIK: On Friday April 12, students from Nesbitt Elementary School in Rosemount participated in an Educational Escape Room entitled “KRYPTIK.”The activity was created by Nesbitt Teachers Joseph Carlucci and Martin Marcil, and Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce. The intent of the educational escape game is to provide students with creative ways to work collaboratively in a team towards a common goal. The activity also helped develop collaborative strategies to teach students that there are always solutions to every problem we face in life, but it is important to remember that we can count on others for support. On Thursday April 17, students from Rosemount High School   visited L.I.N.K.S. High School to  take part in “KRYPTIK” and Spiritual Retreat Exercises.  The spiritual retreat exercises are not about the practices or beliefs of any particular religion, it is based on character education and the virtues program; a moral and spiritual development of people of all cultures, by helping them to remember who they really are and to live by their highest values. On Friday April 30th, Beat 92.5 Morning Radio hosts Andy Wilson, Nikki Balch and Sam Lupovich will be joining the students from Grades 5 and 6 to participate in this activity.
Claudia Nigrelli alongside Bruno Montbleau
DISABILITY OR DIFFERENT ABILITY, IT’S ALL A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: On April 15, Cycle 2 and 3 students from Dalkeith Elementary School in Anjou had an opportunity to dialogue with entrepreneur and motivational speaker Claudia Nigrelli alongside Bruno Montbleau. Claudia is a nationally and internationally sought after motivational speaker, YouTube blogger, radio (Canal M) and television (AMI Télé) co-host. At the tender age of seven, she was diagnosed with a rare eye disease that left her with very little sight. Despite numerous struggles and obstacles, Claudia chose an entrepreneurial path as the means to share her story and motivate others to overcome whatever life throws their way and become the best possible version of herself. She shared her story and perspective as someone living with visual impairment, her firsthand experiences with bullying, her passion for advocacy on anti-bullying and educated the class on the importance of inclusivity. Bruno Montbleau, diagnosed at 19 years of age with LHON Disease, a former car mechanic and is presently a triathlete, cross country skier, running and cyclist who shared his story about how to appreciate and value everyone’s uniqueness and to remove the stigma of individuals living with a disability. The program was spearheaded by Vince Lacroce, Spiritual Community Animator.

REGIMENT AWARD: On April 13, Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator Vince Lacroce was recognized by The Royal Montreal Regiment for his commitment to educating students about the importance of Remembrance Day, and for his acknowledgement of the work, sacrifices, and peacekeeping efforts of Canadian Force Members here and abroad.  Over the past 16 years, Mr. Lacroce has worked in over 14 EMSB schools and has coordinated many moving and educational Remembrance Day commemorations and exchanges within the community. “I am eternally grateful and without words” says Lacroce. “I could have never done all of this without the continued support all of my EMSB  schools over the years, the administration teams, staff and students, and members of the SCA service and SCA consultants who believed in the programs and helped facilitate them. I would like to acknowledge all of the men and women, past and present, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do for our country. LEST WE FORGET."

John F. Kennedy WOTP students and staff celebrate Autism Awareness Day on April 2.

KENNEDY CONTRIBUTES: At John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel, the Work-Oriented Training Path (WOTP) crew and the Child Care Workers team raised $300 for Autism Speaks Canada as part of the EMSB Inspirations Team.  The staff and students organized carnival style games, a photo booth, and sold baked goods. The team will be walking at the Autism Speaks Canada – Montreal Walk on June 9 at the McGill Tomlinson Fieldhouse.Great job everyone!  If anyone would like to donated please use this link.
Principal Otis Delaney at the head of the table.

PIUS PRIMER: On April 4 and 5, the administrative teams of Pius Culinary and Business Centre and John F. Kennedy High School in St. Michel organized an event to introduce the secondary IV and V students of JFK to the programs offered at Pius.   The students had their interests peaked during the chocolate mousse demo and then set ablaze during the beverage program presentation.  Academic advisors Steve and Paolo filled in all of the pertinent info with their portion of the presentation and question period.  The students were then given the opportunity to visit the center and see the amazing facility.  They also had the opportunity to speak with students and teachers about the classes and their experiences.  Staff were treated to lunch prepared and served by the Pius culinary students and staff.  It truly was an amazing experience for our students.  The food and service were outstanding. The staff and students of John F Kennedy would like to thank everyone at Pius for all of their hard work in making the two days such a success.

