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The EMSB Success Rate leads the way.

HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE: The EMSB has surpassed its record, set last year, for the highest Success Rate in graduation and qualification among public school boards in the entire province of Quebec, based on a seven year cohort at 92.5 percent.  These figures were released by the Ministère de l’Education   de Québec (MEQ). While the majority of students graduated after five years, the Ministry allows each cohort to be followed for an additional two years to ensure that students have every opportunity to graduate or obtain a first qualification. In addition to having the highest Success Rate in the province, the EMSB is also number one in the public network and among English boards.  The province-wide Success Rate, which includes both public and private school results, remained stable for 2019 at 81.8 percent. Please see the complete press release.

Joe Ortona
EMSB COUNCIL: The Quebec government issued a decree, indefinitely postponing school board elections in red zones scheduled for November 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the EMSB, incoming Chair Joe Ortona and nine of the 10 commissioners have already been acclaimed. As part of the administrative decree 1039-2020 and Section 79 of the Act Respecting School Elections, they will automatically assume office on November 6.  The election for commissioner in Ward 3 (Westmount-Sud Ouest) has been suspended. As a result, the work of the electoral revision office will halt activities and resume when a new date is chosen.  Those who were permitted to vote by mail will also be contacted when the election process resumes. In keeping with Section 160 of the   Act Respecting School Elections, those persons holding these positions at the time of the notice of election (September 18) remain in office until an election is held. For the EMSB that means incumbent commissioner Julien Feldman will continue to serve Ward 3. Their first Council meeting will be on Wednesday, November 11. The acclaimed commissioners are: Ellie Israel, Ward 1; Joseph Lalla, Ward 2; Jamie Fabian, Ward 4; James Kromida, Ward 5; Agostino Cannavino, Ward 6; Sophie De Vito, Ward 7; Mario Pietrangelo, Ward 8; Mario Bentrovato, Ward 9; and Pietro Mercuri, Ward 10.

See this Montreal Gazette story on 20 year old Commissioner Jamie Fabian. 

PARENT REPRESENTATIVES: The EMSB Parents Committee held their Annual General Assembly (AGA) on October 22.  Caleigh Saucier from Marymount Academy International in NDG was elected chair; Serena Capplette from LaurenHill Academy in St. Laurent, vice-chair; and Franco Mazzariello from Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North, treasurer. The four parent commissioners are: Mubeenah Mughal, ACSES; Maria Corsi, Elementary; Tony Speranza, Secondary; and Daniel Tatone, No Designation.

TRUSTEESHIP DRAWS TO A CLOSE: EMSB Trustee Marlene Jennings will conclude her mandate on November 6. Here is an opinion piece she published in The Montreal Gazette

Christy Tannous

ADMINISTRATIVE APPOINTMENTS: Christy Tannous has been named principal of the EMSB Virtual School and Real Heppelle vice-principal.  Jody Cayer is now an interim vp at Royal West.

VIRTUAL SCHOOL UPDATE: In a message to parents, Ms. Tannous and Mr. Heppelle stated: “We are confident that our experience in varied EMSB schools, combined with our knowledge of innovative technology integration, will help your children navigate through these challenging times.  Our shared vision for the Virtual School is to create a community of learners focused on engagement and connection.”  In an effort to help stay connected and up to date on the current events of the Virtual School, social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been launched.

EDUCATION FAIR: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 20th annual EMSB Education Fair (formerly the Career Fair) is taking  place virtually this year. Jack Dym of Pipe and Piling Supplies Ltd. and RBC Royal Bank are once again the event’s title sponsors. The Education Fair represents a good opportunity for students and their parents to look towards post-secondary education options. This program is coordinated by the EMSB Adult Education and Vocational Services and the Student Services Departments. 

The main objective is to provide students with an in-depth exposure to the various educational opportunities available to them. Please take advantage of the information and videos provided on this dedicated site.

VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSES: Here are links to the EMSB Bell Media radio campaign ads for our virtual open houses.

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Please take a tour of our virtual open houses here.

Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery and Jon Gurman from the M4SK Army hand out masks at Marymount Academy International.

MANDATORY MASKS IN HIGH SCHOOL:  Masks are now mandatory inside and out of the classroom for high school students. Media visited Marymount Academy International on the first day:

CTV Report


Global TV


Vincent Massey Collegiate Secondary  II student Alessandra Mercuri was interviewed here on the Andrew Carter CJAD morning show.

Carlyle students make their point for human rights.

HONORING THE RIGHTS OF SENIORS:   At Carlyle Elementary School in TMR, Ms. Jessica's Grade 5C class   recently took their IB human rights program activity outside. After learning about the vulnerability of seniors with COVID-19 and about the conditions of some of the residential care centers that the seniors were living in, the students were shocked. They created mini banners advocating for respect and for the rights of seniors. Spiritual and Community Animator Puynung Choy said, "they understood that the situation described indicated a violation of some basic human rights and they saw the need to ensure that all seniors were given proper care.” As a prelude to International Seniors Day, the students made a declaration that every person rightfully deserves the same quality of life as another, including our seniors.

A John Caboto Academy student takes part.

TERRY FOX RUN: This year marks the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope, and many EMSB schools are creating innovative, fun and safe ways to continue the legacy of the great Canadian. Fundraising takes place online, but the actual physical event is being played out in different and interesting ways among the participating schools. The official date for the Terry Fox Foundation school run across Canada is September 30, but EMSB schools are having their events at different times during the fall. “We fully understand how busy educators are during these challenging times - in the same way Terry Fox inspired people by running the Marathon of Hope, educators are inspiring us by finding the time to raise funds for cancer research,” said Peter Sheremeta, provincial director of the Quebec branch of The Terry Fox Foundation. “This has been such a strong tradition at EMSB schools – in the past 40 years, they have raised $2,142,965 for Terry’s dream of a world without cancer.” Please see the complete story, with a roundup of what schools have been up to.

40 FOR 40: In honour of the 40th anniversary of the iconic Terry Fox run, the students of Rosemount High School, Honore Mercier Elementary, Nesbitt Elementary, and Perspectives I&II participated in a unique community program during the last month. Students were placed in clusters of a minimum of four students and had to complete 40 kilometers as a team between September 28 to October 28 by walking, jogging, or running. They were encouraged to work together with their families to reach their goal. Students and parents were asked to monitor their progress using a digital device and tracking app. 

A young Batman.

In the classroom, staff were able to obtain free educational programs and audio visual resources from the Terry Fox foundation, and received a video message from Fred Fox, Terry Fox’s brother about Terry’s life and what The Marathon of Hope has accomplished over the past 40 years. The ultimate goal was to reach the symbolic 5,373 kilometres (3,339 miles), where Terry was forced to stop running outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario because cancer had appeared in his lungs. The schools collectively ran over 6,578 kilometres throughout the campaign surpassing their goal.    