CABANE A SUCRE: On April 17, students and staff  at  John F. Kennedy High School were treated to a fantastic cabane  à sucre style lunch, complete with pea soup, eggs, potatoes, and sausage.  The highlight of the event was a maple taffy “Tire” station set up by Les Delices de Rosa.

Massimliano and Luca meet Habs mascot Youppi! 
HABS EXPERIENCE:  For the very first time, there was an EMSB Night at a Montreal Canadiens game. On April 2 the Habs hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tickets were made available at a greatly reduced price. Some 250 seats were sold.  Two students, nine year old Luca Mercuri from Honoré-Mercier in St. Léonard and Massimiliano  Lato, 6, from John Caboto Academy in Ahuntsic were randomly chosen by the Habs to drive on the two Zambonis during the first intermission.

Luca on the Zamboni.
With their dads, they were brought down to ice level to watch the final moments.  Massimiliano was unknowingly standing right next to Canadiens owner Geoff Molson, who posed for a photo with him. The two youngsters even got to meet mascot Youppi!

ALOUETTES: The annual EMSB Night for the Montreal Alouettes will take place on Thursday, June 6. This is a pre-season game vs. the Ottawa Red Blacks and as a result tickets will cost only $10. Go to:  the code will be  ‘EMSB19’ with links below. It is hoped that Royal Vale graduate Christopher Valentine, a wide receiver, will be in the Als lineup:

IMPACT: The traditional “EMSB Night” will take place on Wednesday, June 26 (7:30 p.m.) when the Impact host the Portland Timbers at Saputo Stadium. Tickets are priced for EMSB families at a $20 each. Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards Inspirations, a publication dedicated to the special needs community. Purchases are online only right here. Two students will be awarded the prestigious Tony Licursi Scholarship that comes with a $500 bursary.

Presenting the $2,000 cheque.
BAKE SALE: Students at Gerald McShane Elementary School in Montreal North held a We Bake for Change bake sale recently, raising $2,000 for the We Organization and their efforts to promote access to clean and safe drinking water in Africa. Pictured are the organizers with Jesse Mota, a representative from the We Organization and EMSB alumnus.

ADHD: Does your teen have or do you think your teen has Attention- Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Is your teen 13 to 17 years of age? If so, you and your teen may be interested in participating in this study being conducted at the Montreal Children’s Hospital the ADHD Research Program of the Montreal Children’s Hospital is conducting a research study on using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for adolescents with ADHD. Eligible participants can choose to be on medication or not. If they choose to be on medication, an optimal dose will be carefully determined and then participants will be assigned by chance to one of three groups: Cognitive Behaviour and Skills Training Therapy; Supportive Group Therapy; or Treatment as Usual in the Community. Therapy groups will have 12 weekly group meetings (4:30 pm to 6:00 pm). Parents will meet separately on alternate weeks during the adolescent group meetings.  Each meeting will last one and a half long. Adolescents in the therapy groups will be given a coach who will be in touch by phone twice a week to help them throughout their participation in the study.  There are no fees for participating in this research program. A medical referral from your family doctor is mandatory. Referrals for adolescents can be made directly to our team, with or without a previous ADHD evaluation. We will evaluate all potential participants. Interested participants can contact the team at the number below. Info:  514-412-4400 ext.23286  or 

AUTISM CONFERENCE:  The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) meeting is coming to Canada this year, in Montreal (May 1-4). The pre-INSAR local community conference is open to the public and will take place on May 1. The day will showcase the keynotes from the main meeting in the morning (genetics, translational neuroscience, clinical trials and early diagnosis/developmental trajectories with simultaneous translation to French provided).  The afternoon will include a series of workshops led by Quebec clinicians and scientists. The sessions target various groups: educators, physicians, other professionals, and families and self-advocates, etc.  Afternoon sessions focus on school integration, bilingualism, neuroscience of music and the brain and how that may lead to novel therapeutics, and citizenship and identity issues. 

Students and autistic persons attend for free but there are limited tickets. Tickets for families is $25 but if families cannot afford the fee of $25, we are happy to waive it! They can contact Genevieve Ferguson at to request this. Professionals can attend for between $50-$100 with great opportunities to network with international and local autism research experts and families. 

To register, please visit this link.