Several schools planned to hold a (socially-distanced) closing ceremony at the end of the month, where certificates would be provided to students and the total amount raised and total number of kilometres walked during the campaign will be announced. In addition on the 29th of October, Nesbitt and Honore Mercier will have the students dress up as their favourite Canadian Hero or Superhero in honour of Terry Fox. 

PEACE, HONOUR AND COMMEMORATION:  September 13, 2020, marked six months since the school system temporarily closed. A committee of SCAs (Vince Lacroce, Rocco Speranza and  Paolo Ruscito), have started a program entitled Peace, Honour, and Commemoration. It focuses on this challenging time in our history, and aims to unite the EMSB family and communities by starting the process of healing, while honouring those who passed, served, and continue to serve on the front lines. Lessons on heroes, peace, self-care, wellbeing, and visits by first responders have started. Lessons and visits provide an opportunity for education, acknowledgement, and expression of gratitude to those who are serving and keeping our community safe and healthy. Students will have a chance to hear first-hand stories and present thank you cards. Two awards have also been created to be presented to students and staff at participating schools who display kindness, promote peace, and persevere in the face of difficulty. Nominations will be made by teachers and students.  

A student attends to her art.
A BRUSH OF INSPIRATION: Rosemount High School, Perspectives I & II High Schools, and Nesbitt Elementary are embarking upon a new program called “A Brush of Inspiration.” This first ever initiative will be coordinated by the Art, English, French, and Resource Departments of each school alongside Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce. Students will be creating beautiful paintings inspired by their favourite artists that will be donated to local Montreal senior centers (CHSLD Dante, CHSLD St. Michel Almage Senior Citizen Center) and local hospitals (The Jewish General Hospital, The Montreal Children’s Hospital, and St. Mary’s Hospital). The artwork will include personalized letters of thanks to all frontline workers and well wishes of support to seniors, many of whom may be living in isolation. “During these very difficult times of isolation and quarantine, it is important for us to provide opportunities that cultivate human interaction and connectedness,” says Lacroce. “We all know that comforting feeling when we are being physically embraced by another human being. Human connection is so important in maintaining our overall emotional and physical health, and now more than ever we need to find the means to develop opportunities for us to stay connected with our extended community when we can’t be physically connected. We are all in this together!” The students’ artwork will be displayed in prominent areas of the hospital and in senior centers (individual rooms and hallways) during the month of  November. Staff and students will also have an opportunity to have a virtual meet and greet with the recipients of the schools’ donations in mid-November.

STRONG TOGETHER: Students at Honore Mercier, Nesbitt and Rosemount High School will be launching a series of motivational short films called “Strong Together” that will be sent out to frontline workers and CHSLDs in the community. The videos will be produced and edited by Spiritual Community Animator Vince Lacroce. Honore Mercier Elementary, under the guidance of Music Specialist Veronica Graniero will be paying tribute to the animation smash hit Sing   and Nesbitt Elementary will be coming together with the support of Music Specialist Caroline Derome to perform the music of DreamWorks Animation film Trolls 2. Rosemount High School will be the first to launch their “Strong Together” film with the incredible and talented Daniela Dos Santos, Secondary IV student, as she performs her rendition of “Control,” by Zoe Wees. A special thank you to DJ Gary Crash who helped edit the music. Watch the full video by clicking on this link.  “We wanted to use the voices of our students to show our support to the courageous and dedicated team of professionals who do what they do every day to keep us safe," said Mr. Lacroce. "No words can express our gratitude for their continued commitment to your craft and our community." The videos will be sent out soon in line with the SCA monthly virtue of Gratitude. 

The Gratitude Tree

GRATITUDE GROWS AT BANCROFT: A new tree has started to grow in Bancroft Elementary School's main entrance and they call it the Bancroft Family Tree. This  will change with and according to the seasons, displaying the various monthly themes being covered by the Spiritual and Community Animation Service. For the month of October, as it is autumn, the leaves changed color, and illuminated the virtue of Gratitude. Following a school-wide lesson on the virtue of gratitude (what it is, the benefits of gratitude, and how to practice it on a daily basis) students chose what they were grateful for and either wrote or drew their expression of gratitude on their leaf. Responses ranged from hugs, love, and family to sanitation workers and farmers, and from their individual strengths, abilities, and values, to COVID-19 masks.  

THE POWER OF ONE: At LINKS High School, the inspirational Steven Atme (right) recently teamed up with SCA Rocco Speranza to embark upon a series of classroom and school visits as part of their The Power of One Mystery Machine Tour. The aim is to inspire students and youth on how their “power of one” can change their lives and the lives of those around them. The presentations talk about the healing power and potential of music in connection with Steven’s new song, “Like a Rising Phoenix.”  The presentation also encourages students to follow their dreams and engages students in a discussion about some of the “Mysteries of the Universe” (the title of another one of Mr. Atme’s songs). Students have a great time singing along as Steven plays for them. If interested in ordering a copy of the DVD, “The Power of One,” the new movie Mr. Atme helped produce in which he and five friends, also living with autism and Asperger’s, share their accomplishments and encourage everybody to never give up and follow their dreams, please contact Mr. Speranza at

ORANGE SHIRT DAY: September 30 was Orange Shirt Day, an annual event that was created in 2013 to increase awareness about the history of the Indian Residential School System in Canada, honor the Indigenous children who were sent away, and open space for discussion about the lasting impacts of this system on Indigenous families and communities. In collaboration with Indigenous community members and EMSB colleagues, the SCA Service is working to provide more robust programming in our schools in connection with Orange Shirt Day and to increase awareness of Indigenous history and culture more broadly. 