AUTISM SPEAKS:  Join Team Inspirations/EMSB at this year’s Autism Speaks Canada Montreal Walk on June 9. Each year, Autism Speaks Canada (ASC) organizes walk events across Canada. This year’s Montreal walk takes place on Sunday, June 9 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at McGill University’s Tomlinson Fieldhouse (475 Pine Avenue West in Montreal). Join Team Inspirations/EMSB, headed by co-captains Ms. Alana and Ms. Marita from Edward Murphy Elementary School, and come out to enjoy the event, raise funds, and have a good time. ASC walks are the organization’s single most important annual fundraising initiative. The events bring the community together while providing an opportunity to make connections, feel the support, and raise awareness and funds. Walk dollars raised support access to resources, inclusive programming, and services for young adults, community grants, and world-leading research. Register today at For information, contact Krista Leitham at

CARE PROGRAM: Founded in 1986, the Centre d’activités récréatives et éducatives  (C.A.R.E. Centre) is a non-profit organization and registered charity offering recreational and educational services for Anglophones with severe disabilities who have left the youth education sector. It was launched by parents advocating for continuing education for their heavily handicapped children who had recently graduated from the Mackay Centre School and had no options for further education or integration. It operates out of the Wagar Adult Education Centre in Côte Saint-Luc. C.A.R.E. Centre’s fundraising dinner will take place on May 2    at the Hellenic Community Centre of Greater Montreal with Master of Ceremonies Elias Makos of CJAD. It will introduce many of the special clientele to Montrealers and raise the crucial much-needed resources. To purchase tickets or for more information about the C.A.R.E. Centre visit See this story in The Suburban.

AUTISM SPEAKS WALK: Join Team Inspirations/EMSB at this year’s Autism Speaks Canada Montreal Walk on June 9, 2019 - Each year, Autism Speaks Canada (ASC) organizes walk events across Canada. This year’s Montreal walk takes place on Sunday, June 9 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at McGill University’s Tomlinson Fieldhouse (475 Pine Avenue West in Montreal). Join Team Inspirations/EMSB, headed by co-captains Ms. Alana and Ms. Marita from Edward Murphy Elementary School, and come out to enjoy the event, raise funds, and have a good time. ASC walks are the organization’s single most important annual fundraising initiative. The events bring the community together while providing an opportunity to make connections, feel the support, and raise awareness and funds. Walk dollars raised support access to resources, inclusive programming, services for young adults, community grants, and world-leading research. Register today at For information, contact Krista Leitham at 

RICK LAVOIE SEMINAR: Spend the day with Rick Lavoie in Montreal on June 1 - The Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities is welcoming renowned special education expert, motivational speaker and author Rick Lavoie to Montreal on June 1 for a one-day seminar. Lavoie is the author of It’s so much work to be your friend: Helping the child with learning disabilities find social success, and How difficult can this be?: The F.A.T. City workshop. The seminar is ideal for parents of children and teens with learning disabilities and/or ADHD, teachers, school support staff, psychologists, special educators and educational consultants, social workers and other professionals. The day will consist of two interdependent seminars, the first on: Behavioural strategies that don’t work with struggling kids…and some that do, and the second, Understanding the social side of learning disorders: from isolation to acceptance. Register today at For information, call 514-487-3533

CAMP BLUES:  High School students with a love for music can take advantage of an exciting music camp experience this summer in Montreal. See:

TEEN SONGWRITING COMPETITION: The first annual  Overture with the Arts Teen Songwriting Competition is now accepting applicants for young aspiring singer-songwriters, aged 13-18. Applicants must fill out an online form and send in a YouTube video performing their song (acoustic styles only) before the deadline  of April 30 It is free to apply.

Apply here:

All applicants will then have access to three Songwriting Workshops, free of charge, in the months of May and June (details on the website). The selected Top 12 will be invited to perform their song by themselves or as a duo on Sat Jun 15, 2019, at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre in the West Island, during a live showcase in front of an audience and a panel of judges who will give constructive feedback. The winner and runners up will be awarded amazing prizes including recording studio time, music gear, and voice lessons. The first place winner will also get a chance to perform their winning song at the famous Strangers in the Night Gourmet Gala outdoor event on Sat Aug 24.  Info:


Creating the mural.
MURAL OF INSPIRATION: Art offers students the opportunity to embody and express all of their dedication, passion, and cultural diversity. Galileo Adult Education Centre’s  mural of inspiration allows the school to showcase its vision and reminds us how proud we are of our unique identity. Galileo called in a group of talented Quebec street artists, Jimmy Baptiste and Hans Schmitter. They were asked to paint the school’s cafeteria/gymnasium; a place where school events, shows and simple gatherings are typically are held.  Through a participatory project, both Jimmy and Hans engaged Galileo’s Academic and SIS students in creating a spectacular mural that embodies positivity, friendship, respect and welcomed diversity.  This large-scale mural consists of vivid colours, symbols and images; all of which are the true representations of Galileo. Inspiring words, such as: Dream, Believe, Imagination, Love, Heart, Body, Mind, Soul, and Life is Beautiful are scripted on the wall to forever remind the students who they are at Galileo.


SOIRÉE DES BÉNÉVOLES: La Soirée annuelle de reconnaissance des parents bénévoles de la CSEM a eu lieu le 9 avril à la Plaza Volare de l’Hôtel Crowne Plaza sur le chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse à Saint-Laurent. L’édition de cette année avait pour thème « 20 ans de bénévolat, ça se fête », dans le cadre de la Semaine nationale de l’action bénévole qui s’est déroulée du 7 au 13 avril. Adrian et Natalie Bercovici sont les récipiendaires du prix Ambassadeur bénévole de l’année. Fondateurs de la Fondation Générations en 1999, ils fournissent chaque jour des déjeuners, des dîners chauds et des collations à plus de 8 500 enfants annuellement. Tout a commencé à l’école primaire St. Gabriel de la CSEM à Pointe-Saint-Charles. Cet organisme dessert aujourd’hui 118 écoles et centres de la grande région de Montréal. Cette année, la distinction Bénévole émérite est allée à Carol Clifton. Madame Clifton a commencé à faire du bénévolat à l’école St. Gabriel en 1982 lorsqu’elle y a inscrit son premier enfant à la maternelle. Elle a d’abord été membre du comité de parents et membre du conseil d’établissement. Elle a également mis sur pied l’association foyer-école qu’elle préside désormais et à laquelle elle continue à consacrer beaucoup de temps.

FOIRE STIAM: L’école secondaire John Paul I, campus junior, à Saint-Léonard a tenu sa première foire annuelle STIAM le 3 avril. Organisée par la coordonnatrice STIAM, Elysa-Marie Nassif, la foire a permis à cette école de présenter ses activités d’apprentissage basées sur des projets que les enseignants ont mises en œuvre depuis le début de l’année. Élèves, conseillers pédagogiques et parents ont tous été invités à cette foire. Ce fut fort agréable de voir la réaction des élèves devant leur travail interdisciplinaire et ardu partagé avec la communauté scolaire. Les élèves et les enseignants de notre école sont très fiers de ce qu’ils ont accompli et sont enthousiastes pour la suite des choses.

FOIRE MAKER SPACE: Le campus junior de l’Académie LaurenHill a accueilli des élèves de 11 écoles primaires – Bancroft, Carlyle, Coronation, Dalkeith, Dunrae Gardens, Elizabeth Ballantyne, Honoré Mercier, Académie internationale Michelangelo, Sinclair Laird, Pierre Elliott Trudeau et Westmount Park, de même que l’école secondaire John Paul I – à l’occasion de sa première Foire annuelle STEAM (STIAM) Maker. Cette journée se voulait une célébration des projets mettant en lumière l’initiative STIAM et le travail remarquable de nos élèves.

ART ORATOIRE: Le Concours annuel d’art oratoire de la CSEM à l’intention des élèves du secondaire a eu lieu le 8 avril à l’école Royal Vale, à NDG.  La longue et remarquable tradition de l’art oratoire remonte au concours du Rotary Club en 1939. Les élèves de le 1re secondaire ont partagé des discours narratifs basés sur leurs expériences personnelles. Cette initiative s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme SELA (English Language Arts au secondaire) et L’art de conter de la CSEM. Cette année, les élèves de 2e secondaire de certaines écoles ont présenté des récits aux couleurs du 21e siècle. Les élèves de la 3e à la 5e secondaire ont livré des discours convaincants sur des sujets d’importance sociale et politique. Le Rotary Club a offert à la gagnante de 5e secondaire, Linnea Sander de l'école FACE, la possibilité de participer à sa compétition annuelle d’art oratoire. Son discours portait sur l'importance de l'exploration spatiale. Le Fonds de la CSEM a décerné un prix à la gagnante de 4e secondaire, Siena Blier de l’Académie LaurenHill de St. Laurent (La santé mentale et l'importance d’en parler), tandis que le Cercle canadien des femmes a récompensé la gagnante de la 3e secondaire, Cameron O'Hare de l’Académie Royal West (Le port de signes religieux) avec une semaine toutes dépenses payées à Rencontres du Canada à Ottawa. Veuillez consulter notre communiqué de presse pour connaître la liste complète des gagnants.