While larger activities have been put on hold due to public safety concerns and the counsel of Indigenous community members to start with the education of teachers and school staff first, some initial steps are being taken in the schools. At Willingdon Elementary School, SCA Linda Luca offered classroom presentations about Orange Shirt Day and the history of residential schools. The presentations were well received by students, teachers, and staff, who were grateful to learn about this under acknowledged and important subject. We note that this is only a small and initial step in a long process of reconciliation in our schools. However, as Ms. Luca notes, “when we know better, we do better.”  In an effort to expand access to resources to educate our community about Orange Shirt Day and the residential school experience, EMSB librarians also added an “Orange Shirt Day” eBook collection to our EMSB Virtual Library, accessible to all students and teachers with their EMSB account, which accompanies the K-6 Curriculum from the Orange Shirt Day Society. You can find some information here

LIFTING SPIRITS: Students from the Competency-Based Approach to Social Participation (CASP) class at L.I.N.K.S High School in Ahuntsic started an initiative to help lift spirits up during this time through the power of art. The focus of the CASP program is to help students with special needs develop skillsets for social participation and self-determined behaviours through competency-based teaching. Inspired by the interactive wing murals found in street art, CASP homeroom teacher Loredana Scotto, decided to lead her students in recreating that style of art within the school. Classroom attendants Evan Lichty and Aude Rioland also helped guide students throughout the activity. Students followed a rainbow colour theme through colouring mandala stencils as well as ripping and crumpling coloured paper to create the shape of butterfly wings onto the bulletin board outside of their classroom. The project was part of the students’ art class as well as life skills class, as the focus around the installation was to encourage positive self-image and determination. Every day, the CASP class reads and analyzes an inspirational quote to start their day on a positive note. Through the interactive art installation, they were able to create their own set of inspirational words. The students brainstormed together and came up with the hashtags #FlyStrong and #Don’tbeafraid as a way to not only promote bravery, but also encourage others to “fly” towards their goals. The hashtags were also created to help spread the message outwards into the community through social media. Students and staff of L.I.N.K.S High School enjoyed posing in front of the mural with raised arms, displaying their own strength and freedom. The CASP class was happy to see their initiative brighten the students’ and staff members’ day and hope that it will continue to help others not be afraid to “spread their wings”!  Featured in the photos are the CASP students along with Ms. Loredana, Mr. Evan and Ms. Aude posing in front of the #FLYSTRONG initiative mural.

The lecture had proper social distancing.

RIDE WITH CONFIDENCE: STM Inspectors, L.I.N.K.S. High School staff, Principal. Maria Caldarella and Spiritual Care, Guidance and Community Involvement Animator Rocco Speranza teamed up to present The Ride with Confidence program. The interactive presentation covers How to have and don’ts while taking public transportation. The program aims to make students knowledgeable  and independent public transportation users by teaching them how to read the STM maps, bus schedule and more.   

A student gets ready to enjoy his pancakes.

THANKSGIVING DAY PANCAKES: With the hard work from Mr. Speranza and the local McDonald’s on Sauve and Papineau, L.I.N.K.S. staff and students were treated to breakfast pancakes, all in the in the spirit of Thanksgiving.  In return, to show their gratitude, students and staff took time to make and write personalized thank you cards treating them to pancakes was the least Mr. Speranza could to do. They have welcomed him into their school community since August.  Sharing a meal during this challenging times created a sense of connection and community.

SPORTS-ÉTUDES AT PEARSON:  Lester B. Pearson High School in Montreal North has offered its high-level Sport-études program since 2003, in conjunction with various provincial sports federations. Student-athletes train five days a week for a minimum of 15 combined hours under the program, as per federation guidelines. It is recognized by the ministère de l’Éducation du Québec (MEQ) and is the only school within the EMSB to offer such a program. It affords student-athletes the opportunity to combine academics with their passion for one of a long list of athletic disciplines, including baseball, boxing, cheerleading, dance, figure skating, hockey, judo, kickboxing, soccer, speed skating, swimming, taekwondo, & track and field.

Prior to being accepted into the Sport-études program, student-athletes must be recognized by one of the school’s sport partners and meet provincial standards. In the case of soccer and hockey players, they must try out to make their respective sports. From there, an application to Lester B. Pearson’s Sport-études program is submitted, where academics are then taken into account. There were changes in the school’s open house this year. A virtual open house was held in late September, as opposed to a traditional in-person showcase of the building. Nevertheless, Coordinator Casey  Gagné says prospective student-athletes “got a good sense of the program and the people here” via the Virtual Tour online. He also says many local elementary school children, in both grades five and six, were visited last year by students and members of the administration to discuss the program. Online registration for the 2021-2022 Sport-études program is ongoing. The deadline for incoming Grade 7 student-athlete applications was October 15, 2020. Applications for those entering Grades 8 to 11 are due by January 31, 2021. For additional information, contact Casey Gagné at (514) 328-4442 extension 6 or via email at See our full story

LDVA GETS RECOGNITION: Last February’s Leonardo Da Vinci Academy Fashion Show, benefiting the Montreal Neurological Institute, was featured in: Philanthropy Changes Lives Impact of Giving report.  They raised $10,700. Associate Director of Annual Giving Ross Aitken stated: “On behalf of all those whose lives will be bettered through your generosity, thank you for believing in The Neuro and for playing an essential role in transforming brain research and patient care.” You can see the latest Impact of Giving report by visiting: 

MISS TEENAGE QUEBEC:  Clara Chemtov, a graduate of Willingdon Elementary School and Royal West Academy,  was crowned Miss Teenage Quebec last fall. She recently returned from Toronto where she competed in the Miss Teenage Canada event. After an intense week of photo and video shoots, interviews, rehearsals, preliminary judging, and activities, she came in first place in the category of social media.  The  18-year-old successfully recovered from an eating disorder. She authored a number of  education  awareness articles,  blogs and aired live-streams. In addition she  placed first in talent for her dance performance. “As an aspiring professional dancer, this is incredibly meaningful to me,” she said.   She presently attends CEGEP St. Laurent.   See her COVID-19 safety message.  

ALOUETTES GM: Each week the EMSB introduces you to a new  COVID-19 Safety Ambassador. Most recently we had  this message  from Montreal Alouettes General Manager Danny Macioca.

Matthew  Ross from B'nai Brith, Liem Yip, Principal Angela Vaudry and teacher Gloria Koyounian.

DIVERSE MINDS WINNERS: Two students at Royal West Academy in Montreal West were big winners in B’nai Brith Canada’s 2020 Diverse Minds Creative Writing Competition in Montreal. The English first-place co-winners were Grade 10 Royal West students Liem Yip and Gabriel Morin.  They co-authored The Eggnapper, a book about the need to be kind and understanding to people and refrain from making assumptions about others. The winning books, selected by a panel of celebrity judges, have been professionally published and are slated to be distributed free of charge to elementary schools and public libraries in Montreal. 

You can view the book here.

"Every student who participated in this contest is a winner in my book,” said Adriana Glikman, National Program Coordinator of B’nai Brith Canada. “We were thrilled to see so much talent in the Greater Montreal Area and we are excited about what the future holds in store for this very important writing competition.”

The students received cheques of $500 each as did the school and teacher Gloria Koyounian. Last month there was a virtual presentation of the winners. You can see it here

For more details click here.    

GRATITUDE AND  APPRECIATION: In the Spirit of Thanksgiving and the Season of Attitude of Gratitude, the John F. Kennedy High School administration took time to thank its shining Knights (staff and students) for their hard work and dedication during the first wave of the pandemic. Their service, perseverance, and commitment were highlighted. From their teachers, to caretaking staff, and cafeteria services, many working or volunteering during the school closures of 2020 In brief Vice Principal Vito Guerriero worked in school emergency daycares, ensuring all ran smoothly as possible. Ms. Jennifer from Cafeteria Services volunteered her time at a local food kitchen preparing thousands of meals Science teacher  Natalie Cloutier volunteered her time at a local CHSLD, keeping seniors in good company. Caretaking staff worked in school and emergency daycares.  Finally, two students; Massimo Trocchia  and Julian Jose Nunez continued working at their local grocery store in St Laurent, stocking shelves while keeping up with their online academics. Principal Otis Delaney will be presenting monthly, certificates to students and staff who display service, perseverance and commitment to their school and community.

Making the poppies
THE POPPY CAMPAIGN: John F. Kennedy High School Principal Otis Delaney, administration, staff, and students have aimed high and partner up with the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) in order to aid them with the annual Poppy Campaign.  Code red restraints have closed legion branches across the Montreal and Quebec regions threatening to limit much needed funds for deserving veterans.  Students will be counting, sorting, packing, and mailing hundreds of poppies and poppy stickers to various organizations schools, and community groups. If you would like to support the RCL Legion and our veterans, you can contact SCA Speranza  at 

HOPE THROUGH ART: Grade 4 students at Royal Vale School in NDG's have been spreading hope through art. This time they drew pictures of dandelions spreading symbols and messages of hope. Their artwork is entitled “Les Pissenlits d'espoir.”  

With time, more hopeful days will return. “For now, we are reflecting on how we can stay strong, kind and positive,” said teacher Nathalie Malhamé.

Devon Parker
YOUNG PIANIST: Royal Vale’s Devon Parker, 14, (presently part of the Virtual School), won  a top 10 spot in a prestigious international music composition award: The Commonwealth Composition Challenge 2020. Three awards will be presented and you can vote for the composer you feel should win the CICA Audience.  See this video.

DANTE TEACHER FEATURED ON TV: Nahal Derayeh, better known to parents and children as Madame Nahal, is a French kindergarten teacher at Dante Elementary School in St. Léonard, who has been teaching at the EMSB for 18 years. Over the past four years she has been innovatively integrating technology into her teaching.  By using YouTube videos she records of herself in the classroom and a private Facebook group called  “Mme Nahal et Ses Amies,” she manages to stay connected to parents and children in and out of the classroom. She was interviewed here by Global TV on World Teachers Day and here by CityNews.

WILLINGDON KIDS TALK HALLOWEEN: Two Grade 6 students, Quinn Abou-Fadel and Quincy Philippas, from Willingdon Elementary School in NDG were on CBC Radio Noon with Shawn Apel to talk about whether kids will be going trick or treating for Halloween. You can fast forward to the 9:35 minute mark to hear them.

DIGITAL 2PLAY: Geordie Theatre's Digital 2Play Tour is LIVE! Geordie Theatre is equipped to broadcast live shows for students across Canada and beyond! All you need is an internet connection to bring theatre back to your classroom. The most important thing for us is ensuring that we can bring joy back to your students in every way we can. Contact: Geordie provides an easy way to give students the joy of live performance again, from anywhere. Students are able to interact directly with the cast live after every performance. Access to detailed lesson plans covering topics ranging from self-identity and body image to tradition and storytelling is included! Geordie can broadcast to individual classrooms, preserving student safety.

YOUTHEATRE: Youtheatre is launching a groundbreaking online portal that will offer some of its most exciting productions for young audiences, reimagined in a digital format and accessible online. For the past 10 years, Youtheatre has pushed the limits of theatre for young audiences by exploring new technologies both on and off the stage. I speak with General Manager Simon A. Abou-Fadel and Co-Artistic Director Jeremy Segal. Moving beyond static archival recordings, YouDigital brings the magic of live performance to the screen in an innovative new hybrid form that dynamically incorporates the camera into the staging. Filmed with a mobile camera in a single take, these digital adaptations provide a fascinating new point of view through the eyes of the characters while preserving the liveliness of the theatrical experience. They come with an insightful teaching toolkit, roundtable discussion with the artists, backstage tour of the set, Youtheatre’s signature study guide and an opportunity for live-streamed talk backs with creative team. For both distance learners as well as schools outside of urban centres, the flexible access of YouDigital is an opportunity to bring young audiences in on the magic of theatre. Contact Hanna Nes at or join Youtheatre’s newsletter for more information!

Listen to this podcast for more about their new show, Pandora

TEEN SONGWRITING COMPETITION: After 2019’s successful Teen Songwriting Competition, Overture with the Arts (OWTA) is pleased to announce their second annual  program. Open to youth aged 13 to 18 who write original songs, the competition will give aspiring young songwriters a platform to showcase their original music to a live audience. This year, OWTA is doing a live stream of the full showcase to ensure the safety of all participants and viewers. Interested applicants must live in Montreal or its surrounding boroughs and are invited to submit a YouTube video of themselves or their duo performing one original song. To be eligible, applicants must be between at least 13 and under 19 by the November 13  submission deadline. There is no charge to submit an application.  Leading up to the November 28 live stream competition participants will have the opportunity to take part in several songwriting workshops. These free workshops will be held over six Saturdays in a row starting October 17 to November 21 using Zoom.   Visit the OWTA website to apply and to learn more about the Teen Songwriting Competition. You can also watch a video of last year's winner, 15-year-old Billie Du Page from TMR:  Info:

OCTOBER CRISIS: Je Me Souviens (JMS), a Canada company educational program created in collaboration with the Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) Foundation and le Royal 22ieme Régiment (R22eR), has launched “The October Crisis 1970,” a virtual exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of a controversial period in Canadian history. The October Crisis refers to events that took place in Quebec in the autumn of 1970. It was the culmination of terrorist attacks by the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), a militant Québec independence movement, that started in 1963. In October 1970, FLQ members kidnapped British trade commissioner James Cross, and kidnapped and killed Québec Minister of Immigration and Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte. In response, the federal government invoked the War Measures Act and mobilized the Canadian Armed Forces. It was the only peacetime use of the War Measures Act in Canadian history. Based on the Quebec Ministry of Education curriculum,      “The October Crisis 1970” is an interactive exhibition intended primarily as a resource for high school teachers and students. It is being used at Westmount High School by history  teacher Chantal Clabrough. Info:   

CONNECTING THE DOTS: From acclaimed and award-winning filmmaker Noemi Weis comes CONNECTING THE DOTS, the first feature documentary of its kind where youth take on the subject of mental health, globally, in their own words. Audiences will have the chance to see the film for the first time during a Virtual Global Community Screening followed by a youth-led panel discussion on November 19, 2020 at 3 pm to 5 pm EST. To register, visit here. You can view the trailer here.    