AUTISM SPEAKS CANADA: Tous les ans, Autism Speaks Canada (ASC) organise des marches d’un bout à l’autre du Canada. À Montréal, la marche se tiendra cette année le dimanche 9 juin de 9 h à  12 h 30 au Complexe sportif Tomlinson (475, avenue des Pins Ouest) de l’Université McGill. Joignez-vous à l’équipe Inspirations/CSEM, dirigée par les co-capitaines madame Alana et madame Marita de l’école primaire Edward Murphy. Participez à cet événement tout en vous amusant et en amassant des fonds. Les marches d’ASC constituent la plus importante initiative annuelle de collecte de fonds de l’organisme. Ces marches rassemblent la communauté tout en permettant de nouer des liens, de se familiariser avec le soutien offert, de sensibiliser la population et de recueillir des fonds. Les sommes amassées appuient l’accès aux ressources, la programmation inclusive, les services destinés aux jeunes adultes, les subventions au sein de la communauté et la recherche de pointe. Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd’hui à Pour plus d’informations, veuillez communiquer avec Krista Leitham à

EXPO-SCIENCES: Trois élèves de la 4e secondaire à l’Académie Royal West de la CSEM prendront part à l’Expo-sciences pancanadienne qui aura lieu du 15 au 17 mai à l’Université Fredericton, au Nouveau-Brunswick. Il s’agit d’Adelka Felcarek-Hope et de Sofia McVetty pour leur projet « The Poly-Phaeophyceae » et d’Hajeong Seo, pour son projet « Fog On, Fog Off ».

CHABAD LIFELINE: Vous souvenez-vous de ces séances pour prévenir la toxicomanie? Ces longues et ennuyeuses présentations au cours desquelles on expliquait en long et en large comment le fait de consommer des drogues pouvait gâcher votre vie. Ces rencontres dont vous vous êtes tous moqué. À la CSEM, ces conférences monotones sont choses du passé grâce à un partenariat novateur conclu avec Chabad Lifeline. Selon une étude récente de Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap, un élève sur 10 développera une dépendance, que ce soit à l’alcool, aux drogues, à la pornographie, à Internet, aux jeux de hasard, au sexe ou aux jeux vidéo. Et cela survient généralement au cours de l’adolescence. Les présentations de Chabad Lifeline dans les écoles sont uniques. Au cours des 30 dernières années, elles ont été développées pour encourager la participation des élèves à la création d'un espace sécuritaire pour favoriser une communication ouverte. Le but de ces présentations est de fournir des informations et des ressources aux personnes dans le besoin. La collaboration de Chabad Lifeline avec la CSEM a littéralement sauvé des vies et aidé des familles à apprendre à composer avec cette maladie qu’est la dépendance. Voici quelques exemples de jeunes pour qui ces présentations se sont avérées salutaires (les noms et certains renseignements ont été modifiés pour préserver leur identité):

VAPOTAGE: Au Québec, il est illégal pour les jeunes de moins de 18 ans d’acheter à peu près tout ce qui se rapporte au vapotage. Visionnez cette histoire d’un jeune qui a cessé de vapoter.
Chabad Lifeline animera des présentations sur le vapotage au Collège Vincent Massey sur une période de deux jours afin de rejoindre tous les élèves : le 30 avril à 8 h 30 (3e sec.), à 9 h 23 (2e sec.), à 10 h 38 (1re sec.) et le 7 mai à 8 h 30 (4e sec.) et à 9 h 23 (5e sec.).