“Connecting the Dots comes to the world at a time when mental health universally has reached a boiling point,” said director Weis. “Under the present situation of COVID-19, atop of growing unrest surrounding systemic racism, sexual orientation and gender discrimination, just to mention a few, makes this film not only timely, but also urgent.” 

In this raw and intimate film, youth talk openly about their experiences living with mental health. You will hear heart-felt poignant stories of lived experiences in a way you have never seen or heard before. And through all the darkness there lies hope that is truly inspiring. 

A MUSIC EXPERINCE: A new  online learning platform connects Canada's  "SuperStars" with students in their homes' safe space. At the touch of a button, youth aged 10 to 24 can access live celebrities from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Opera Company, Canada's Master Chefs, and some of Canada’s top artists to engage, excite and empower them. The program includes learning music live alongside Jonathan Crow, Concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as well as  Art, Drama, Finance 101, Culinary adventures with Master Chef Didier Leroy  and more. Along with their child, parents, go on our website and choose an arts-based program to participate in. For $30a session based on eight or twelve sessions, children become part of a fantastic, engaging community of like-minded friends. Info:


Galileo students in the kitchen.

The return to school amidst a global pandemic is riddled with unanswered questions, uncertainties and anxiety. At Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal North, special needs learners were pulled from the classroom mid-March and quickly adapted to learning in a virtual classroom setting. Adaptation was certainly at the forefront for Galileo staff and students.  As teachers Lisa Trotto and Felicia Nardolillo note in an article published on the Inspirations Newspaper website, close to 150 Social Integration Services (SIS) students are back at school doing what they love – learning and growing together. Only a small group of students with underlying health issues have not returned to the classroom just yet. Luckily, they can join us virtually and while they are not physically present in the classroom, they still feel a sense of belonging through the online platforms that keep us connected. The Sociovocational Integration Services (SVIS) program has welcomed back 42 students who are eager to get back into the workforce. SIS and SVIS students have been doing an incredible job following the new school rules. Mask and visor-wearing along with daily temperature checks, regular hand washing, and sanitizing have become part of our routine. Classes have been modified and the SIS students remain in their classroom “bubbles.”  See the full article.

Shadd students in training.

GRADUATING ORDERLIES: On the road to becoming orderlies, 160 Shadd students met the incredible challenge of completing a condensed 375-hour course in patient support this past summer at Shadd Health and Business Centre. The students were enrolled in a training program for the Health Care Facility Patient Service Support Skills Training Certificate (STC in English; AEP in French), a precursor to training towards becoming an orderly in the Quebec medical system. Shadd students were divided into eight groups, made up of 20 students each. The first six groups did three weeks of in-school training at the centre starting in mid-June. The second started in early July. Each set then continued on to complete their hands-on training for six weeks at their affiliated CIUSSS, where they would stay on for a minimum of one year, and allows them to work in the CHSLDs under a bursary from the Quebec government. About 95 percent graduated from the Shadd summer program, said Principal Joe Cacchione. The Quebec government launched the Skills Training Certificate in the early summer of 2020 to pump up the numbers of orderly positions in its medical workforce. Please  see this story.

TEACHER INTERVIEWED:  Anna Panunto is a teacher at the High School of Montreal Adult Education Centre of the EMSB. She was recently interviewed by a Syrian journalist. It will   be translated in Arabic and published in the near future in an Arabic press. The purpose of this article is to shed light on newcomers - to help them understand a little bit about the North American mentality here and what to expect in a way, from their learning process. It will prove to be useful information. In her passionate world filled with  talent and determination, she has brightened her star to illuminate others by teaching and writing. Please see the full story here


CONSEIL DE LA CSE:  Le gouvernement du Québec a émis un décret qui reporte indéfiniment la tenue des élections scolaires en zones rouges prévues le 1er novembre en raison de la pandémie de COVID-19. À la CSEM, le nouveau président Joe Ortona et neuf des dix commissaires ont déjà été élus par acclamation. En vertu du décret administratif 1039-2020 et de l'article 79 de la Loi sur les élections scolaires, ils entreront automatiquement en fonction le 6 novembre prochain. L'élection d’un commissaire dans la circonscription 3 (Westmount – Sud Ouest) a donc été suspendue. Par ailleurs, les activités du bureau de révision sont interrompues et reprendront lorsqu'une nouvelle date sera annoncée. Les personnes qui avaient été autorisées à voter par correspondance seront contactées lorsque le processus électoral reprendra. Conformément à l'article 160 de la Loi sur les élections scolaires, les personnes qui occupaient ces fonctions au moment de l'avis d'élection (le 18 septembre) demeureront en fonction jusqu'à la tenue d'une élection. Ainsi, le commissaire Julien Feldman continuera à représenter la circonscription 3. La première réunion du conseil se tiendra le mercredi 11 novembre.

LA MISE SOUS TUTELLE TIRE À SA FIN : Le mandat de Marlene Jennings, administratrice de la tutelle à la CSEM, se terminera le 6 novembre. Voici un article publié dans le quotidien The Gazette :

NOMINATIONS ADMINISTRATIVES: Christy Tannous a été nommée directrice de l’école virtuelle de la CSEM et Réal Heppelle, directeur adjoint. Jody Cayer est désormais directrice adjointe par intérim à Royal West.

LE POINT SUR L'ÉCOLE VIRTUELLE: Dans une communication adressée aux parents, Mme Tannous et M. Heppelle se sont dit confiants que leur expérience acquise dans diverses écoles de la CSEM, conjuguée à leur savoir-faire en matière d'intégration des technologies innovatrices, aidera les enfants à traverser cette période difficile. Leur vision commune pour l'école virtuelle consiste à créer une communauté d'apprenants axés sur l'engagement et la connexion ».  Pour rester au fait de tout ce qui se passe à l'école virtuelle, des plates-formes de médias sociaux ont été lancées sur Facebook, Twitter et Instagram.

TAUX DE RÉUSSITE : La CSEM a surpassé son propre niveau record de l’an dernier, affichant un taux de diplomation et de qualification de 92,5 %, soit le plus élevé parmi les commissions scolaires publiques à la grandeur du Québec, basé sur une cohorte de sept ans. Ces chiffres ont été publiés par le ministère de l'Éducation du Québec (MEQ). Bien que la majorité des élèves aient obtenu leur diplôme au bout de cinq ans, le Ministère autorise le suivi de chaque cohorte pendant deux années supplémentaires afin de s’assurer que les élèves ont toutes les chances d'obtenir un diplôme ou une première qualification. En plus d’afficher le plus haut taux de réussite de la province, la CSEM arrive également au premier rang dans le réseau public et parmi toutes les commissions scolaires anglophones. Le taux de réussite à l’échelle provinciale, qui tient compte des résultats des écoles publiques et privées, est demeuré stable en 2019, s’établissant à 81,8 %. 

MASQUE OBLIGATOIRE AU SECONDAIRE : Le port du masque est désormais obligatoire pour les élèves du secondaire, et ce, tant à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur de la classe.

RESPECT DES DROITS DES AÎNÉS : À l'école primaire Carlyle de Ville Mont-Royal, la classe de 5C de Madame Jessica a récemment tenu une activité sur les droits de la personne dans le cadre du programme BI. Devant la vulnérabilité des personnes âgées face à la COVID-19 et les conditions de vie dans certaines résidences de soins, les élèves ont été choqués. Ils ont donc créé des mini-banderoles afin de prôner le respect et les droits des aînés. Puynung Choy, animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire, a déclaré que les élèves ont compris que la situation décrite constitue une violation de certains droits fondamentaux de la personne et ils ont vu la nécessité de veiller à ce que toutes les personnes âgées reçoivent des soins adéquats. En guise de prélude à la Journée internationale des aînés, les élèves y sont allés d’une déclaration selon laquelle toute personne mérite à juste titre la même qualité de vie que les autres, y compris nos aînés.

CAMPAGNE DU COQUELICOT : Le directeur de l’école secondaire John F. Kennedy, Otis Delaney, la direction, le personnel et les élèves ont visé haut et ont conclu un partenariat avec la Légion royale canadienne (LRC) afin de lui venir en aide à l’occasion de la campagne annuelle du coquelicot. Les restrictions imposées dans le contexte du niveau d’alerte rouge ont entraîné la fermeture des filiales de la Légion à Montréal et à Québec, ce qui risque d’avoir un impact sur la collecte de fonds dont ont grandement besoin nos vétérans méritants. Les élèves procéderont au décompte, au tri, à l’emballage et à l’envoi de centaines de coquelicots et d'autocollants à divers organisations, écoles et groupes communautaires. Si vous souhaitez appuyer la LRC et nos vétérans, contactez M. Speranza, animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire, à

COURSE TERRY FOX : Cette année marque le 40e anniversaire du Marathon de l'espoir de Terry Fox et, pour l’occasion, plusieurs écoles de la CSEM mettent de l’avant des façons innovantes, amusantes et sécuritaires de perpétuer l'héritage de ce Canadien légendaire. La collecte de fonds a lieu en ligne, tandis que l'activité physique proprement dite se déroule de multiples façons, toutes plus intéressantes les unes que les autres, dans les écoles participantes. La date officielle de la course de la Fondation Terry Fox à l’échelle du pays est le 30 septembre, mais les écoles de la CSEM organisent leurs propres activités à divers moments cet automne. « Nous sommes parfaitement conscients à quel point les éducateurs sont fort occupés en ces temps difficiles. Tout comme Terry Fox a inspiré les gens en courant le Marathon de l'espoir, les éducateurs nous inspirent à leur façon en trouvant le temps d’amasser des fonds pour la recherche sur le cancer », de dire Peter Sheremeta, directeur provincial de la filiale québécoise de la Fondation Terry Fox. « Cette tradition est bien ancrée au sein des écoles de la CSEM qui, au cours des 40 dernières années, ont recueilli 2 142 965 $ pour le rêve de Terry d'un monde sans cancer ». Pour lire l’intégral de l’article et un résumé de ce que les écoles ont réalisé, visitez le

SPORT-ÉTUDES À L’ÉCOLE PEARSON : L'école secondaire Lester B. Pearson de Montréal-Nord offre un programme sport-études de haut calibre depuis 2003, en collaboration avec diverses fédérations sportives provinciales. Dans le cadre de ce programme, les élèves-athlètes s'entraînent cinq jours par semaine pendant un minimum de 15 heures cumulées, conformément aux exigences de leur fédération. Le programme est reconnu par le ministère de l'Éducation du Québec (MEQ) et Lester B. Pearson est la seule école de la CSEM à offrir un tel programme. Celui-ci offre aux élèves-athlètes la possibilité d’allier les études et leur passion pour l'une des nombreuses disciplines sportives offertes, notamment le baseball, la boxe, la claque (cheerleading), la danse, le patinage artistique, le hockey, le judo, le kickboxing, le soccer, le patinage de vitesse, la natation, le taekwondo et l'athlétisme.

Avant d'être admis dans le programme sport-études, les élèves-athlètes doivent être reconnus par l'un des partenaires sportifs de l'école et satisfaire aux normes provinciales. Par ailleurs, les joueurs de soccer et de hockey doivent se soumettre à des essais dans leur sport respectif, puis présenter une demande au programme sport-études de l’école Lester B. Pearson, qui tiendra compte du dossier scolaire de l’élève. Mentionnons que des changements ont dû être apportés, cette année, à la journée Portes ouvertes de l'école. En effet, une journée Portes ouvertes virtuelle a été organisée à la fin septembre, au lieu de la traditionnelle visite en personne. Malgré tout, M. Gagné affirme que les élèves-athlètes potentiels « ont pu se faire une bonne idée du programme et de toute l’équipe » grâce à la visite virtuelle en ligne. Il ajoute que de nombreux élèves des écoles primaires locales, en cinquième et sixième année, ont reçu l’an dernier la visite d'élèves et de membres de la direction dans le but de leur présenter le programme. Les inscriptions au programme sport-études pour l’année scolaire 2021-2022 sont présentement en cours en ligne. Les élèves-athlètes avaient jusqu’au 15 octobre 2020 pour soumettre une demande d’inscription en 1re secondaire. Quant aux élèves de la 2e à la 5e secondaire, ils doivent transmettre leur demande au plus tard le 31 janvier 2021. Pour plus d'informations, veuillez contacter Casey Gagné au 514 328-4442, poste 6, ou par courriel à Nous vous invitons à consulter l’intégral de l’article :

GAGNANTS DU CONCOURS LA DIVERSITÉ PARMI NOUS : Deux élèves de l'Académie Royal West de Montréal-Ouest ont remporté le concours d’écriture littéraire La diversité parmi nous (Diverse Minds) de B'nai Brith Canada, tenu à Montréal en 2020. Dans la catégorie création anglaise, les corécipiendaires du premier prix sont Liem Yip et Gabriel Morin, deux élèves de 4e secondaire à Royal West. Ils sont coauteurs de leur livre The Eggnapper, lequel porte sur la nécessité d'être aimable et compréhensif envers les autres et de s'abstenir de porter des jugements. Les livres gagnants, sélectionnés par un jury composé de célébrités, ont été publiés professionnellement et seront distribués gratuitement dans les écoles primaires et les bibliothèques publiques de Montréal. 