IN MEMORIAM: Ann Marie Burnett était une enseignante dévouée qui a enseigné pendant 43 années à l’école Edward Murphy. Elle y était lorsque l'école a ouvert ses portes et y est demeurée pendant toute sa carrière jusqu'à sa retraite. L’école Edward Murphy, c’était sa seconde famille. Elle accueillait les nouveaux enseignants avec son sourire contagieux et les prenaient sous son aile sans même qu’on le lui demande. Elle savait mettre des sourires sur les lèvres dans la salle des enseignants en racontant ses nombreuses anecdotes. Elle adorait lire et écrire et encourageait cette passion auprès des élèves. Elle était d’avis qu’il fallait faire la lecture aux élèves tous les jours, qu'ils soient à la maternelle ou en sixième année. Elle a consacré d’innombrables heures à aider les bibliothécaires scolaires à choisir avec soin les livres qui, elle le savait, allaient plaire aux élèves. Après sa retraite et à la suite d’une rénovation complète de la bibliothèque, l’école décida de nommer la bibliothèque en son honneur. Elle a touché et influencé la vie de milliers d'élèves et de collègues. Elle nous manquera beaucoup, mais restera à jamais dans le cœur de sa deuxième famille à l’école Edward Murphy. Une cérémonie en l'honneur d’Ann Marie Burnett aura lieu le vendredi 26 avril à 19 h à l'école Edward Murphy. Tous les anciens élèves, collègues et tous ceux et celles qui l'ont connue sont les bienvenus.

ROBOCUP 2019 : L'Académie Leonardo Da Vinci de RDP était parmi les représentants de la CSEM à la compétition Robocup 2019 qui s'est tenue à l'école secondaire Rosemont les 29 et 30 mars. Tanya Beccat, enseignante en technologie, et Linda Batzios, animatrice en robotique, ont accompagné 25 élèves à cette compétition. C'était la première fois que l’Académie Leonardo Da Vinci participait à cette compétition. Nos équipes recrues ont connu du succès et remporté la médaille d'argent pour la performance « OnStage » du Magicien d’Oz, 6e année, et la médaille de bronze pour Star Wars, en 4e année! Les deux équipes ont remercié la directrice, madame Nadia Sammarco, pour son soutien constant et ses encouragements. Les élèves ont participé à la construction et à la programmation des robots, ainsi qu'à la conception des costumes, des accessoires et scénarimages. L'affichage vidéo a été filmé à l'aide d'une application d'écran vert où les images d'arrière-plan ont été numérisées. Le groupe rock de l’école a composé la chanson et les paroles pour le numéro du Magicien d’Oz. L’enregistrement a été réalisé à l'aide de l'application Garage Band. Ce projet très populaire a également été une expérience d'apprentissage ayant permis d’améliorer la collaboration, le travail d'équipe et l'esprit sportif.

JOURNÉE MONTRÉAL ENSEMBLE: La troisième édition annuelle de Journée Montréal Ensemble aura lieu le jeudi 9 mai. Organisée par Global TV, l’initiative Journée Montréal Ensemble invite chacun d’entre nous à faire preuve de gentillesse les uns envers les autres et à partager nos bonnes actions sur les médias sociaux le 9 mai, en utilisant les mots-clé #GreaterMontrealDay ou JournéeMTLEnsemble. Encore une fois cette année, deux publications affichées sur les médias sociaux seront choisies au hasard et leur auteur verra l’organisme sans but lucratif de son choix recevoir un don de 1 000 $. L’an dernier, les élèves de l’école primaire Maple Grove de Lachine ont été sélectionnés pour leur initiative « Kindness Matters ». Le Bon Dieu dans la rue a reçu la somme de 1 000 $ au nom des élèves. Nous sommes impatients de voir ce que vous nous réservez cette année. Faites-nous part de vos intentions et nous pourrions peut-être diffuser votre activité/événement sur les ondes de Global News. Pour plus d’informations ou pour nous parler de votre événement, faites-nous parvenir un courriel à

ALOUETTES: La Soirée annuelle CSEM et les Alouettes de Montréal aura lieu le jeudi 6 juin. Il s'agit d'un match présaison contre les Red Blacks d'Ottawa. Le coût des billets est fixé à seulement 10 $. Pour en faire l’achat, rendez-vous sur et introduisez le code promotionnel « EMSB19 ». Reportez-vous aux liens ci-dessous. Il est à souhaiter que Christopher Valentine, diplômé de Royal Vale et receveur éloigné, sera de l’alignement des Alouettes pour ce match. Billets:

IMPACT : La traditionnelle Soirée de la CSEM aura lieu le mercredi 26 juin à 19 h 30 alors que l’Impact accueillera les Tumbers de Portland au Stade Saputo. Les familles de la CSEM peuvent se procurer des billets au coût de 20 $ chacun. Une part du produit de la vente des billets sera versée à Inspirations, une publication dédiée à la communauté ayant des besoins particuliers. Les billets sont en vente en ligne seulement, à Deux élèves recevront la prestigieuse bourse d'études Tony Licursi d’une valeur de 500 $.