« À mon sens, chacun des élèves qui a pris part à ce concours est gagnant », s’est exclamée Adriana Glikman, coordonnatrice du programme national de B'nai Brith Canada. « Nous avons été ravis de voir autant de talents dans la région du Grand Montréal et nous sommes impatients de voir ce que l'avenir réserve à cet important concours d'écriture ».

Les élèves couronnés vainqueurs ont reçu chacun un chèque de 500 $, tout comme leur école et l’enseignante Gloria Koyounian. Pour visionner la présentation virtuelle des gagnants qui a eu lieu le mois dernier, visitez le 

Le concours La Diversité parmi nous vise à encourager la diversité et l’inclusion au Canada par l’entremise de récits et d’illustrations. Cette toute première compétition à Montréal s’est déroulée dans les deux langues officielles. Les élèves du niveau secondaire ont été invités à écrire et à illustrer une histoire destinée aux élèves du primaire, puis à la soumettre pour courir la chance de remporter des prix en argent pour eux-mêmes, leur école et leur enseignant. Chaque soumission a contribué à la promotion unique et créative de ces valeurs fort importantes.    

ÉLEVER LES ESPRITS : Les élèves de la classe des compétences axées sur la participation sociale (CAPS) à l’école secondaire L.I.N.K.S. ont lancé une initiative centrée sur l’art et destinée à remonter le moral en ces temps difficiles. L'objectif du programme CAPS est d'aider les élèves ayant des besoins particuliers à développer des compétences en matière de participation sociale et de comportements autodéterminés grâce à un enseignement basé sur les compétences. Inspirée par les murales interactives de l'art urbain, Loredana Scotto, titulaire d’une classe CAPS, a guidé ses élèves afin de recréer ce style d'art au sein de l'école. Les accompagnateurs Evan Lichty et Aude Rioland ont également encadré les élèves tout au long de l'activité. Sous le thème des couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel, les élèves ont colorié des pochoirs de mandala, déchiré et froissé du papier de couleur dans le but de créer la forme des ailes d’un papillon sur le tableau d'affichage à l'extérieur de leur classe. Ce projet s’inscrivait dans le cours d'art et celui des aptitudes de vie, car l'objectif était d'encourager la détermination ainsi qu’une image de soi positive. Chaque jour, la classe CAPS lit et analyse une citation inspirante pour entamer la journée sur une note positive. Grâce à l'art interactif, ils ont pu créer leur propre répertoire de mots inspirants. Ils ont réfléchi ensemble et ont créé les mots-clics #FlyStrong et #Don'tbeafraid non seulement comme façon de promouvoir la bravoure, mais aussi pour encourager les autres à « s’envoler » vers leurs objectifs. Ces mots-clics ont également pour but de diffuser le message au sein de la communauté par le biais des médias sociaux. Les élèves et le personnel de l’école secondaire L.I.N.K.S. ont bien aimé se faire prendre en photo devant la murale en levant les bras au ciel, ce qui illustre leur propre force et leur liberté. La classe CAPS a été ravie de voir son initiative égayer la journée des élèves et des membres du personnel et espère qu'elle continuera à encourager d'autres personnes à « déployer leurs ailes » sans aucune crainte! On peut voir sur les photos les élèves de la classe CAPS, Mme Loredana, M. Evan et Mme Aude devant la murale #FLYSTRONG.

SE DÉPLACER EN TOUTE CONFIANCE : Des inspecteurs de la STM, des membres du personnel de l’école secondaire L.I.N.K.S., la directrice Maria Caldarella et l’animateur de vie spirituelle et d’engagement communautaire Rocco Speranza ont uni leurs efforts pour lancer le programme Ride with Confidence (Se déplacer en toute confiance). La présentation interactive porte sur ce qu’il faut faire et ne pas faire lorsqu'on utilise le transport en commun. Ce programme a pour but de bien renseigner les élèves et de faire d’eux des utilisateurs autonomes en leur enseignant à lire les cartes de la STM, les horaires d’autobus et plus encore. 

L'ESPOIR PAR LES ARTS : Les élèves de la 4e année de l'école Royal Vale à NDG répandent l'espoir par le biais des arts. Cette fois-ci, ils ont dessiné des pissenlits comme symbole et message d'espoir. Leur œuvre s’intitule « Les Pissenlits d'espoir ». Avec le temps, des jours meilleurs porteurs d’espoir pointeront à l’horizon. « Pour l'instant, nous réfléchissons à la manière dont nous pouvons rester forts, aimables et optimistes », de dire l'enseignante Nathalie Malhamé.

JEUNE PIANISTE : Âgé de 14 ans, Devon Parker élève de Royal Vale (présentement inscrit à l’école virtuelle) s’est classé parmi les 10 premiers lors d’un prestigieux concours international de composition musicale : Commonwealth Composition Challenge 2020. Cliquez ici pour visionner et écouter sa composition. Trois prix seront remis et vous êtes invités à voter pour le compositeur qui, selon vous, mérite le prix CICA Audience.  

COVID-19 ET LES AMBASSADEURS DE LA SÉCURITÉ : Chaque semaine, la CSEM vous présente un nouvel ambassadeur de la sécurité en ces temps de pandémie. Récemment, nous avons publié un message du directeur général des Alouettes de Montréal, Danny Macioca.

UNE ENSEIGNANTE DE DANTE À LA TÉLÉ: Nahal Derayeh, mieux connue des parents et des enfants sous le nom de Madame Nahal, est enseignante d’une classe de maternelle française à l'école primaire Dante de Saint-Léonard. Elle enseigne à la CSEM depuis 18 ans. Au cours des quatre dernières années, elle a intégré de manière innovante la technologie à son enseignement. Grâce à des vidéos YouTube qu’elle réalise en classe et un groupe privé sur Facebook appelé « Madame Nahal et ses amis », elle parvient à rester en contact avec les parents et les enfants tant à l’école qu’à l’extérieur. Elle a été interviewée par Global TV à l'occasion de la Journée mondiale des enseignants. De plus, elle a fait l’objet d’un reportage sur CityNews

DIGITAL 2PLAY : La tournée Digital 2Play du Théâtre Geordie est désormais en ligne! Le Théâtre Geordie est en mesure de diffuser des spectacles en direct pour les élèves partout au Canada et ailleurs! Pour offrir le théâtre en classe, tout ce qu’il vous faut c’est une connexion Internet. Ce qui nous importe le plus c’est de pouvoir redonner de la joie à vos élèves par tous les moyens possibles. Communiquez avec nous à :

Le Théâtre Geordie permet aux élèves de revivre aisément l’expérience de la représentation en direct, et ce, où qu'ils soient. Les élèves peuvent interagir en direct avec la troupe après chaque représentation. L'accès à des plans de cours détaillés portant sur des thèmes qui vont de l'identité personnelle à l'image corporelle, en passant par la tradition et la narration est inclus! La diffusion peut se faire dans des classes individuelles, pour préserver la sécurité des élèves.

CONCOURS DE CHANSONS POUR ADOLESCENTS : À la suite du succès remporté par le Concours de chansons pour adolescents de 2019, Overture with the Arts (OWTA) est heureux d'annoncer la tenue de sa deuxième édition annuelle. Destiné aux jeunes de 13 à 18 ans qui composent des chansons originales, ce concours offre aux jeunes auteurs en devenir une plate-forme pour présenter leur musique originale devant un auditoire. Cette année, OWTA diffusera en direct son programme intégral afin d'assurer la sécurité de tous les participants et spectateurs. Les candidats intéressés doivent résider à Montréal ou dans les arrondissements environnants et sont invités à soumettre une vidéo YouTube d'eux-mêmes ou de leur duo interprétant une chanson originale. Pour être admissibles, les candidats devront être âgés entre 13 et 19 ans à la date limite de soumission le 13 novembre. Il n'y a pas de frais pour participer. Les participants pourront prendre part à plusieurs ateliers d'écriture de chansons d’ici la tenue du concours en direct le 28 novembre. Ces ateliers sont gratuits et se dérouleront sur six samedis consécutifs, soit du 17 octobre au 21 novembre, sur la plate-forme Zoom. Rendez-vous sur le site Web de l'OWTA pour vous inscrire et pour en savoir plus sur le concours d'écriture de chansons destiné aux jeunes. Vous pouvez également visionner une vidéo de la gagnante de l'année dernière, Billie Du Page, 15 ans, de Ville Mont-Royal :

CRISE D’OCTOBRE : Programme éducatif de Compagnie Canada créé en collaboration avec la Fondation du Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) et le Royal 22e Régiment (R22eR), Je Me Souviens (JMS) a lancé « La crise d’Octobre de 1970 », une exposition virtuelle qui souligne le 50e anniversaire de cette période controversée dans l’histoire canadienne.

La crise d'Octobre fait référence aux événements qui se sont déroulés au Québec à l'automne 1970. Ce fut le point culminant des attaques terroristes du Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), un mouvement indépendantiste militant du Québec, qui a vu le jour en 1963. En octobre 1970, une cellule du FLQ kidnappe James Cross, diplomate britannique, et enlève et assassine Pierre Laporte, ministre québécois de l'Immigration et du Travail. En réponse, le gouvernement fédéral invoque alors la Loi sur les mesures de guerre pour la première et seule fois en temps de paix dans l’histoire canadienne et mobilise les Forces armées canadiennes. Basée sur le programme du ministère de l’Éducation du Québec, l’exposition interactive « La crise d’octobre de 1970 » se veut principalement une ressource pour les enseignants et les élèves du secondaire. L’enseignante Chantal Clabrough de l’école secondaire Westmount a recours à ce programme. Pour de plus amples renseignements, visitez le


RESPECT DES CONSIGNES À GALILEO: Le retour en classe en contexte de pandémie mondiale s’accompagne de questions sans réponse, d'incertitudes et d'anxiété. Au Centre d'éducation des adultes Galileo de Montréal-Nord, les élèves ayant des besoins particuliers ont vu leurs classes fermer à la mi-mars et ont dû s’adapter rapidement à l'apprentissage en mode virtuel. Le mot d’ordre fut sans contredit l’adaptation aussi bien pour les membres du personnel que les élèves de Galileo. Comme le rapportent les enseignantes Lisa Trotto et Felicia Nardolillo dans un article publié sur le site Web de la publication Inspirations, près de 150 élèves des Services d'intégration sociale (SIS) sont de retour à l'école et font ce qu'ils aiment : apprendre et grandir ensemble. Seul un petit nombre d'élèves ayant des problèmes de santé sous-jacents ne sont pas encore de retour en classe. Heureusement, ils peuvent participer virtuellement et, bien qu'ils ne soient pas physiquement présents en classe, ils éprouvent toujours un sentiment d'appartenance grâce aux plates-formes en ligne qui nous permettent de rester connectés. Le programme des Services d'intégration socioprofessionnelle (SVIS) a accueilli 42 élèves impatients de réintégrer le marché du travail. Les élèves des programmes SIS et SVIS font un travail remarquable en respectant les nouvelles consignes en vigueur à l'école. Le port de masques et de visières, la prise quotidienne de température, le lavage régulier des mains et la désinfection font désormais partie de notre routine. Les classes ont été modifiées et les élèves du programme SIS demeurent dans leur « bulle-classe ». Nous vous invitons à consulter l’intégral de l'article :

FIN DE LA FORMATION DES PRÉPOSÉS AUX BÉNÉFICIAIRES : En voie de devenir préposés aux bénéficiaires (PAB), 160 élèves de Shadd ont relevé un défi colossal l’été dernier en suivant une formation accélérée de 375 heures en soins d’assistance, offerte au Centre de santé et d’études commerciales Shadd. Ce programme mène à l’attestation d’études professionnelles (AEP) Soutien aux soins d’assistance en établissement de santé, un préalable à l’exercice du métier de préposé aux bénéficiaires dans le réseau de la santé au Québec. Les élèves de Shadd étaient répartis en huit groupes, composés de 20 élèves chacun. Les six premiers groupes ont suivi une formation de trois semaines au centre à partir de la mi-juin. Les autres groupes ont entamé le programme au début du mois de juillet. Tous ont ensuite poursuivi leur formation pratique pendant six semaines au CIUSSS auquel ils ont été affiliés et où ils s’engagent à travailler pendant au moins un an dans un CHSLD. La formation est assortie d’une bourse du gouvernement du Québec. Joe Cacchione, directeur du Centre Shadd, a indiqué qu’environ 95 % de la cohorte a obtenu une attestation à la suite du programme dispensé au cours de l’été. Le gouvernement du Québec a lancé ce programme de formation au début de l'été 2020 afin de recruter des préposés aux bénéficiaires dans le réseau de la santé. Nous vous invitons à lire l’intégral de l’article :

Le prochain numéro de Pleins feux sur Fielding sera publié le 26 novembre. La date limite pour soumettre vos articles est fixée au 20 novembre.

The next Focus will be published on November 26. Deadline for submissions is November 20.


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