TDAH: Votre adolescent souffre-t-il ou croyez-vous qu’il souffre d’un trouble déficitaire de l'attention avec hyperactivité (TDAH)? A-t-il entre 13 et 17 ans? Dans l’affirmative, votre adolescent et vous pourriez participer à une étude menée par l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants. Le programme de recherche sur le TDAH de l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants effectue présentement une étude sur l’utilisation de la thérapie cognitive du comportement chez les adolescents atteints de TDAH. Les participants admissibles peuvent choisir l’option avec ou sans médicaments. S'ils optent pour la prise de médicaments, une dose optimale sera soigneusement déterminée, puis ils seront assignés aléatoirement à l'un des trois groupes suivants : comportement cognitif et thérapie de formation des compétences, thérapie de groupe de soutien ou traitement traditionnel dans la communauté. Les groupes de thérapie tiendront 12 réunions hebdomadaires (de 16 h 30 à 18 h 00). Les parents se rencontreront séparément une semaine sur deux pendant les réunions des groupes d’adolescents. Chaque réunion durera une heure et demie. Les adolescents des groupes de thérapie se verront attitrer un coach qui les contactera par téléphone deux fois par semaine dans le but de les aider tout au long de leur participation à l'étude. La participation à ce programme de recherche est gratuite. Une référence médicale de votre médecin de famille est toutefois obligatoire. Les références peuvent être transmises directement à notre équipe, avec ou sans évaluation préalable du TDAH. Nous évaluerons tous les participants potentiels. Les participants intéressés peuvent contacter l'équipe au 514 412-4400, poste 23286 ou à

CONFÉRENCE SUR L’AUTISME: La conférence de la Société internationale de recherche sur l’autisme (INSAR) se tiendra au Canada cette année, plus précisément à Montréal, du 1er au 4 mai. Une conférence locale destinée au grand public aura lieu le 1er mai au cours de laquelle les principaux orateurs de la conférence principale prendront la parole en matinée pour aborder différents thèmes (génétique, neurosciences translationnelles, essais cliniques et diagnostics précoces/trajectoires développementales), avec traduction simultanée en français. En après-midi, des cliniciens et des scientifiques du Québec animeront des ateliers. Les séances cibleront divers groupes : éducateurs, médecins, autres professionnels, familles, défenseurs des droits, etc. En après-midi, il y sera question d’intégration scolaire, de bilinguisme, de neuroscience musicale et cognitive, et des nouveaux traitements qui pourraient en découler, de même que des questions relatives à la citoyenneté et à l’identité.

L’admission est gratuite pour les élèves et les personnes autistes; toutefois, le nombre de billets est limité. Le coût pour les familles est de 25 $. Dans l’éventualité où certaines familles seraient dans l’impossibilité de débourser cette somme, nous les annulerons volontiers! Il suffit alors de communiquer avec Genevieve Ferguson à pour en faire la demande. L’admission pour les professionnels varie entre 50 $ et 100 $. Ces derniers auront l’occasion de réseauter avec des experts en recherche sur l’autisme actifs sur la scène locale et internationale ainsi qu’avec les familles.

Inscrivez-vous à


MURALE D'INSPIRATION: L'art offre aux élèves l'occasion d'incarner et d'exprimer leur dévouement, leur passion et leur diversité culturelle. La murale d’inspiration du Centre d’éducation des adultes Galileo permet à l’école de présenter sa vision et nous rappelle à quel point nous sommes fiers de notre identité unique. Galileo a fait appel à des artistes de rue québécois talentueux, Jimmy Baptiste et Hans Schmitter. On leur a demandé de peindre la cafétéria/le gymnase de l’école, lieu où se tiennent généralement les événements scolaires, les spectacles et les rassemblements. Dans le cadre d’un projet participatif, Jimmy et Hans ont tous deux incité les élèves des programmes d’achèvement des études et SIS de Galileo à créer une murale spectaculaire qui incarne la positivité, l’amitié, le respect et l’acceptation de la diversité. Cette grande murale affiche des couleurs vives, des symboles et des images qui sont le reflet véritable de Galileo. Des mots inspirants tels « Dream, Believe, Imagination, Love, Heart, Body, Mind, Soul et Life is Beautiful » sont inscrits sur le mur pour rappeler aux élèves de Galileo qui ils sont.

 The next Focus is May 23. Submissions should be received at by May 17.

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